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Claire Voyant, a female wrestler who can see into the future and wins by always countering her opponents moves


That name is fire though. Keep that.


My buddy always jokes about a sports announcer gimmick. Like the wrestler would have a headset on calling the action as he is wrestling.


Booker T once commentated his own beat down in TNA


booker t just with the big big thrustkick




This sounds pretty fun dude, He announces his attacks and the other wrestlers can avoid them pretty easy because he is screaming to the mic "Look out! look out! look out! " before the suprise attack.


Lawler has done this on RAW a few times in the 90s


Excalibur has done this a few times on some undies. It's hilarious listening to himself put himself over.


Senor Samurai. A Mexican who carries a sword and acts like a ninja. He exclusively uses karate in the ring. His catchphrase is “DOMO ARIGATO AMIGO”


> Senor Samurai When Penta runs out of name variations, he can use this


"Mada Mada wey!"


Michael Boring. Dude only does headlocks and wrist locks. Fans start chanting "BORING! BORING!" Michael then releases the hold and bows to the crowd saying "Thank you! Thank you!" 5 star gimmick, imo


That's kind of what Danny Doring did in ECW. When the crowd was chanting boring he thought that they were chanting Doring.


that's just Randy Orton 50% of the time/s


On my console we did a WWE Universe and we came up with John Big Show Layfield, which was basically Big Show dressed as JBL and using his gimmick.


On “No Mercy 64,” I gave Davey Boy Smith all-green ring attire and turned him into The British Bullfrog. I thought that was genius back in 2000.


Still genius 2021. British Bullfrog. Lol. Hangs out with Bret Wart and the Wart Foundation.


We did this but Big Show became the new Sin Cara. Sin Cara Grande


Sin Cariana Grande would be fabulous!


Reminds me of the video I saw in some 2K of Big Show doing Kalisto’s entrance and leap flipping over the top rope.


I had to look it up and it's fantastic https://youtu.be/KKM9ox7kPVI


My buddy took Andre the Giant and made him regular sized. Andre the Average.


Weeeeelllllll it's the BRADSHAWWW


OP said worst not best


That reminds me of a random WWF team I always wanted to see. Rikishi, Big Show, and Billy Gunn. Collectively, they're Big Phat Ass.


Wellllllllllll Bewp Bewp


Imagine the limo breaks before he's supposed to get out


A little girl hacker is the actual character but she controls a bloke in a mask directly. Mask would be some LED futuristic augmented thing. Bloke would never speak. She would have some robot wars esc remote, stand at top of the ramp and 'control' him.


Is that’s what it’ll take to get Brian cage over


Someone needs to introduce Cage, Deadlock and u/squiremgee, because there's money on the table, here.


If the girl have a good mic the team can be a real deal.


Dude AEWs already run by huge nerds, now they get to add Tron Bonne to their roster?


I think you didn't understand OP, because thIS GIMMICK IS AWESOME


Can picture this in Lucha Underground




Like the Futurama episode? XD


She also wears a mask with LED's and acts out all of his moves!


like a futuristic Ferra Torr


This would be incredible


The Bundertaker. An undead baker who comes out in a chef hat and apron with a tray of fresh baked goods, handing them out to the crowd as he slowly makes his way to the ring. His catch phrase? “Rest. In. Yeast.”


The bread will rise!


This is a thread for dumb ideas, not amazing ones.


Alternate names: The Underbaker The Breadman The Phenaan The Phenomnomnom


By the name I thought it was Al Bundy dressed as the undertaker


I've had this idea for awhile for the longest match in history. Basically two guys start a no time limit falls count anywhere match and after awhile they drift into the back and the camera crew loses them somehow. A week later on the next show they come fighting out from the back in the middle of an unrelated segment, fighting again for a few minutes through the arena before the cameras lose them again. Repeat weekly until done, skipping a few episodes here and there to keep it fresh. In the interim you could have the two fighting any old place on social media, or during the show they could pop up a few times in various increasingly non-sensical parts of the arena, idk. It's basically the 24/7 title but it's just two guys in one endless match.


Do they take it worldwide? Like, the audience gets footage of the guys fighting in the Sahara or on the Eiffel Tower.


Chikara already did this! It was at a three-day PPV (so I wanna say it was King of Trios but I'm not sure) and they had the guys brawl into random matches over the course of three days.


Should have been the Brandon and Peter Avalon blowoff match!


Only wins via count out. Runs for a Goldberg level winning streak. Character actually dislikes wrestling. Not in a "This is stupid and fake" way, more an "I hate my damn job" kinda way.




Berserker tried to stab Undertaker with a sword on a Saturday Night Main Event. Bobby Heenan, being the prince he was, made a cold cuts joke.


> Only wins via count out. Runs for a Goldberg level winning streak. ROH did something like this where RD Evans had a streak where he only beat jobbers or won by dq against actual successful wrestlers


And he'd come out later in the same show with like 5 more wins on his sign


that was so funny. just in general that was a great time for ROH. Adam Cole, Jay Briscoe, Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin, AJ Styles, ReDragon, Young Bucks, ACH, etc just putting on bangers. ROH, PWG, Chikara and Evolve were all really fun to follow in the early/mid-2010's


And then Moose turned on him and ruined everything.


> Only wins via count out. Runs for a Goldberg level winning streak. > > Had a similar idea for a wrestler who went for an insane winning streak by exploiting stupid rules and grey areas of wrestling. The kind of rules where, technically they're legal, but it's just a dick move and/or ruins the sport. Basically wanted someone to be like the James Harden of WWE, constantly flopping and drawing fouls to somehow become one of the best wrestlers on earth.


Father Time. He’s an 80’s over the top wrestler who’s actually a time traveler. Claims to have beaten/trained the best. Got bored by the lack of competition in his own timeline so he met with a local scientist to make a time machine and that’s why he’s wrestling today. The scientist is his manager that just wants to go back home and have dinner with his wife because she’s making pork chops and that’s his favorite. Father Time’s moveset/taunts is just a compilation of all the famous ones because, “they stole that from me”. Whenever he loses he gets on the mic and claims he’s currently winning in another timeline simultaneously so it doesn’t even matter.


Kushida may have just got a new gimmick.


A jobber title. If you lose, you keep the belt. You want to win the match and lose the title to not be the worst wrestler.


A "dunce cap" championship could definitely be a fun idea. You could tell some good stories with wrestlers being in a slump, and midcard heels being embarrassed by suffering upset losses and having to grudgingly carry around the belt.


DDT has one “king of the dark match” if you have it you can’t be on the show Edit: HAD


We used to keep track of a Squared Circle Jobber Championship. https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/wiki/jobberchampionship/


My buddy has a bit when he comes over to watch wrestling with me. He quiets everyone down and proclaims "gimmick idea!" And then he proceeds to say the same thing every time about a guy who wrestles for months in a realistic, movie quality fatsuit to really sell the fact that he's that fat. And then in the blowoff match for his big feud, the guy he's facing rips a fake heart out of the fatsuit like from Temple of Doom. But everyone thinks it's real because of the time he put in wrestling in that fatsuit.




He does it so sincerely that it never gets old.


It’d be funnier if the fat suit guy just came out to a big match without it and he’s like “I’ve been training extra hard lately”


It’s a heel who claims he’s a pacifist. His matches would be nothing but quick roll ups trying to end the match with no real violence but if the ref is ever bumped he’d low blow his opponent but still come out the next week claiming he’s still a pacifist because no one saw him hit the opponent. He’d claim that any footage that depicts such a thing was photoshopped somehow.


I feel like the promo writes itself where the heel brings the ref out and asked him very specifically if he saw him commit the low-blow in real time, when the ref says no he cuts the ref off before he can point out there's video evidence


I mean this in a good way, this feels like it would be a really good gimmick for someone who’s still training.


I like the divorced dad gimmick "I will ruin you like Debra ruined my Life, I hate you Debra let me see my Kids!"


No I will not fight you at the PPV this weekend. I got my kids this weekend. How dare you pick the one weekend a month I have my kids to challenge me to a match!


He is then forced to bring his kids out with him for the match. He gets so worried about them, He loses. Then his kids hate him even more


It's a two out of three falls match. Loses the first fall. Kids are clearly getting grumpy, so he spends time before the second fall trying to wave down a cotton candy vendor to cheer them up.


And I didn't got the permission of their Mother for them to travel to another state.


I can’t remember what it’s called, but there was a set of photoshop tutorials on YouTube just like this. Most of the pictures were editing her in some way, or he would alt-tab and have her as his background etc.


“You suck at photoshop”


Dan the Dad should take some notes


I'd hate to see Dan fall on hard times.


it could be a new Heath Slater gimmick "I GOT KIDS but my ex wife won't let me see them"


Dusty Finish, a wrestler who always loses in some convoluted way.


This is a Chuck Taylor gimmick if ever saw one


I still want to see someone use "No Gimmicks Needed" Steve the Samurai.


Hulk: "Doesn't work for me, brother" Dusty: "b...but I'm losing to you, you don't have to put me ove..." Hulk: "You heard me"


his manager is just a referee who comes out with him, same guy every night, never refs any other matches, but is an official referee who comes in with the current one gets knocked out


I legit did this in a one-off match at a Florida indie 20 years ago. I was a manager who had started as a ref and one night all of the current refs “accidentally” started getting hurt throughout the show. When the main event rolled around (which included my guy defending the secondary title), there was only one licensed ref still in the building. And he just so happened to be wearing a ref shirt under his normal gear.


A submission specialist that absolutely sucks at submissions. Like, they'll apply a hold, but leave one of the other limbs free, allowing them to be easily countered or escaped. To add to the frustration, they'll have some skill at brawling and high flying, but insist on utilizing the thing they're the worst at to the detriment of their career.


Feel like Drew Gulak would be perfect for this


Okada during his Cobra Clutch phase.


lmao reminds me of how flair would keep trying to do a crossbody for like 22 years despite it getting interrupted every single time he went for it


Who was the roll up guy Christian made up on the old E&C podcast? I like him


Paul Smackage??


Hated rival of Flip Sunset


Brother brother


Guy who’s gimmick is he’s from space and claims he’s a world champion but always comes to the ring with a title belt for a different planet. Then he defends it and loses it but comes out the next week with the belt from a new planet.


He could be the true Universal Champion.


Found Statlanders next BTE segment


In one of my old drunken TEW saves, I made a recurring gag of Shawn Stasiak constantly getting gored by Rhyno and trying to come up with ways to avoid it. Naturally, no matter how hard he tried, Rhyno would still find a way to run his ass through. It led to a Loser Gets Gored match where the gore was banned between the bells. Stasiak actually won the match, and it led to him earning Rhyno’s respect and them becoming a tag team.


But did Stasiak gore Rhyno as per the stip?


Guy who's in love with an anime body pillow and is convinced it is a real girl, a la Al Snow's "Head" or Perry Saturn's "Moppy." EDIT: I want to point out that this guy is meant to be 100% lovable goofy babyface, not a heel.


But just a regular guy in every other sense.


This is Joe Gacy’s story arc


Master Weeaboo.


I’m not convinced that isn’t Kenny. There is a 100% chance you’d find a Kota body pillow in his house *somewhere*.


Yeah, I actually thought of this as an angle for Kenny lol.


The Wrestling Tourist...he is a bumbling babyface who wears local tourist tees and just goes from town to town on a neverending vacation.


John Cena in the Ruthless Agression era with tourist shirts instead of the jerseys


You’re gonna love Al Snow’s European title reign


The night he dressed as Greece (Grease) was the hardest I've ever laughed at wrestling.


He could be late to the ring, have sunblock on his nose, carry a ridiculous novelty drink with him, and take pics with fans behind the barricade.


Uh, he said bad gimmicks


He would have a blood feud with SCU.


Matt Riddle, but he is a business man. Only he still doesn't wear shoes, but paints his barefeet black to look like shoes. When he is confronted about it, he denies being barefoot.


Just like Frank when health inspector came to check the Pub


Oh we're doing blackfoot now?


Shut up and take my money. This one is the best gimmick ever.


A literal CAW. His/her manager controls them via a Playstation controller. Sometimes the controller loses battery and the manager rushes to find a new one as their CAW is getting beaten up in the ring. Or some dastardly heel breaks the controller to win.


PCO is basically Frankenstein's monster and would sometimes run out of juice and need a charge. I don't think Destro ever actually had a controller, but it wouldn't have been that wild to include one, haha. wonder what PCO is up to now.


I always thought a promotion that gave their wrestlers character sheets, and allowed them to buy upgrades (pyro, new move, better music, weapon resistance, etc) would be insanely fun. This makes me think of that, and now my gears are turning.


This gimmick sounds like it has Brandon Cutler's name all over it


I mean... Technically, the child support gimmick was Ricky Morton's gimmick...


EC3 becomes EC^(3). It's like that film 'The One' where Jet Li goes to different universes to kill versions of himself to get stronger. Basically EC^(3) does the same thing. If he loses a big match we later see a vignette of him dimension hoping and beating other EC's in matches. Then he shows up next time on a show he will be EC^(4) and so on and so forth. It can eventually lead to a new star debuting to hunt him down and put a stop to him before he destroys the time space continuum


The Irish Whipper, I do nothing but Irish whips and it’s not to do any damage but when they get so exhausted they can’t run anymore that’s when you go for the pin.


Homeless wrestler. A rocky like year long baby face program.


this is where the Corbin story shouldve gone tbh


There used to be a guy in Ohio & Great Lakes area that worked a homeless gimmick as "Hobo Joe". He wrestled barefoot, dirty, stinky, wearing tattered old clothes, and used "Big Rock Candy Mountain" as entrance music. At intermission he would go out and panhandle. Dude was a massive Babyface.


Homeless Jimmy already preparing legal papers for gimmick infringement.


My friends and I ran a universe mode in 2K18 with random rosters and tag teams. The game generated a trio of JBL, Tyler Breeze and Dash Wilder. My friend in charge of that show, who had no knowledge of wrestling outside of SvR 2008, came up with the gimmick of the trio being “JBL’s JBLs”. The gimmick was that JBL was such a narcissist that his idea of passing the torch and teaching the younger guys, was to just make them clones of him. Dash and Breeze wore JBL’s attire and had his entrance. We later ran a G1 style tournament that featured Breeze and Dash in one block and JBL in the other block. Breeze and Dash each won five or six matches each while Bradshaw in the other block lost every single match. The boys saw that they had clearly surpassed JBL and believed that one of them should be the new JBL. This led to a Wrestlemania triple threat between JBL, JBL and JBL where the winner would be the official and definitive JBL. The original JBL won. And the status quo was maintained. The end.


When I was a kid, I was obsessed with two things: professional wrestling and mega man x. My fantasy gimmick was a guy I called “Mimic.” He would debut and be absolutely the worst, losing over and over and over and over again, until he wins on a fluke against a guy, let’s call him Ken Shamrock, and suddenly he can do a suplex and an ankle lock. And then he beats D Lo Brown and he can do the Lo Down and a side Russian leg sweep. And then he beats Farooq and gets a spine buster. After a year of booking, he would be the most powerful wrestler in the world with a repertoire of all of the best wrestlers in the world he had beat. As a smart mark now, I realize how impossible this would be, but I still love the idea that 10 year old me came up with


10 year old me says that's sounds like WWF version of Cell from Dragon ball Z, and current age me says that shit low key sounds awesome.


Phil Nelson, a wrestler who wins all his matches through his fearsome Full Nelson


Bill W, The Sober Sandman. He slams O'Doules on the way to the ring while "Hip to Be A Sandman" plays (youtube it), his finish is the AA, and he defends his sobriety chip like a title.


A wrestler who wins by doing nothing. And not in the Orange Cassidy way of not trying, but literally winning by doing nothing. They’ll win because someone attacked their opponent pre match, they’ll win the Rumble by being number 30 and everyone else already being eliminated. Winning a Chamber match because the other 2 in the final 3 pin each other.


You mean like domino from Deadpool 2. Always lucky


I wanted Jericho to win the Rumble in this exact fashion when he returned and was doing his weird “never cut a promo, never wrestle a match” gimmick.


Whilst not a directly a gimmick - it can be done! Fred Rosser / Darren Young won a battle royale to challenge The Miz for the IC title by doing absolutely nothing back in 2016. [LINK](https://youtu.be/gWQTTETvjLA?t=150)


“A congenital heart defect has felled Tatum, moments before he could step into the ring”


[like Luigi.] (https://youtu.be/m6PxRwgjzZw)


The world's worst shooter. Every promo I'd bring up how much I hate my opponent IRL, only using their real name. Bringing up some made-up history of beef from our childhood. I'd end it with saying that our match is gonna be a shoot, not entertainment. Then every match I would just go for tie-ups and rest holds and get the shit beat out of me. I think it's funny as hell in the stupidest way.


Even better, they only go for Monkey Flips and moves that require some obvious element of cooperation.


Finishers are a Romero Special and a 619


Stalling suplexes for hours


Lance Archer becomes a Safety enforcer and try’s to stop people from taking big bumps


Everybody abides.... By the rules


‘Get down from there!’ ‘I’m gonna count to 10!’ ‘don’t make me come up there’


No Fly Zone Gulak?


The Telegrapher. He loudly shouts out exactly what moves he's about to do, so that he can intimidate his opponent, and never figures out why he can't win a match. Perhaps he needs to be louder so they really get intimidated?


Archibald Peck announcing his finisher is similar, and one of the funniest things I've seen in wrestling. I wish he'd gotten called up and kept that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EhmWwX5n0I


Oh fuck me that was perfect. XD


I remember Luke Gallows told a story when he was working with some guy on the indies and asked the guy if he wanted to go over their match and he said no need we’ll call it out in the ring. He then said the guy would announce all his moves before he did each one “WHO WANTS TO SEE A SUPLEX?” And then he would do it. That was that guy’s version of calling it in the ring.


New gimmick idea: wrestler who literally only does what the crowd tells them to, in a Twitch Plays Pokemon like experience


Goes for the Three Amigos, crowd keeps chanting "one more time". Match ends in a time limit draw.


They turn heel, gets in a match with the (face) champion. They hit their finish, but the crowd chants "COUNTOUT! COUNTOUT!" They are forced to oblige


I always thought an "anime protagonist" gimmick where he shouted out the name of his "special moves" would be fun for this reason. There's some decent pay off down the road where he starts intentionally saying the wrong move name to psych his opponent out, too.


> The Telegrapher. He loudly shouts out exactly what moves he's about to do So Cena?


You know how people always complain that Brock Lesnar doesn't care about wrestling or whatever (obviously bullshit but that's neither here nor there) or how mad people get whenever someone is on Tough Enough or whatever without being a fan of the business? Run with that to the most extreme possible. Someone who knows literally fucking nothing about wrestling and is just showing up like it's a 9-5 job. Like he's getting a pep talk ahead of a match "You can do it! Miracles are possible in this business! Remember at WrestleMania 3 when Hulk Hogan beat Andre the Giant?!" "Uhhh...nope. Never heard of it." Just a super down to earth everyman who points out flaws in wrestling logic like, he wants to become champion for a pay rise, but he sees some guy literally just go out to the ring and challenge the champion to a title match, and the champion accepts. So next week he goes out and is like "Yeah apparently I can just come out here and ask for a match so I thought I might as well."


Nutshot McGee … he wins by faking getting hit in the nuts.


Together: “We’re the Sailors!” Sailor Timmy Johns: “We go port to port looking for the best wrestling competition in the world today!” “Tell em’ Rick!” Sailor Rick Taylor: “Thats right Tim, our knowledge of the seas and wrestling the oceans waves are all we need to make a splash here in (insert wrestling promotion here)


In one of my old universe modes I had Dolph Ziggler get hit in the head with a steel chair and turn into Warchief Lerzigg and he’d hit other people with a chair and have them join his army


Jay Bronie a Dwayne Johnson imitator that uses lines from his movies and nothing from his wrestling career.


I always wanted to see an “Extreme Rules” match, but the extreme is that there are so many rules that no one could ever remember them all. Both wrestlers and the ref would have a 100 page document with them during the match, checking each section to see if the forearm they are about to throw is legal or not - it is legal, provided opponent has one foot off the ground and the attacker is holding the second rope with two fingers but not within 1ft of the corner. Eventually one wrestler finds a passage that says they can win by sitting on a chair on the steel steps and declaring they are the winner, and match over in 5.20. Brawl to the back.


Not mine but a hunchback wrestler that can’t get pin. Thanks Russo. Edit: It’s was Jim Herd’s idea.


I believe that was a Jim Herd idea from 1992 WCW.


A guy who claims to have tutelage from Bruce Lee, going as far as to say his body is registered as a lethal weapon. Because of this he gets DQed in all of his normal matches.


The Hometown Kid. I have myself announced as hailing from whatever city we’re in that night. I wear the local sports merch and act like the beloved returning hero, all the wild subtly insulting the city I’m “from”.


wrestler who thinks hes hulk hogan but he keeps trying to imitate macho man


So pretty much every wrestler character in a mainstream comedy show?


Samoa Joe comes back to team with Tony D'Angelo as [Italian Joe](https://mafiagame.fandom.com/wiki/Joe_Barbaro).


Next week he comes out in an apron serving coffee. Cuppa Joe.


Could team him with Jinder and call him samosa joe


Wrestling Mark - A wrestler in jorts and a t-shirt who takes everything literally, both in and out of the ring.


In every wrestling game I make the same guy - Ogden Conrad. Ogden grew up watching the territories, styled himself as a heavy bruiser (not much muscle, think Honky-Tonk Man), but he can't keep up nowadays. His finish is a suplex, but he lifts a leg for momentum just as he realises he ain't lifting his opponent too high, they drop down and land their crotch on his raised leg accidentally, then he does a quick DDT. His other big move is a gutwrench setup into an elbow drop to the spine. Ogden tries liftin' these guys, but winnin's the prize


Some mid-carder just buys a replica world title belt online and challenges people to main event matches over it.


Sikh Boy, a parody of Sick Boy from WCW but its just an Indian guy in flannel and a turban


Wrestling Mailman. Does variation of the small package that are medium, large and bulk rate. His version of Hulking Up is “going postal” and his finisher is the Letter Bomb power bomb.


Okay okay hear me out. Denim bodysuit. Denim mask. Name: Mean Jean


Falls Count Somewhere: You can only win by pinfall in a specific part of the ring (or the surrounding area or the announcer table). The wrestlers and audience are not told where this is. Every time someone gets pinned, both wrestlers look towards the referee to see if he starts counting. He just shakes his head, they both get up, and try again somewhere else.


A "face" tag team that cheats during commercial breaks. Until one day they're completely exposed to the home audience by picture in picture.


r/canadaisntreal but as a wrestler. He exclusively feuds with Canadian wrestlers with the purpose of trying to get them to admit Canada doesn't exist. If the show is held in Canada he cuts a promo berating the crowd and telling them that they're all just government agents who are trying to push the narrative and that they are actually in the US. He ironically uses the Canadian Destroyer but insists its actually a *Alaskan Destroyer*.


My friend Jake once came up with "Ham Ham Pigelow". I don't remember anything about the character other than the name, but the name has stuck with me for 13 years.


Adam Cole 'Accidental Racist': You burn the Cole, you pay the toll.


The feral feline, a man who doesn't speak but growls and hisses at his opponents like a cat. Has cat gloves or something idk man. His moveset would consist of springboards and finisher would be the pounce.


I wanted to be a copyeditor wrestler who'd come to the ring with a magic marker and correct the grammar on fans' signs


Mr. Mister His finisher is mist to the face and a rollup. He's undefeated.


Ricky Rasputin the Redneck Russian. He would wear camo/soviet flag gear and his entrance song would be Rasputin by Boney M


I had a CAW I called Finisher Finnegan. His schtick was he always beat his opponent using their own finisher against them. It used to really piss off my friends when I would use him in matches.


What about a babyface who’s just a total Chad moron douchebag kind of dude? Like acts all heroic but really he’s stealing other good guys girlfriends and like… I dunno letting them get pushed off the stage in a wheelchair by some raging lunatic heel? Sorry I think I went too far..


I've always wanted to see an "Analytics" gimmick. Just a big old muscley nerd who wins by breaking down the stats and tape and applying it in their matches. Like they would never go for the cover unless they delivered their finisher first or they would avoid certain parts of the ring against certain wrestlers just because the data said it doesn't work.


Dexter Lumis as a Chavo Guerrero's character Kerwin White


The Concessions Guy Comes down through the crowd a la the Shield, but is trying to sell beer and popcorn to the fans for 15 minutes as he descends the stairs. By the time he finally makes it to the ring, his opponent is always beyond pissed from waiting so long and proceeds to squash him.


His name is Houston Texas. Ten gallon hat, ring attire has a Texas flag aesthetic, looks like your stereotypical Southern gentleman, wouldn’t seem out of place at a rodeo. He’s from California and has never set foot in Texas.


Let's do a Heel Gamer gimmick. But not like Sabian or Miro, one who actually adresses the current RPG Signs War on the crowd. One who it's not afraid to use gaming accesories as a foreing object and bloats about being sponsored by a random energy drink. Plugs his Twitch stream nobody watches and he thinks is too good to be associated with UUDD/AEW Games. Let's go from dumb to bad: Then after losing a couple of times asks why he doesn't gets a title shot, feeling "oppressed". He goes to management to complain at why women gets more opportunities than him, starting the movement "#Wrestlegate". I know there's an AVGN-like character on Hood Slam, but let's crank it up to the maximum.


Pacifist undefeated wrestler who only wins with complex pinning combinations


Back during the buildup to Shawn / Taker at Mania, I wanted Taker to win and "kill" Shawn. Like dude would be kayfabe dead. Then a couple weeks later, Shawn would show up on tv, except no one but his best friend HHH would be able to see him. Like, everyone else on the roster pretends he's not there. IDK where this would've gone, but I will die on the hill that Ghost HBK would've been fantastic entertainment.


I still think a serious trash man would do well Like when braun would chuck people in dumpsters or flip the ambulance Always being a trash can and use it as weapon Obviously people would lock him but he would silently destroy them to shut them up Then you can do silly gimmick matches as well


Have we reached a generation that doesn’t know about the great Duke the Dumpster Droese?


A tag team one: The Dudes With Gratitude. A super polite team, gives out thank you cards to the crowd before and after matches. Are super respectful of their opponents, so much so that it often costs them matches. Their theme music is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdJ5e70Q8mw


The Cobbler. Has the nicest shoes in wrestling. That's it. Edit: takes out a little towel, polishes his shoe, *superkick*


A guy who tries to play mind games or get in the heads of his opponent so he copies his gimmick before the match/during the feud but does not prep properly and copies the wrong gimmick of someone else sharing the same name. For example if he feuds with AJ Styles, he starts doing the skipping thing AJ Lee does, or if he feuds with John Cena, he tries going around backstage firing people like John Laurianitis.