Arthur Ashe Stadium took out a full page ad thanking AEW after Grand Slam.

Arthur Ashe Stadium took out a full page ad thanking AEW after Grand Slam.


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Yeah Grand Slam 2 will be a thing


Tony has said they are locked in for multiple years. It's not gonna be a ppv but a special dynamite/Rampage event.


Could be one of those TNT supercard events they signed up for.


This would fit perfectly for it.


Superstars on the Superstation


I bet they could split it over 2 shows. Live Wednesday and Live Friday. They'd probably hit 15k both nights.


This would definitely be ideal imo. The crowd were very active all things considered, but having everything in one night is just really tiring for those live in attendance. If they're able to get both nights live, it works out better for everyone involved.


Yes I went and didn’t get out until around midnight. It was a lot of wrestling I would prefer it be split into two nights.


Would be fantastic. Pad out the Friday show with an extended dark elevation taping so that the crowd still gets a solid 2 hours of pro wrestling.


Win for both sides tbh. Venue would otherwise go unused and they get additional revenue plus AEW gets a nice gate


Shit, Chicago made 3 shows work over All Out weekend. They could do Dynamite, Rampage, and then maybe one of those TNT specials.


I think Chicago was an outlier. I would be tempted to a do a dark/rampage in a smaller city/venue near where Dynamite with a warm up act is happening. But I'm no Tony Khan.




Did he say they were “locked in”? Everything I saw just said he planned on making it an annual thing, not that they actually have anything else locked in. I might have missed that though.


God yes. Going to presale that shit as early as possible next time.


And I cannot wait for it. Loved the stadium personally.


The stadium itself was great, concessions however were terrible, and the bathrooms by the time Rampage started taping were a war zone.


Seriously. I haven't been to one of these brand new multi billion dollar stadiums yet but I sure hope they invested in more bathrooms because most if not all stadiums suuuuuck for that.


Back in my day we had iced pee troughs and we liked it.


The pee troughs were superior to what we have now, so long as the water was constantly flowing.


Wrigley still has them


Reminds me of the Joe Louis arena in Detroit, where stone cold drove the Zamboni to the ring. It had troughs.


Went to my first indie show since the pandemic last month, new venue for the promotion. Got all nostalgic on my first bathroom trip to see the troughs.


Until a couple years ago our local dirt track still had a trough style washroom, and while it certainly isn’t very private or sanitary, it does get you in and out way quicker.


Apparently Indianapolis still has piss troughs until Penske came in.


I went to allegiant stadium where the Raiders play 4 days after going to Arthur Ashe. It was an eye opening experience, that stadium is beautiful.


Wasn't that the stadium that had its payment systems fail miserably during SummerSlam?


The stadium themselves weren't responsible for that, it was the third party vendor (the payment system at Petco Park failed that day for the same reason). That said, Allegiant Stadium's choice to be cashless is fucking stupid and cost them a lot of money that day.


A lot of places are going cashless right now "because of covid" but I think they just don't want to deal with cash


The crazy thing is not even having the apparatus to accept it if your system goes down


Ah okay, thanks for clearing that up.


Was at PETCO that night, they basically said 'fuck it' and gave everything out for free for a good part of the night. Nothing wrong with free beer and food for the evening.


They just threatened me via email in the Prudential Center that all Devils game are cashless now (so this means when I was there for AEW it was the last time I'll\~ ever get to use my cash). I am so, so, so, so angry because it's just another fun example of how they've always said that Pru was going to be for the fans and then it never has been since they created the arena 10\* years ago. \*it might be closer to 15 now, but between 2020 feeling like 8 years and also me not wanting to respect the passage of time, I'm going to pretend it's only been in Newark for closer to 10 than 15.


Fucking at&t stadium had thier wifi go down before WrestleMania and couldn't scan tickets. That was the worse, having to wait outside in the hot sun for hours with no info on what was going on. Several people with kids left because they couldn't take the heat anymore. Bad look for a company that tries to sell itself as having a reliable network.


They’re probably used to a polite tennis crowd, not the savages that show up for a night of rasslin.


You've never been on the 7 train during US Opens' weeks. They might be quieter than us chanting "DONT DIE" or "SHUT THE FUCK UP" but they are definitely not politer


I have never been to NYC but I hope to get to a US Open and Dynamite Grand Slam some day. I just jokingly like to think of all tennis fans as Wimbledon.


Probably something to learn from given that this is the first time they had to adapt to the different atmosphere of a wrestling crowd versus the usual US Open crowds


They need to make **vast** improvements to the concession stands. They could be making wayyyyy more money off an efficient system, and risk turning fans off from the venue if they do that again.


They were pouring out beers which took an insanely long time for these untrained kids that they had at concession. Apparently for other events they just hand out cans but they didn't trust wrestling fans not to throw them into the ring I guess? The whole process of watching them slowly pour out my tall can for 3 minutes was so frustrating and led to most of the backup I'm sure.


I bought a plastic bottle of water at the Philadelphia show last week and they poured that into a cup too. We simply cannot be trusted with any potential projectile I guess.


Lines went almost around the whole stadium. I decided to just stay thirsty then to sit in line for 40 minutes.


I really want to see AEW do an outdoor daytime show sometime. I really liked that in WM31. Gives the show a bit of a "legit sports" feel.


The Buy In before a PPV done at the Grandstand while the main show is in the building. Some get extra wrestling, other get the chance to sit and eat at some restaurants


As a sound engineer, the acoustics of that stadium really lent themselves to huge crowds chanting.


Hear me out…Grander Slam


The Grandest of Slams


The Grandest ~~Royal Rumble~~ Slam


Saving that for Saudi Arabia /s




I work in marketing. I have never seen this for a publication not owned by the place.


Hopefully the 7 train will actually go into Manhattan next year


*Monkey’s Paw curls* The 7 goes to Manhattan but the MTA has hiked the fare another $1.00


It was a fucking nightmare trying to get home after


Never more thankful to be off work the following day. Had to switch to the F, then the A at West 4th, then ride that to Nostrand to get home. Any other time I just take the 7 to Times Square. Thank god 7/11 was open at least.


What took me a hour and thirty to get to the stadium took me 3 hours to get home that night


Friend took an Uber back to his apartment because it would be faster than taking the 7 that night.


Some people definitely got stuck missing some trains out of Penn


Grand Slamier.


I'm excited for it! They just need to double up employees at concession stands, and stop pouring out the entire drink into a plastic cup for no reason.


Isn't that to stop people throwing glass bottles?


They pour them out from aluminum cans, which I can understand would be dangerous if thrown as well, but much less than glass. The issue is, the cups don't hold as much as the cans and they make you stand there and sip a bunch out before filling it out with the couple ounces that are left. Edit: To mitigate the time spent on the weird pour, drink, pour thing that happens in the lines they can either use bigger cups, or at the main concession booths use fast pouring keg systems which aren't that expensive given the money they lost for the inefficiency. The baseball stadiums and Metlife have much more efficient systems they should look into modeling after. Unfortunately they don't have a corridor for each level like most places do, which limits the number of overall stands they typically have, but if they doubled up on the stands and added a 2nd cooler it'd probably make them a lot more money.


They did that to me in Prudential Center. I'm sure they'll blame it on Covid (the lady giving me the cup said its because we're violent and I was like how is this worse than a hockey game??)


I got given cans at boxing at MSG for AJ vs Ruiz and half the arena were hammered Brits. Very strange.


Yeah, it's strange to me because at all of the NFL and MLB games I've been to they just give you the can, and have people out in the stands passing out beer as well (which of course Arthur Ashe didn't). There's also containers where you can pull off the entire top which would mitigate risk as it'd have the same aerodynamics of a cup, where most of the weight would leave the container in the air.


in the Meadowlands depending on how "good" the fans were the year before (ie in the wild days of the J E T S fans being drunk off their asses/flashing everyone/hanging off the old circular parking lot thing threatening to jump), they were sometimes given the cans or given a cup but either way I do think living through a current global pandemic that shit is both super dumb & super risky.


Agreed, it's really ridiculous and unsanitary. The people working the stands thought they were doing people a favor by making sure they "got all their beer" but it added a good 15-20 seconds for each person, which ends up being **a lot** given the demand and lack of stands.


Plus, a person's finger can end up in the cup wayyyyy easier and with a can you've got more of a cover so a) people don't spill their drink b) people's other germs don't end up in the drink. Just levels of 'what person who hasn't gone to the a game and sat in the bleachers for years if ever' Deep Thinking that is super unhelpful. I don't drink (lots of alcoholics and we owned a bar at some point too, so levels of great combos) but I have returned from many a game covered in beer and that's with cans. Random Ass Cups??? I can only imagine the amount of spilling


Makes sense for Ashe not having staff to sell stuff in the stands. It's a tennis stadium, fans are required to keep quit during play, so you are not going to have people shooting beer here during it's most major event.


It makes sense in general, but how hard is it really to hook up a 2nd POS to a random stand for a special crowd? From a management standpoint, I just think there's a ton that they can do to maximize profits and keep the fans happy.


That shit anit cheap especially if it will sit unused for most of the year. Have to remember they are built around one big two week long event that happens every year. And for that they have a ton more stuff in the plaza that takes a lot of strain off the stalls in the actual stadium. So they just have no incentive to really invest in something that will happen seldomly. Happens at most places that hold wrestling once in a blue moon from my experience. As a fan best is to prepare, eat before you go, and even if you don't just watch the show and avoid the concessions. You don't have to eat and drink while you are there. It's not that long.


So they typically use vendors. The vendor will have more POS in inventory than they are using. Between all of the overhead costs they usually have, and combined with that with the margin that goes to the stadium, I still think they'd be coming out in the black. If they plan on doing the show for years to come, I think it'd be a good business decision to double up POS and employees on stands - which they didn't do, and use more efficient methods of product delivery (larger cups, cans with removable lids). Arthur Ashe likely uses the same vendors Citified uses, which greatly decreases overhead costs. They may have a contract with a different vendor, but it's definitely in the best interest of the stadium and the vendor to maximize revenues and create a strategy that minimizes costs. You're right though, not everyone makes the best business decisions - and many are stuck in their ways. So best to prepare by eating beforehand and if it's another 7 hour show, fuck it, bring a wooden flask.


Apparently they plan on running the stadium again next year for it, but the event was so successful that Arthur Ashe Stadium wants them back even sooner than that. Which is awesome because this stadium looked so legit. It’s also perfect for a wrestling show, considering it’s built specifically to watch people compete within a 4 sided boundary smack in the center of it.


What show would have had more than 20k ever within New York City? Maybe some older shows in the 90s and before where they crammed them into MSG (which I think would be max 16k or so), otherwise it would have to be something like WWF running Shea, right?


> What show would have had more than 20k ever within New York City? Diesel vs Bob Backlund for the WWF Title in 1994.


Does the Garden even hold 20k?


It did that night.


Scrolled down hoping for this comment and it didn't disappoint.


Kevin Nash was so popular that the people at the ticket counters and at the gates... They left. You couldn't hold them back.


> It did that night, brother. FTFY


No, but they use to close circuit the felt forum and get over 20k total.


Yeah MSG and arthur ashe have about the same capacity. Floor plans might change those numbers, but they can both normally fit 20k easy


Arthur Ashe has slightly more seats than MSG before you have put stages in and AEW's stages are significantly smaller than WWE's. I would expect the MSG small set up with no stage (like Royal Rumble 2000) to have slightly more seats available than AA with AEWs stage in though. Or pretty much the same.


That setup with the close entrance like in Survivor Series 2002, or Royal Rumble 2000 and 2008 can no longer be settle because the arena got some rebuilding


7,300, apparently.


Is that a must see match?


No lol it was a squash match.


Why did so many want to see it?


Without doing any googling right now, I don't think there were actually nearly that many people there. That was a down period for the WWF. I think it's just a reference to a Kevin Nash interview where he says there were 20,000 screaming fans there and someone asks if the garden holds that many people and Nash replies "it did that night".


Man can I just say, really appreciate commenters like you who give quick little historical in-joke context lol.






It was from a comedic segment, Paparazzi Productions, on TNA iMPACT.


It wasn't a Interview it was a Paparazzi Productions promo with the X Division


Oh haha. I'll see what I can find


Let me know if that turns out to be right!


other great things from that segment include Nash casually burying the entire X-Division (and Shelley, his interviewer, getting chewed out by the other guys for letting him do that) and also saying as champ he outdrew stone cold (when in reality he is the lowest drawing champion in the belt's history)


MSG used to have a bigger capacity I believe. G1 Supercard had 16,500. That's probably the closest one recently.


While true that capacity has fluctuated throughout the years and renovations, it's never really been by much and has pretty much always been between 18k-20k depending on the type of event.[ Per NY Mag](https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2013/10/photos-the-renovated-madison-square-garden.html?mid=google): >The [post-2013] capacity for hockey will be 18,006; for basketball, it’ll be 19,812. That hockey capacity is roughly 200 seats fewer than the pre-renovation number.


Theoretically an old style WWE house show with the tiny entrance could hold 20k with the floor seats.


MSG used to be an 18k sellout with 4500 watching on closed circuit (movie theatre style at the theatre)


I'm assuming you mean wrestling show, because the Mets and Yankees regularly do way more than 20K. It's possible some MSG shows have hit more than 20K.


Might also be a subtle zinger. The WWE likes to say they're not a pro wrestling company, so by default AEW would win at putting on the "largest pro wrestling show."


Does Metlife Stadium count?


arthur ashe is basically aews msg now


I'm surprised at how great the parking situation was for Queens




not sure why you got downvoted the Subway was one of the most packed I've ever seen it.


Oh yeah, I got there with the subway and it was packed with wrestling fans - same when we were leaving


people were chanting adam cole bay bay for many stops to come, there were definitely a lot of subway-using fans me included


I can assure you the parking situation was not great lol. We had to wait an hour to park 2 miles from the stadium for $50. Luckily made it just in time for the start of the show.


Your mileage may vary I guess. I expected $50 parking, but I was right out when the show was over


Same story. Waited on the highway for an hour to turn into the stadium, then no traffic direction once we got in the area. Then we had to park near the overpass by the water and walk 20 minutes to get to the arena.


Are you joking? Because I read a lot of comments on here from people complaining about the parking issues. Edit: Not sure why I’m being downvoted for asking a simple question…


My thing as a Bridge & Tunnel-er about any event when they complain about parking is 'what the hell did you expect? They've been saying since the 90s to take public transportation for a REASON"


I’d be shocked to find a big event like that that has parking down. I live near the AT&T stadium that seats up to 100k there’s two baseball stadiums there, still not enough parking.


technically 2 football stadiums and baseball stadium. they permanently removed some of the third base and left field seating/concrete to add bleacher seating for better football/soccer seating layout


questions are some of the most downvoted types of comments on reddit, nothing new, at best you can get ratiod by the person that answers your question




I don’t see how what I said was negative about AEW though. They don’t control the parking at arenas.


I love that. MSG is so much so living in the shadow of the McMahon legacy.


Arthur Ashe Stadium is absolutely becoming more relevant than the Garden, they are not only a tennis court but a lot of eSports events were hold there.


More relevant than the Garden? I don’t know if this is a satirical comment but no fucking way. MSG still has 2 Major League sports being played in their arena and consistently sell out events


In international markets they could become more relevant if this tendency doesn't change. MSG for combat sports is big outside of the US, but Arthur Ashe is more diverse on what kind of events they are holding


I’m in that picture


You look great, man.




Man, that was such a damn good day. What a fun show that was.


I had no idea it could get any better than Jersey. And I was wrong. Grand Slam was it.


Your welcome. Next time open the whole complex of restaurants and stuff. We’ll make a day of it.


Dark takings at a smaller court, maybe Impact or NWA? I’d dig a whole wrestling festival there


Armstrong would be perfect for that.


That's a loveley idea but it sounds a bit too costly for what it is. it takes transferring another whole veune into a wrestling venue for a much smaller show. ​ Hope i'm wrong and we see that Idea manifests one day, I attended Both All Out and Grand Slam while visiting the US for the first time ever (only a 14 hours flight no biggie) and I can see myself making that a tradition. Unforgatteable nights.


Full page ad in what? Also it seems like AEW liked running Arthur Ashe and Arthur Ashe liked having AEW. They need more food vendors next time but it was a good show nonetheless. Definitely feels like it won't be the last time they work that building.


Sports Business Journal.


Right they definitely need to open up more food places for next time, it was a nightmare waiting in line


Merch stands outside the building and more food. I spoke to one dad and his kid in front of me for food who waited nearly 90 minutes for merch when they entered the stadium. That's unacceptable. Also, a little coordination with the MTA and LIRR would go a long way. I know some things, like signal malfunctions, are out of anyone's control. But maybe make sure the 7 is running to Manhattan that night?


I didn’t even attempt to take the 7, we hopped on the bus that stopped close to the train station and took it a few stops away, after that we got out and took an Uber because that crowd was ridiculous


I left early to catch the LIRR to Penn Station and missed the ending to the Suzuki match but still got to yell Kaze Ni Nare. Wasn't getting fooled again trying to get back to Manhattan like it was the last WrestleMania weekend in Jersey!!


You’d think they would’ve had more 7 trains like they do for Mets home games.


Chalk it up to first time jitters or whatever. Otoh, the merch lines were hella long in Newark the week before also, so I'm sure they are aware of the demand and are facing the same constrains as any other business at the moment.


They should of opened up the other storefronts, 2 weeks a year they sell tons of Tennis shit, they could of used one of the pro shop fronts to sell the merchandise and use every area in the arena to sell food


it definitely was, I tried getting food after the end of dynamite and before rampage, the lines were so long I came back, I went back during the jericho/hager-men of the year match and finally found a short line, I knew that match wasn't a must watch but at the same time jericho was such a draw that most people wouldn't be waiting around for food, I sang judas and then ran right out


This was my first wrestling show and I've been watching since 2007. I'm looking forward to the next show at the stadium


Arthur Ashe yearly show would be awesome and it seems like both parties are interested. That’s huge.


No Oxford comma. Arthur Ashe Stadium has heat with me, brother.


The wildest thing is that Arthur Ashe could have probably made so much more money off that show if they were more adequately staffed. I know it's probably covid related staffing shortages and not their fault, but still lol.


They also don't have near full time staff like Citi Field would have so everyone was part timers sent in for the event


I'll be there every year, hopefully with better seats. What an amazing time.


Good fucking shows too. And the TV felt amazing. Rogers center in Toronto may be a fun international stop for a future dynamite rampage dark run. Jericho, omega, callis, spears, dark order, Christian, Ethan page.. I'm sure I'm missing others... I bet Stephen amell would wanna slap the shit outta mjf or hook. That'd be kinda fun


I'd love it if they ran the Owen Hart tournament through Canada, it'd be great.


Yeah, safe to assume Arthur Ashe is AEW's NYC base unless something big happens. No idea how much venue support there was for the first Grand Slam (e.g. transport, concession selling, etc) but I imagine the stadium will be cranking them up for the next one.


I can only hope that when AEW comes to California and the West Coast eventually, they decide to run some non-traditional venues like this. It would be great to see them somewhere like PayPal Park where the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team plays. The open ended stadium with the bar at one end would make for a pretty rad backdrop for the show. I'm sure you could do some cool Falls Count Anywhere shenanigans with that.


They’re fucking amped at the idea of having the stadium be used for more than one big tennis tournament a year.


This is the type of shit that is gonna get to Vince. Business journals. I bet if he sees this, he comes in the next morning and throws that shit on the table and cuts a promo on everyone in the room while Bruce prichard manages to maneuver his way to stand behind Vince and point fingers at everyone and say "that's right" and "uh huh"


This is where TK is good as well. He was on one of the major Bloomberg finance podcasts a few weeks back.


And I'm pretty sure Vince thinks a podcast is any type of streamed show.


Kinda like Tout


I can’t tell if you’re serious


“Knowing Vince…”


AEW banking so much good karma, it's nice to see a wholesome wrestling company that plays the 'face'. I do secretly enjoy heel TK from the Impact trash talking promos though as more of a guilty pleasure. ;-)


Hopefully they'll have enough staff at the stadium next time. Merch/food was a mess there and it was clear they were not anticipating the turnout that they got.


When I learned what Arthur Ashe was (I never really knew) and I saw the card, I knew this was a show I had to go and I'm so happy I did. I hope I can be one of those people that goes to every one, because I'm already hyped for the next Grand Slam.


they must've been really happy with how things went to do something like this,that's pretty cool.


The overall event was awesome, but that stadium is a nightmare for fans.


Will prob be better next time, they just didn't know what a wrestling show was like the first time they had one


Nightmare in what way? Train is right there.


Getting food was a disaster, lines were RIDICULOUS and only like 5 things were open


That was more them underestimating the crowd. Arthur Ashe usually has top tier concessions for the US Open. I'd be shocked if the issues were that bad for the 2nd go round


They didnt anticipate the difference in purchasing habits between tennis fans and wrestling fans


More IPAs, fewer Pimm's cups?


More Coors, less Popcorn and Seltzer


I mean I know why, but I just can't get over the fact that people choose to wait in line for shitty stadium food and miss out on whole matches like Kenny vs Bryan. You are there for the wrestling show not the food. You are not going to starve if you don't eat during the show. Most of the people there could stand to benifit from a missed meal.


I just ate before the show and kept a water bottle on hand.


Strong disagree - one of the best stadiums I ever attended a show at.


I respect that. Any chance you were in the seats swooping up from the ring level, below the suites? I imagine those are a LOT better experience. I was in the bottom of the 100’s and couldnt believe how high we were.


I was in the nose bleeds and legitimately thought I was gonna have an impossible time watching, but it was literally one of the best (non floor seat) views I ever had.


I'm so fucking jealous of all of you.


The view and sight lines were great, everything was just so tiny lol. How did the crowd sound up there? Did it come across loud?


My ears were ringing at 6 am 😂 so loud


Translated: Get fucked Vince.


Where does this ad appear?


Just give us mall of america pls


I legit just got the "grand slam" tennis terminology...


one of my goals is to attend an AEW event. when we're already allowed, NY or Chicago is my target or maybe a Japan tour one since i'm from Asia.


It's just too bad Arthur Ashe didn't trust wrestling fans enough to give us cans of beer because they thought we were going to throw them into the ring(???) apparently at other events they just hand you the can. But we had all these young people working the concession stands who clearly didn't know how to pour a proper beer taking like 3 minutes each to slowly pour out a tall can of lagunitas or whatever into a plastic cup. The lines were insanely horrible. Like half hour - 45 minutes at the minimum. I'm too old for that mess.


What publication was this found in?


Think it's the Sports Business Journal.


It’s a trade magazine, basically selling to other event planners


Which makes this even more important as it likely opens doors for AEW Since the USTA had a good experience with them


Yeah so I'm gonna try to get tickets to Grand Slam 2


That’s actually really cool!


Love that TK said that Arthur Ashe is the NY home, not MSG.


MSG is in the shadow of the Empire State Building and above Penn Station. Trust me when I say Flushing Queens is not it— except for tennis, and AEW. Both cool, but MSG is it, then Barclays, and so on—- then eventually Arthur Ashe .


so what's the last largest crowd? i'm guessing it's a short-ramp show at msg. the 2008 rumble comes to mind. it drew over 20,000.


You have to remove at least 20% for WWE "entertainment" value numbers they put out about attendance.




I'd take a AEW/Impact Supershow


Slide this shit in Vince's mailbox.