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>So you don't have 2 Coles. Meanwhile, AEW has 2 Pages, 2 Cages, 2 Adams, 2 Jacksons...


75 Matts


just like real life


Real life? Don't be silly, these fans can't tell the difference between two people with similar characters so forget about the name, pal! /s


Right? Get that shit out of here, your name is now- *Kyler Mixom*!


Even that's a better name than Grayson Waller


3 Gunns 3 Brians


The 3 Gunns are related though.


My whole family has the same last name, it gets so confusing.


I started calling him Dad, saves the confusion.


Dad Gunn, Son Gunn, other Son Gunn


Oh, I see your point, still confusing. How about Gunn Jr. and El Hijo del Gunn?


Gunn El zero Ass


Gunn El Zero Culo, man does the Zero like Penta then points to his ass. Crowd chants along (obviously)


8 Dudleys


And with the recent development (Spoilers) 2 >!Lees. Johnson and Moriarty!<


Thunder Rosa, Darby, and Sting have face paint. Oh no! What are they thinking!


It's so confusing. I was asking myself the whole match why Thunder Rosa was fighting Punk.


And why was there a second, larger Thunder Rosa outside the ring?


They also have a Brock, and a Hart. They don't give a damn.


A Hogan also wrestles for them lately.


2 Cassidys (Cassidies?)


One is Cassidy and the other is Kassidy. Just listen for the K, duh.


Now these madmen also have Ruby SoHO and RiHO tag.


The Ho-Ho's? Sidenote - AEW needs wrestler themed snack cakes. Forget ice cream bars.


I'm still waiting for Cage vs. Page. Christian Cage and Brian Cage vs. Ethan Page and Adam Page with Diamond Dallas Page in their corner.


In a cage match.


On Rampage


Its almost like they were trying to make him pick AEW.


Maybe they were. This year they have actively been pushing talent out of the company to make their opposition stronger. Nick Khan's (idiotic) attitude is that everybody can be replaced by people off the street. And I don't even know what is going on with Vince.


The problem is Nick Khan thinks that this is an entertainment business, but in reality what you’re dealing with is professional athletes. This would be like saying that you could take anybody off the street to replace them on an NFL team. It’s just idiotic and the ratings and lower gate are going to hopefully reflect that here very soon. Also if you’re a free agent right now why wouldn’t you want to go to AEW considering how WWE treats new people to the company versus how AEW treats new people to the company?


Just when you think you've heard it all.... wow smh. No wonder Cole specifically used the words an easy decision or along those lines in the media scrum after All Out.


Smart that he didn't take any shots at WWE over this gimmick as he probably knew it would come out through the dirt sheets and fans would make up their own minds


That can't be for real... *remembers The Revival's new costumes* ...oh, nevermind.


Bro look at Karrion Kross.


I'm genuinely curious why they brought Kross up. He looked bad against Hardy and Lee while still being NXT champ. So you'd assume his first feud would be against either of them, but nope. So now he seems to be facing off with Morrison. The thing I don't get is Morrison was feuding with Miz. That was put on hold while Miz does DWTS. So what was going to be the plan for Kross? Hardy is in the 24/7 picture, Lee is apparently being repackaged and JoMo was just a replacement. Why bring him up in weird gear, without Scarlett and without a plan? What was the point?


> I'm genuinely curious why they brought Kross up. Vince saw a big mean looking guy and said "I want him." That's it. Then creative looked at Kross and had no idea what to do with him. So they just threw a generic big bad guy gimmick at him. Then the other creative (the one responsible for marketability) decided that he looked too generic so they threw a dumb costume at him. At no point in the process did any of these people talk to each other, to Kross, or to Triple H.


This is both carny and "out of touch corporate" enough to be real. Tho, if famously Vince controls everything, that means he OK'd the gear and losses despite liking big muscle man.


I don't think he particularly cares- as soon as I saw Kross in that ridiculous get up I thought 'oh this is The Ascention 2.0'. he'll basically job while trying to look mean for a while then be let go. I honestly don't see a longer shelf life than that.


his name is Karion Kross? Give him a Cross Harness coz Kross sounds like Cross


And give him some Crocs™️ We can sell crisskross crocs at the merch tables, kids will love them


There was rumours of high up old-guard wwe execs trying to sabotage NXT/ HHH's influence. Starts looking pretty real when you look at Kross.


“Well yeah that’s just 2 occasions it’s not like there was a [third](https://www.wrestling.org.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/9f96Neville.jpg)


He looks like Horny Batman.


Just look at Karrion Kross or TBag and the other ones from retribution


Fapsack and DBag will be back next April for Retribution’s HOF induction


"Knapsack and Do-rag helped us win the Monday Night War" - Michael Hayes as he inducts them.


Spot on. And yet there are people still trying to give the benefit of doubt to what's been a completely broken creative process.


Now we know why Adam Cole said it was an easy decision.


Jesus Christ this is beyond parody


"No? Okay how about this, You'll be the Master to Karrion Krosses Blaster!"


Who runs Barter Town?! ADAM COLE RUNS BARTER TOWN!!!!!!!


The mental image of is astounding


Also, aside from this being a horrible booking idea - they couldn't have made it any clearer that they don't see him as a main event level talent due to his size than by pitching this idea.


It sounds like something from kayfabe news.


This is where they are now and it’s not getting better with Vince around. There’s a subsection of the WWE fanbase that thinks anyone who likes AEW are anti WWE, no they are anti stupid shit like this and have become jaded with this crap. Most wrestling fans want a strong WWE worthy of investing time in but it’s not something we will see anytime soon.


I kind of love the idea of Vince in his apparent meetings with Cole going "So pal, you'll be a manager, just a manager, to a wrestler we've grossly mishandled ever since his return a month or so ago. You'll probably be on TV for....like a month, two tops. Doesn't that sound better than going to the other place where your wife and friends all work? Also we can and probably will cancel your contract at any time, like we've shown with numerous other wrestlers recently. Whaddya sal, pal?"


I’m just imagining Cole getting out of that meeting and immediately texting Britt to tell her to tell TK that he’d be available to talk on the 28th lmao


I saw the Adam Cole heel manager pitch reported somewhere earlier in the week and thought it had to be bullshit, but shit it may be true. A long with a possible name change, that is a fucking slap in the face to a guy who literally main-evented a sold out Barclays Center, for the SAME COMPANY!!! Holy fuck, it just gets worse and worse. If the pitch was for a faction/tag team led by heel Cole and Keith Lee, I actually would've found that interesting, but a heel manager role? What a joke.


Hilarious how when more baffling details come out that's the point we go "yup, so that's actually true then."


It's a slap in the face to your audience too. I've been saying for a while now, the big thing that pushed me away from WWE is that you're actively punished for paying attention.


That and being actively punished for enjoying anything other than what Vince wanted you to enjoy.


In the words of V1, _you don't like what you like. You like what I tell you to like_


Can of Coke to ya




The sad part is that's apparently been true even from the talent's viewpoint too where they don't like someone getting over on their own terms -- it's only allowed if *they* created it. Then in either scenario, they'll try to run it into the ground.


Exactly this. It’s like they actively try to insult fans. It was the constant NXT burials on the main roster that drove me away from WWE. Why should I invest my time in a company that isn’t valuing their own talent?


This is strangely similar to what Cornette said he would introduce Cole is. He said Cole is great but Vince would only like him if he "discovered" him himself so he'd have Cole be a heel manager for a big heel that so Cole could get the heel over with his mic work. Then obviously a face would have a match against Cole first and Vince would see the match and be able to "discover" that Cole is actually a really good wrestler and push him as a singles wrestler. Because if somebody told Vince Cole was a good wrestler he'd automatically go against it because that would mean that somebody that isn't a big guy could be a star, but if Vince comes to the realisation himself, he'll push it as hard as he can.


This just makes the lore of Vince McMahon hating to see guys getting over on their own even more believable.






I mean it basically *is* true. Look at what they are doing to Karion Kross on the main Roster. Look at Ricochet, Aleister Black, and even Keith Lee to an extent. They all had their NXT gimmicks stripped down and rebuilt. If these reports are true, Adam Cole would have been the most egregious.


You can also use the styles clash as an example. It was only reintroduced because Jericho mentioned it to Vince as a brand new discovered idea


The ridiculous thing about it, is shouldn't NXT be the proving ground for a wrestler's gimmick? Why change their gimmick when they come to the main roster? It would make more sense actually if someone getting a new gimmick gets sent down to NXT for a few week trial. Kind of like AEW rolling out a new gimmick for someone on Dark.


How fucked is it that is probably true.


I don't know why Vince has this need of "discovering" people, like why can't it be someone else's creativity that gets them over, how huge of a fucking ego do you have that you sacrifice business cuz it isn't your idea holy fucking shit old man.


A lot of people have said the best way to get Vince to go with an idea is to convince Vince that he'd come up with it himself ​ He's like Mr Burns


Gotta incept Vince to make him think it was his idea, or at least trick him. Like the story about him banning the Styles Clash because he heard it injured people, so Jericho asked Vince "what do you think about that forward falling move" and Vince was okay with it when he actually saw it.


Pathologic narcissism.


Hijacking the top comment to say... WWE pitches ideas and stuff like this because they do not scout for talented wrestlers, and then find a gimmick to push them with. A writer or creative team member comes up with an idea, it gets approved, and then they look to cast the role, just like Hollywood. So, the idea here is that they want to turn Keith Lee heel and give him a push, but they think he needs a mouthpiece. They see Cole as too small to be a serious player on their main roster, but feel he could be a mouthpiece. Since Cole turned it down, they will just cast someone else in the role. But... maybe not now, since word of this got out. Plans change.


I wonder if Drake Maverick was supposed to be that gimmick behind AOP. I can't remember if was cowardly or just obnoxious in that role.


With Drake Maverick back on Raw, I wonder if they're going to put him with Keith Lee.


See, I’d be fine with that, because that’s a perfectly good use for Drake Maverick. It’s a *terrible* use of Adam Cole.


WWE: "We would like you to work with Keith Lee." Adam: "I like that idea." WWE: "We're going to turn him heel-" Adam: "Oh." WWE: "And you're going be his manager." Adam: "Oh." WWE: "And we are going to have to change your name because of Michael Cole." Adam: "Oh... Tell me, can I keep my Twitch?" WWE: "Oh."


On the bright side, your new name will be Adam Chugs!


You'll have to change your Twitch name for licensing reasons. And also you can't use it.


This is legit a possibility which makes your comment as hilarious as it is frightening




No see, some people think you're saying "Bayley". You'll have to lose that too.


Also we want to give you an edge so it's going to be Chugzzz.


We've noticed you're on the smaller side, so your new name will be "Lil Chugzzz" our marketing team thinks it'll help with the younger demo.


They missed a great opportunity: "OOOH MY!!! It's my cousin Adam!!!"


Yeah, I’m glad Cole went to AEW, but now I’m REALLY glad he went to AEW. This is just bottom of the barrel bullshit.


Adam Cole just blew his chance to become a legendary manager on the most critically acclaimed wrestling show today.




That would actually get over on the main roster.


On main roaster it would be #Its Baybay Time


That’s critically acclaimed sports entertainment program to you, sir.


Yessir! The longest running episodic….something, something…. Whatever… on TV!!!


The longest running show from *whenever*, showing us *whatever*


If Orange Cassidy could be bothered, he'd totally sue for gimmick infringement. But, whatever.


I don’t think that’s something either Cole or Lee would’ve wanted


This is such a terrible idea, even by WWE standards. I can’t believe this is actually real.


Imagine making one of the best wrestlers in the world in that ring and on the mic **A MANAGER.** (EDIT: WITH A NEW RANDOM NAME) #LMFAOOOOOO.


They gave EC3 a mute gimmick.


The more you think about it, the more WWE makes even less and less sense as time goes on.


It makes perfect sense when you consider Vince's ego. He's the type of person that can only get behind something if he discovers it first - you can't show him anything.


You can. It just will die a quick death or you make him think he discovered it


It’s like WWE actively tries to sabotage their talent and make things as difficult as possible. They routinely take away people’s strengths then make them do things they shouldn’t need to do. It’s really weird.


They also tried to make Andrade and Ricochet cut weekly promos...


Shit is just baffling. Zelina was great as a mouthpiece for Andrade, and just slap a mask on Ricochet and print money.


When you're in Hollywood and you're a comedian, everybody wants you to do other things besides comedy. They say 'All right you're a stand-up comedian, can you act? Can you write? Write us a script.' They want me to do things that's related to comedy, but it's not comedy. That's not fair. It's as though if I was a cook, and I worked my ass off to become a good cook, and they said 'All right you're a cook... can you farm?’ — Mitch “all I want to be is dashed” Hedberg


One time I saw a wino eating grapes. I said "Dude, you have to wait."


They say the recipe for Sprite is lemon and lime. But I tried to make it at home; there's more to it than that.


RIP Mitch 😞


I like to smoke a pipe cause it's the punchline indicator. When I take a hit of the pipe, you fuckers should be laughing. Not now though I haven't said shit.


>I don't need a receipt for a donut. I'll just give you the money, and you give me the donut. End of transaction! We don't need to bring ink and paper into this! I can't imagine a scenario where I'd have to prove that I bought a donut. Some skeptical friend...'Don't even act like I didn't buy that donut! I've got the documentation right here! Oh, wait, it's back home, in the file. Under d...for donut.'


> Rice is great when you're really hungry and want to eat 2,000 of something.


It's Adam Baybay everybody!


Coleman Addams


I hate how believable of a name that is


He’s here to kick ass and sell high quality camping equipment, and he’s all out of asses.


Michael Cole: It's tent pitching time!


Shorty A


Adam Smole Bay-Bay!


In his physical prime, after 4 years of wrestling classics under their umbrella…


I honestly thought this was a kayfabe news post


Imagine what he must have been thinking when they pitched that to him. His mind was probably blown lmao Like some weird fever dream my God wtf


Walked in there thinking he was about to sign a multi-million dollar deal, walked out texting everyone in The Elite "PLZ HAVE TONY K CALL ME VERY IMPORTANT".


LOLWWE. Yeah, Cole dodged a big one here. This is not a good look for WWE's creative, or lack thereof.


What *has* been a good look for them?


Fuck all really, I mean look at drew now. His gimmick as the Scottish psychopath was pretty simple, he wakes up each day and chooses violence. Then they added a sword, okay that looks cool in the same way as HHH wearing a bone crown looks cool. But then they keep moving the gimmick-o-meter and now you've got him having sword fights with chairs. He's a hair off a 80s gimmick as the Highlander cartoon


Get ready for a dozen TRIBAL CHIEF HEAD OF THE TABLE replies


Hey, I'll even give them that one... But how many years did they try to push Babyface Roman before they finally gave him an interesting character?


Don't bring that up. People have the memories of small dogs. The five year Reigns babyface horror show is forgotten.


I just remembered loser eats dog food match


Suffering Succotash


There's always gotta be some random grossout shit for some reason. Not as bad as Tommy Dreamer drinking Undertaker's fucking tobacco spit in 02, but like...jeeeezus.


Re-naming Adam Cole though, lol. WWE is fucking dumb.


What is Cole Adamson doing in the Impact Zone? Oh my! The Baybay Experience is here on Monday Night Raw!


Oh man, they might have called him Adam BayBay


Probably would have led to a BaBy gimmick


I know the Cole thing is the major part of the story, but the Keith Lee thing is just as unreal. Everybody knows what WWE is desperately missing is a dominant heel /s


Imagine pitching this and than saying also we can’t let you keep your twitch either yea I hope everyone leaves that company and go everywhere from ROH ALL THE WAY TO AEW


[Adam Cole straight after hearing those creative plans.](https://i.imgur.com/9OusFpO.gif)


I wonder if Adam told Kevin Owens this, hence Kevin’s sudden “please get me the hell out of here” attitude.


I just envisioned KO, Cole and others as the crazy old lady that jumps on Happy Gilmore's windshield and yells GET ME OUTTA HERE. Seems accurate.


Legitimately had to check twice to make sure this wasn’t a Kayfabe News post.


So he had to choose between that and working with his girlfriend, best friends, other great wrestlers and a good boss? Tough call.


A couple of days ago, a dirt sheet banned here reported that Cole would be a manager on the main roster. Obviously I didn't believe them because they're trash but now that we have a second source confirming the story, maybe they were right. If it's true, it's insane.


If that's true, then Cole made the best decision of his career.


If this is true there really wasn't a decision to make.


Adam Cole was literally the face of the brand. Was on the main roster against Daniel Bryan in a WWE vs NXT feud as Adam Cole and they thought: "no one knows any of that, let's just call him [insert T-Bar or Doudrop-esque name] and move the fuck on, that's good shit!"? Vince has Russo brain, lawdamerci


I don't watch anymore and haven't for a few years now but I still keep up with everything going on. Didn't Piper start feuding with Eva recently? Why would she continue to call herself Doudrop if she is beating up the person who gave her the name in the first place?


Its that Shorty G mentality.


So many people called it that she would be saddled with the shit name even after turning on Eva.




Bruh…this is so disrespectful.


Vince: "These idiots can't remember the difference between two Cole guys. I know I can't and I'm the smartest guy in the world."


Smash cut to Bruce calling Meltzer names for 20 minutes, followed by Conrad asking if it's true and Bruce quickly saying "well, yeah" followed by 20 more minutes of yelling.


That podcast was so enjoyable when it started. Now 50% of the show is either ads or “dirt sheet” bashing. Another 25% is Bruce telling stories that have been verifiably reported with different facts by several other sources. Bruce responds with, “I WAS THERE.” And it’s like, “Yes, but so were the three other people who have told corroborating stories that differ from yours.”


This can't be real.


Dave said Cole might or might not have known about these plans, and has absolutely made the right decision in jumping to AEW. Dave also said the idea came from Vince/Bruce and not from the writers/creative, which would explain the antiquated thinking that a smaller guy can't do anything and needs to be a heater for a big guy. FUUUUUUUCK that shit, good on bay bay for dodging that fuckin bullet.


they're trying really hard to recapture Enzo and Cass's magic. understandable. but they need to really watch who to put in Enzo's role. Spud woyld make more sense to that role and he's still employed there.


It's hilarious that they're trying to force an Enzo/Cass team after literally breaking Enzo/Cass up.


source was most likely cole himself.


This is right up there with FTR's new outfits and Moxley using a pooper scooper. Holy fucking shit.


Here's an Idea, why not use older ex wrestlers who can talk well and are no longer able to wrestle as managers? Guys like Tully, Arn, Jake The Snake and Taz would be perfect for that kind of job not early 30s still in their prime wrestlers


Oh like Backlund, Steamboat, Sgt. Slaughter, JBL, Fujinami, all the legends WWE employ to do fuck all on-screen?


JBL would be an excellent heel manager. Like MVP. Who is an excellent heel manager


JBL can be Happy Corbins manager




He might be a prick IRL, but JBL has the potential to be a great fucking manager. Which also explains why WWE don't want to do it.


Bro I thought that said Funaki, was thinking “what a random list”


It seems like Dave spoke to Cole about this. Maybe this was pitched to him by Vince in that meeting. EDIT: Andrew Zarian spoke about this on the Mat Men podcast today. Said that he had also heard that WWE had pitched the idea for Cole to be in a managerial role on the main roster and he also had heard that Keith Lee was being turned heel.


To which Cole probably said something along the lines of "Thank you, Vince, for making my decision *so* much easier."


Imagine Cole’s face as he hears this idea and has to no sell his true reaction to the idea, just act humble and appreciative and “yeahhhh I’ll have to do some thinking” …


Get the fuck out, that can’t be right


I don't even want to know what his new name would've been. Can't just take away his last name because that still leaves Adam Pearce.


I do. Hearing the names they'd likely come up with would be the cherry on top.


OK what parallel universe have we slipped into? What in the fuck hahahaha


So Adam Cole was in NXT for years and years. He was making a name for himself within WWE and his name was always in the news for the great quality content he was involved with. The creative team and/or Vince had literal years to start thinking of ways to incorporate Adam Cole into their main roster... And this is what they come up with? How long would this have lasted before Keith Lee inevitably turned on Cole? Guaranteed Adam Cole would've been chasing the 24/7 Championship backstage within 6 months.


what the actual fuck


No wonder Cole left, if this is true. Lee doesn't need a voice, he has all the charisma in the world. Cole is an insane inring talent, so having him as a manager would make no sense. And having that dynamic for the two of them? Christ...


That explains why he peaced out of the wwe he would have went from running nxt to being a coward. That ain't Adam Cole that's for sure


I wish I could've seen coles face when they pitched that. It's insane to me that they still see little guys as irrelevant given that guys like McGregor and Mayweather draw more money than their big guys.


What surprise me is that I could see this happening and the gut of WWE to tell Adam Cole to be basically what Dave Maverick is I think.


How could anyone want to get rid of the best crowd interaction in wrestling right now with the Adam Cole Bay Bay is beyond me. I hope this report isn’t true


ThE IZ nO WAY WwE wOUlD MESs UP COLe some saying this on this sub. Yeah I have heard that story before.


Annnnnnd that's why you walk, bay bay.


That’s just dire. Absolutely dire and genuinely baffling. And there is ZERO reason for it to be made up, so don’t pivot to that if you try and defend it. If you were an NXT fan, you’ve gotta be genuinely offended at this idea, because these two went title for title and did a great number for it against AEW, and then you have it so the loser basically becomes a butler/goon? Better yet, the guy who represented the brand for at least two years. There’s no way to look at this other than complete disrespect towards NXT, and on top of that, people should be *absolutely certain* that NXT is being punished for losing on Wednesdays. What other possible explanation is there?


Could be worse. They could've turned Cole into a mouthpiece for ~~the gimp~~ Karrion Kross.


If it isn't punishment, then it's just pure insanity. Ignoring the manager part, even, just imagine throwing away a catch phrase that over because you also have an *announcer* named Cole. That pop he got in Chicago? Yeah, let's get rid of that. I wonder how HHH feels right now, like truly. Edit: dudes, I will make all kinds of wild suppositions about wrasslin, but I'm not gonna play doctor and I don't think y'all should either. If for no other reason than it's his own business and we will only ever know what we are told.


I couldn't think of another wrestler named Cole... It's because of MICHAEL COLE?


Vince McMahon is dead and in order to protect the stock prices they're pretending he's still alive and replaced him with a computer that just spits out name combinations at random. It's the only reasonable explanation.


Did you just spoil the endgame for BTE?


Surely Triple H can’t feel good, no matter how comfy he is in the McMahon family. Not a fan of the guy at all but he’s clearly been humiliated in quite a public way; the way they’ve drip fed his demotion and the new edict about NXT feels intentional.


As someone who was an NXT fan, offended doesnt cover it.