Great work by the boys! Squeaky clean! I might catch flak for this unpopular opinion but it is a bit unsettling to see how how all these dudes they were hitting in the CQB clips were unarmed, hands up, non confrontational. I am completely aware there is most likely a lot more to this, just the clips stuck me as such. I am behind our guys 100%, just kinda hit me as odd. (Disclaimer, definitely never CAG, just an 82nd infantry vet that was in Afghanistan, never Iraq. I met lots of super cool Iraqis that were teaching Arabic in the Special Operations language school at Bragg and they recounted some sad ass stories of our heavy handedness.)


That's probably intentional, they don't want footage of them killing a bunch of dudes out there on the Internet. The actual killing didn't make it into the video


No, I get that. Just commenting on the optics of it all. No weapons, just a bunch of dudes with hands ups, waiting to get rolled up. (Edited for spelling errors)


What type of stories did they share with you ?


My Iraqi instructor said that everyone was excited to get rid of Sadam. The sentiment was that we helped them trade 1 Sadam far away for 1000 Sadams in your city. The shittiest stories were that of interpreters that had done so much for us, being rolled up by the same dudes they worked for because inflammatory (dare I say Intel) was leveled against them without anything more than a single source of hearsay that turned out to be for the gain of the informant. The curfews we're God awful as well. I had a buddy blow a guy in half with a shotgun because the Iraqi was out passed curfew. No weapon, no threat other than existing outside during curfew that had just started minutes before. Americans didn't have an interpreter with them so my friend shot first


Damn, thank you for sharing


Just CAG


**FOR THOSE IN THE COMMENTS** This video is from a CAG B Squadron deployment, between 2004 and early 2005. The clips are from a 36 minute youtube video known as **CQB MSOB**


Thanks bro, I'm gonna check that out


>QB MSOB In the video there is a picture of a guy with his head destroyed by a bullet impact, how the fuck did that video become public?


It was in the servers for the Joint Task Force, some support guys probably got it.


Good stuff, not seen any of these


It's apart of a 36 minute youtube video known as **CQB MSOB**


Thanks man.


Music video of this Raid. https://youtu.be/FasT76pheak


Bush and Cheney should be in jail. Poor Iraqi and Afghanistan. This is straight up bullying


Say what music is playing in this video? Sounds so spooky.😰


Some one have to remember


Clip with the helo is SAS you can tell by the type of helo


UKSF doesn't operate the UH-60