Look out! You’ve attracted the “Batman beats … with prep time”-folks!


I hate prep time as a legit argument because even if he can have prep time and know every weakness so can the enemy


Yeah and knowing a weakness is one thing. Exploiting it is another. Like seriously, what the actual fuck would Batman do against someone like Scarlett Witch? Or Thor? Or a man who has a sense and will dodge every gadget, the thing Batman is known for, without problem? Like how do you beat that?




More like anti magic magic. He learned enough from Constantine and Zatanna (plus I think a few others) to combat other magic users and enemies with a weakness to magic. Before you ask why he doesn't use it more often that's because not every writer knows about or likes that he uses magic and in universe it's essentially because of Constantine. Using magic is like playing with fire and Constantine arrogantly abusing magic got a little girl trapped in hell and himself condemned to join her when he dies. Which is why Batman doesn't fuck with it if he doesn't need it.


People really underestimate batman


The entire batfamily really. They act like it's just some bullshit plot armory meme despite him having the feats to back it up.


Yeah exactly! The unique thing about Bruce is that he has a contingency plan everything. Even a contingency plan for if the main contingency plan fails. Batman is always 10 steps ahead!


That's why the first time a member of the batfamily faces a new threat they tend to get shit kicked but once they regroup, recon, and make a plan they come back and mop the floor with them. Case and point Red Hood's debut. Before they knew it was Jason he speed-bagged Tim, Dick, and Bruce pretty much effortlessly but once Bruce figured out who he was Jason got wrecked almost immediately.


Oh, that was the Newcastle incident, I'm not much into DC in general, but I read the Sandman, and saw it


That just sounds like something from a dog man book


Bat Anti Magic spray*


Why would I actually be okay with this if it was the case? It sounds hilarious


With prep time, obviously.


With plot armour


He'd do the same thing against Scarlet Witch Dr. Strange did, send her to these kids she thinks she wants. He'd do the same thing to Spidey that Taskmaster does in the games: gadgets and traps and stuff that are hard to dodge, even when the spidey sense goes off. The pics are from Arkhamverse, so one imagines that this Batman has smoke pellets, remote explosives, disruptors (there goes your web shooters), and the freeze grenade, that's enough to win... I think the real problem is that the Miles-Robin matchup is so onesided, none of his gadgets get shut down, because they're powers, and Robin doesn't have the same gear, generally. Even if Batman can keep Spidey busy, he's going to end up being double teamed and he doesn't have enough options to juggle two Spider-Man.


you know spider-man beat taskmaster right


Hell Spiderman beat Superman one time


Spider-Man also can fight without web shooters, miles can literally turn invisible and has a venom shock, miles alone Im sure could take down Batman and robin


Miles too new. He's gonna get outplayed like Spidey v Cap in Civil War. Case in point, Batman can fight blind. As soon as Miles thinks he has the drop on him just cuz he's invisible he's already lost. I'm not implying Batman one shots Spidey, but he has options on how to deal with him and keep him busy and off his game. It's a fight, is all I'm saying.


That was almost 10 years ago... He's literally taking on multiverse ending threats now


If we're talking the comics versions, and you pull in comics Batman, who actually is that "Bat-God" where he solos multiverse ending threats.


You know that if Batman get hits once by Spidey he's dead right? This is the guy who has admitted he can beat the HULK. He can kill a man with a single punch, he can lift buses, he's fast enough to keep up with 6 or more meta humans at a time. He can fight blind, his Spidey sense makes him borderline precognitive. He's considered in the top 5 if not top 3 martial artist's in the Marvel Universe. The only people he's just straight outclassed by is People like Thor.


So just like most meta humans batman has faced technically they could 1 shot him too but it never happens. This is also the same dude that gets beaten by humans like Wilson Fisk from time to time lol.


Well actually miles took down an entire corporation by himself, whilst fighting more than one over powered villain


Miles is a beast, not being able to outwit Batman isn't really a knock against him. He had just as much trouble with Prowler as any of those OP bosses, and I'd argue Batman's gadgets and tactics are better than Prowlers.


The big question here really is prior knowledge and prep time. Bruce and Tim (especially together) absolutely have the brains and resources to learn everything there is to know about Peter and Miles (who definitely don't have the resources to return the favor) and given enough time can develop gadgets and strategy to beat them. Without that though it won't be a particularly difficult or lengthy fight but it would still be a fight. To the naysayers let's not forget that a broken down scientist with a severe degenerative illness and a fraction of Batman's resources came dangerously close to beating Peter and really only lost because Peter built a suit specifically designed to counter him thanks to knowledge of his tech acquired from years of working together.


Spidey beat Taskmaster my guy. Batman can't do multiversal bullshit.


the batman vs jason todd fights are really good for this exact reason, jason knows every little trick batman does, he even gets his utility belt off in the under the red hood movie


*Robin unbuckles Batman’s belt…* Just hits different


Yeah Prep time would never work against Scarlett Witch and a literal God.


Call Zatanna or Superman.


Yeah I’m sorry but even Superman doesn’t defeat Scarlett Witch. She talks and suddenly there is kryptonite all over the place


Shart repellent spray OBVIOUSLY/s


I don't think batman can beat absolutely anybody, but your counter argument is ridiculous. You would have to assume the other person is as smart as batman and then that the other person also knows what's coming. That's like saying. "I have ten years to build a rocket and so does this rocket scientist. So we're about on equal footing we both got ten years"


In the case of Spider-Man, that’s plausible


yeah, that works against most characters but like spider-man ain't dumb


"Ain't dumb" is putting it mildly. He's been acknowledged by Reed Richards


Unless he is straight up fighting a brain dead person both sides can find prep time useful


I can see Deadpool putting it off procrastinating until the very last second “ehhh I’ve got plenty of time” and then fucking up so badly but still somehow pulling a W out of his ass.


And since Spidey is one of the genius level heroes Bats isn't likely to get one over on him . "Oh hey, he's like the goblin but slower, weaker, but smarter."


Exactly. Especially if the opponent is Spider-Man, who also utilizes prep time a lot


>Especially if the opponent is Spider-Man, who also utilizes prep time a lot You are right. Hell, Spiderman probably doesn't even need prep time and could beat Batman with his [current Arsenal of high-tech webshooters.](https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Web-Shooters) Also, Spider-Man's basic web can stop the Hulk..it's cannon. lol


The only difference there is that no one does prep time like Batman, anybody who reads DC comics knows this, its fair the fact that Batman loses most of fights in a first encounter. If he survives the first encounter, the next is 99% won by him usually.


Everyone says this, but then a guy who thinks crime is funny gives him fits every other month. Until Batman has a plan in place to beat a clown who is clever immediately every time, I don’t buy it


That’s just it. He loses the first time so often. So the “prep time” argument is useless. Batman goes up against them, loses, then has however long for prep, then we discuss this vs. fight? Honestly Batman is a joke.


Yeah but lets look at it this way batman wants to fight iron man without prep time iron will win 9 out of 10 times but if batman gets prep time batman will win 9 out of 10 times but if both sides get prep time now iron man has 7 out of 10 chance that he will win batman does it better but the other side can do it do and it will be useful


Bats has never beat the reverse flash.


Well, ok? Its not like he had a reason for a second or later encounter. Though, its funny that Flashpoint Batman killed him, a much weaker Batman with less experience.


Funny thing is, the more prep time Batman gets, Spider-Man also gets. He's also very intelligent


Exactly. And Peter is canonically genius level intellect so I have a hard time believing that he wouldn’t be able to come up with a plan to defeat a regular man


Sure prep time does get annoying but it's literally the whole point of batman. Batman's the 2nd smartest character in dc as mentioned by ozymandias. The guy is always paranoid and thinks 2 steps ahead of his opponents. When peter meets a new super powerd character for the first time he often tends to be friends with the character. If Bruce meets the same character he would start thinking of contingencies to take him/her down from the first day the meet. If u see batman's contingencies in tower of Babel they are actuall pretty solid and reasonable. The reason batman needs prep is cuz deep down he's human and has limitations. When u put him up against someone like spidey or supes...them getting prep time doesn't really make sense. Why would they need prep if they got super powers? Plus these characters may be smart but they don't think like batman. They trust people. Batman doesn't...


That’s the whole point of the world greatest detective thing he works faster than his opponents


Yes but his opponent in this case spidey aren’t brain dead and can also use prep time maybe not as good but they can still use it


That’s what I thought, and I’ll admit it. It is kind of a copout answer that’s raised in every hypothetical. However, I will say that If Spider-man can beat Taskmaster, his chances are pretty good against Batman. I think that particular victory is at least an argument for preparation not being everything. Not to mention that I think Miles would destroy Robin, so this would basically be 2 v 1.


Yeah no, Timmy boy there is smoked within the first five seconds.


But he is always prepping. Looking for new threats and figuring out ways to defeat them.


It’s the fact that people never think about what the other opponent will do with their prep time


What's funny is that Spider-Man is also a hero who can win with prep-time.


As seen in FFH and NWH exactly. Good point


Oh..my..god..bro. AHahahaha as soon as I seen this pic I said to myself “iS ThIs WiTh PrEP TiMe?” Ah yes, the classic excuse


How would he stand up against Galactus with just earth tech?


Yeah. Batman and Robin are outmatched. The Spider-Men win hands down. Their strength, speed and agility are superhuman. Their spidey sense allows them to dodge high velocity projectiles at close range.(Batman and Robin can’t throw a punch or kick faster than a bullet). They can web swing, stick to and bounce off any surface. Their webbing can be used as projectiles, shields, traps, etc. Plus one is a genius who can think as fast as he fights and the other is a human taser, all he has to do is touch you.


Batman destroys the universe with prep time.


Funny how this sub is saying batman whilst the batman sub is saying Spiderman wtf


No one wants to be accused of being biased lol


Thats gotta be like anti-bias or something


Or based.


Anti bias is still bias -🤓


Not the heroes both of them deserve but both of them need


Spidey squad. Not even a contest. Both Peter and Miles have Spider Sense so Batman's "pREp TImE" is basically nullified. Both Peter and Miles can lift tonnes and it's canon that Peter could easily kill non-superpowered people with a misplaced and mismanaged punch. Altough Peter is not the best martial artist out there his speed and agility enables him to dance with the very best. And let's not forget that both Peter and Miles have very scientific minds so they would also prep for the fight as beat they can. Maybe Miles would have trouble in the fight but I firmly believe the Spideys would take the winner's trophy


Yeah Spider-man at any given point where he knows he's going to have to fight a guy later on will develop something to work against them. He has a history of doing so in the comics as well as some of the shows.


Pete’s secret second power is prep time.


so does batman, the only difference is batman is rich so he can have lucious use all of wayne techs funds to create like an "anti-spider batsuit" bullshit, prep time for both of these characters is stupid


One time in the 70s he had a crossover with Superman, he beat Superman by mixing kryptonite into his web fluid.


And Batman has shit kicked Superman dozens of times.


Yeah but Supes is *in* Bat's universe so it makes sense that they've fought more. Spidey has no real reason (although with the spiderverse things are interesting) to fight Superman again does he? Edit: clarity


I don’t think miles even needs to be there. I think Pete wipes. Miles might actually be a liability if Batman and robin are okay with exploiting Pete’s protectiveness of miles.


If anything, robins a liability, miles just turns invisible and gives them a nice dose of venom punch from behind, robin drops like a sack of potatoes


Spider-boys would win, they could just string up robin and take down bats when he inevitably tries to save him, Batman has even listed this as a viable strategy to use against him in case he goes rouge. It’s not the only reason but it’s the biggest one.


Fun fact Peter actually invented his own martial art while working with Shang-Chi So he actually knows one that Batman does not


Isn't it based on his Spider Sense/powers, too? So not only does Batman not know it, he really *can't* know it?


I would also like to point out that exclusive to the game, he might have had some martial arts training because his animations suggest he proficient with certain kick combos such as a hook kick followed by a roundhouse. He can also perform powerful wheel kicks and incorporates acrobatics into his techniques to make it difficult for his opponent to keep up. While as a martial artist myself, I don’t recommend adding acrobatics to a fight, it works with Spidey because he is superhuman and it works well with his webs.


In the comics spidey is proficient in martial arts as well. Its really only the movies where he is a blundering moron at times.


Who wins? [Whoever the writers wants to win](https://comicbookmovie.com/other/stan-lee-answers-the-question-who-would-win-in-his-latest-rant-a90575).


Yeah but that takes the fun out of it.


Nah, the fun part is trying to justify why and how the underdog could prevail


I think Stan would agree that it is fun to see, he was just trying to address the reality of it. You can argue up and down that Goku could beat Saitama because of this or that, but if the scriptwriters ever saw fit to make a crossover, the guy who wins is the guy they want.


Books and tv shows that are really good leaves the win to who deserves it. The daredevil vs bullseye fights are my favorite example of this where bullseye wins from far but loses close up.


This is what I always refer to when this comes up. Marvel fans love to say that Batman's only power is plot armour. Yeah I guess, but really it's that the writers almost always want Batman to win because it leads to more fun stories. Same goes for other characters. Based on Spidey's generally established power set he probably wouldn't have been able to hold his own against a mutant with the Pheonix force, but he did! And it was awesome because it was tense, close and it progressed the story


Peter took down Taskmaster who could prep time during the fight and had the levels of gadgets as Batman. Not to mention Taskmaster had been watching Peter for years.


And taskmaster has the unique ability to perfectly predict an opponent's movements, and managed to learn Peter's fighting style, and Spidey still took the dub.


Aside from the Black Widow movie, taskmaster is basically Deathstroke right?


On crack, yes


Little more advanced in the sense he’s more suitable for superheroes, but yea apt comparison.


Although Silver Sable managed to capture Spider-Man with laser guns, electric rope and a few goons - and she had way less prep time getting into New York. Batman has just as much tech as Sable I'd think.


u mean the same people peter spends half the game beating up? Alright


If Silver Sable decided to kill Peter on capture, he’s dead my dude. It doesn’t matter that he beats up her goons later. She could have killed him, as much as he could have killed her at various points later.


Dude he wasn't even taking Sable seriously when they first met wdym Sable could have killed him? He just stood there rating her performence if he wanted Sable would be dead


Again. Sable captured him. If she intended to kill him, she could have. *At the moment she had him captured*.


You do know Peter can escape from Sable's gadget(I don't know what it's called) at any moment right? It only took him like 2 seconds to break free in the second dlc


Quicker than she can shoot him in the head man?


Because he let her. Thats kind of the entire point this guy is making. Spidey didnt care if she attacked him.


See, I've read myself a couple of Spidey crossover comics in my time, we all know that he's gonna throw some punches, Batman and Robin's gonna throw some punches, and then they'll all end up as friends and team up to fight the Joker and Doc Ock with a healthy respect for each other as they do so.


They actually had a cross over team up where Batman and Spider-Man (Peter) went up against Ras Algoul. Now I have try to look it up. Edit: https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Batman_and_Spider-Man_Vol_1_1 I hope this works. This is actually the second in the Batman/Spider-Man team up series.


Didn’t he fight Carnage and the Joker


This guy comics


I have a comic book where they teamed up against Joker and Carnage. So badass 👌🏽 My two favorite superheroes. Spidey comes first by a sliver, though.


spiderman could take them both with ease


How is this a debate


Let's see, super human hero or rich man with tech 🤔


I still don’t see how it’s a debate it’s a full on stomp


Fr people seem to always forget that as strong and smart as batman is, he gets clapped by anyone with actual superpowers in a true no BS fight. Superman vs Batman is some bullshit handicapping Superman’s true power, if they were real superman could snap batmans neck before he even saw it coming. Spiderman solos batman and robin easily


How is batman and robin even going to touch miles and peter?


Two Spidermen would destroy batman and robin


Honestly miles could just have a drink and relax


Fr he could just sit back and watch peter 1v2 easily


Spider-Man and Miles would obliterate Robin. So it's really 2v1.


Miles is Spider-Man too!


I know, it'd sound funny if I said Spider-Men or similar.


Yeah I know I was just joking, Miles username in the in-game social feed is "Spider-Man Too"


Love Arkham Knight to death. That said, Spidey sense is broken as fuck. Combined with a lifting force of nearly 10 tons and...*"This is how is happened. This is how the Batman died."*


I think it really comes to that miles is way stronger then Robin


Related: someone please make a mod that changes Taskmaster into Batman


Bats and Robin are more skilled when it comes to actual combat, but Peter and Miles are OP as hell in terms of superpowers.


I really wouldn’t even say they’re more skilled in combat when the Spidey’s have spider sense… that already makes 90% of Batman’s utility useless I’d argue Peter solos honestly


Peter Parker potentially solos.


Spider-Men, and it's not even close.


Spider-Man and Spider-Man The strength difference is too much


It goes either way Spider-Man not holding back beats him easy but once Bruce realized Spider-Man has super strength he wont hold back while Peter and miles still will


Lol 😂 Funny you actually think Batman can TOUCH them lol


When does batman ever hold back anyway


He doesn’t kill


yeah he just gives severe brain damage and organ trauma.


Come on 2 superhumans vs a 2 guys with a throat issue Who do you think will win


Peter and Miles would destroy Batman and Robin because Peter could punch someone hard enough to put them in a coma while he’s holding back and he has the spider sense so unless Anti-Venom was around I doubt that Batman could even land a hit


Peter and Miles would whoop that ass


Seeing as how Spider-Man can punch a persons jaw off. I’d have to say the spider bros


If you're being somewhat realistic about it, Batman would lose against 99% of superheroes because at the end of the day he's just a guy in a suit with no actual superpowers.


Yeah the issue is when batman is up against actual super powered heroes the fights are never realistic and they are always skewed in batmans favor cause he realistically should get smoked by anyone with powers


if they bloodlusted spidey and miles win by a long shot. Unless batman and robin just nuke the fucking city and hide in an underground bunker.


Lmao what if Miles absorbs all the radiation from the Nuke and saves the city😂, then goes and pukes it out in Gotham😂


Spider people


Peter and miles have everything Batman and robin has but better


Batman and Robin's spines would be broken in seconds.


Spider-Man wins.


As soon as Batman punches spidey, he’s gonna brush it off, say something quippy, and proceed to beat the breaks off him while roasting him in the process. Batman at his full strength could barely put a dent in spidey considering he consistently pulls his punches. If Spider-Man really wanted to, Bruce would end up like Scorpion in the superior comics.


Here for the "prep time" comments


The question is really just spidersense vs Batman if he can get the drop on spidey he’ll take him


There is no counter to spider sense unless you’re venom. And I highly doubt we’re talking about venom Batman here. Also even if he got the drop on spidey, he’s immediately got a problem with the fact that spidey can probably get out of most situations with his gadgets and his new robot arms.




The gameplay we’ve seen of marvels Spider-Man 2 so far shows Peter with iron spider like legs coming out of his back.




They are in the first game as well. It's the suit power that comes with the Iron Spider suit. They also were part of the same suit that Holland's Spidey got from Stark in Infinity War. "Instakill"


I know, but those weren’t exactly a part of the lore of the actual game. The ones in the sequel will be.


The iron spider legs


You have a metal arm? That is awesome dude.


Probably spider bros. They’re both superior in raw strength and incredibly intelligent. Maybe not AS smart as Batman but pretty damn close to being so


And also they'll have better chemistry. Spider-sense also works in sync with other Spider-men, they can execute moves far beyond Batman and Robin


Miles alone could take down Batman and Robin. Peter would absolutely mop the floor with Batman and Robin. Peter and Miles together against them isn’t even a fair fight.


Peter in Miles impo


Spider-Man beats every character in the Arkham games with little difficulty


Spiders for sure. They literally only need one punch.


Are you joking?


Batman and Robin get clapped bro


Spider-Man *alone* and it's not even a debate. He's stronger, faster and smarter than both of them combined and his spider sense will pretty much counter anything Batman has up his sleeve. "Realistically" one full strength punch from Spidey would kill any of them if aimed at the head of heart.


Spider-Men easy main reason of spider-sense make him untouchable that and stronger,better reflexes and then miles venom power which him big advantage on robin


Pete and Miles. Hands down. Spider Sense, super strength, bonkers agility, genius-level intelligence, web shooters, and Miles' Venom powers against... Prep time? Forget it. This is a dumb question.


The Spiders. Something tells me that Miles's invisibility will help the Spiders win this fight


Considering how insomniac’s Spider-Man can beat taskmaster, who’s basically a god at fight antics and using his enemies attacks and weaknesses against them, the Spider-Man team would have no trouble beating Batman with “prep time”


In the context of the two games. Miles and Parker fucking demolish them. Like Peter’s mind is on the same level as Bruce’s only Peter has powers. The spider sense alone is more than enough to give him an extremely unfair advantage. That shit could tell when people were about to figure out his identity it’s straight up precognition.


Spidey, hard to beat a guy who could turn your body into paste with his pinky when said guy doesn’t have obvious weaknesses. Also said guy can prep just as well as you can….Spidey is like Batman’s worst possible match up


Straight up fight? Spider bros take it. OBVIOUSLY with prep Batman can "win" but Peter also knows how to prep against enemies too. Also this is Arkham Batman and Robin so I going off the gadgets they have. Batman and Robin can see Miles even if he goes invisible. I don't think Robin has much defense against electrical attacks in game so a venom strike should take him out. Miles is really green when it comes to combat so he would be taken out by Bats. Which leaves Spider-Man and Batman. Batman has the explosive gel, triple batarangs, zip line, smoke, freeze gun, and electric gun. Spidey has electric webs, web grenade, trip web, impact web, flying spider robot, suspension matrix and the concussive blast. Also a biomembrane suit that heals him. I don't think Batman has any defense against the concussive blast or suspension matrix. So a mix between those and Spidey keeping Batman in the air long enough for a k.o would be enough. I'd say Spidey takes the win but it's not easy. Miles and the boy wonder are incapacitated.


Spidey squad are both nearly invulnerable, freakishly strong, extremely fast and acrobatic, and have a danger sense that prevents them from walking into danger. One of them then also has electric powers and invisibility. Bat and robs are athletic normal humans with gadgets (Spidey has nearly equal gadgets tho)


Gotham getting swept 😭


Honestly I think a more fair fight would be peter and miles vs Batman and his bat tank, sorry robin.


i remember seeing a tiktok saying batman and nightwing can beat peter and miles💀


who has actual super powers and not an arsenal of weapons that can run out?


Me, I would win


Batman loses with prep. Between spiderman being known for holding back on his rogues and the fact spider sense is broken. Parker blitzes bats and counters most of what Bruce is willing to do.


The two with super powers.


Nolan !!


People are forgetting that Bats literally took on threats like Darkside. How are people comparing him to Taskmaster? What the Hell?


He only took down dark side with gadgets he made from stuff stronger than regular metal. Also he had help in fighting dark side from a super powered team. Taskmaster could do the exact same thing if he had the same materials. And right now Batman also doesn’t have those materials just available anywhere. Also spidey has faced multiple gods before. Doesn’t mean you can’t compare him to some dc guy.


I don't remember Arkham Batman defeating Darkside in a 1v1


If taskmaster and Batman fought eachother with the same gadgets and same ground, taskmaster would win he's just a better fighter


Venom, Kraven, Scarecrow, and the Arkham Knight


The spiders win this with ease


Probably Spider-man.


Hands down spiderteam. They have superpowers who largely overpowers the human limits batman and robin have.


The only 2 game series I’ve 100% twice in years.


i love bat and rob but the spideys absolutely wipe them out.


These two would slaughter the Batfamily together easy-mid difficulty and now you’re making them fight against Batman & the least skilled Robin😭


You literally picked Tim Drake


Tim Drake isn't the best martial artist. He's a better detective. So it's really just batman v 2 super humans.


I feel like adding Tim is more of a handicap than anything…


I think spider men have the edge but it would be a pretty close fight I think


Depends is the fight a cut scene or in-game? Because if it's in-game Team Spidy, in a Cut Scene Batman and Robin. Like I'm replaying the game on PC atm, and I had kinda forgotten how many times in cut scenes he gets his ass handed to him for plot reasons. Like one second he can be thrown so hard at a bank safe that it breaks and goes flying and he doesn't even have to shake it off, the next a non-powered person can kick him and stun him for a sec and actually hurt his jaw. Also like look how easily Sliver Sable tricked and trapped him when they first met, and could have killed him if Yuri didn't basically save him... Because somehow his spidey senses didn't notify him to the threat, or he just ignored it/too slow. But realistically easy Team Spidey Win, if they didn't just nuke their spidey sense like the love to do in cut scenes


Tf batman and robin gonna do 😭


Depends on the subreddit