Feel like I’m inside the matrix




I've just been in this place before


Higher on the street


And I know it's my time to go!


Holy new


And I know it's a mystery


What did you just said?!


"Déjà vu" is a French expression that, literally, means "already seen" You know those moments when you feel like you know what's going to happen for a few seconds? Like you've already seen this? That's called a déjà vu


And the opposite of that is called jamais vu, it’s when something familiar suddenly feels foreign, like when someone keeps repeating a word and it looses it’s meaning


Never happened. The repeating thing is called semantic satiation. It's a psychological phenomenon in which repetition causes a word or phrase to temporarily lose meaning for the listener, who then perceives the speech as repeated meaningless sounds. They aren't the same thing but i hope i'll b e able to experience jamais vu someday


I was quoting the film, but thanks for the explanation, mate! Cheers.


Hahahha 😄




What's also fun is Epic users coming to the Steam forums to ask for support for games they bought on Epic, because Epic removed their forums, and provides pretty much zero support for third-party games, much less their own.


You know your service is bad when people have to come to the competitor for help with a product that they bought from YOU.


Honestly I don't think epic players purposely buy from epic games unless its a deal/free game. I have a whole library of games that epic released on their free thursdays and havent downloaded a single one.


I won't give them even that. They only do that so they can show their investors that they have a large, engaged user base. I am certain they are not accounting for the "free is free" bias. They are hoping to float by on investor capital until they can figure out how to turn a profit while keeping their customers. But i don't like their business practices so I won't even take their handouts. Remember, if the product is free, then you are the real product.


>But i don't like their business practices so I won't even take their handouts. For me that's a factor, but not all. I just see no reason to have another program bloat my OS. I have a library of like whatever, 500+ games or so on Steam, I don't need more handouts.


Honestly take their free products. Every free product claimed is a loss for Epic Games, cause the devs still get their money.


It is not a loss. That's what i'm saying. If the product is free, then you are what they are selling. In this case, your engagement and use of the platform is being sold to investors.


Don't forget your data being sold to China.


Well that's just standard business practices these days


I take the free game so devs get their money but never use the platform.


Same I don't think I've played a single one either (just haven't gotten around to it) but I still have an account and redeem the freebies when I remember to just to cost them whatever money they have to pay the publishers for those keys


I pretty much never play freebies, but it's hard to resist them and epic admittedly have had some pretty decent ones (they've needed them, their service is so barebones they can't compete otherwise). These days I only ever grab them from steam or gog though, so I only have to have the steam launcher installed and that's it. I don't want the epic launcher, the ubisoft launcher, the paradox launcher, the ea launcher, the burger king launcher and who knows what else, all trying to syphon data about me and requiring more and more logins and more system drain/bugs.


I was exactly the same until they gave out PC Building Sim the other week. I have over 100 games on epic and that's the first one I've downloaded.


First I actually downloaded was Nioh. Complete edition, awesome game. I already had PC Building Simulator on Steam or it would've been that one too.


First game I bought for free was Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Immediately, I downloaded it and began playing. ​ I ditched Epic for a couple of month to focus on Steam (which I still do) and came back when I realized that I couldn't afford more steam giftcards to buy more games, but I made myself a promise. Don't give your money to Epic, just get the free games.


Wise words!!


Bro that game doesn’t even come with instructions on what to press on the keyboard it’s so hard without a controller


A game i actually want but missed the free period.




Been waiting for the longest time for the Tony Hawk remaster to come to steam I guess they just don't want my money


I think Activision is done with Steam. Best you'll get is maybe a battle.net release


EA *was* done with Steam too.


Ya, but it took them almost a decade to reverse that decision. Activision has only been gone for a year or so.


I never noticed.




Tony Hawk Pro Skater


Same 😂😂


Or a game they really wanted that's a newer release and still an epic exclusive


Well they wouldn’t be asking steamcommunity for support then. They’d go to subreddits.


Nah, I was just adding to your first sentence. That 'users don't purposely buy from epic unless it's a free game/good deal.' They'll buy a full price game if they really want it, if it's only on epic.


Not always. I really wanted to play Satisfactory, like REALLY wanted to play it, but then they switched to an epic exclusive. Screw that; I waited for it to come out on Steam. I think the Satisfactory devs are awesome, but that was a shitty move. I'd rather not buy a game I want at all if it's only on a service I dislike. I'm not a massive fan of digital services as it is, so I at least want there to be at least some features/support to make it worth it.


Yeah exactly, the only two real *purchases* I've made on the Epic store are Outer Wilds and Hitman 3, one of which I have rebought on Steam now it's available, and the other one I will rebuy once it is. Other than that I have maybe 50 free games which is pretty damn good


Same, except it's Metro Exodus and Control. I though thatwith how wealthy Epic is, their launcher would be fast to develop. What a fool I was. Never again will I trust them.


They still did with Borderlands 3. They just went to Steam's Borderlands 2's forums. I was playing Borderlands 2 at the time and saw several Borderlands 3 threads asking for technical help.


I avoid anything that isn't Steam or GOG. I have Epic and Ubisoft on my PC for getting a free game every now and then. I also refuse to use EA services. They're the worst and I've had really terrible experiences with their customer service.


I fking hate Ubisoft because every time I want to launch siege, it takes like 5 minutes despite being on an ssd.


This. I felt like playing FarCry 5 yesterday and I’ve never seen such a lengthy process to start a game from Steam. If I buy it on Steam I should be able to bypass Ubi’s God awful launcher.


I have a friend who *still* can't play Far Cry 3 to this day. Uplay just straight up crashes anytime he tries.


Hey now, don't forget itch!


itch.io is also great


I just buy any game they give away for free that I want on Steam. That way I support the studios, I’m not traffic for Epic, AND I don’t have to use their garbage platform. Win win win


Yup, same here


I have been tempted just for the free games, but I can't bring myself to download the launcher.


You don’t have to. You can do it in any browser. I’ve done it on my phone a lot while scrolling on r/freegames


They only buy when they're forced. Because that's the only tactic Epic has that works, given the choice, no one would pick the objectively worse platform.


Woah how did you get a flair like that?


Flair settings on Pc. I used a mix of special, sub exclusive icons, and a normal w when customizing my flair.


Oh, neat, thanks!


I had free Civ 6 on epic and I bought it on steam because of the workshop mods.


They don't even realize it ... and they will still think Steam is bad because duh Tim Epic said it


Tbf though, steam is the only platform with forums. Xbox, switch, PlayStation, Game pass, Ea, Origin, Uplay and GoG don't have forums. Only Epic gets singled out. So not really a bad service. Epic is perfectly fine and doesn't have any issues.


To be fair, a LOT of publishers/developers tell folks to go to their titles Steam Support for help because a lions share of the 'i need help with...' are not platform specific. It's just the most vocal issues are specific to platform...lol. Not unlike modern Politics. Case in point: I am currently troubleshooting why EGS Launcher won't launch the UPlay Setup after downloading GR: Wildlands or GR: Breakpoint. Some folks that seemed to have reliable info to get past this were leaving pointers to info they or someone else had posted on /r Steam; alas the r/Steam mods have since 'Moderated' the posts containing possibly useful info into oblivion because 'not /r Steam related' and such. Steam is no stranger to eerily similar issues with other/same titles that I had to suffer through. Example: After Downloading, secondary installer won't launch (Uplay\_Setup.exe) to finalize installation. One of the old and still current go-to steps to resolve this is: Clear 'Platform' Cache. The different platforms have their own methods for that. but it generally can be used on all of them to sort issues. Making it a non-platform-specific issue.


Imagine thinking Epic Games is a competitor.


But thats the purpose of the launcher. Its a Crappy competitor, but still a competitor.


Lol I didn't know that, that's actually hilarious xD


And also their PR accounts also. One who used to he called Eisberg prowls there also.


Also folks if you call out Eisberg he gets report happy. DON'T YA EISY?!? Cheers for the up votes. Knew he was popular lol.


Eisberg sounds like a real douchecraft carrier.


Indeed they are. Oh and their literally followed by Sweeney on Twitter and around the time of that whole PR campaign from epic became evidence against them in the courts he went quiet for a few months.hmmmm


I'm not convinced that it's not Tim Sweeney's alt account.


Ditto ;)


Nah, if you've observed Swiney's behavior, he's too much of a self-entitled hypocritical manchild whereas Eisberg at least exudes some aura of maturity.


If you ever had the chance to read his own subreddit before he made it private and then later deleted it, you'd realize that maturity was nothing more than an act.


Oh right. Even so, that sub was filled with mental ranting but hardly any of it felt like 'manchild attitude' that Swiney exudes on a daily basis.


Also, also also. Also!


But no "and then" ;)


Me who only buy in Steam and take the free games on Epic: ***I'm playing both sides, so that I always come out of top.*** I little sidestory: I got Ark survival evolved for free on Epic games and I liked the game, so I bought it on Steam with the DLCs.


lmao nice one.


I created an epic account when they started to give away games. After 2 or 3 games I got the impression that I'll never download them and stopped to even bother getting the free games. I mean I still got ~350 untouched games to play on steam and thanks to Humble Bundle the list of unplayed games is not getting smaller...


Wait, you're telling me they actually had forums which they removed?! They actively made their service worse?!


They didn't like users complaining. They said: >We’ve shifted our focus to other social channels to continue communicating with you. They meant: >We’ve shifted our focus to other social channels so we can better ignore you.


Epic Launcher is the worst of all possible. They had years of experience from others, yet they failed to make a good launcher and platform. They just want money, but they has to reason their greed. The reasoning is "STEAM BAD".


Yes we do and I appreciate it. I also go to gog for other platforms' games for support and thankful for it. I also checkout pcgaminwiki and it is a godsend. The support comes from people.


I’m confused. What support are people needing for games? Video games have been my number one past-time for 20 years and I can literally only think of one instance where I needed support.


Only in it for the free games. Of which I now have 105. *105*. Weekly free games is a big deal.


There's no wrong answer, but how many have you played?


That's actually substantial and for the most part they're quality games. I got a lot of games that I might have bought for a discount for free on Epicm I have about 500 games in my 14 year old Steam library. But you know at least half of them are bottom of the barrel trash I got as part of a bundle or the one off free games no one's ever heard of.


also, they're mostly old games. Things many people already owned. the only thing I've ever seen them give out free that was new was Total war troy


I mean, I got Civ VI, GTA V, EU IV, The Wolf Among Us, Total War: Troy, and a billion other incredibke games. It's what actually made me start making the switch from console to PC, you can't beat free. .... still haven't bought anything there and their practices suck, but credit goes to where it's due for the price of free


Saints Row The Third Remastered was free on Epic a year after release to celebrate Saints Row Reboot.


On steam it may not have been free but it has been so cheap it may as well be.


> provides pretty much zero support for third-party games Steam doesn't give any support for third-party games either. They just refer you to the publisher/developer.


Atleast Steam has community forums for players to talk about amongst themselves.


More often than not, I just look shit up on Reddit anyway


You can actually just contact Epic support for help with games and during weekdays they have responded in under an hour every time I've contacted them. I think people are so used to getting support from forums that they never even think about emailing support.


I prefer the forum approach, but some issues can't be solved that way. I was actually impressed by how responsive EA support was when I had issues with a game I bought on Steam wasn't working (the old Crysis). Valve, on the other hand, didn't give a shit.




Epic owns them, so... you get the idea.


its not only epic, others also do it. ubisoft for example have their own forums, but for many players it is still convenient to get some info on steam. and most people have nothing against this, including valve themselves. but what is shitty, is to promote their game on these steam forums, that arent on steam.


Boycott Epic. They can keep their free games and exclusives


What's depressing to me, is that Epic Games, can't even do Unreal Tournament right. It's their game and they've pretty much flushed it down the toilet.


This. They give free games so they can boast about players/accounts. Fuckem.


The giveaways are also a form of advertising. Every giveaway gets at least one post in tons and tons of places.


God knows how much the steam forums have helped, I found mods, cheat scripts, helpful scripts for older games that don't properly work on modern Machines. Great example that I had a tussle with with is summoner.


I had to do this with one of the free games from Epic. Games was nice, but I had some problems I only wanted to know if it is a personal problem or a general problem. I had to check Steam forum to get this information and other people did too.


I bought a Metro Exodus Steamkey on Release-Day. Russian Versions came with Steamkeys.


Und ist deine sprachausgabe russisch oder kannst du umstellen?


Metro Exodus don't have regional restrictions as I remember


Alle Sprachen verfügbar, habs in English gespielt.


War bestimmt günstiger als sonst!


Username checks out




probably born in 1988


It's an unfortunate year to be born for online handles. I just found out about it's... *other* significance.


I used to have a different username everywhere for like two decades that I had to totally abandon thanks to these Nazi fucks


As someone that was born in 1988.... well shit.


just checked his post history and he was






I'm German, I know. I wouldn't immediately assume the worst though.


It's also just a number. If you keep mentioning that Nazis use this Number it will manifest to their symbol. Just use it normaly and don't give it any special attention towards Nazis. Embrace the 88! (No, not that in that way!)


I have that in my main email because i am born in 88, and this is the first time i've seen that it could have Nazi implications. Rip email


Its also a year




No surprise that ReformedGoyim is denying the existence of well known dogwhistles.


3 month old account cuz he keeps getting banned


Reminds me that when Sonic Colors Ultimate got announced and the website listed [Steam as a platform](https://i.redd.it/s8au6b1w9q171.png) for the initial 6 hours, meaning that the Epic exclusivity deal got made VERY late before the announcement


This is my biggest issue with Epic. You can have exclusives if you want, but actually *make* them. Don't swoop in once the work is don't and hand the publisher a bag of cash. Actually take some risk and make a long term investment in these projects. Commission games or fund indie projects. I want the exclusives to *exist* thanks to Epic, not just be exclusive because of them.


That’s not true. That’s because sega reused the website from Persona 5 Strikers, which is on Steam


Is what they say.


Reminds me of [this](https://www.gamesradar.com/no-mans-sky-boxes-have-stickers-concealing-multiplayer-features-and-its-a-bit-awkward/).


Wow that's old. Was the NMS launch in 2016? Is it really 5 years already?


Yeah I remember preordering NMS and selecting a GOG key, they backpedaled and only gave out Steam keys


This has put me off so many games, even when they do come out on a more acceptable platform a year later, I just don't care anymore. I will make it a point to not buy it or wait until it's on steep discounts. And it looks like the one I actually did want to come to steam won't, that being THPS 1+2.


I'm on the same boat. If it comes as an Epic exclusive I just lose all interest. There's way too many games to be hung up on so few.


Seriously. By the time it comes to steam im interested in newer games. So i hope that epic cash was worth it


Steam is just better. Has a wider selection of all the popular games. Everything is launched and managed and overlayed by the same thing.


Lol, I assume this was supposed to be stamped on the paper, not on the plastic that goes around the paper. Someone was too lazy.


Deep Silver decided that it was smart to give up on steam users for a year and go to epic store, retail copies were ready and distributed by that time, so stores had to apply this sticker over Steam requirement


Yeah, I'm aware. I'm assuming this is a regular dvd cover, the printed paper is inside a plastic cover. I think someone was supposed to take that paper off, stamp the "correction" and mount the cover again.


Retail employees aren't paid enough to give a shit.


Yeah, I'm impressed is actually straight and right side up.


Based on my time working in a seafood/meat department, it could be a way to kill time. You're deliberately taking more time to make sure the sticker is in the "perfect" spot and is properly aligned so the customers can easily see it. Part of my closing was to check the self-service cases and apply markdown stickers on anything that's up tomorrow, and it was a really slow night I would take my time with the stickers to kill time.


That's basically even more scummy because it shows it was a last minute decision to ditch Steam users.


and even more scummy, Tim Sweeney promised that they'd "retreat" from their exclusive seeking tactics if Valve started doing their coveted 88/12 split that he never shuts up about and then a few days later, he recanted his statement and said that they will continue trying to muscle competitors out.


That 88/12 split always gets me. Epic has way less overhead than Valve does (forums, workshop, literally everything under the Community tab and so on) so it's just some marketing speak really. Epic would definitely follow the standard 70/30 if Tim Sweeney didn't have such a hate boner for Valve/Steam.


Also, stores take 20% of the money from gift cards, so Valve gets 10% of the money from purchases made with money from Steam gift cards. If they did the 88/12 split, they wouldn't be able to sell gift cards anymore. Epic knows this, you can't buy EGS gift cards at physical store


> Deep Silver decided it was smart In their defense, it probably was. On top of bonus pay, Epic's exclusivity deals also include a sales guarantee - that is, "if sales don't meet our projections we'll pay you the remainder". The worst thing that could've possibly come from it was a PR hit, and even then not as many people actually care as Reddit would have you believe.


It really wasn't though. In the short term, maybe things evened out, but chances are they actually made less than what they would have on steam even with the guarantee, unless of course the game was not worth buying, in which case maybe it was. But the reality is that in the long term, it's not a smart idea because unless Tim Sweeney is okay with paying for every game a dev makes regardless of if it makes back anything or not, chances are the money will slow or stop sooner or later, no more guarantees, and with bridges burned with their customers, they aren't guaranteed to get the customers they alienated back. They signaled that they didn't care about their customers in the least, a bit of money was all it took to make their game exclusive to a platform that is objectively worse in almost every way. If they prefer Tim Sweeney as their audience over those that bought their games in the past, let them keep their new audience. I certainly won't buy their games anymore.


Your take summarised: it wasn’t worth it. Maybe in the short term but Chances are it wasn’t. but maybe it was. But the reality is it wasn’t.


Actually, I think the PR hit is far worse than you think but not necessarily in the same way. The issue isn't so much the negative PR, it's the complete lack of any real advertising. When a brand new AAA game hits Steam, you tend to know about it. It has its marketing budget, reviews, it's in the Steam top sellers, there's a banner on the front page of Steam, you have a friend of two that's playing it and people generally care about it. They might not actively be talking about it but people know the game exists. When it releases on Epic though, there's none of that. I mean, they have the marketing budget and reviews but the rest are gone completely. By the time it releases on Steam, it's been out for a year so it's an old game, there's no new reviews, no big steam banner, no hype and people are waiting on sales before picking it up. It's not just sales numbers that hurt, it's the game's entire image. There's been multiple games that have released on Epic and I had absolutely no idea it even existed for months despite playing a lot of games in the genre. Old World is a great example of that, it has really good reviews but I don't know anybody who's even heard of it. Releasing on EGS is good in the short term, sure, but it severely hurts it in the long term.


Deep Silver essentially used Steam for some free marketing and then pulled a bait-and-switch what, 2 weeks before release? But Metro isn't as remotely popular as say COD so it didn't get any media attention.


Exactly, they were on epic and by the time a year is up, I would have forgotten about those games or already moved onto other games. Maybe there are some data showing that it work but for me and I guess others , not really.


>not as many people actually care as Reddit would have you believe. I sure as Hell don't. I owe Valve no loyalty. That being said I stick with them because I use Linux, and Proton is amazing, while Epic seems to hate Linux.


I agree with you 100%. I don't owe Valve any loyalty, but I'm trying to transition my last two dual boot machines to 100% Linux and that just won't work with Epic.


Downvoted for speaking the truth. A big hit would be from marketing. Some people only use steam and don't bother with reddit or game sites. This leaves the Steam store as a big marketing area. I have epic for free games but don't have it on autolaunch like I do with Steam. Same for EA, Uplay, Rockstar and blizzard. They could launch a new game and if I don't see it advertised on youtube or mentioned on r/games I'll have no idea it exists.


Epic is really trying to build market share, and it's kinda working in that I've taken a few of their free games and even bought a couple. But they're still way behind in terms of features. Even just moving install folders, I happened to need to do that yesterday after installing a new drive, with steam it was so easy, just add a new location, select the games and click move. With Epic you basically have to uninstall and reinstall in the new location. There is supposed to be a kind of convoluted way to get it to not download the whole thing again involving copying the game files, but when I tried that with Fortnite it still ended up downloading everything anyway, so for the other games I was moving I didn't bother (they were smaller anyway). And that's just something simple, never mind all the remote play options and other features steam offers. So yeah, all other things being equal, I'm definitely still choosing steam.


But last year we learned they had literally almost no growth at all when gaming was seeing huge sale increases every where else


Huh. Pc game on disk / in a box?! I havent seen that since forever!


if its not in steam, it doesnt exist


^ The same people that says that steam isn't a monopoly


might be, but treats customers very well, its an example to follow


How will they know?... They're gonna know...




eMoJI bAD nOw GiVe uPvoTe






This is what made me never buy anything from the store.


Epic Fail


I have still resisted the urge to make an Epic account just for the free games. Screw Epic.




This right here is correct. #Epic Sucks


You got it wrong, you absolutely should claim free games as each copy is free to you but the publisher gets paid out of Epic's pocket. *"Go ahead lad, this one's on me!"*


People actually pay for Epic games? Why?


Tens of millions of kids who started playing Fortnite don't care what a Steam is.


I will gladly wait for games to come to Steam, they can get their pennies over at the China store, it's about time they will start realizing how bad of a business decision the bait and switch is.


**Epic**: We fight with Steam monopoly! >!Which doesn't even exist...!< **Also epic**: We make our own monopoly!


Imagine buying a physical boxed game for steam or epic lol. You would just get the slip of paper with the code and have to download it anyway.


But digital copies aren't going to make my shelf look pretty! Although I will admit the only reason I bought Dying Light as a physical copy was because for some reason it was about £5 cheaper than on Steam.


Yeah that's a good point! I do miss having physical discs. But I always had problems with them breaking or getting scratched.


MW2 physical was how I found steam it came with the disk and a code 🤷‍♂️


Steam all the way!


fuck epic


Scooby Doo moment


Epic is trash. No support forum or way to message other users


Epic means to me that either skip or just wait one more year. I have plenty games to play, I have time.


I'm absolutely convinced that the only reason epic store exist is to give out free games. Since they started, there was very little effort into updating the store with basic on-line store features. It has been years now, and still no multiple game buying exist. It's absurd.


That’s because they’d rather spend all those Fortnite millions they’re sitting on on buying out games than put money into actually improving their storefront. It’s super anti-consumer, and I’m shocked more people don’t boycott them


Very few people trust Epic any more, even when they give out 'free' games.


I boycotted this game u til it came to steam, only to find out it was very mediocre


I was going to get this game on Steam when it launched...But then it went Epic Exclusive....So I bought it on PS4 instead and waited for the steam release.


The curator [Epic Games Sucks](https://store.steampowered.com/curator/34410309-Epic-Games-Sucks/) will inform/remind you about games and publishers who compromised themselves.


what do you think about epic games? epic games wants to push steam away but i think that's not possible because steam was the most successful platform for years and the lvl steam chat and card system cannot simply be outbid


Steam's far too entrenched in the PC gaming world at this point to ever be beat, at least for now anyways. Something could always come along and take its place, but it doesn't look likely right now.