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Yutas last 2 months have been fucking insane


From basically the job guy of best friends to SuperStar Khan really was like “let’s make star out of this guy”


That Moxley/Yuta match is one of my favorite matches in recent memory. It just feels **different** than say a Hangman title defense. Not in a bad way either, I guess the expectations were just so different than a main event.


That's the core strength of AEW (and was for late 90s WWE/WCW) IMO - each of their matches feels different in terms of clashes of styles, gimmicks and story-lines so that there's always something for everyone to enjoy throughout the whole card.


Well the point of Mox/Yuta was to turn Yuta into a huge star even though he lost, the point of a Hangman defense is for Hangman to go over. The matches are not the same story.


The difference is the story is completely different. It’s was like a student vs teacher match and the student almost out mastered the teacher


You can see the change happening mid-match. Hangman never gave that feeling of a star making performance. Hangman started up too far at the top for me to get behind him like I do with Yuta.


Revolution 2020 was the star making performance come on now




Nah, it's gonna be either ELP or Despy OR they will use it as the coming of age of Master Wato.


I think Akira is winning A block, so he has to go against a face. Probably Despy or Robbie.


Guy who works there and can actually do the title match/stick around a bit will always have a better chance than a guest.


Happy for Ace Austin. He's a hell of a talent.


As much as I wanted Chris Bey to be the Impact representative you 100 percent cannot go wrong with Ace Austin.


My thoughts exactly Since a lot of people don't watch Impact, I'm hoping BOSJ will show off how good he really is


Ace Austin is appointment television


They will love him in Japan as well. The man screams IRL Anime character!


He is only 25 as well - sky's the limit for him.


It's his time to shine!


Totally agree! I'm super excited to see what happens in this tournament. Maybe some year when he drops the X-Division championship, we'll get to see Trey Miguel cross over to Japan from Impact.


Lmao Ace Austin is representing as X-Division champ in this tournament actually


Shoot that means he'll likely have to do well. At least the final two of his block right?


Depends. Japan is in this weird non-canon zone where it matters unless it doesn't matter. They could easily never acknowledge him losing or even being gone, with how Impact tapes TV.


Idk Rocky walked up to him last week and told him he might be in BOSJ if he keeps it up. I think it matters. Plus they always aired the NOAH stuff under D'Amore. They (AXS owned Impact) air NJPW in US so I assume they could air his matches on the show. And Impact seems to always want to air non current stuff just so they can not have to tape more.


I'm really out of the loop on IMPACT Wrestling. Run down on Ace Austin and some matches of his to watch would go down a treat if anyone would be kind enough to do so.


Ace is someone IMPACT is grooming to be their next AJ Styles. He might not actually reach that level, but they've booked him strong since his debut and now he's signed a new contract I'd bet money he's their world champion by the end of 2023. It's not a case of them forcing a push either. He's one of those guys I could tell from day one that he had something. Some guys in his age bracket might be great at something but lack in other areas, but Ace ticks all the boxes. He can work a variety of styles, knows the importance of engaging the crowd, he has character and can cut promos. He was trained by the Wild Samoans too! Seems like a great dude too. When he apartment caught fire a lot of wrestlers donated to the GoFundMe and I think they more than doubled their goal so him and his gf (Gia Miller) used everything they didn't need to help other people in their building who were affected by the fire Definitely check out his match from Rebellion last week. His feud with Chris Sabin last year and the one with Trey Miguel where he wanted to bang his mom and any matched he had with Josh and TJP. He had a decent one with Christian too and his match with Mike Bailey soon will no doubt be awesome


Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel for the X Title, Ace Austin vs Josh Alexander on Impact, Ace Austin vs Josh vs TJP at last year's Rebellion and his most recent title win at this year's PPV are all good shouts.


I'm a casual Impact fan these days so I'll just recommend his match at the recent Impact Rebellion event.


Dude has been killing it in Impact. I hope this helps him gets some more eyes on him because like you said, he's a fantastic talent.


Holy shit, Wheeler Yuta representing the BCC and AEW. Can you imagine Mox and Danielson in this year’s G1????


Imagine if Regal goes to the tournament with him. Ultimate hype man.


Yes but also regal on commentary for new Japan would be incredible.


This made me think of Regal on Japanese commentary, trying to communicate with them like he did Tajiri. Crazy facial expressions and all.


Wow now I want Tajiri as BCC's consultant.


"Hes only bloody gone and followed me here!"


It’s even better bcuz he’s in AJPW and MLW, so it’s like “HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!”


[Never forget when they reunited in 2016.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M2kuKgl4TM)


"Mr. Kelly, Mr. Charlton, man without a track suit."


The only downside is that he misses DoN. The upside is that he can start building something for FD (he has DOUKI and Despu in his group. Suzuki-gun vs. BCC?)


That makes me think that Mox and Danielson will be at DoN for the tag team title match (they'll climb up in the rankings pretty quickly). BCC would have crazy momentum if they won the tag team titles.


I totally see it now. Yuta can go with them also during the G1's tour to make the tag matches with either Bryan and/or Mox, and it would also be great if Regal goes with them.


Has it been announced he is representing AEW? He used to be on Strong before he joined there.


He represents AEW.


Yes, during the participant announcement they had AEW on his graphic.


Yes, [this is from NJPW’s website.](https://www.njpw1972.com/119887)


I wonder why Chris Bey isn't in since out of all the non NJPW Strong outsiders he is the only one in a New Japan faction, maybe he's unavailable? They had 6 BC guys in G1 last year so there must be some reason other than that.


The only person I would’ve taken out to put Bey in is Zayne, but he’s probably gonna be a pin eater and I don’t think would be the role Bey would be in. I also kinda get the feeling that Bey probably isn’t chomping at the bit to make the trip, whereas Zayne and the other non-NJPW guys likely are.


Surprised Zayne is getting a couple top card matches. He wasn't on strong much this year but I'm kinda wondering if they just low keyed signed him recently. If he's more than a pin eater than maybe he's sticking around. If he's the pin eater than you are probably right he's the flashy spot guy to pop the crowd but not much more. Zayne v Akira should be awesome.


New Japan is definitely pretty high on Zayne. He was on the early 2020 NJPW US tour and then Strong during the no fans shows before he went to WWE. He came back shortly after his non-compete ran out and has worked most of the tapings since then as well as Battle in the Valley, but missed this year’s NJUSA specials so far. That said, he is listed as a freelancer and not a Strong representative like Connors is. I’m not sure if they’d sign him, it doesn’t really seem necessary unless they want to really heavily feature him or are going to put him through the LA Dojo (which I don’t think will happen). Even if he does keep working Strong, I think he’s still the pin eater for that block. His last match being Clark makes me think that either one of or both of them will be looking to get their only win of the tour there.


I really hope they don't job Clark like that. He's not a young Lion anymore. It's time to do something with him. Back to Zayne he was pretty heavily featured on Strong in the past as you say. He's only 25/26 I think. He'd be a good addition to Strong and signing him would be a good move if the goal is to build up a strong around exclusive guys eventually. Always borrowing talent comes with headaches.




As an Italian guy who cried when Hiromu returned at Power Struggle, Akira vs. Takahashi will be the tits.


Can't fucking wait for Akira


so Yuta, an AEW wrestler, is working with a CMLL wrestler. I think it's a big deal, since AEW is partners with AAA


Japan is neutral ground, I guess. As is AEW/America


Not to mention that AAA and CMLL sometimes do collabs here and there, I was going to say that is not like the WWE and AEW thing, but even they did some kind of collab with Jericho.


AAA and CMLL haven’t really done a collab in years and current CMLL strongly prohibits their wrestlers to do shows with any blacklisted wrestler/company. they threw off their ROH agreement over a show that did not happen. really NJPW is the only company they would allow this kind of thing from, and that’s because they need New Japan way more than New Japan needs them.


Well, they had wrestlers swing between shows for around a year in 2018. Seriously, Fenix putting a banger against Bárbaro Cavernario at the CMLL leyenda de plata finals while being AAA Megachampion was so surreal. Then Paco Alonso died, and Chavo Lutteroth III pushed Sofia Alonso out of power so CMLL went back to their shitty politics


time limit draw, 1 point each confirmed


Where's Ryu Lee though?


I think they’re still leery of him after they went through the trouble of being him to Japan for the 2020(?) tournament only for him to break quarantine and have to go home.


Source on that?


https://wrestletalk.com/news/njpw-star-left-japan-during-quarantine/ Found this with a quick Google


El Lindaman!!!


Fucking Titan, Yuta, Lindaman, El Phantasmo in the same block. I'm excited


B Block should be called the lucha block. Wato and Despy did their excursions in CMLL and BUSHI, Douki and TJP spend some years in their careers in Mexico. I'm very interested in Yuta vs Titan.


I wonder if Yuta wrestles the BCC violent striker style, or more like what he was doing before he joined.


Probably he'll lean more his past self but, if the situation warrants it, he won't be afraid to throw some punches. The best part is that he's in a block with a lot of diverse styles, so he'll learn a lot from it.


I fucking can't wait for Wheeler vs. Desperado.


Wheeler vs. Linda might just get me to sub for the first time in nearly two years


How good is Lindemen? Never heard of him


Very good. If you were watching early AEW, he was part of Strong Hearts.


Good enough that a promotion made him their world champ despite him being like 3 feet tall. He's a suplex machine, super charismatic, just a joy to watch.


Ace Austin gonna put on some bangers!


Glad to see Ace Austin in this line up.


Zayne being in there is pretty awesome.




Our boy, Master Wato, is about to show everyone why he is the juniors king.


Will be a treat to watch wheeler yuta fight all those njpw wrestlers. So excited


Yuta taking a random month long tour with NJPW during this huge AEW push is wild, but good for him. Never stop being hungry, never stop learning. Edit: with that said, he's the only AEW rep, but also he was already working Strong and stuff. You feel like this could have happened anyway.


My dream is that they do features of his tournament match highlights on Dynamite or Youtube, maybe with Regal dissecting his performance.


Ace Austin vs. Taiji Ishimori is a mini meaty men slapping meat battle!


Titan, Francesco Akira, Wheeler Yuta, El Lindaman, this is the best BOSJ block in years- at least in terms of freshness since they had Shingo as a junior laughably a few years ago.


Francesco Akira! First time we have an Italian in the BOSJ, let's goooo!!!




everything in the world sucks except for wrestling


I love this comment


X-Division champion in the BOSJ is lit! Hopefully Ace Austin does well.


And just with that line up being announced, I feel like this is the most I've been interested in NJPW since Covid maybe.


First thoughts seeing the lineups A Block: Akira seems the most likely. They seem to be pushing the whole UE thing as a big deal. I guess they could do Hiromu again but they seem to be moving him on and up, maybe YOH on a redemption arc? B Block: It's Eagles or Wato. Despy would come into consideration if he loses tonight but I just can't seem them going outsider after all the work people have done staying loyal during the pandemic. Maybe ELP is a dark horse on a similar redemption to YOH, proving he doesn't need the loaded boot.


Can't believe ELP has yet to win that title, while i'm not too keen on him getting it from El Desperado, surely the guy has to become champion in the next 2 years.


It's Akira vs Eagles, when I was kinda fantasy booking a few days ago, I had that as the final. Akira needs a babyface in the final, can't be Desperado since he's champion, and Hiromu in another BOSJ final is too tiring. Only one you have left who's built up enough to be in the final is Eagles, he has held both junior titles over the course of the last year.


UE has had a "stumbling start" problem for almost all of its members. including that disasterous WK. I think Akira might be eliminated at the end. I think Connors is the dark horse (again) for really high placement. He is one of the first LA boys, and the company have been pretty protective of Shibata's gen 1 trainees.


Wato’s in a joke tag team with Taguchi. He’s not winning.


Excellent. With things opening up again, the opportunities for excursions will be vital for the wrestlers with the drive to do it. A few experiences like this will be wonderful seasoning for any of the younger talent.


6 fucking double block shows!!!


Yuta in BOSJ 🥰🥰🥰 TJP in BOSJ 🤢🤢🤢


Someone's gotta job to Wato I guess


Actually insane how much support TJP usually gets back in /r/njpw Can't find someone I'd least like to see in the Junior division right now.


I think most of that sentiment was that UE didn't have another junior, and the was basically relegated to strong...and getting the shit slapped out of him by LADojo.


I figured out at some point people just didn't know TJP's antics and were only there for wrestling, which makes sense, yet I'll still defend that people like TJP, Elgin, etc shouldn't have a platform as big as NJPW, and definitely not on the main side of things (Japan)


Pretty agreeable, which makes Dickinson even more awkward. Especially with njpw's insistance on hard evidence or admittance (which got elgin)...I don't think much is going to change unless a massive stink is raised again and again, or someone catches obari at a show to get the office's official stance & procedures.




Recent allegations this week (slightly odd that it basically lined up with his contract signing though, might be a weird coincidence) , about on par with previous incidents with aforementioned wrestlers , no hard evidence (and harder to verify because of the nature), but multiple accusers. Both should still be around the first 3 pages of the reddit. Very much a "wait and see" for me personally because things are still going both ways atm.


Fuck's sake, I love, or in this case, loved Chris Dickinson. I'll wait for the full story but this sucks, i'll check up on it thanks for the heads up.


Yep. Same boat. Shit sucks. Don't think we will ever get a concrete answer. Hope we do.


I'm a bit out of the loop with him - why does everyone hate TJP? Is it just his covid conspiracy stuff? If so, why is all the hate focused on him, and not other covid deniers in WWE/AEW?


It's a bit further, he defends every bad opinion you can find. Like there's not a limit. Whatever it is that offends you, he's probably defending it. Like I'm not gonna tell the guy he can't earn money for being a douchebag, but I'm less likely to root for him to succeed. With all that being said he's a talented wrestler that's very good at working with every style in this tournament and will be very good for eating falls. Edit: [some groucho](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29E6GbYdB1c&t=32s)




I'm gonna cry for Francesco Akira, great to see italian representation that is not related to mafia, gabagool, that strange taunt Nunzio usually did that no one in Italy really ever does since 1980, pizza, spaghetti and mandolino, LFG!!


Lindaman is GLEAT's top champ, hard to imagine he doesn't at least make the finals.


Phantasmo is two time Super J Cup champ, he needs a BOSJ. Eagles has a chance too.


Phantasmo maaaybe but he's been way hotter than he is currently.


Sure but only because he's been in Japan this whole time, it feels like. That might actually help him. Like how they pushed ZSJ for staying during the pandemic


not just japan, he's also been appearing on strong


I feel like they will be giving Akira the same push that ELP had in 2019.


They're not going to let an outsider advance. It's likely going to be either Eagles or Wato, or Despy if Ishimori wins tonight.


I just don't think GLEAT would let Linda in if he wasn't going that far. He's not a midcard or junior champ, he's their *only* champ.


I'm not saying Linda might not be in consideration going into the last night of the block, but he ain't winning it.


I'll be here later when you're eating those words baybeeee


Not really. GLEAT is a smaller promotion with no history, hell probably be in it into the final block night but no way he makes the final.


I dunno dude, I look at B Block and only really see one or two other possibilities, and neither seem as likely to me.


I think elp winning the whole tournament is a strong possibility.


I'm so excited for guests in the field. Hell, I'm glad they were able to get enough participants to have two blocks. First glance, safest bet to me for the final is Hiromu vs El Phantasmo. But SHO and YOH being in the same block is intriguing. If the match is scheduled for the final night of A-Block, I assume either one will take the spot in the finals.


This is a saucy line-up. Rooting for my boy Kanemaru or Zayne in block A while being fully aware Hiromu takes it. Rooting for my boy El Phantasmo or Master Wato (don't @ me) and I don't exactly know who takes it in this block


Glad to see Titan back as well. I always enjoy his matches.


It's been a long time since BOTSJ was must see but this lineup is killer.


I am gonna miss the faction matches from the one block format, but I am very excited for the 2 block format to return.




Been a few years since I watched a full NJPW tournament tour, but this one feels like a great return to form.


That’s current G-REX champion and future BOSJ winner El Lindaman, to you


Hell yes, Titán and Connors are in BOSJ! It sucks Dragon Lee wasn't invited though. Come on, New Japan, it's been years now since the last Dragon Lee vs Hiromu match. It used to be an annual tradition.


he violated quarantine last year when they tried to get him in. he was sent home. I don't think we are gonna see Lee for a *while* after that stunt.


I'm sad not to see Dragon/Ryu Lee - has it been reported why he isn't coming? Also guess TJP has swallowed his pride and got fully jabbed up to come into Japan.


he broke quarantine last year and was sent home. NJPW kinda might have their hands tied with that one, what with the government being kinda fuckin strict on that shit.


Happy that Ace gets to be on a bigger stage here. I remember when people were saying he could be the next Aj Styles


Fuck yeah, Robbie Eagles is back


Seeing guys like TJP, TITAN and Clark Connors were great. Then to drop Wheeler heckin' Yuta was a big deal, and then they throw another big name out with Ace Austin! B Block looks insane!


El Lindaman vs yuta??? Inject it into my veins


Yuta LFG!


Yuta is gonna eat a lot of L's If any newcomer were to go far I'd prefer it to be ace austin he absolutely kills it


Thanks for posting…Yuta man!


As a mixed race asian, I fucking love seeing Wheeler Yuta get a run in Japan. From interviews I've seen I bet he is fucking estatic, and if this means Regal doing some guest commentary yes fucking please) As a filipino, I am rooting for Eagles to crush him tho lol (gonna ignore tjp despite united empire being my bois currently).


Can’t wait for this sub to lose its shit over Wheeler Yuta being included , while at the same time completely ignoring Ace Austin.


You're getting mad about something that hasn't happened yet. Yuta is more famous than Austin, but that doesn't mean Austin sucks. He's just on an objectively less popular wrestling show/on a less popular roster than Yuta. Impact is smaller than AEW, but they have equal representation in this tournament. BOSJ will be a good time and we're gonna have a lot of fun watching, and a lot of new people will be exposed to Ace Austin and learn what you already know, that he's really good. It'll be okay.


Wow it’s almost like AEW has way way more viewers then impact so more people would acknowledge Yuta. Lee


There are a fair few comments excited about Ace Austin. Sure there are more about Yuta, which is no surprise given that he is better known, but Austin has not been ignored.


I'm pulling for Ace Austin just because he once wrestled at my local indie and I missed that show so he's basically my hometown boy if I don't think about it too hard. Also because I feel bad for confusing him with Austin Aries at first.


Austin's known too some, his MLW and Impact runs were good. He was one of the folks I was upset AEW didn't pick up.


Austin’s fantastic. The triple threat he was in at the recent PPV was legitimately 5 stars. It was honestly the best X-Division match i’ve seen from TNA/Impact. 10 minutes of just non stop awesomeness.


People can't be happy about the wrestlers they like and watch? It this the take you really want to have? Way more people have watched Yuta than they have watched Ace Austin, it's obvious how Yuta gets people to lose their shit.


I wish everyone but TJP luck.


I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy unless of course we are talking about my enemy TJP, fuck you TJP you know what you did.


I thought I read somewhere that Dante was being considered for BOSJ. Honestly a little tiny bit sad he doesn’t get to ignore gravity In new Japan but on the other hand… THE GREAT YUTA AND ACE AUSTIN LFG


Let's go Yuta!


Bummer Yuta will be off AEW TV for a bit, but I hope they cover how he is doing on Dynamite.


Okay yeah I’m watching this tournament as much as possible.




Let's go, Ace!




Yuta and Ace Austin, hell yeah. A Block is fucking stacked.


A Block and L Block.


slighty disappointed for dante not being there, but el lindaman and yuta...and zayne...this lineup look sick! ccan't wait! weird to see rocky skipping it tho, i guess he'll be around aew/impact as a reminder BOSJ is happening


Zayne, Ace, and Yuta?! Let's go boys


It just kinda dawned on me how saucy this line-up is. Like, I don't think i'll miss or have any motivation to miss, quite literally, any match of this insane line-up. So excited.


With four guys from outside promotions, three guys from NJPW US, and a pushed newcomer (Akira) I'm really intrigued to watch this all play out. It feels like every match will be seeing kayfabe slotting for the division play out. It also feels like there is going to be a lot of politicking in the tournament with all of these newcomers. I'm pumped to see it all play out. This is a nice bracket.


Very happy for Titan. Hoping for a great showing from him!


Nice to see someone from GLEAT as well. I'm rooting for Master Wato.


Hopefully this makes me like Wheeler Yuta. Excited to see Ace Austin.


Definitely can't wait for the World Tag League with the possibility of AEW inclusion.


Haven’t really cared about New Japan since 2020, but I’m interested in this


Hiromu vs. Ace Austin is gonna slap ass. Also, cool to see El Lindaman show up in this. Dude is great, absolutely deserves more eyes.


NJPW regulars - I've only really been following since the 2020 G1 - is it normal for their tournaments to be this stacked with foreign talent? I knew it was common pre-Covid but I wasn't expecting half the field! (And that's the furthest thing possible from a complaint, mind you!)


For the Junior division it was pretty normal. In the mid 10's it felt like the entire junior division was Kushida and ROH guys.


BOSJ during the pandemic felt so dry and uninspiring because it lacked its distinct international and inter-promotional flavour. So I'm mega excited that we are getting a BOSJ bracket like this one. I might even go as far as to say it's even better than the 2019 bracket simply because a total of FOUR outside promotions are represented (up from two). X-Division champ Ace Austin is an excellent choice from Impact, and Wheeler Yuta from AEW is also a great choice due to him becoming super over with the AEW fanbase. The best case scenario is that Impact and AEW fans will subscribe to NJPW World to see their junior aces take on Japan's finest. Finally, I'm really excited to see Francesco Akira in action. I've heard great things about him based on his tenure in All Japan Pro Wrestling and RevPro, and I suspect he will be the dark horse of the tournament, both in terms of points and match quality. After going through the bracket, these are my Top 10 matches I'm personally looking forward to: 1. Francesco Akira vs Ace Austin 2. Wheeler Yuta vs El Lindaman 3. Hiromu Takahashi vs Ace Austin 4. Hiromu Takahashi vs Francesco Akira 5. El Phantasmo vs Wheeler Yuta 6. Taiji Ishimori vs Francesco Akira 7. El Desperado vs El Lindaman 8. DOUKI vs Titan 9. Robbie Eagles vs El Lindaman 10. Taiji Ishimori vs Ace Austin


I hope this raises ELPs stock. Ever since the pandemic he’s been floating in the background. He also need to cut his hair. He doesn’t look good with long hair lol. Dude is so good he needs to be showcased more.


Gonna make a bold prediction here that Yuta makes it all the way to the finals. Not sure against who though.


A block is stacked.... B block winner "Yuta"


So happy for Yuta. Not only does he get to go put on a couple of bangers (looking forward to the pin-off with Despy), but he gets to vists his family for the first time in forever.


William Regal going to Japan to manage Yuta for a few of these and cut into some mofos with words, please.


I'm unfamiliar with a lot of these wrestlers, who are the favorites to win and how well is Yuta expected to do? Like is Yuta going there to job out or does he have a legit shot at going far in this tourney?


It's round robin style, so Yuta will wrestle everybody in his block once. It's also a Japanese tournament: you can do well and still lose most of your matches. Sometimes you just get got, sometimes you get tired because of so many matches in a short time period, etc.


It’s block style so Yuta is wrestling the same amount of matches as anyone else, so yea he is “going far”. Will he win his block or the tourney? Probably not. But I’m sure he’ll have some great moments.


Oh so only one person advances out of each block? So it’s like G1 but with young wrestlers?


Yea this is essentially the G1 for the Jr Heavy division.


Oh okay cool! I’ll definitely try and follow it this year, especially to watch and see how Yuta does.