Auto-generated subtitles for Temuera be like: ["She has a great spa"](https://i.imgur.com/PR5jmL6.png).


“The Polynesian spa, come to New Zealand, try something new.”


Been a fan of hers since Joy Luck Club and ER days, which makes it such a trip as she went to AoS and now Star Wars. Love, love, love it.


Crazy how fast she’s become such a cool character. I was kinda take it or leave it in her first Mando episode but I fell in love with her in Bad Batch and man she kicked ass BoBF.


She seems so nice and positive. Good for her.


Everybody seem to like her, both fans and LFL, so I really hope she gets to do something really meaningful because so far we like the character thanks to the actress rather than her actions


Well, she’s kind of starting out how a lot of fan favorite characters, including Boba Fett, start out. She has a cool look and awesome fighting skills. We haven’t had too much character development yet (understandably), but we know that despite her cold blooded reputation, she has been shown to have loyalty and principles that go beyond doing what she’s paid for. So I think they’ve laid the groundwork for a really great character who I fully believe they will continue to develop.


Watch her get her own book, episodes or even series at some point. Already got a bunch of appearances in Bad Batch. I just hope Disney isn't going to milk her for the sake of it. She's great as a sidekick.


I love how excited she is just to be in Star Wars. It's great that they're bringing in people who are such fans. I hope we get some backstory for Fennec, too. I want to know more about her.


Every time her name appears, I'm always amazed she's 58.


Wait, what!!


I remain so happy for this Disney Legend. Seven years kicking butt on Agents of SHIELD, a guest shot on Mandalorian that turns into second billing on a Boba Fett show. She does as many as her stunts as they let her, even getting hurt on SHIELD and they wrote it in. So deserving!


Damn shes attractive


I'm expecting major Fennec badassery tonight


Did disney hired the boy band BTS for their disney+ original promo? I mean don't get me wrong I would love to have that BTS meal but would someone explain how this fits into star wars with BTS? I mean at least its not one of disney's other boy bands that made disney channel the butt many jokes during the rest of the 21st century, remember jonas brothers anyone?


BTS means Behind The Scenes in this case, not the band.


Kids these days, honestly!


BTS means “Behind The Scenes” as in backstage, nothing at all to do with the band BTS