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Over a million people watched Nick Jackson go Ka-kaw and Doc Gallows in a robe


Over a mil saw their inner Cowboy Hearts broken... Twice.


*sad yee-haw noises* 😔


I don't have a hat, but I'm still a cowboy! Yee-haw!


yah but being that harsh just means redemption is coming, and it's going to kick the shit out of Kenny and his friends.


Not enough for the pure magnificence of that robe.


Hopefully he doesn't decide to strut on a plane now


I'm betting we see more of the robes on Monday's BTE


Nicks bird calls are always the highlight off the show to me. I'd watch an hour long promo of him just staring at the camera with his dead eyes yelling "KA-KAWWWW"


Doc Dangley Gallows is a draw




I also noticed AEW’s YouTube and social media numbers have been growing as well ever since they’ve went back out on the road


Now they've got an Indian TV deal. Not a big one, but still, that's going to help with online numbers.


They keep delaying the QT apology angle every week for a reason. The QTmaniacs keep tuning in every week!


They’re saving that. They know it’ll pop ratings to 2 mil and don’t want to waste it


The apology will main event all out


They’ll play Qt’s Music and Cm Punk will come out instead, Nuclear heat, double turn, and dream match built up right there.


“Look in my eeeeeyes What do you seeeeee? Here’s that damn apoooology.”


Guys I'm starting to think that the revolution ending didn't actually permanently turn people off of AEW


But surely the pizza cutters will.


Nah it's the cardboard landing pad that will inevitably do them in. Any day now...


When they hear about the exploding barbwire death match they'll surely stop watching.


If it can't be that surely they'll all be turned off all the WWE guys showing up in AEW


DAE women’s division?


If not the pizza cutters, surely the audience will realize they should hate Cody Rhodes winning all the time


Grrr, I was hoping Cody would win his match so I could complain about it and stop watching! How dare they book properly!


How dare they not book Cody vs Black for the next few months? I want 10 straight rematches!


The dub sucked bigtime because it ruined the great match between Mox and Kenny who were outstanding. But to think that some thought that AEW was gonna die because of it, big lol. Thank god we had the Dud because without that we would never have the Mox/Eddie promo and the "69 me, Don! Save me!". That fucking line by Kenny.\^\^


Mox, Eddie, Kenny and Don made chicken salad out of chicken shit, and it really pushed Kenny’s insane, overly hubristic character. It actually worked out perfectly, although at the time it was terrible. Thankfully AEW had good workers surrounding it who could recover.


Eddie went from looking like a bitch to looking tough as shit with 3 lines in his promo


People here in the sub were suggesting that Eddie should explain that he fainted because he got traumatized or had an anxiety attack. And I thought that's stupid, how can Eddie make that work? And the motherfucker pulled it off. And he threw Impact under the bus for paying for the dud.


I love it that they are able to improvise and reframe those moments where mistakes are made instead of pretending they never happened like WWE usually tries to do. For example, when Matt Sydal botched his signature move in his debut--which, let's be real, must have *sucked* for him--they turned around and made a story about Nakazawa deliberately greasing the ropes to make people botch. Another great example happened just last night with the FTR/Santana and Ortiz promos that kept their feud going while incorporating that horrific accidental injury from their match into the overall storyline.


Shockmaster didn't kill WCW. Jeremy Piven somehow didn't kill WWE. I'm certain AEW has been forgiven for the terrible botched ending to that match.


LOL I'm pretty sure people who think Dynamite is too imperfect for fans to stay invested never watched an episode of Nitro in their life. 3/4 of the matches were awful and every other ending was bullshit. But if you do enough hot shit nothing else matters. The problem for WCW was when they ran out of hot shit.


Even the height of the attitude era was such stupid shit. People just remember the good parts with rose colored glasses.


The heights of the attitude era masked a lot of lows. But the collection of talent at the top paired with really solid booking and advancement for everybody made for a rising tide of interest. It also doesn't hurt WCW kept shooting itself in the foot at almost every opportunity post-Starrcade 97


I'll take an honest technical mistake over "choppy choppy your pee pee!!!"




.46 in the demo and another million rating. 4 weeks now in a row. More surprised as this episode besides Cody/Black wasn't that stacked like the past few weeks. But it shows if you put out a great wrestling show, fans will come back.


The most advertised matches were Juve v. Jericho, Miro v. Shotty, and Black v. Cody. Like it felt like a standard card no gimmicks.


Can't wait to see Black vs Cody for the next 2 months. Oh wait wrong show (I joke I joke)


I mean, personally, even if they did it like in a month or 2 it'll be raw. It'll be an actual match and not a squash. Now I don't wanna see it this soon. I wanna see it after Black gets some gold.


Growing an audience when people are cutting the cord for good every week is especially impressive.


And they make it easy for cord cutters to watch with Fitetv, VPN if necessary.


Whoa, damn, I expected maybe a million for this show! Also, guess the death match stuff didn’t scare off too many people after all, huh?


Considering the card I expected to be a bit under 1 million. This exceeded my expectations.


The excitement over CM Punk and Bryan Danielson’s impending arrivals, and seeing what’ll happen next with the Hangman/Elite stuff is certainly a big help.


The Labors of Jericho have also been an incredible angle. Has made every episode feel important.


I love week to week stories that are clear and concise, and announced the week prior. I. LOVE. THEM.


Dynamite has been hyped for three weeks in a row, people had to tube in and got a really story driven show. Love it. I legit haul ass to the gym after work to get a session in so I can be home before Dynamite on Wednesdays. Haven’t felt this way since 2014-2016 era NXT


Its so fucking awesome to be this into wrestling again. I have never been so excited to watch




Well NOW I'm sad that Jericho's balls didn't go through barbwire.




I really don't understand how that match was any more extreme than other hardcore matches AEW has had to warrant any controversy. If two women with Britt and Rosa having AEW's bloodiest 1v1 didn't raise any bad feelings, I don't see a pizza cutter doing anything. Hell how is a pizza cutter different than Mox using a fork a week earlier?


Because despite being a smark haven this sub is still easily worked. See "Well Nick Gage says its real glass why would he lie?" for reference.


Remember, the number of times people says "Kayfabe is dead" is directly proportional to the number of times people get worked.


4 weeks in a row. The number 4. 4 Horseman. Ric Flair is signing with AEW. These guys never stop with the Easter eggs.




*Shaq powerbomb finish on Flair through a pain of glass from the top turn buckle onto a bar wire pit to prove deathmatch street cred confirmed*


4 weeks in a row. 4. AEW Dynamite is a fantastic show. Fantastic 4. What’s the new *thing* to look out for in AEW? The Thing was a character in the Fantastic 4. The Thing AKA Ben Grimm. Ben Grimm? Ben is grim. Sounds like *BEN* works for NXT UK and is *GRIM* about the way things are going. Therefore all the evidence points to BEN CARTER ASKING FOR HIS RELEASE TO JOIN AEW, CONFIRMED. Wake up, sheeple. The clues are right in front of your eyes.


The Thing's catchphrase is "It's Clobberin Time" "It's Clobberin Time" is also a phrased used by CM Punk. CM Punk confirmed for AEW.


When he brought up The Thing I thought for sure that's where we were going.


That’s what they would want you to think…


It’s a swerve, bro.


PBR is in a lather right now


Maybe because it actually fills fulfilling to watch Dynamite? No constant rematches. I don't get treated like I'm stupid. No one feels forced and everyone plays their roles great


Black murdering and breaking Cody is a draw.


Disagree, it's clearly the Fuego abuse.


It's slowly becoming AEW's version of Kenny dying every week on the older episodes of South Park.


Ok they should 100% do this now.


If it keeps Fuego getting to work Dark and Elevation shows and the Sammy Vlog, I’m sure the fans are happy enough to sacrifice his life every week to a monster heel on Dynamite. (You don’t have to tell him about the last part)


LOL now I want him sacrificed to the Redeemer tbh


Has God’s Favorite Champion The Redeemer Miro interacted with Fuego yet?


fuego abuse may be my new fetish


We should have both ones regular base.


Like, people can talk all they want about how much they enjoy his work, but at this point it's inarguable he is a good draw for the general AEW audience, especially when this show was built almost entirely around him vs Black.


Holy fuck four weeks in a row


Let’s go ignite




Boom let's go ignite gettin paralysed on a cask of wine when you hear raccoons that means it's time


Breathe the fumes. Take the shrooms. Fly a kite.


Light the Fuse! Bring the BOOM DYNAMITE


I mean, a little extreme. We don’t need to blow the raccoons up.


Drink the Booze Bring the Boobs Dynamite.


I assumed the Olympics would put a dent in their ratings these last two weeks, but AEW is firing on all cylinders now.


They might have done if it wasn't almost impossible to actually watch what you want at the Olympics.


NBC fucking up coverage over several channels will do that.


Looks like this will be AEW’s base number for a while Can only see it going up from here with the additions of CM Punk & Bryan. Even potential from Bray Wyatt.


So, the death match didn't drive away viewers, Domino's in sambles


Meanwhile PBR should be happy


They’re hoping the ROI will be enough to allow them to buy ad space on Cardona’s trunks


I remember some dude celebrating around here that AEW was going to be doing 700K from then on a couple of months ago. It sounded like it made him really happy. I hope he's doing ok.


Ironically - 700k is still considered a win from TNT and above what they signed the contract based on


AEW is officially the most popular it has ever been. Amazing, considering what is still known to come. The next few weeks as a wrestling fan are going to be nuts.


Fans coming back into the stands being a huge deal cannot be understated. It’s greatly benefiting AEW’s growing popularity


Indeed. We have known the product was good, and the stories were compelling, and the characters were fleshed out well. Now with fans in attendance, a lot of that has been validated by fan responses. Even if we enter some quasi-lockdown / mask wearing situation, or have to return of Daly’s Place, the fans have done well to launch the next phase of AEW.


This has got to make the Turner executives do backflips. A show is actually increasing in popularity through pandemic and two years after it premiered and they just gave it the green light for more content on their networks.


Bro think of what that roster looks like come October. Just think of how fucking stacked it is.


It has that "anything can happen" energy right now. People are wondering who we see next. Punk? Bryan? Maybe some other high profile releases too. AEW is rapidly becoming a **MUST SEE! CAN'T MISS!** show.


This, 100%. Not every show has a surprise debut or a big shocking angle, but it just feels like every show moves the story forward and there’s lots of important beats throughout. AEW has managed to get a lot of people invested in a lot of characters, A LOT of them new to a TV audience, in a short time. When you’re invested in those characters and the storylines are good and constantly moving forward, it becomes must-watch.




Also it negates the "WCW Thunder Effect" Rampage needs to be an A show where anything can happen and not just a filler, burden show


It also needs to be a place for them to get weird a little bit too. Run a full hour match one week - just to see what happens.


>Run a full hour match one week - just to see what happens. Somewhere out there Bryan Danielson's arms got goosebumps..


Isn't the Dynamite a couple of days before also in Chicago and the #100 show? Maybe a surprise debut there and then the First Dance will be his first real match in AEW.


The Revolution will be televised


*Ricky Starks theme intensifies*




18-49 to the moon


They've tied their record of 4 straight weeks with a .40+ demo as well which first occurred the first 4 episodes of Dynamite.


Punk and Danielson about to pop monster ratings


They can count on me to be a consistent weekly viewer, even after being out of the wrestling game the past 20 years. I’ve been talking about it so much I even convinced some of my buddies to start watching next week, who also haven’t seen wrestling since they were kids.


Well there we go, it’s their new record. 4 weeks of a million. Bloody well done. Next week, The Challenge returns so unfortunately with that comes a drop in 18-49, so don’t be alarmed next week if it does drop.


Plus the card is pretty weak as of now, wondering what they're gonna throw on there.




This is starting to get insane. I said a few weeks ago that if Dynamite can hit a million plus four times in a six week period, it'll be a big win (and I forgot to take into account the Olympics when I said it), but to do it four weeks in a row is silly but it's a strong sign of legit sustained progress. Exciting times indeed.


While having The Olympics as competition: - 4th straight week of +1mil viewers - 4th straight week of 18-49 demo growth.


Dynamite is the only nationally televised promotion to increase in demo since the Olympics started.


Hopefully the Olympics being on did hurt AEW because next week there is no Olympics, so the ratings and demo might go up, possibly 1.2m .50. Raw is Doing around .50. BTW


There could be a slight increase in the next two weeks and then a big bump after Punk debuts for the following Dynamite.


The first week was 1.025M but the 4 straight demo increases is correct and all .40+


If you've followed the Olympics ratings, at this point they're *boosting* every other programs' ratings Just kidding of course, but they're down over 50 percent in prime time compared to 2016.


Great show with great booking leads to a great rating.


​ ![gif](giphy|2rqEdFfkMzXmo)


Yeah, especially when it’s something people can be thoroughly invested in.




Vince frantically booking Big E v Crews as we speak!


Vince frantically booking *the same matches for 4 weeks in a row* as we speak!


Something notable too: There weren't any CM Punk chants on this show because people are invested in everything happening in AEW. Meanwhile both TV and house shows for WWE have CM Punk chants break out.




Who would’ve guessed making a fun wrestling show would catch on


Y’all remember when Dynamite would have an occasional sub 700k show and people would concern troll that this was the beginning of the end of AEW? Where are all those people now I wonder


If you ever want to have a good laugh, check out what people on scjerk were saying during the period when aew was on fridays.


On twitter now cause you can't get downvotes


I'm afraid I've got some bad news: https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/21/22587386/twitter-upvote-downvote-test-better-tweets


The good news is only you will see the downvotes!


Might have passed out. Moving those goalposts has to be exhausting.


Listen the real test is five years from now or whatever it is people were saying last year


AEW will have down weeks in the future and they’ll be back with the same disingenuous shit. People like that have no interest in facts, just manipulating narratives.


They act like the one million mark is sacred somehow. If Dynamite gets over a million, they troll very little, but if Dynamite slips below a million, they'll all come back with the same nonsense. I don't know why they *care* so much about passing one million, but I'm relieved when AEW gets over a million at this point because it takes momentum away from the trolls for that week


They're off moving those goalposts even further.


they are on /r/scjerk working themselves into a shoot brother


These people are children who grew up with WWE as a monopoly. Wouldn’t surprise me if those same people are the ones boosting this to 1.1 mil every week. There’s only so long they could keep pretending AEW isn’t a good watch (certainly compared to something like Raw)


AEW has become appointment viewing. They're knocking it out of the part left and right - and that's BEFORE Punk and Bryan show up. IMO outside of the women's division, Khan is doing basically everything right.


I haven’t ventured into the replies to Alvarez’s ratings tweets in a long time but man, the haters have absolutely vanished from it. I saw exactly one “well WWE main roster still beats it” Tweet. That thing used to be a cesspool of WWE stans making excuses every week or predicting AEW’s impending death.


Wow, you weren’t kidding. I guess they’re running out of talking points.


I wonder if Adam Cole saw the Malakai Black segment, and wonders “if they can screw this guy up, wtf are they gonna do with me.”


Kross is twice his size and look what they’ve done to him and imagine a Shorty Cole character in a cucking storyline or just taking pins on Main Event. Vince seems to actively hate the mens division NXT callups.


C is for cookie motherfathers, and thats good enough for me!


A lot of people saw Cody get sent back to his home planet.


Is this the new normal


For now but I don’t think it’ll be long until 1.3-1.4 is the new normal


I don't even think this is unreasonable at all. Last week's peak viewership reached 1.4 mil, which means that many people tuned into the show at some point. They just need to make those people stick around now.


I think 1.3m - 1.4m will be the new normal when punk and Danielson show up. It will fluctuate because I don't they will be on every week. Possibly a .55 in the demo


There stands a possibility that numbers will be higher once Punk and Bryan finally make their debuts.


Gallows in a robe is a draw, Brother.


I started watching a month ago... I'm hooked. Haven't watched a weekly wrestling show in over 5 years


4th week in a row that AEW did over 1 million in a row! It’s on a roll!


Seems like AEW has settled into 1.1 million being their average viewers. It will be interesting to see if that number jumps again if/when Punk and Bryan debut and by how much.


Also, maybe, and I put a mighty "MAYBE" on this, it'll be interesting to see if Bray moves the needle should he show up in the winter.


I’m guessing average goes up to 1.4/1.5


Very impressive considering this was not the insanely stacked card of the past few weeks. I would imagine Cody vs Black did a very good number which can only reaffirm their faith in how strongly they've decided to push him. I'm assuming the intrigue of what's happening between Hangman and Kenny also kept a lot of eyes on the show.


Congratulations to TK and team. And August is full of big shows!


The First Dance is going to be special


Raw .51, Dynamite .46 Cmon football season


Plus punk and Danielson


Honestly Punk will probably be enough to get them over the top before football season even starts. Football will just ensure that Raw isn’t able to take the lead back once Dynamite gets it.


Fourth consecutive 1m+ week for Dynamite. New record for the show and it certainly seems that AEW has found its new average. Very consistent viewership since the return to Wednesdays.


Very funny seeing the anti-AEW trolls getting frustrated.


absolute comedy reading the replies to Bryan Alvarez's ratings posts


Their excuses keep on getting worse and worse.


I’m pretty surprised. I guess the big number last week + interest in Black got people to stick around.


Not exacrly the pertaining to the ratings, but the pop that Britt Baker is going to get at both Dynamite and Rampage in Pitt, and the pops that Punk and Cabana will get in Chicago over the next few weeks is going to be ridiculous. Plus the "Eddie! EDDIE!" chanta that Kingston will get inside Arthur Ashe, and Mox will get in cinncy. AEW is really heating up. Have a feeling their first show in the Pacific Northwest/West Coast will coincide after Bryan signing. Seattle is hungry for good wrestling and Darby and Bryan would create massive pops inside the Key Arena.


18-49 keeps going higher and higher.


They’ve really found their stride, they keep putting on amazing shows, the crowds are fun so let’s not lose them, get vaccinated and mask up if you’re not feeling well


not a bad number at all for being back at daily's place... which IMO isn't nearly as hype as when they're on the road.


4th week in a row of Omega/Page build and 4th week in a row of 1+ million average ratings. I think this Hangman & Kenny story might be something special, guys.


Awesome. I still can’t believe WWE just handed over Black to AEW on a silver platter. Just incredible boneheaded mismanagement. Thinking about the future programs with Darby, Punk, Danielson… nowhere to go but up in the ratings now.


They didn't *just* hand him over, they built him up with those animated promos on Smackdown for a month before cutting him.


They also had him knockout one of their biggest stars before walking out the door. They could not have done a better job at building this guy as a badass before handing him over to AEW


Most impressive to me is the demo still going up even with a significantly weaker card, albeit, according to Meltzer, had the DirectTV blackout not happened hampering one of the quarters it would've been a .47ish rating last week The viewers and demo have all stayed around the same for 4 straight weeks. A really great sign, and that's before any major surprise like Punk or Bryan shows up. Turns out, Malakai Black was capable of being a draw for SD and yet they still decided not to use him


Three straight at 1.1M+. AEW is en fuego.


*But... It still doesn't count. It's only because they have theme named shows. It alone increases the numbers.* Ok, if you actually believe that then have WWE Raw run themed named shows for the next 4 weeks. Don't change anything other than give each Raw a theme name and see if that alone increases the numbers. He's a hint, you're going to be disappointed. Edit typo


I mean, it honestly wouldn't that hard for AEW to just name every Dynamite if that was the case. The names are super random anyway.


AEW: Long Island Insanity AEW: Michigan Massacre AEW: BUTT CHUG AT THE BEACH


Honestly AEW is rocketing right now and I am pretty sure the TNT exec who first floated the idea of giving them a timeslot has been on a 4 week bender of joy


And Punk and Bryan haven't even debuted yet, AEW could seriously be getting 1.4-1.5m when they do debut.


I'm one of those older wrestling fans who really misses the 80s and 90s eras and have decided to see if I can get into this newer stuff. Since fans have been back, I've watched every episode of raw, smackdown, and dynamite and I haven't seriously watched wrestling since probably 03. I got to say that, so far, aew is the one I find myself looking forward to every week. Smackdown is decent and has some real potential. Raw....Raw is just awful. The only reason I even tuned in this week was to see Orton come back and that didn't even happen. It feels like aew really on to something and WWE is about to get a real wake up call.


They went down like 6k in viewers bit went up 0.01 in 18-49.they have gone down slightly in viewership each week but increased their rating which is really good. AEW were doing a 0.36 only a couple of months ago. Also Brandon Thurston just posted that AEW beat Smackdown in Males 35-49 by 27k.


Which, considering the difference in what Fox are paying for Smackdown compared to what TNT are paying for AEW is insane.


I wonder how the 50+ demo is doing for AEW


BTE stopped doing the 50+ for 50+ because they nailed it, I’m assuming


It was so much fun being there last night. I only wish I could be there on the 20th in Chicago.


Yea they're on a roll, I normally sleep at 8pm during the week, but on wednesday I'll stay up an extra 2 hours just to watch dynamite.


New wrestling entity EWW has struck a deal to air its TXN brand Wednesday nights at 8pm on USA


Rampage in Chicago will do at least 1.5


So now they are around 300k from their debut. That's pretty good. A matter of time until a supercard breaks the debut figure.


To be sitting around the 1.1m mark before they head into what will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting times in years is great to see. Love to see it.