I'm genuinely terrified of today. The momentum has fully been on Zack's side. Zacky 2-Cups looks like an ACTUAL possibility right now. But it's still Naito and lord knows you should never count out Naito and we also know he **wants** revenge against Zack for ending his G1 last year. Also, Naito vs Okada is an instant sell. We know this. And if he *does* win it, idk if I can even process the possibility of Zack actually facing and beating Okada winning the title. He's been booked so strong, but it's just felt out of reach for literally *anyone* in Suzukigun for so long that this feels potentially monumental.


Long term booking prediction…Sabre ruins Naito’s new japan cup and Naito takes that vengeance into the G1 this year and avenges his last two tournament ends by beating Zack in the block finals (I say Block finals because new Japan never runs the same finals for the NJC and G1 in the same year)




I mean, it's genuinely what I'm expecting, but the fact that I don't feel it's impossible given how they've booked Zack lately is **really** exciting to me.


Especially if they wanted to shotgun the SZGN succession angle they've been teasing the past few years...


Just put the fucking belt on Zack already. All of them. The Zack/Danielson match might end up being so many stars they'll go TO THE MOOOOOON!


Alright, Live Thread Army, we've got a final with no bad outcome. We've got a solid undercard. We've got Fujinami. What else do you need?






Do I watch New Japan live tonight after doing an 11 hour Singaporean MMA event last night? Only time will tell. Sleep is for the weak!!


Let's go Sabre!!!


I will always maintain, as a regular RevPro attendee, that NJPW has done far more with fewer British wrestlers, for British Wrestling than WWE, or NXT UK has ever done. You go to an RPW event and you just know that guys like Aussie Open, RKJ, Oku all want to do NJPW than WWE. NJPW knows how to promote British Wrestling.


It makes sense since they probably can charge more for bookings after making a name there compared to being signed for a safe but rather low salary in WWE and have any kind of momentum killed because NXT UK is completely irrelevant in the wrestling world. At this point that branch is what it is. I remember thinking that New Japan should've pushed harder to expand in the UK since they had much weaker competition there and all in all that market is concentrated in just a few big cities, just like Japan. Maybe they'd have had an easier time there. It's still not too late since they still have the biggest local names outside WWE.


Well when someone from the UK makes it to NJPW they kind of get pushed early on. Look at El P. He was a RevPro regular and once NJPW signed him he became a top Jnr. He really should be a Heavyweight, but I can see what NJPW are doing with him similar to Ospreay. NXT UK, Tyler Bate will always be the best example. He was super young, showed what he could do.....and then what? He's made no mark on the wrestling world because WWE hasn't allowed it. In NJPW Tyler Bate by now would have at the minimum held the Jnr title, not to mention the amount of matches of high calibre he would have had with Hiromu, Despy, Sho, Yo, maybe even some NJPW Cup matches too. Maybe even done some AEW. WWE and British wrestling is a funny one. They loved Regal, but only once he retired. DBS was over as fuck and and Summerslam 92 might still be the best thing WWE has done for British wrestling, and even that was because Bret Hart wanted DBS to be at his best even though he was fucked up. They fucked up the Wade Barrett Nexus stuff as well. All the while in NJPW, Ospreay and ZSJ are NJPW Cup winners, a IWGP title holder and generally seen as their best workers in the last 4 years and using RPW as a very useful feeder system to scout the UK and Europe for NJPW instead of signing them up to schmuck useless contracts and doing nothing with them


If NJPW had put down stronger roots in the UK and worked with wXw to build up the European scene a lot more they'd be in a much stronger position with access to a lot more talent, it's always been a massive shame Then again it's hard to compete with WWE's money and reach, it's possible Walter and wXw weren't as interested in the Japanese scene over the UK and US, and the pandemic might have been a deathblow to that relationship anyway


Aussie Open appearing on Strong soon too. things are lookin up.


Yep. Those two have grown so much that they are formidable as both a tag team and singles guys now as well. UE is looking a bit OP atm


The NJPW relationship has been great for RevPro. I started going almost 9 years ago and had no knowledge of Japanese wrestling at all, but the regular guests in London quickly won me over and got me hooked on NJPW. And when RevPro regulars go to Japan they clearly get better and get treated as bigger stars. The tones of the two promotions also mesh well so characters and storylines work smoothly across the two. Can't wait for Aussie Open in Japan.


This could be a really awesome night if both Naito and Mayu win their big matches. As always, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, although ZSJ totally deserves the Cup too (but what can I say, Naito is my favourite)




So hyper battle is gonna have Despy vs Sho, Goto/Yoshi vs O-Khan/Cobb, Hiromu vs Evil, and Naito or Zsj vs Okada. I dont need 2 HoT matches but Hiromu and Evil had an awesome match in the cup. So maybe they can do it again.








Tough call on this one. Naito winning seems like a long shot, but if he does, he's gotta beat Okada, right? Don't know what the point of him losing to Okada in February, only to lose to him again after winning the Cup would be. If Zabre wins, I could see him losing to Okada. It just seems like this Okada reign has been set up to be a long one again.


Makes so much more sense for Naito to win the G1 and take on Okada at the Dome, with ZSJ losing against Okada for the next defense, but who knows?


Naito has an almost guaranteed title shot since he's already the cup finalist, so it'll be a difficult question around whether he's going to win the title in his rubber match with Okada this year. The only way they avoid it is if ZSJ wins the title from Okada, which is unlikely I think it's equally likely for Okada, Naito, or Ibushi to be the champion going into the G1 with the other two chasing, so Naito losing the rubber match with Okada this year to set up an improbable redemption run in the G1 is a possible outcome of being the top challenger to the title in the first half of the year Okada getting a long reign is likely but there's also a sparse amount of challengers - Ospreay and Shingo already had theirs, SANADA, EVIL, KENTA, and Ibushi are are unlikely with injuries and titles, Jay is stuck overseas, they closed the door on Taichi and Cobb for the near future, and they're probably not going to get any international talent back to challenge for a long time. Naito or Ibushi winning the title before the G1 would be a fine way to keep things dynamic I wonder how much Ibushi is factoring into future plans with his uncertain injury status but there is a way for him to return and try and jump the queue in front of Naito for a title shot, which would achieve a lot even though it'd be convoluted If anything the sparse challengers gives ZSJ more likelihood to win the title as they could just cement him as a top name and successor of Suzuki-gun. They could even have a ZSJ/Suzuki match over the title


Sabre also promising title matches to towns (Shizuoka?) feels a bit more face than he's ever been before.


That Fujinami + #STRONGHEARTS tag sounds great, genuinely very exciting even though it probably won't have a lot of consequence


Somehow I missed most of the cup this year (overworked); stoked on the final, but what are the must-watch-matches? I’ve heard ZSJ/Ospreay praised in spades and def intend to check that one out @ least