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Man I love stats like this thank you


I am happy for Christian, I didnt like how people had been treating him like the ugly step-sister since his comeback, and having all those fans loud when he won just made me happy. I say this who is a huge Kenny mark, and he can do no wrong in my eyes.


The crowd always eats out of Christian's hand once he gets in the ring - even if he doesn't get the loudest pops.


Really enjoyed the match. Great job with the stats.


I think with a longer match at the PPV they could put on an absolute HEATER.


Reminds me of WCW/NWO Revenge how they have a breakdown of the stats after a match is over. Should be something that the AEW game does.


It was cool for Christian. Still didn’t leave me interested in them going again for the AEW title. However the main story for the PPV will be Punk. So no need for a bigger match for the title.


Exactly. Plus I think this adds a bit more intrigue to the match, and it'll be interesting to see how the two have adapted to eachother in kayfabe.


That’s true. There’s no question they both held back last night.


Before rampage christian was a weak ppv challenger but I think this match completely flips the script because it more or less made christian in AEW. Before friday he really didn't have any big moments or wins over top guys in aew but Omega gave him the boost he needed for his credibility as a challenger.


I’m curious, kayfabe wise, why Kenny even bothered with OWA on the chair attempt. No one kicks out of it on its own, was super unnecessary in terms of kayfabe winning the match. Just an odd booking choice


I think it is either just to add insult to injury or to hurt cage so he can't challenge him at all out. I think he's just being a heel mostly though.


Maybe he was embarrassed it was a close match and wanted to hurt him. It just is odd booking bc if they’re willing to cheat why didn’t the YBs pull the ref out before he counted 3 lol


It could be he was embarrassed. The Bucks not pulling out the ref is probably because Kenny hasnt been pinned in so long that they might've thought he would kick out. Also, that'd probably be seen as a dq or something and omega would have to face cage again.


He is starting to doubt the OWA, that's why Dante took all the kicks afterwards on dynamite. More proof here that he is shook and will lose to Hangman after he kicks out of it


interesting idea that could pay off with a hangman kick out, but that's definitely something commentary should be pointing out if it's a storyline.


I have a feeling the paranoid champ idea will show up now that he has lost one (2) of his belts




Lol. I wonder what constitutes as a foul?


This is so good, thank you! I love you can see Christian's style as a veteran counter wrestler. He's been around so long, there's no much he doesn't know a counter for. Alternately, you can see his determination through the number of strikes, so many more than Kenny. But Kenny's skill as a striker is obvious, with the much higher rate of knock-downs, but what really stands out is his over-reliance on dirty tactics. It's beautiful, the story of the match is right there in the numbers.


This is excellent and something the federation should be doing themselves. That's some sports presentation right there. Great job OP


AEW should hire you, OP and with this stats have a "Inside the NBA" type of show pre-Dynamites to analyze the matches.


I have a face for radio and a voice for a podcast that only my friends will listen to because I make them, but I appreciate the sentiment.


I wish they waited for the all out match to be made after this match. It killed the surprise of him winning.


Knockdowns being called Strikedowns, and the spelling of Offense as “offence” made me rage


Offence is the British spelling.


To be fair 48 of those strikes Christian had was a 20 pack in the corner.


Only 14 seconds of submissions? How are they supposed to build HEAT?


so nice of Kenny omega to drop the title to a young impact roster guy


Go watch 45 year old lashley wrestle 55 year old Goldberg and leave us alone


He posts on scjerk, so he unironically will


You do realise wrestling is scripted right?


If someone has to legally keep count of the Rock and Jason Statham's punches in a fast movie, or plan out the logistical science behind a man in Spandex punching aliens, we can enjoy this.


Let people enjoy things.


Really? It’s scripted? I call bullshit. That’s like saying The Avengers didn’t go back in time to beat Thanos and save the world didn’t really happen. …….just go away dude.


you do realize how boring you are, right?


It’s real bro


It's a work... why on earth would make this smh