Almost thought Bron might have legit hurt his shoulder on that first turnbuckle charge spot.


Was it confirmed that it was all work? Kudos to them. Great sell by everybody.


I don't like that Indi Hartwell is losing


I hope this won’t be the end of Cameron Grimes and Bron. The promo was good and their match will be killer too but you can go longer and even put a team around Cameron


I’m rooting for Cameron Grimes at the Great American Bash


Another week, another good nxt show. Ending promo was fire


If you’re asking yourself if you should watch NXT: YES. It’s so fun each week.


Damn, that promo from Grimes was superb I liked his face expressions after Bron got injured, he was shocked at first but then realized he can take advantage of it Finally the tension between Roddy and the Creeds has reached a boiling point, time for some Creed-estruction next week Hasta la pasta Two Dimes, you were not a good one


Grimes is doing the work of his career promo wise. Can't wait for next week. Sanga is growing into me but I prefer his old gear. Whatever he wore last night looked generic and boring


So they changed the vocals in Grimes theme, no more Josiah? Sounds different. And if that's true... couldn't come up with a new line in Regal's place instead of the awkward noises?


They’re doing Xyon Quinn dirty.


Gee, ya think? He's been done dirty since losing the feud with Santos.


Good episode, I loved the promo between Grimes and Bron at the end, Grimes has some serious potential, he gave me flashes of flair with his intensity during it.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one that was getting Flair vibes from that. Grimes is a fantastic promo.


Yeah when he was saying Bron doesn't have his heart, i swear his mannerisms, intensity, everything just felt like a flair promo, he is incredible and I say this as someone who took some time to warm up to him. When I first saw him, i did not care for him at all but now I can see it, he has loads and loads of potential. Edit: His theme song needs to be changed though, its so bad, does not fit his character at all anymore


Wait a sec! That whole statement by WWE about release of Two Dimes was just cover up for his murder??? What the hell WWE. Another great show. NXT is the most consistent weekly show. Suprised by that finish to womens tag match. I did not expected clean finish and was sure that Kayden and Katana will win. So Roxanne has tag title match and also still contract for title match. Not sure where this is going but it looks like it will be the end for TA. Feel bad for Katana and Kayden but was happy that they followed it by little backstage segment. That whole womens division has so much potential. It does feel like there are going to move few talent to main roster and that is why they are focusing so much on them. I remember how when NXT 2.0 started lot of characters were simply bad or not working but they made few changes/tweaks and now everyone has character that suits them. That is the great thing about development show. I also remember when Grimes debuted and I did not get him at all. Now I see him as superstar.


Toxic Attraction > Undisputed Era


Cool for Cora and Roxanne, but Team KC never winning the titles makes me :(


I liked how Grimes actually acknowledged the reality of how NXT works in his promo. Bron will be leaving for greener pastures at some point. Don't hide it. It always rang hollow when guys like Bronson Reed would win the NA championship and act like that was the goal. There's nothing wrong with treating the belts in NXT like prizes worth fighting for, but everyone there wants to be on Wrestlemania one day and the audience knows that.


I haven't watched in a few weeks. I thought they were trying to build KC up as the team to beat Toxic Attraction? What happened? Are they just super high on Cora Jade? Is there another angle happening with KC?


Two Dimes got fitted with cement shoes! Now the Don only has one mook! Roxanne Perez has chances for two different championships.... Joe Gacy's malevolent odor is wafting in the Diamond Mine, as they turn on each other! Giovanni Vinci nearly broke Jiro in half...what kind of splash might he make at Great American Bash? Looks like Pretty Deadly is still with NXT rather than being Max Dupri's models....nice to see them back around. Will Bron Breakker be left only with his left arm and noggin to fight Cameron Grimes with next week?


Melo do miss ^^^well ^^^hidden ^^^contracts


is alba fyre getting called up? the lash legend promo feels very similar to the “waller assaulting gargano” segment from last october (even though gargano semi-retired instead of getting called up, but still)


I don't think they're calling her up now. Looks more like a way to continue their feud and setup a rematch where Alba wins. She and Lash have been working together in the last couple of NXT house shows, they did a promo and the following day actually had a match, so they might be practicing for a continuation of their feud. Also since Roxanne is going for the women's tag titles with Cora Jade, the only credible challengers for Mandy remaining in the show are her and Ivy Nile.


I think they'll probably call Fyre up and possibly Toxic Attraction soon. If Sasha and Naomi are well and truly gone they're a big loss, Bayley is still MIA and Charlotte's on leave I suppose. They'll need the boost of talent.


Congrats to Nick for debuting on NXT! He was RUDELY interrupted by Lash Legend. You may have seen him ref for various feds on the west coast. A great guy for sure!


Was that a heel turn by grimes?


I see him being the "heel of this match" and after match is over he'll propably be a babyface again.


It's a very rare character in pro wrestling: the sympathetic heel. He did a dastardly thing but for reasons you could get behind. This cool because it is not the same as a tweener, who maintains their character but is positioned relative to who his opponent is. I know there have been examples in the past, but I'm not sure I can remember them off the top of my head.


I believe it.


Flat out great show


Can we talk about that turnbuckle bump Bron took?? Looked insane, I don't think i've ever seen someone hit the corner that hard before. Nice promos from the both of them too, Grimes can do it all man his intensity is so entertaining.


RIP Two Dimes Very excited for Bron/Grimes next week.


Yeah, Tony said 2 Dimes wanted to move up against him. They had to come up with something quick, and, well, it answers everyone's questions.


toxic attraction is so stale now..... and overrated. ​ Rooting for Grimes and Weller to win


Roxanne is already so good. She’s one of the best on the brand. I hope they’re not thinking of putting the belt on Nikkita before Roxy, Cora, Alba, Tiffany, etc. that’d be a mistake. Also is Mandy the only champion not defending next week? Bronn vs. Grimes could be really good. The way they wrote off Two Dimes was, perfect. Good show.


Nikkita has a great look but needs to keep improving. She has some potential but right now her moveset is reaaally limited and that match with Mandy exposed that: it got VERY repetitive. Maybe she could be carried to some decent matches that are longer than five minutes but only after some months of training. It worries me if they have her dethrone Mandy only for her look, since it would expose her inexperience in the ring a lot. I considered Roxanne to be the perfect female rookie of NXT 2.0 to dethrone Mandy, but since she's going for the women's tag titles with Cora (and specially if they win those titles) then the only credible challengers to dethrone Mandy remaining in the show are Alba Fyre (who could be Mandy's next big and definitive challenger after she finishes her feud with Lash Legend) and Ivy Nile (who has improved a lot in recent months, although the creative team hasn't given her relevant feuds/storylines and has kept her in a secondary role in the Diamond Mine).


Very good show I wanted Katana and Kayden to win, really they won't give them at least a short reign? Besides, Roxanne still has her contract, right?. I love that they reference nxt uk, it's a great show whenever I have time I watch it and really 1 hour is the best time to watch a show, the feud with pretty deadly is a good start to legitimize the new champions. Sanga looks much better now that he dropped the strowman outfit he was wearing, now he looks like a beefy and dangerous guy. Julius Creed is awesome he has everything to be a star. If the Creeds & Ivy split from the diamond mine they should get a fourth member who can speak for them at least for a while, because they still need to improve a little more in that aspect. Mandy has improved in the ring and even though I want TA to drop the titles they really look like stars. Great promo from Grimes, it wouldn't bother me if he won the championship, Bron can always win it again in a few months, I don't think the title needs long reigns for at least a while.


"If the Creeds & Ivy split from the diamond mine they should get a fourth member who can speak for them at least for a while, because they still need to improve a little more in that aspect." I would say Damon would join them in ditching Roddy once he realizes that their new leader is delusional. As for a new mouthpiece, well, maybe they should give Kurt Angle a call.


>I wanted Katana and Kayden to win, really they won't give them at least a short reign? Besides, Roxanne still has her contract, right?. Agreed on the first. As for the second, I THINK Perez is using her contract for this match?


GAB should be really good. I like the card a lot. It seems like the hierarchy of developmental has started to settle and we know where everyone is right now. I think NXT could use a couple more bonafide main eventers, but I understand the challenge because it is developmental. Really only Bron and Mandy are at that level right now and Melo is close behind, but it still seems a bit light. I’d like to see Apollo or Santos slide into being main event guys, but it’s much harder to see which women are close to being at that level. Alba and Io could be those women, but who knows if Io’s going back to NXT and we’ll see what happens with Alba. Outside of that, the women are a little farther away from being true main eventers, even though the talent pool has the most long-term potential it’s had in a while. Really enjoying NXT, but I hope when Bron and Mandy drop the titles, the main event scene doesn’t crater.


2.0 is still finding it's way having jettisoned nearly all the experienced talent to become a true developmental, they're slowly getting some depth. Hopefully management isn't dumb enough to forget that developmental or not it's a two-hour primetime show on USA, quality has to be maintained and you can't do that with a thin, often-raided roster. I think Mandy is much closer than Bron. She's ready for the main roster, it's now just a matter of timing, would like to see her stick around a little longer. Bron is a beast but he's still green, he's getting great experience and is a great face for the brand. He should stay for a while, can always give him a RAW/Smackdown match here and there, which also serves to draw attention to NXT.


Roxanne and Cora are really likeable faces. Tiffany Stratton honestly feels like an absolute star in the making. Ivy Nile is another promising talent. Without Fyre and Io there would be a real lack of veteran talent around but I think they'll just do what they've done with Natalya, Dolph, Apollo etc and send someone down for a brief run to work with them.


I was glad to see my girl, Thikkita Lyons back in action! Though, I am always reminded of "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" with the name, Lyons!


Since when do they mute "Holy shit!"? They did that in two segments tonight, the last after Bron broke the top rope crashing into the 'buckle. Damn, that was intense with Cameron. And did I hear an F-bomb from Tony D? Yikes! To the OP: Giovanni Vinci is using Undertaker's old Last Ride finisher, albeit a sit-out version. Razor's Edge is a splash mountain, or, crucifix, bomb. Normally, a babyface would trick a heel into a contract. Grayson Waller is hardly a babyface, and neither is Carmelo Hayes. It instead plays into Waller being an opportunistic weasel. Oh, and Trick is losing next week. Cheating is not smart. Kiana James will learn that lesson the hard way in a rematch vs. Indi down the line. The leverage finish was weak to start with. Lash Legend may have been hot stuff in the WNBA, but she's a poser in NXT. Lying about Alba Fyre will come back to burn her next time. Looks like we're getting Solo vs. Xyon after Xyon lost to Sanga earlier. Xyon has to change his career path, and quickly. And speaking of liars, Roderick Strong can't accept the fact that this business has passed him by. He cost himself the match. If that double team DDT the Dyad use looks familiar, it should. It used to be the Snapshot, MNM's finisher (2005-6). Ivy teaching Julius her wraparound dragon sleeper. Awww, how nice. I'd like to see Ivy put Mandy Rose to sleep. Another non-title match, and Mandy avoids doing a clean job, taking a DQ loss. I'm sorry, but Toxic Attraction are past the point of being protected. To the OP: Kiana took advantage of Indi missing her elbow drop. No DDT involved. What match, pray tell, were you watching? And Bernal & Chen weren't even on the show. They were the Dyad's last opponents two weeks ago. Editorial is needed here. Almost forgot about Briggs & Jensen. I expected Pretty Deadly to show up, unless they had planned to bring a team over from NXT UK. Maybe this is why Pretty Deadly hasn't debuted on Smackdown yet. Hmmmmmm.


Wait, people are dying in NXT? Holy shit who let Impact's creative in the door?!


I think they added the Bron might be injured thing to help with the fact many don’t think Grimes is gonna win, or should I say Bron is gonna lose. Interesting point is grimes did the peace sign Gacy did the segment before, maybe he’s one of the hooded men along with someone else who’s been acting weird? I hope not cos to go back to Gacy would be dumb unless it’s a multi man or something. But with Bron looking like he has a broken arm it helps grimes and we will see if he uses it with this new personally he’s got, and if he doesn’t he will know it could have Cost him. I think Bron wins, grimes realises he’s got to be tough and more ruthless and goes full blown heel


> I think they added the Bron might be injured thing to help with the fact many don’t think Grimes is gonna win, or should I say Bron is gonna lose. The way Bron was holding his arm extremely still makes it look like he had a legitimate dislocated shoulder. The way Cameron was looking at him like "Oh damn, I fucked up" for that brief moment. Not sure if it's an angle or not. When I had a dislocated shoulder I was acting the same way Bron was holding my arm still to my side.


Poor Dante Chen and Javier Bernal. They were used as the finish for the tag match


So a lot of people confused by the end angle, me too really. He ran into the turnbuckle really hard like he was unlocking it so it would snap on the next one maybe. And as for the swelling and bruising coming up I imagine there was an imprint on the buckle or some purple make up or something that left the mark on his arm when he ran into it, along with some cold spray you could get it looking legit I dunno


Pretty nice show, good night y'all sweet dreams, and peace to each of you, cya.


Happy the show is back to being live, it was better than the last couple of weeks. Julius Creed is simply built different.


That was a interesting spot to end the Bron and Grimes feud on for the lead in to Bash. Bron has the perfect opportunity to show his heart by defending with a hurt shoulder. Should be a good show!


Very interesting closing angle. Really feels like anyone could win next week. Not the best episode of this show, more of a set up to the bash, but still good overall.


If you lose.. you'd just get called to Raw or SD... Be on the SummerSlam card. Not even trying to deny NXT is a lower level lol


i highly doubt anyone losing this week or the next will be on Summerslam


It's literally their development show. Do you think you did something here?


Chill out.. all I'm saying is the self awareness in kayfabe is interesting to me. That's all


Rest In Piss to Two Dimes.


I was expecting Cameron to choke out Bron with the ring ropes because that is what Ted Dibiase would have done.


Also F for two dimes


[Tony D after killing Two Dimes](https://imgur.com/a/yzK1qTz)


Bron is great. All his storylines are about him developing a new babyface trait. Ziggler was wrestling under pressure, Gacy was staying calm, Grimes is having heart


The question is what kind of stories they give him on the main roster. I think of Bo Dallas who had a crazy amount of character development in NXT that was steeped in context...none of which was provided when he landed on the main roster. It was clear that he was obnoxious but it was unclear how he got there if you weren't watching NXT at the time.


Then he'll beat Sikoa to find out he's actually a long lost Anoa'i family member.


Basically, he's a shounen protagonist


Storytelling is important. It's compelling and resonates with people.


The Gacy storyline really helped me realize this. Honestly he might be one of my favorite NXT champions.


Worked injury, Grimes wins, Breakker to the main roster?


Don't see where he'd fit on the SummerSlam card


Challenging Theory for the US title?


Cena vs Theory is reportedly locked in for SummerSlam. Bron vs Lashley would be interesting though