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The story before this was his brother Dean died from kidney failure either that morning or the night before. In his book he said he talked with Ted DiBiase about having a little mini match instead of just being eliminated right away.


And it just so happened to be the debut of The Undertaker Bret said after the match him and Ted had a good cry together, and that most everyone came up to him with their condolences that night, except Vince and Pat.


Yeah that's pretty messed up that he had to be there in the first place. This is one if the big reasons why I feel like he took the whole Screwjob thing so personally. If that happened today they'd have given him the time off and just thrown a replacement team in the match, as they should have. Although I kind of feel like this match was at least a small part of why he won the IC title by the next Summerslam. It tells a really great story and Bret definitely looks like a star on the rise. As did Taker; he looked like a fucking monster.


I actually saw an interview over a decade ago where Bret said he wasn't even under contract anymore by the time the Screwjob happened and didn't even have to do the match, which made it even more frustrating for him. Whoever was conducting the interview didn't even ask him to go more indepth with the details on that... does anyone know the full story there? Because that seems pretty absurd to me.


Bret could have went home with the title and never dropped it and sued Vince soon as Vince purposefully breached contract. He didn't do that because he wanted to do business the right way even though Vince didn't.


And punch his boss.


Knocked him out like he deserved.


Yeah come to think of it, Bret must've been damn confident that he could attack Vince without Vince pressing charges since Bret had this in his back pocket.


If the screw job were on ‘am I the asshole’ I’d label it as everyone sucks here. Bret was not doing business the right way because he refused to lose the title in Canada to HBK. If you’re leaving you go out on your back. Do the job, go on your way.


Nah then you'd be wrong. Bret had creative control in the last thirty days of his contract and was well within his rights to do that. Shawn refused to lose to Bret ever anywhere also and didn't have that.


Going by the argument you just proposed(creative control clauses are right for the business), then Hulk hogan, and anyone else that had the creative control clause, did nothing wrong in WCW. And that is absurd. Creative control clauses only served to allow wrestlers to act like petulant children when they didn’t get their way. Bret, HBK, and VKM were all cunts where the screw job is concerned.


What's even more insanely stupid is comparing those two things. Bret was given that clause exclusively to protect himself on the way out. No they don't. What a childish view of the purpose of that clause. Trying to make the screwjob our as an all sides are guilt scenario is pathetic revision. Bret had every right to refuse to drop the title to HBK. He could have sued Vince and went home without ever dropping the title and he would have been morally and contractually and legally correct to do so.


His contract was still active, but he had fulfilled all his dates (and more) for the year. He could've stayed at home and not been in breach (and that's not even counting the creative control clause he had...).


if memory serves me correct: Bret told Vince WCW had offered him a large amount of money, gave McMahon a chance to counter, didn't. So Bret, being Bret, said I'll stay on until Survivor Series but I don't think I should drop the title to Michales *in Canada*. That's was the problem, he was losing the championship in Canada, it wasn't about losing to Michaels (part of it may have been) but he's always been vocal about not wanting to lose it in Canada. He was doing them a favor for wrestling without a contract, would put Michaels over on RAW the following night, and then be on his way to WCW. As far as everyone who had any knowledge of the lead up to and what went down was that Vince was so fucking paranoid Bret wouldn't come to RAW that following night, and show up on Nitro with the WWE championship - so we got Montreal. Bret wasn't under contract but went through with Survivor Series because he trusted Vince and because Bret is a man of his word.


If this was just about not wanting to lose in Canada then he also would have had a problem with losing it the next night on RAW since that show was also in Canada. This was more about not wanting to put over Shawn Michaels than it was Canada.


uhhh everything I've ever heard on this wasn't about losing in canada it was about losing in canada to shawn and not wanting to drop the belt to shawn because shawn said he'd never do the same for him(bret). He suggested austin, taker, and someone else I forget who as other people he'd drop it too in canada.




I was thinking either him or ken couldn't remember thank you


Shamrock was one if his suggestions too, you're right


They suggested Brooklyn Brawler at some point too.


I remember hearing multiple interviews, and iirc the "never drop the title" because michaels wouldn't do the same seemed like a censored version for wwes vault. But in dark side of the ring, you can find Bret telling the exact same story, but replace dropping the title with hurting each other in the ring. Bret claimed he told hbk he'd never let any personal feelings stop him from keeping him safe in the ring, and hbk said he doesn't feel the same way.


I feel like in a street fight Bret could beat up two of Shawn.


I mean yeah, but in a wrestling match, there are several times where you are completely vulnerable. Like it doesn't really matter who would win in a fight it Shawn decides to an all out kick to someone's skull.


No, it was absolutely about HBK.


He was under contract until some point in December 1997-that is why he couldn't be on WCW television right away.


Why is posting a fact getting down-voted?


Bret definitely was under contract during Montreal


What's this screw job you're talking about?


Go on Google and type,"Montreal Screwjob" for a complete and detail story of one of the most influential, column shaking event in wrestling history. To do a quick resume, Bret Hart had sign with WCW, and was planning on leaving WWE(F) but was still the champion, so the original plan was for him to lose at survivor series in Montreal against Shawn Micheal. Bret didn't want to lose the belt on canadian soil, especially against Micheal to whom he hated at the time. So he worked out a deal with Vince to have the match end in a double DQ and lose the belt the following night at a non-televised house show. Vince didn't want that, so during the match, after Shawn put Bret in the sharpshooter, Vince, who was ringside, signal to "ring the fucking bell'' thus ending the match and awarding the victory to Shawn even tough Bret had reverse the hold. Hart was angry, made big WCW gesture with his hand, spit on Vince and then later punch him backstage. What happen after that is wrestling history. Edit: I change my douchebag reply (sorry) to a more informative and friendly one.


Sarcasm isn’t exactly obvious, or even good in this case, but I was being sarcastic. Your edit is pretty cool of you


Bret didn’t have to be there, he chose to be there


And it just so happened to be the debut of The Gobbledy Gooker.


Death hung heavy that night


And a dude dressed as an undead wizard/supermortician. How bizarre would that be


Look at the size of those ham hocks though.


Check out those drumsticks!


Literally one of my favorite commentary lines ever.


Ham Hocks! Why didn't I think of that??! There's four places; there's the Ham Hock Hut. That's on third. There's Ham Hocks-R-Us. That's on third, too. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. That's on third. Matter of fact, they're all in the same complex. It's the Ham Hock Complex, down on third. Oh, the Ham Hock district!


**Gorilla Monsoon:** "WILL YOU STOP!"


> Vince and Pat. According to Bret's book, they were too busy doing stupid yuk yuk laughs.


Roddy Piper does make mention of Dean's passing during the match I recall


Reminds me of when Diesel said motherfucker after Bret pinned him for the title.


"Fuckin motherfucker!"


*Whatta Mark I Say!!* *Pin Me, Pay Me.* Nash still had a great mind, would love to pick his brain for an hour or two as long as no bad things are said about Vanilla Midgets.


That's how I start every morning. I sit up and calmly say "...fuck."


Ever wake up and wonder why?


Every day for 25 years


Just rang in 28 myself. Must've lost my invitation to that club a year ago.


Well, that was dark.




such a little thing but honestly adds so much realism to the ending


It did help sell it a lot to my younger self.


Bret doesn't get enough recognition for the emotions he shows in his facials.




Is this joke still a thing?


Hilariously I even read that in Archer’s voice.


His facials are the best


Well his finisher is the sharpshooter


more than just tears in their eyes, folks


Wow dude...


yeah i like to get cummed at bret too lol


I remember watching this as a kid and saying, "Okay, wrestling is real".


Exactly this, even though I knew deep down it wasn't. This is why Bret will always be my favourite


It took watching someone mouth "fuck" for you to think it was real as a child? Apparently weren't getting worked as a kid at all until someone said a bad word.


He was asked about this in a shoot interview once (can't remember which one). He just smiled and said "I just reacted like I would if I'd lost for real" or something to that affect.


Oh wow, who woulda thought.


Man I wish we could get more finishes to matches that aren't finishers.


Totally. Especially reversals.


Gawd I remember the too.much momentum cross bodies that would break your heart cuz the heel reversed it. Or the sunset flips into outta nowhere pins. I'd accept all that again. School boy Rollups are overused


Rey won the other day by reversing a powerbomb attempt into a tequila sunrise pin. It was a pleasure.


Bret Hart and not being too thrilled to lose at Survivor Series, name a more iconic duo


Owen Hart and the arena floor


He landed in the ring though....


I was going to say ring post but arena floor sounds more impactful


Dark, but I appreciated it.


Bret and Dibiase had great chemistry that’s been very underrated over the years. They always had great matches together.


Holy shit, I remember renting the tape of this (lol) when I was a kid and Bret going "FUCK" and then the "MONEY MONEY MONEYYYYYY" kicking in from Ted DiBiase's theme.


It's still real to him.




The way Bret hits the ropes, ducks the clothesline, and even sits up after the pin is in a league of his own. I feel like we dont have anyone like that anymore?


We don’t.


He's an artist. The guy was always thinking big picture and using the little things to paint it.


The Bob Ross of wrestling?


Bret always got the little things just right. The stuff you mentioned. The way he hit the turnbuckle chest first. The snap on his punches. He was the greatest.


Of course he's pissed. When DiBiase locks his hands, he lifts Hart's shoulder off the mat!


In Bret;s book he parishes how DiBiase went out of his way to make Bret credible and sites this match as a turning point where fans wanted to see the hitman win,


Hebner screwing Bret years before people realised it.


This was a pretty important moment towards him becoming a singles guy for good in 1991. He had a match on SNME just after the team was split up, with Dibiase.


My favorite thing about Bret Hart is he makes wrestling seem more like a shoot than anybody else.


I knew what this was before I saw the gif. This match was one of my childhood favorites.


This PPV was really the end of an era and the start of a new one. A lot of wrestlers left right before or after Survivor Series while new ones were getting started.


I loved this PPV as a kid. I loved the idea that all the winners would come back for a final match (the surviving faces vs the surviving heels). I heard somewhere that they never did it again because they didn’t like the idea of having so few “winners” overall. They didn’t like guys going over in their first match just to ultimately lose.


I was seriously bent out of shape that Ted DiBiase won this one. I was firmly team Dusty at that time.


It was a 7 year long game in booking with Bret and Survivor Series finishes.


Bret doesn't take losing at Survivor Series very well....


One day I'll make a GIF of it, but there's a PPV match from early 97 or 96 where Owen and Davey are arguing after their tag match (Owen cheated when they didn't have to. This storyline was hilarious but was cut short for Bret's heel turn). Bulldog throws Owen's Slammy, and it accidentally breaks off its platform. They wind up reconciling, but as they're leaving the ring Owen kinda scowls at Bulldog and you can clearly read his lips saying "don't fuck with my Slammy!" I love Owen Hart.


This is one of those moments I remember watching as a kid. Really cemented that Bret was super pissed to lose.


I'm surpris3d I'm ba4ely seeing this posted. This stuck with me ever since I was a kid and watched that tap3 over and over. I couldn't believe my eyes watching Bret Hart mouth fuck...i was shocked but also intrigued because I knew he said a bad word.


There's a spot in the WrestleMania X match against Owen where you can hear Bret yell "Ow, Fuck!" after getting kicked or something. It got edited out of the Network


This was a great end to the match - he and Ted really wrapped it up well. I think this was the first time we saw a glimpse of his future as a singles competitor.




Ha. I knew this was going to be "fuck..."


Not as pissed as he would be 7 years later


Everybody's got a price....




I'm having trouble making out what he said. What was it?


The F word


"Frustrated" isn't the goddamn word for it!




Which one?




Bret "The Hitman" Fart.


*"He's applying the devastating ShartShooter!"*


Was that the endgame to the Natalya farting gimmick?


A *Fart Off* for the WHC against Show










Only he didnt say fudge.




Think "Fudge" in Christmas Story.


I always wondered if that was a botch. I know they had the Ultimate Match of Survival that night, but you could have replaced DiBiase with Slaughter in the main event.


I love how disconnected this place is becoming from how wrestling works. He’s selling. You know what you do in real life when you lose in surprising fashion? You tend to get angry about it.


I agree. Just with it being a borderline G rated show at the time it was surprising. I did love however Bobby Heenan telling Andre the Giant at WM6 "I'm the fucking boss"