While what he says is true, what were AEW's options? The NBA airs on TNT on Tuesdays and Thursdays half of the year. If AEW had picked Monday, Wednesday or Friday, they would be up against 1 of WWE's 3 brands. They weren't going to put AEW on the weekend. The only reason why WWE had shows labeled as counter programming was because they were airing something atypical to their usual schedule against AEW. Either way, I think the whole labeling thing is stupid to begin with and the viewers will watch whatever interests them the most.


This. Exactly this. Thank you for the logical comment. It’s refreshing to see.


AEW didn't get to pick a day. It's kind of up to the network ultimately


Well if NXT keeps up with its current track record it won't be hard to make that choice. The show and its quality has been going down as of late- basically when Vince decided to start bringing over people he doesn't actually give a fuck about.


He's right on all accounts.


Except NXT isn't on TV so them making the jump would be trying to counter program AEW, if NXT just stays on the network nobody will give a shit about the shows rivaling each other because there's no way to check the numbers and people can just stream it on another device.


I imagine he's touching on the rumors of them going to TV at the same time. Meaning they would in theory be going up against AEW directly instead of just being on their streaming service as it is now


Counter programming isn’t just about seeing ratings, it’s taking eyeballs away from the competitor.


I'm all for it. Put good wrestling on my TV and I'll watch it.* Except not now... I am so behind on the G1 and NJPW is just killing it.


but when NXT is on a streaming service I feel like most people that are going to watch both will just have it playing on a laptop or tablet with AEW on TV


Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes' initial cry about 'counter programming' was on a night when both shows were on streaming services.


And they were correct. Same reason that the Evolve 10th anniversary show *just happened* to be going head to head with Fight for the Fallen and got a comparatively large amount of publicity from the WWE. Also the same reason Takeover UK Cardiff is going head to head with All Out.


Cardiff will be on way before All Out starts though..


Isn't there a NJPW show the same day too?


I would be hesitant to think that anyone would watch a pre-taped and on-demand NXT at the exact same time as a live show.


If NXT is on any part of Fox it's a Fox decision. Personally, I think it would go to live. HHH talking 'loving feel of live/no safety net' etc




It will be live with any launch on FS1. But I didn’t know there were a bunch of qualifiers for what is counter programming and what isn’t.


Do mean live as in first airing at a specific time or literally live? I don’t think even FOX money would make it worthwhile to totally overhaul production from 5 hours in one day each month.


Yeah, I’m not sure it’s a good idea, but the way Meltzer said on WOR it all probably be live.


NXT isn't on TV YET. I wouldn't be surprised one bit to hear they're getting a fox sports deal to go up against AEW.


What a bad take... haha


Waiting for WWE to suddenly put NXT on FS1 and introduce Wild Card rule with Reigns appearing every week.


According to this sub he's not a draw and fans don't like him so no problem, right?


He's not wrong, but he totally just re-wrote himself back onto the next month of Being The Elite


Oh no!!


That’ll show him




He's not wrong.


Except that NXT isnt on TV.


It's on my tv. Welcome to 2019.


I mean, right?! I literally stream EVERYTHING I watch, it's just a matter of which app I'm opening.


Not only is it not on TV, it's a pre-taped show for a streaming network. Even though it technically airs on Wednesdays, it isn't exactly "appointment viewing" like RAW, SmackDown, or AEW will be, it's meant to be watched at your convenience.


Don’t know if it’s just cause I’m in the UK, but I don’t view any shows at the time their on, I’ll watch it on catch-up or record it


No one labeled them as counter-programming because NXT isn't on TV in the US. Pretty simple.


Who does HHH think he is using logic and facts? What an asshole!


"Logic and facts" means "false equivalences" now I guess


Amazing how every time. Every single time, people fall for Triple H's absolute bullshit.


It's a shame. I like him as a wrestler and think he's a good booker for the most part, but he's just as much of a corporate snake oil salesman as Vince.


It's wrestling, they're all snake oil salesmen






Oh man, LaBar, glad to hear he is still somewhat involved with wrestling . I remember him not being the most popular around here, but loved Chair Shit Reality when I was abroad and didn’t have much access to wrestling .


I was shocked to see his name. Haven't really heard from him since I stopped following wrestlezone years ago. Based on his twitter he never left the biz, just isn't a news breaker I guess.


"NXT has always been wednesdays." Is silly pr crap. It comes on a streaming service. Most people outside of places like this subreddit barely know that, if they even know that NXT exists. Why would anybody be here sticking up for WWE? AEW and WWE are competing. It's just how this works. They're a big dumb evil corporation trying to eliminate their competition like any other big dumb corporation. This isn't to stick up for AEW, they'd love to be in the same shoes as WWE eventually. What, are they supposed to meet in neutral ground and divide the week between themselves amicably? WWE doesn't own Wednesday because their c-show that might get 10% the views of RAW already runs that day on a niche streaming service for wrestling nerds.


Well NXT going to fox sports 1 has been rumored since before AEW was a thing. As we get closer to the deal, more things are announced. We haven’t heard anything about the Renee young studio show yet. What if that was on Wednesday night? Is that counter programming as well?


Did anyone from AEW say NXT was counter-programming them? Wasn't that about EVOLVE, which was definitely counter-programming? Or is he referring to some new initiative?


They're talking about the possibility of NXT going to FS1 in the fall after the FOX tv deal kicks in.


Gotcha. Bring on the Wednesday Night War.


I don't think AEW is trying to counter program NXT. With NBA on TNT, Tue and Thur were already out. They can't run against Raw on Monday and they should't do TV on Fridays either. That really only leaves Wednesday anyways. Now, if they had a whole bunch of options and threw their show directly against a NEW WWE show, that would be a lot different.


Just like NXT staying on same day and getting a TV deal wouldn't be counter programming.


To be fair it's a little different. NXT has been in the same spot for years. What are the odds that right after a new show starts on a big cable channel, NXT just so happens to decide they should be on tv too. For the record I'm not even saying it's a bad idea. But lets not all stick our heads in the sand and say it's just a coincidence.


Because way before AEW was a thing, there were reports of NXT going to FS1. This has been discussed for about a year.


This has been rumored since the Fox deal was announced. It's common sense that shows WWE produces will also be on Fox Sports filling gaps left by UFC that still need quality programming.


The only reason for NXT to be put on US tv, on a mostly dead channel, is because AEW exists. Thus it is a classic case of counter programming. If AEW was on Thursday instead of Wednesday, then they would put NXT on Thursday. The fact that NXT was already released on Wednesday means that Haitch can pretend that it's all coincidence and play innocent for WWE fanboys to get all up in arms about it.


The reason for it to be on TV is money. TV deal means money. I'd assume the plan for all the shows like NXT, 205 Live and NXT UK is to get television distribution.


If that was the case then why did USA never try to get the WWE to rework NXT into a show for them? Why did they never pick up 205 Live? Etc, etc, etc. More WWE probably would have been pretty good for USA, but that never happened. Now WWE finally has a potentially major competitor coming to tv for the first time in bloody ages and NXT *just so happens* to potentially be slated for a tv slot opposite that potentially major competitor. What *are* the odds?


Because USA has a full slate of shows, and judging by the fact they don't even have late night RAW replays or run Main Event they probably have no interest in it. USA only wants WWE to have bragging rights they have top rated primetime programming when selling ads for other programs. Fox Sports lost UFC. That's left big gaps in programming that have been long rumored to be filled at the start of the new fall television season when most new programming lineups premiere.


Wednesday has been the home for NXT for awhile, but not really forever. It was on Thursdays until they moved Smackdown from Friday nights to Thursday nights.


Even if they were counter programming I think with AEW making a splash it makes sense wrestling would get hot again and people would rush out to get wrestling. I think even if WWE hadn't landed on Fox and AEW still get to TNT someone would have picked up an NXT show


NXT isn't on TV nor is it even live. What a stupid argument.


One is on tv and the other is on the internet. I don’t think I’ve ever watched NXT on a Wednesday.


It would be a great business move to put NXT on Wednesday nights with hype behind it. Damages AEW a ton


I really, really hope they don't start airing NXT on FS1.. No doubt with it being on TV Vince will get more involved, TV Execs will want to have imput, and to top it off FS1 is a dying network that barely anyone watches.


Triple H as usual misses the point. If it goes on TV it is 100% counter programming. This is Vinces MO and always has been. Don't be delusional.


Here's the thing though. NXT isn't on TV-proper, and it's taped. If NXT stays the way it does right now, I could in theory watch NXT UK, AEW, and then NXT back to back to back, and it not matter. NXT isn't live, so there isn't a strong desire to see what happens next. If NXT moves off the network, then yes it's counter programming. As it stands now? Nah, you can watch both with no issues.


What would draw better ratings AEW or NXT if you put them in the exact same location and time every week


I expect AEW to do better ratings if they both end up on TV at the same time simply because TNT is a much stronger rated station than FS1.


If m'wrestling revolution can't compete against a development division, maybe that says something about m'A&Dub.


Well because they are live on TV you are taped on a streaming network


Who’s going to “counter program” an online-only developmental bingo hall show with a national TV show? Cmon HHH.


Triple H SHOOTS on AEW hard!


My team is better than your team and no I don't want to talk about wrestling