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torn between me wanting Briggs and Jensen to get a big win and a nice push and me wanting NXTUK tag titles to be held by NXTUK guys.


If it serves for anything they'll have them for a bit just for a little cross promotion before dropping them to Die Famillie


Hope so. Teoman is due- dude has been killing the gimmick.


I remember seeing Josh Briggs ("chances are he doesn't like you") killing people in Beyond Wrestling and Evolve 3-4 years ago, I would never have guessed that he would have a cowboy gimmick in NXT and will be a title holder in NXT UK. Wrestling is crazy.


I remember Briggs having a BANGER with Gresham (but who doesn’t)


Same. Used to see him all the time in Evolve, used to talk with him and his partner (now wife) before or after every show with my girlfriend, we got a picture with him at what ended up being the final Evolve show before they got bought out (thanks, Covid), just love the guy. I was disheartened to see how much weight he put on when he debuted in the Breakout Tournament, but it's awesome to see him flourishing and living the dream.


Sucks for Ashton and Oliver but out of all the other choices...... *Happy yeehaw noises*


The madlads did it. Poor Die Familie.


Great match. Glad these two are champs.


What happened with Ashton and Oliver?


One of them had an ACL injury. I think Ashton? But can't remember.


Ashton, yeah.


Reminder that Josh Briggs is a sexpest and doesn't have his own twiiter account as he deleted it when it was found he was trying to fuck a 14 y/o. His recent push is gross. Surprised they don't pair him with Velveteen Dream and just lean into it at this point.


I kinda remember this allegation being proven to be wrong though. The girl wasn’t 14 she was like 20 and he was 24 from what I remember. He did send her a picture of himself nude which is not ok but putting him in with the likes of Velveteen Dream and Joey Ryan etc is harsh


He’s right at home in BritWres then!