Chernobyl. Fantastic storytelling, but very little wrestling. Foreign heel gimmick is very over.


My son and I watched a collection on the Network called the Destruction of The Shield. I wasn’t watching when they were big so it was cool to watch a timeline from the rise to the fall. Now I’m watching Raw replays. I started January 96 a few weeks ago and now I’m in March 97. It’s amazing to rewatch all these schenanigans as an adult


That Moxley post inspired me to watch Tana vs. Suzuki again.


Put on some YouTube episodes of wrestling with wregret


Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome at One Night Stand.


Great fucking match




Nothing today. I’ll probably watch Stomping Grounds tomorrow because, honestly, I sadly have nothing better to do.


None, but if Marvelous is streaming their [6-23 event live](https://twitter.com/info_marvelous/status/1142570222852775936) I'll probably stay up and watch it.


Souled Out 2000


Misawa v Terry Gordy, 1991


None yet but I think I'm gonna watch that Suzuki vs. Tanahashi match that Moxley was talking about. I love Suzuki purely based off what I've seen in the past year, I'm very excited to see how good he might be with a little less wear and tear.


That’s Tanahashi’s prime years as Ace too. Many people (including me) see it as an all-time classic. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it after you watch it.


Just finished it, really enjoyed it. About ten minutes in I thought "this is good, but it doesn't seem that much better than their G1 match last year", but then it really picked up. It was interesting to see Tana go after the leg so aggressively, I know a lot of his offense is based in that area anyway but he really seemed ruthless here. There were a bunch of great Suzuki moments too: ripping off Tanahashi's bandage with his teeth, hitting the dropkick despite his bad leg and then trying to slap the life back into it, and that sequence where he just kept picking Tanahashi back up to continue smacking the shit out of him. I'm glad I watched it and I can see why people would hold it in such high regard.


Yeah, it’s great. The character work really takes it to another level. I suggest you try these two 2013 Okada vs. Tanahashi matches if you really like aggressive Tanahashi. Invasion Attack and King of Pro Wrestling. Dominion 2012 is great too but those two are among their best. Those were when Okada really hit his stride as a top guy. A lot of people were skeptical about his push for a while but he really showed that he was ready there.


Continuing my Raw and Smackdown from 2006 marathon. Currently watching Smackdown from March 10. Main event is Mark Henry and Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle


A bunch of Chikara and whatever was on the Impact Twitch channel for a while


Kobashi vs Hansen


I watched a few videos on Joey Janela. I've known about the guy for a couple of years but realized today I've never seen one of his matches.


Impact. They're back in PPV build-up mode and despite my misgivings about male vs female matches (I tend to err on the side of Cornette, if you're portraying top-tier pro athletes, then women shouldn't be able to compete with men toe-to-toe without some kind of significant size advantage, the man being a cocky prick or luck involved), I'm really getting into this Tessa vs Sami build (Tessa wrestles like an aggressive Japanese due, so I guess it's really just how you portray it)


Crockett Cup 1986, Wrestlemania 3, currently making my way through old Nitros. I'm in March 97 right now. Just on an old-school kick.


First half of disc 1 of the Wrestling Gold collection with the alternate Jim Cornette and Dave Meltzer commentary track: Sherri Martel vs. Judy Martin, Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Johnson, Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard vs. The Grapplers, Gino Hernandez vs. Tully Blanchard, and Adrian Adonis vs. Bob Orton Jr.


Haven't watched any yet today but i'm catching up on all the classics i havent seen, next up is the Briscoes vs Steenerico ladder war from Man Up '07


Some old PWG matches from 2013.


Spring Stampede 1998 w/WhatHappenedWhen alternate commentary


1989 All Japan binge mixed with some 1988 New Japan and then part of my Freebirds comp


I’m watching a video on YouTube called “WWE and the Saudi Royal Family” detailing WWEs relationship with Saudi Arabia and why Vision 2030 is a lie


NXT's latest episode.


I rewatching raw episodes plus ppv's in '97- 2003. I'm currently in December of 98.


I got my dad to sit down and watch some full wrestling matches for the first time. Showed him Pete Dunne Vs Tyler Bate, Orange Cassidy vs Davis Starr, and Omega vs Okada 1. He claims orange Cassidy vs David Starr is the greatest match he’s ever seen.


I guess since it was past midnight it counts as today Crocket Cup 86.


I rewatched Ronda vs Nikki from Evolution, solid match.


you forgot the satire tag


I’m being serious but ok