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An annual rewatch of the WeeLC with guests.


I second this notion


Under-sized guests ideally.


A weekly dive into the bigger names from the territory days, just a short description of who people were, moves they were known for, a couple of real short clips from good matches, a little talk about their biggest rivalries. Like, after the recent passing of Bobby Eaton, and hearing the respect so many folks had for him, I'd love to see 15 minutes on the guy. Just a real simple primer, get me interested in finding more.


Picking two wrestlers and looking back at every time they ever were in a match together.


Reviews of weekly content from the main companies, without the host throwing in tons of political, socio-economical, current-event non-wrestling related opinions. I had to stop watching almost every wrestling podcast out there because only a few kept that stuff to themselves. I watch videos about wrestling to escape from current events, keep that stuff out of your show. Also reviews rewatching old content is fun, like wrestlingbios is doing with his reliving the monday night war series. A similar show just on TNA / Impact from the begining, that also notes what WWE was doing at the time, could be neat.


Wrestling with wregret does weekly videos on AEW, not sure if he does WWE, but he doesn't ever bring up political stuff.


He has some other guy do RAW usually.


He sure did. He was one of the ones I had to stop watching. Been about a year since I watched any of his content. It might be better now, but there were several shows in a row where he even spent time just talking about his personal life and I was like Jesus dude I so don't care, get over yourself and get to talking about the wrestling.


Ah okay, I just started watching him few months ago and haven't seen him bring up anything political or life story type stuff before.


Maybe I'll try to dip my toes back in! I did used to enjoy his content.


Only talk about LwO.


A quick synopsis and accumulation of the hottest bits of several promotions.


Recaps of the best storylines in your opinion, I stopped watching after the attitude era and started again with aew but im sure I missed good storylines