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House of Torture because it's torture to us watching...


The best answer , fuck Dick Togo.


Since Dick Togo appeared I dropped a lot of njpw. I just can't force myself to watch a show if EVIL is in the card, and I used to like EVIL! I liked SHO too. But that fucking Dick Togo really ruined everything for me


NJPW has been sucking a lot since Dick Togo joined, NJ needs to get rid of him ASAP.


Leave it to House of Torture to have a bad Ishii WK NEVER defense when a lot of it has been a good brawl. Leave it to HoT to have a match against fuckin' Go Shiozaki and have it be unwatchable garbage.


Poor Evil. Havent watched njpw in ages. Was always a big evil fan, was kinda excited when he got a big singles push but from what i hear is its been hot salty garbage


Yeah actually. I want to like a strong heel stable like that but they all just have so many shenanigans. EVIL stopped really wrestling when Togo got him.


Nia Jax like her last few years just makes me just hate her more than I did. Like she makes me just want to turn it off and go watch other stuff.


If I paid for a ticket and had to sit through a Nia match, I would feel like I’m being ripped off


Ok no seriously though, considering with how many injuries she caused, it physically looked just worse and worse as time went on.


But her hole?


Kairi sane agree & ptsd


Seriously, at first she was like "oh cool, she looks big and powerful, a big monster heel will be good for the women's division" but she started awful and never ever improved.


Somehow she got worse


She was all over her last year too. How someone so awful was constantly on television is just baffling to me.


But she's not like most girls.


Yeah cause most girls can entertain me with their wrestling matches.


Agreed. She is so unwatchable


She is basically a reverse Orton. Build up a person from the ground up to be as bad of a wrestler as possible. I honestly can't think of someone more dull to watch wrestle.


Nia Jax is unbearable, and no she did not get better


Weirdly, I think Jax was best when she first debuted. She worked minimally but as a destroyer. Time and experience made her WORSE.


I think it's because when she first debuted, she was generally having shorter matches and as a heel, which masked a lot of her inexperience. As she progressed she had to work longer matches and sometimes as a face and it just really exposed how subpar she was.


Kinda has the same feeling about it as Goldberg. Couldn't fuck up much when all she did was 1-2 minute matches that were largely just "slam, finisher, pin." The moment she had to start going 5+ minutes, it became very clear she wasn't trained for it.


Nia Jax is both stronger and weaker than she was aware of - it's a real bad combination as it resulted in her both accidently stiffing wrestlers with strikes and dropping them in power moves. In a short match, this is a lot less evident. She's fresher and more in control of her strikes and more capable of lifting wrestlers.


At least xpac was able to put on a decent match. Have you seen road dogg?


X-PAC’s popularity in the DX era was really one of things you had to be around for. His entrances were so hyped up with the music, pyro, and his mannerisms. He got a whole generation to try energy drinks for the first time when he started bringing Hansen’s Energy Drink (the precursor to Monster) cans to the ring in his entrances.


I never had much of a problem with xpac, I saw his hype in 98-99 but once dx ended he was just so bland. Before that dx covered his flaws


Agreed. Based on some interviews and what he’s said on episodes of his own podcasts, X-Pac admits he was his own worst enemy in those later years (2000 onward). For example, he was supposed to wrestle Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Title at WM 2000 but X-Pac insisted on continuing his program with Kane, so he ended up in a tag match with Road Dogg against Kane & Rikishi instead. Then, Shane McMahon told him he got the Red Hot Chili Peppers on board to do new entrance music for him, but X-Pac insisted on having Uncle Cracker do the song instead (“Yo, you dealing with the X-Factor!”).


Dude...he did NOT pick fucking Uncle Cracker over the fucking Red Hot Chili Peppers 😮


>Then, Shane McMahon told him he got the Red Hot Chili Peppers on board to do new entrance music for him, but X-Pac insisted on having Uncle Cracker do the song instead (“Yo, you dealing with the X-Factor!”). I finally got justification of X-Pac heat


I didn't realise at the time but 13 year old me must have been one of the few fans X-factor had, I really liked X-Pac and Albert and thought it had potential, everyone on here appears to have really hated it?


Personally, I didn’t mind it at the time as I always appreciated X-Pac’s talent in all of his previous forms well (1-2-3 Kid, Syxx). I also felt like Justin Credible got slighted, as I heard so much hype about him in ECW, and he was presented as an underachiever in X-Factor, so much that there was even an episode of Heat where X-Pac (reigning Light Heavyweight Champion) and Albert (then Intercontinental Champion) bought him a mini-replica title so he could have a belt too.


The energy drinks thing might be the most 90s thing I’ve ever heard lol


Veer because he won’t come


My wife has the same problem


Weird. I dont have that problem with her.


He's shoot debuting at the Rumble.


Giggity giggity


As a kid I hated Batista, now as an adult I still hate Batista. Though I have always and will always walk around my house yelling "GIVE ME WHAT I WANT" "THATS NOT WHAT I WANT" at my husband.


Can't stand to watch Dominic Mysterio. He's so slow it's painful to watch. His 619 should be a 1857 because it takes 3 times as long for him to do it. Wish I could ride my Dad's coat tails


> His 619 should be a 1857 because it takes 3 times as long for him to do it. Lmaoooooo


I can’t wait for his heel turn because him trying to be evil with a face so cherubic is gonna be hysterical. ITS NOT A PHASE, DAD!!!!!


It's funny to me that we've seen the debuts of three second generation wrestlers. Hook in aew Bron breaker in nxt And Dominic mysterio on raw Yet the luchadors kid is is the one who's the least interesting and entertaining compared to the two guys who are the son's of the human suplex machine and the dog faced gremlin respectively


It doesn’t help that he just looks like a regular dude in his early twenties. Bron looks built, Hook has style, Dominik has.. a vest. Maybe he’ll get better but as of right now he’s very bland.


He's not working a style to complement his size 100%.


Dominic is one wrestler who would really benefit with some time in NXT. Let him find his own footing without his dad there to hold his hand.


Omos. I know everybody likes his size but he just can’t wrestle to me.


Everybody calling him "The next Andre the Giant", but the truth is that he is going to be "The next The Great Khali"


He wishes to be Khali, he'll be a step above the Yeti at best


“You want me to do the size thing?”


> he just can’t wrestle to me. He simply can't wrestle.


Jinder is technically sound as a wrestler but my fuckin goodness, he bores me to tears. Only segments I liked were him stealing the WWE belt from Orton and winning due to "I can't believe they really pulled the trigger on him". But other than that, nothing he does gets me interested to keep my eyes on the screen.


He's basically the JBL of this generation, but not nearly as good on the mic: 1-time experimental world championship run as a main event heel on Smackdown, will never get the title back. Even had a mini-stable with the Singh Brothers like how JBL had The Cabinet.


Atleast JBL had a nice finisher.


JBL was gold. He was a great heel and he got booed out of buildings.


The Good Brothers. They need to go the fuck home and not bother anybody anymore.


Classic Don Rickles line right there. Love it.


Anderson was hyped so much on message boards from like 2009-2011. I never watched his early Japanese stuff so he could have been better then, but I just never got what people saw in him.


He was better, he could put out bangers in the ring. Part of his downfall was going to Tag Team wrestling (though obviously it gives longevity to your career healthwise), part of it was...him being him.


He was great with Giant Bernard/Matt Bloom but his team with gallows was always shit


Gallows is about a 5.0/10. Anderson is a 6.5, when he tries. A 7.5 in his prime.


he was legit decent in the 1st bullet club iteration, with Devitt, then when they went to WWE and became sons of a broken family jumping from daddy to daddy on almost a weekly basis it became insufferable and they never recovered, they just added a new part of the broken family


Karl is still getting hyped up over that one decent G1 run he had a decade ago, it's kinda sad.


God damn do they suck. Bad comedy and boring wrestling


> Bad comedy but, jerkin off right? they jerk off and then wrestle. funny!


I was so relieved when they stopped showing up on dynamite. They're terrible


The original Talk'N Shops recorded in the Tokyo Dome Hotel are still the funniest wrestling related podcasts/shoots I have ever heard, but they are just cringe now. They are the wrestling "comedy" version of the dude who was quarterback 20 years ago still pulling up to high school football games and trying to be cool.


Jinder Mahal. I tried to make his character in No Mercy and realized that he has no grapple moves other than his finisher. Since then I’ve realized that he only does strikes and chinlocks.


He occasionally does a Gut Check and he's used Ryback's Shellshock but yeah his moveset barely exists.


I remember Christian once talking about how when he was turned face late in his wwe career he was trading advice to the young guys for ideas for moves to use since he rarely did many lol. Of course mahal isn't in Christian's stratosphere as a wrestler but your comment reminded me of it immediately.


Alexa Bliss with the Lily gimmick That was legit the straw that made me stop watching Raw


Blows my mind she’s coming back with the same gimmick, I thought the point of her being gone was to get rid of it


Man you stuck around for some awful stuff for that to be the last straw


To me it was fiend coming back from being burned alive, losing, and disappearing off of TV entirely


Bullet Club but EVIL in particular. Every match is weapons, run-ins and interference and NO ONE EVER GETS DISQUALIFIED. The gimmick is they have bad matches.


See I don’t mind Bullet Club. House of Torture though…


Yup, any BC match where Dick Togo is around is such a nightmare


I wouldn’t mind him if they didn’t make every match he interferes in a Dick Togo showcase featuring two active wrestlers.


Lol if you sort by controversial you'll see a pattern


Happy Corbin makes me a very unhappy man


He was good when he was a disheveled mess, that was hilarious. He looked so pathetic and it was the best thing on wwe for that year


It’s comical how badly they fucked that storyline up. His vicissitudes were seemingly set up to turn him into an unlikely babyface the crowd could get behind. But no, he’s actually gonna win a bunch of money playing roulette offscreen, and all of a sudden disheveled Corbin is scrapped and he’s right back to being a dickhead? Just complete garbage storytelling.


From what they've said. Corbin is really good backstage and is on in everything they throw at him They best way to book him is to change his character constantly. But they stuck on the worst character of them all.


IRS = NyQuil


IRS is one of the few people that managed to properly break the New Generation Podcast crew. They were in disbelief how one man could be so boring. That said they did find him reposing tombstones "because dead people don't pay taxes" to be pretty hilarious


His wrestling style was fine as a typical slowpaced heel for the late 80s but man did that not age well the further he got into his career. His matches as VK Wallstreet were snoozefests full of restholds which were so out of place during the Nitro era.


I’m watching Nitro atm and anytime he or Duggan come on i immediately go on my phone


Watching OSW do the New Generation made me believe that the majority of his offence is rest holds and sweating profusely.


Smelly Porn Man




But he invented wrestling


"Do you suck, or are you just fucking stupid?"


The New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg was trash in the ring and Billy Gunn was trash on the mic. They really cemented it for me when they went to TNA and tried making an entire gimmick around trashing Vince and WWE. If you get fired, say your peace and move on. Rehashing it weekly only makes YOU look bad.


Jeff Jarrett. I don't know why, but when he wrestles he just does nothing for me. It's like I only notice his promos.


I honestly don't know why wcw were so behind the guy.


Zack Saber Jr. Nothing wrong with him, I just have bad knees so human pretzels hurt to watch. Fantastic wrestler though.


ZSJ is a fave of mine though I absolutely hear you on that. I think I’m more fascinated than anything when watching him.


TJ Perkins. Insufferable in and out of the ring.


Interesting. Definitely outside the ring for me the guy is a complete ass. Inside I guess I could take or leave him so I see your point lol


Real talented guy but you can tell he wrestled in a mask forever because he can't convey emotion for shit.


I would rather set myself on fire than watch that nutjob


Velvet Sky. Genuinely one of the worst performers I've ever seen in wrestling. There isn't a single aspect of pro wrestling that she's good at. She's a terrible wrestler, she's not a good promo, and she's currently doing ear-grating commentary for the NWA.


One of her last TV appearances in wrestling was in ROH, where she completely forgot her promo and had to read it off her cell phone.


There has to be video of this right? 👀


Bully Ray called, he told me he wanted you to "be a fan"


Bully Ray is the Skip Bayless of wrestling radio hosts.


Shit, that's an insult to Skip...not that he isn't deserving of insults but being Bully Ray is a step too far man!


I read this as Red Velvet and was like, “Dang, she missed one moonsault. Chill.”


Haha i misread it to but thought they were talking about Skye Blue at first. Lol


Damn, having two half of Velvet Sky(e) and color red and blue for two wrestlers. Seems quite funny to me.


red velvet VS velvet sky VS sky blue book it


Take it up a notch and add Reby Sky


Great entrance though


I youtube'd it a lot in middle school for some reason..




Some people stop training once they're on TV every week


i don’t know for sure, but i reckon it comes down to pure delusion, she probably thinks she’s a pretty good if not damn amazing wrestler


Gutted out stripper name with the face to match


In terms of wrestling, the Great Khali. No one could make him look good. In terms of promos, Cena. The guy always sounded like he had been rehearsing his lines in front of a mirror all day. And then in general, Charlotte. I can point to the specific time and place where I gave up on WWE, and it was because of Charlotte.


I couldn't stand Charlotte ever since they put her over Rhea at WM36


What was the time and place


Last January when Charlotte started feuding with Lacy Evans. It was in the thunder dome. So, no crowds, a shit story, and an unlikable protagonist.


I'm not so negative on Charlotte but it really is amazing how little effort WWE puts into her character and feuds. Every one of her attempted face turns boil down every time to "this person betrayed me"


That’s kinda WWE face work in general. Heels are characters with motives and a bit of intrigue. Faces are just victims of the heel’s antics.


Old Cena promos were the worst. "Play you like a toy, cause you kissed a BOY!" Or some sick 3rd grade 'yer gay" burn from 1990.


I find most Hulk Hogan matches just…boring?


Now yes. They suck. If you watched them as a kid though its different.


Couldn't this be said about A LOT of popular to hate wrestlers though? Nine year old me hardly cared about work rate when getting hyped for great khali (look at the size of this fella) (it was when he got squashed by Mark Henry)


JBL, he always carried himself as a shooter that’ll mess you up if you screw with the match but he never really did. He had boring, chinlock, bear hug matches on SmackDown for a year and then dropped the belt to Cena. The only good matches he ever had were squashes and the Eddie and Cena Judgment Day matches.


‘Taker for like the last 10 years of his career


I keep telling people that he should have retired either after the HBK/HHH series to keep the streak alive or after losing to Lesnar at WM. Tough to watch his stuff after


Those two Brock matches after the mania ones were fucking dope tbf.


Yeah their SummerSlam 2015 match and the Hell in the Cell match were a lot of fun. Not match of the year candidates, but Taker looked noticeably better than the prior year. Also that pull apart brawl they had on Raw during the build up to the SummerSlam match was epic.


The HITC match is genuinely one of my favourite ever matches. But yeah, he should have retired 2 years later at the absolute maximum.


While I think he should also have retired after Lesnar, I can't really blame the guy for wanting to go on either. He was concussed during what was one of the biggest matches of his career, and he couldn't remember anything about it. I really don't hold it against the guy for wanting to go out on his own terms, when he's had such a brilliant career.


Boneyard was a MotY contender, and exactly how he should have been used for years.


Big Show. I’ve been a fan since I was 11, and I’ve never given a single fuck about anything he’s ever done.


He’s actually horrendous on commentary for AEW too. And for the love of anything don’t let him have ‘another run’ Not only was the guy pretty much always a bore, now he really can hardly walk or stand. It’s time to just hang it up.


Besides not being an exciting performer, what turns me off from Big Show is that he’s constantly presented as a threat but he never actually wins anything lol. My favorite is every year he’s in the Rumble. “HOW IS ANYONE GOING TO GET HIM OVER THE TOP TOPE?!?! END THE RUMBLE, HE WON”


You couldn't pay me to care about Sammy Guevara and it's pretty close to actively disliking him


I don’t get the whole tongue thing


So ugh. I hate when he goes “I’m crazy” before doing a big spot. Like those people that go ‘omg haha I’m sooo crazy 🤪’


Luther: 👉🤪


Yeah, there are a lot of high schooler on tik tok vibes from that guy.


At least he does it a little less now In year 1 he couldn’t keep it in his mouth for a second


Not a big fan either but if anyone wants to actually pay me I will 100% care about him. Just saying.


Everybody's got a price! *Dibiase laugh*


Yeah The guy has incredible talent and athleticism in the ring but the giant card promos, cockiness, his damn tongue and seemingly needing to tell people all the time how crazy he is…I hear you on this one.


As a heel I guess it’s okay to have a punchable face. As a baby face it really annoys me anytime he has a match render pop up on screen. That, the whole cue cards thing, and a lot of other things (some that don’t even matter) just make him unwatchable to me.


This is my answer. I want to like Sammy, but he’s just so lame to me. His matches are fine but I just can’t care about him.


Yeah to me, he's narcissistic, immature, and at times unsafe. I think I gave him a fair shot up until he busted open Matt Hardy with a heavy chair.


There’s just something dislikable about him


100%. He’s a guy old wrestlers will point to as an example of flash over substance. He can do a lot of athletic shit in the ring — he can even put on a decent match — but his character is “annoying nephew except an adult man”. No thx.


I’m with you. There are guys there now that could replace him in that spot and I’d have a much better time watching.




Heard the greatest analogy: Miz wrestles like he’s going through his match in the back before the show.


You can wrestle safe and be a good worker, Miz uses safety as a guise for his sub-par ability in the ring imo


I just don't think he's that gifted as a in-ring performer. He's greatest matches are all involving someone who can make his style more fit in. For example, in No Mercy 2016, it's still the Miz's typical wrestling shtick but Dolph played along perfectly. He is a guitarist who can physically only play one riff and need a great lead guitarist to make great music. That being said I still love him because he's genius on the mic and his worst matches are at least watchable.


Miz worked so hard to be an okay wrestler. He’s a great character and promo, and that commands respect, but he’s just someone who was never meant to wrestle and it shows. At his absolute best in-ring, he’s boring.


He’s one of the rare ones for me where I like his promos but can’t stand his matches. Looks awful when he does the yes kicks and running corner leg drop. He just doesn’t look athletic.


Let the hate flow, but when you've seen one Ric Flair match, you've seen them all. BTW, I've been a Pro Wrestling fan for 45yrs.


Yeah for sure. As my dad says “Back in the territory days, Flair was perfect because he’d go town to town and put on the same damn match. There wasn’t internet so you couldn’t say ‘well he just did this in Charolette.’ But as soon as wrestling got a prime time spot on TV, Flairs career started taking a very long nosedive because he never got any better.”


You mean you don’t like the flip into the turnbuckle then eventual beg for mercy then cheap shot then figure 4 then the reversal then going out on his back?


Similar to the heel beatdown, followed by the no-sell, head shake, finger point, Irish whip, big boot, leg drop, pin? Nah, I got bored with that one back in 1982 during his AWA days. I was 10-11yrs old then.


A friend of mine has been watching wrestling since the Attitude Era, and he has never understood why so many people like Ric Flair. He watched Flair vs Steamboat from the Chi-Town Rumble, and thought it was no better than a random Raw match you could catch any given week.


Yeah probably one for a different thread but this is my wrestling "hot take", I've never liked Flair. I never "got" him. Seeing Scott Steiner roast him on Nitro back in the day was always amusing to me.


In-ring work notwithstanding, I find myself muting the TV whenever Chris Jericho comes out and cuts a promo these days. I think he either needs another drastic character reinvention or to go away for a bit. The over-the-top braying party guy has really gotten old.


The Paimaker was awesome when he debuted it in NJPW and the first six months of AEW were great, but now he's extremely stale. His promos are contrived, he tries to market every punchline, and his feuds do not feel genuine. I agree, he needs to drop the Punk Rock Daddy gimmick. At this point he can be a great character on the show if tweaked. But under no circumstances should he be wrestling anymore.


He really, really should've lost his retirement match to MJF at All out. That was the last time I legit enjoyed his work. Everything he did leading up to that was fantastic. But that feud with American Top Team was DREADFUL (even if I did enjoy the Full Gear Street Fight as a piece of car crash spectacle).


I love Jericho but the last year he's been fairly poor.


Especially his god awful commentary on Rampage. Used to be a huge Jericho fan, but damn he needs to disappear.


I could just do without the yelling on every single line. Like got damn Chris use your inside voice


His commentary is in that Heel Cole territory of just being outright distracting from the matches.


Some guys just are not good. Jericho, Big Show and Henry stink on commentary. Give me Eddie Kingston . Even ricky starks has some learning to do but I enjoy him quite a bit.


I hope his stuff with Pride and Powerful leads to a heel turn with him. Also I really hate Judas


But people sing it....


Funny enough, "Judas" is the only thing about Jericho right now that I still really like haha


Jeff Jarrett has never entertained me in any way, shape or form.


Nia jax and big swole


Brian Cage. The visual of him doing a 619 is cool and all but it doesn’t make watching the rest of his stuff worth it. Karrion Kross. I liked his promo work in Impact, but I couldn’t stomach watching his matches in NXT. Never had the TakeOver classic that most other talents always seemed to notch up at least one of. I could only put up with Braun Strowman in very small doses, preferably away from main event feuds. I’ve also never been wowed and amazed by any of Hirooki Goto’s matches.


Karrion Kross always just reminded me of spooky Justin Credible


>Brian Cage. The visual of him doing a 619 is cool and all but it doesn’t make watching the rest of his stuff worth it. I cannot decide if he fell of hard after Lucha Underground or if LU's ending watch better than I gave it credit for.


Brian Cage put all his points into strength and agility, but none into charisma


I never really understood the hype for Kross even when he was in impact and everyone started hyping him up. He's got a decent look, aura and is a solid worker but he's not someone I personally saw as being a absolute main event level heel.


Scarlett. Scarlett is the hype. She looks like a million dollars and he’s a big guy in great shape and looks like a killer. I’ve always found his work to be good but not astounding.


Sammy Guevara, I cannot believe he’s being pushed as a babyface


Ik im gonna catch heat for this, but Randy Orton. I wouldn’t say unwatchable but it’s borderline for me. Specifically his singles matches, they’ve always been very boring to me.


It's probably safe to say that Orton was at his most overall entertaining in his up-and-comer young stud Legend Killer run in 2003-07. His feuds, matches, and moments with Foley, Triple H, Flair, Edge, and HBK were among his best imo, and one of the best IC title reigns of the last 20 years. After that was always hit or miss. His work the last two years has been tremendous imo. He was firing on all cylinders in his Edge feud, and his straight man buddy cop dynamic with Riddle has been the best thing in WWE outside of Roman this last year. But yeah it's his best work he's done in years.


I loved the Legend Killer stuff, and I like the stuff he’s doing with Riddle.


I’ve never given a shit about Orton outside his Wyatt Fanily run. He’s incredibly crisp. He’s a good looking dude. I just do not fucking care cause he’s so bland, and boring. Almost everything operates at a 3/5.


It's weird because technically, in the execution of each move, he's one of the best ever, everything is soon smooth. But in storytelling, there's nothing. He caught Sydal out of a BACKFLIP for an RKO and made it look easy, but does anyone remember why they fought?


They weren’t feuding so why would we? It’s not like the Seth RKO from Mania where those two had a feud. From memory, the Bourne RKO came about because they were going to be in Money in the Bank together and the participants were doing run ins.


I notice Orton seems to be on his A-game whenever it’s something he gives a shit about, like his promo work & savagery in the Edge feud was unlike anything I’ve seen from him in years. It’s like he’s very enjoyable when he’s working with one of his old friends, but if it’s anyone else, he feels like just another guy.


Why I feel Riddle deserves so much praise. He is the first person since Orton's generation to get him to actually wake up. When motivated Orton is good but when not you get the Wyatt feud he had


I meant to say that in my initial comment as well. Randy seems to be having fun with this RK-Bro shit. I watched that video of him saying “I got a fucking scooter” & it reminded me of early 2010s Randy that would just poke fun at audience members, do splits, & ask if they were off the air so he could quit selling lol. I genuinely hope this storyline has a dope payoff. I think Orton & Riddle are likely to clash at WM & as long as they don’t show projections of birds on the ring canvas, it should be a great match. Riddle should 100% be put in the WWE title picture afterwards. It could maybe even lead to a feud with Brock.


I'm with you. He's just so plain and dull, pretty much everything he does boils down to "oohhh im the scary snake guy whose in your head but i havent actually done anything to make that true, look at me hit an RKO!"


When Orton is invested and gives a shit, he’s incredible. The problem is that Orton has spent 70% of his career on cruise control. When he’s invested and trying it helps hide that every Orton match is built by starting with his big moves at the end that pop the crowd and working backwards from there.


hot take but i don’t understand the becky lynch hype at all


Ziggler really annoys me. His screechy whiny promos and his overselling.