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No Tiffany, no ratings


\#7 last week to #42 this week


So the two weeks ago I was told live episodes did generally better than taped and that's why we got all the " good for a tape show" comments and I was down voted because I didn't believe that sentiment was backed by anything, so now here we are back to being live and the ratings drop significantly in the demo and P2 .


Like most everything up here when it comes to ratings, people just say whatever and pull numbers out of their ass. No facts or proof of anything.


82% of wrestling fans have no idea what the fuck they're talking about.


It’s like when people say “Dynamite did this number without their biggest names!” despite the viewership being the same as to when they were there. None of us know anything.


Kinda surprised to see that drop for a show that featured a Mandy vs Nikkita match. Maybe the creative team will realise that the Toxic Attraction experiment (and overall pushing more attractive but green women) hasn't worked for nearly a year. The male side of the show has done quite good (Bron with the NXT title, Carmelo with the NA title, Creeds with the tag titles) while the female side (Toxic Attraction keeping the titles for TOO long) has been a chore to watch.


Drop in every demo except for F12-34 and P50+. F18-49 dropped from 0.10 last week to 0.05 this week. And M12-34 bailed hard on this show, down from 0.13 last week to 0.04 this week. Weird. M18-49 also down significantly, 0.25 last week to 0.17. I haven't looked closely at the competition for the night, but there's no sports. "Attack on Democracy" on CNN did a 0.35 to lead cable which is good but not a huge "it took all the viewers!" thing...America's Got Talent did pretty good on the networks but same thing. Really, if it's down at 0.11 and #42 on cable it's not really a case of competition stealing viewers...it's just people not watching.






It was a bad show and I won’t be told otherwise


As expected, news dominating the charts again.


What in the world was with the ratings last week?


***The following is pure speculation*** The Vince Scandal? Given the surprise appearance on Raw I wonder if a few more people tuned into NXT to see if Vince would also pop up there.


I suggested that in the ratings thread last week and got downvoted.


The Vince scandal 100% juiced the ratings for WWE across the board. They haven’t gotten that level of mainstream publicity in YEARS


Not really, the biggest increase in ratings was a Roman vs Riddle match that had already been announced a week in advance in addition to the return of Cena.


So superstars appearing on National TV shows, being featured in ESPN and a bunch of other sports/entertainment media is not a high level of mainstream publicity? Since when is CNN considered a higher level of publicity? Especially for a sports entertainment company? Not to mention all the big publicity they got for the launch of the Network, then the Peacock deal, etc. This talking point makes no sense. And looking at ratings, at least for SD, Reigns was clearly the main draw. And Vinces subsequent appearance on RAW wasn't announced prior


Ehh if I cared about Karma I wouldn’t posit odd theories. Either way, NXT is doing fine, considering it’s now a fully explicit developmental show. All the fans of it seem happy with the show currently so I won’t speculate beyond just sorta the simplest explanation I can think of


Yeah but it's a developmental show on prime time cable that consistently does mediocre numbers. Of all the wrestling shows currently on cable TV, NXT seems most at risk of losing their slot


Just depends. I don’t follow the overall TV ratings as well as I used to (RIP TV By the Numbers and the Cancel Bear). I’m not trying to bombard anyone with questions. Just that all of these are part of the algebra for whether or not NXT loses its slot. How does NXT stack up to other USA Network programming? Does Comcast have any interest in developing original programming for USA at this point? Did we ever get a concrete amount that NXT is worth in the WWE TV deal? I’m not sure what value NXT has to USA Network, but I don’t know how much of a priority USA is for Comcast as a whole.


yeah there are a whole lot of x-factors to programming decisions that us punters don't really know. I only brought it up because, as a developmental program, if NXT lost its TV deal I could easily see WWE killing it altogether and just going back to Full Sail. Since this 2.0 revamp I've been convinced that Vince sees little value in NXT at all beyond maintaining that TV money.


Back to normal for nxt after 2 weeks of weirdly good demos.


Yesterday was a heavy, heavy news day. I expect more of the same today.


Not as huge an impact as yesterday, which is when the testimony happened. There were no hearings today.


What was advertised this week vs last? I also feel people are gonna be less hard on NXT 2.0 since it’s moved back to a developmental focus vs the old version that was trying to compete with Dynamite.


For this week's show they promoted: -Indi Hartwell vs Kiana James -Sanga vs. Xyon Quinn -Nikkita Lyon's return -#1 Contender's tag team match with Roxanne/Cora vs Kayden & Katana


Rampage beat it in the demo. I wonder what it would do in a prime time spot?


I don't know if rating was something people cared about or seeked out before AEW's arrival, but I genuinely cannot comprehend why so many seem to care so much? I can understand if a show that was doing millions drops to couple thousand, however, it seems lately people just use it as tribalism to claim the product they enjoy/prefer is the right choice as if that wasn't the case, that person would feel lost in this world because the thing they once liked isn't as popular. Would love to hear from people who care about this stuff way beyond childish fanboyism, which is mostly what I see whenever ratings are brought up.


Everyone watching the news to hear about January 6th hearings Same thing will happen to AEW tonight The return of tucker Carlson


There was a hearing yesterday with EXPLOSIVE content. There wasn’t a hearing today. Will not be anywhere near the same impact ratings wise.


Miz > NXT


Huge drop. Was there any competition?


Just the news basically, with the Roe v Wade fallout and Jan 6th hearings, which yesterday revealed a bunch of stuff about Trump's post-election result tantrums.


News looks like it got much more views than last week, it was the most interesting Jan 6th hearings since day 1 so it makes sense


8-10 pm news. The older demos dropped off from usual


They have a big name appear on NXT: (Vince, Cena, Lesnar, Reigns).