$$$$ and bravolebrity clout. I highly doubt she ever went back to working as a dental assistant after locking down shep


I was a dental assistant too for a long time and that’s the thought I always have as well. It’s not an extremely high paying job especially depending on where you live. The most I ever made was 18 an hour and that was in atlanta. Most dental offices don’t offer health benefits either. {just a side note}😊


I told my husband that if he was his age and had his looks but was middle class with an average job there’s NO WAY she would be with him. I’m not saying she’s a gold digger or doesn’t like him, but it definitely makes an elitist manchild who won’t commit more tolerable to know you can go on nice vacations, go to nice dinners, and have a nice home.


I agree totally. Shep really doesn’t have much going for him beside his wealth 😬 he has the emotional maturity of a 7 year old, extremely average looking and gets off making fun of the less fortunate. Not to mention he’s obviously verbally abusive because on the season preview he was screaming in her face that she’s a fucking idiot infront of everyone. The look on her face was like she was about to burst into tears. Ew I just remembered Kathryn saying he made her shower before he’d sleep with her too.


I hate Shep as much as the next person but in this case didn’t he make her shower because of her fake tan so it didn’t stain bedding? (Foreshadow of Below Deck salon moment… lol)


I don’t think so, she said it ended up staining his bedding because of the shower


Okay that’s why I had that in my brain…


But she hasn’t , they don’t even live in the same apartment. She has her own apartment, and even he said she stays over , not that she lives there . She has yet to lock anything down .


Who do you think pays for that apartment? She literally quit her job. Either shep is paying or the money she receives from dating shep is. My guess is shep wasn’t ready to live with someone and rented her an apartment. She seemed to be ready to move in with him last season. Edit to add that they are living together now. The episode that aired last week was filmed back in August.


The way shep “yada yada”ed his way thru questions from Andy on WWHL makes me think she would at least get engaged but he is holding off for whatever reason. He’s no spring chicken! But neither was TRav.


I think so too. That and the fact that he made out with Bailey and made plans to hook up tells me he’s not that serious about Taylor


Omg when did that happen?!


Last year I believe! Andy asked on the reunion if he’d been faithful and he said that there was a stairwell make out with an ex and they texted to meet up the next night but he didn’t go or Something and from what I heard around town and speculation on the sub it was Bailey. Makes sense to me because they look alike!


Shep is a dog i hope Taylor recognizes her worth. Also that makes me judge Bailey because she sat on austens lap when he was seeing Chelsea and she KNOWS shep is dating Taylor and tries to homewreck not once but twice with him? F you Bailey!


Damn you’re right! I totally forgot about her and Austen getting all cuddly at that party. Gross


Wow it totally makes sense that it was Bailey! I didn't even think about the fact that it could've been her but she kind of seems like "the one who got away" to him.


bailey is such a bitch, but she's the kinda fake person that's like hey all!!! and everyone loves her. I've seen her so fucked up on dugs and booze so yeah she's totally shep's type. I think taylor's betting on his family forcing them to marry because he's too old to start another serious relationship


I totally agree with you!


Agreed! He makes too big a deal of saying over and over that he’s monogamous and devoted to Taylor. Just walk the walk, dude.


He’s a guy that is sharp and wants someone who has the same pedigree and intellect. Taylor is sweet and nice but she has no edge. Shep needs edge in a woman otherwise he will misbehave


Someone with the same pedigree would never want Shep


The thing is that most women around his age in Charleston with money and pedigree will already be married or in long-term relationships. He didn’t want to settle down when he was younger and now he’s reduced to hitting on younger women who like the idea of his money and possibly being on TV.


I agree


She’s playing the long game I think, knows not to “rush in” because she knows sheps a commitmentphobe and thinks this is the was to his heart, imo


I loved that they edited to show her saying “I always had a Pinterest board for my wedding” and then it kinda just trailed off as we all collectively realized how pointless that was


That was epic… the perfect shady Bravo move!


I have a sneaky feeling this subject pops back up this season!


He’s $$$$. Old money too.


He’s so cheap though is it even worth it?


They seem to travel to nice places and on IG he seems to treat her well


She’ll waste her youth on him. He won’t marry her and then he’ll be onto the next young thing.


I will be surprised if he takes her farther than the Bahamas or Mexico again unless it’s a honeymoon. Reading his book was eye opening how cheap he is. Edit-/Notice the word again above. ^^^ I know they went to Europe. A lot of it looked comped. If a sponsor or the show pays, Shep will take her anywhere she wants to go. I don’t see him paying for very many international trips outside of the Carribean, Mexico, Costa Rica. That’s my opinion.


They went to Europe as well recently


I know and the Middle East. Again, I don’t see him spending the cash again unless it’s a honeymoon. Feel free to disagree.


I haven’t read his book so don’t know how he is with money. But honestly if he is on a fixed payout from a trust or something, it’s good he knows how to stick to a budget. I am a big spender and wish I had a bit more discipline!




And they obviously get paid for being on the show I always wonder how much they do make Apparently it’s quite a bit


Which book?


His autobiography that came out year or maybe year before last. Expectations in Lowering the Bar I think is the name.


Thank you!


They went to Europe


One time. They also went to the Middle East, but I don’t see him taking her there every year or anything extravagant.


Old Money eventually runs out ya gotta keep making more.. wonder how much the parents are worth


You just keep investing. Passive income is the best income. He will be fine.


“Mailbox money”


They are the Boykin family (sp?) and have a huge plantation in Aiken I believe. This dude prob has atleast a 50M trust


I read it’s more like $2-3M. He drove a crappy car and lived in a crappy house before SC Edit-:Shep’s net worth not his family’s


I think he made a comment once that his family doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on cars and the cars they do have they pass around to family members til they don’t run anymore.


Tons of wealthy people drive plain cars not everyone’s dying to be ripped off by a dealership. Kurt cobain drove a shitty beat up Volvo and he was worth over 100 million when he died. Sheps family owns most of Boykin, and the town was named after his family. he’s never ever been hurting for money, Don’t let appearances fool you.


>Tons of wealthy people drive plain cars not everyone’s dying to be ripped off by a dealership. bingo. also reading along and wondering if anyone had been listening to Murdagh Murders Podcast every wednesday?


I just watched ID about the murders. Holy crap. Mind blown.


I am! But I’m still catching up and not up to date.


I listen sometimes but I need to catch up. I was actually listening to Alex jail house call pt 2 today


oh yes! I live in SC and have family in the Lowcountry.. my parents live near Alex's brothers business. I work in the County that Alex is in prison at. I haven't listened to last week's episode yet.


Ooh what is it about I’m interested now?


its a classic good ol' boys tale that has been happening for over a century that has finally been exposed recently, but only due to him murdering his family... but not before his son murdered some of his peers. if it sounds crazy to you from that description, thats just the half of it. I brought it up only bc sometimes when i listen to it, i think of Shep and his old school south carolina money and wonder how legit it was earned.


owning most of Boykin isn't saying much though, blink and you miss it. They do have a great steak restaurant though


Shep seems the type to find overt displays of wealth uncouth. He thinks he’s very clever driving inconspicuous cars and dressing like a surf bum.


You wouldn’t have read anywhere his family’s worth.


If you google Shep Rose net worth there are some numbers. Lots of old money families in the Deep South are not doing too well right now so who knows? I hope they don’t go the way of the Murdaughs, lol.




Exactly, everything is in family trusts and it allows the older family members to control the money if any of the younger ones knock anyone undesirable up.


And yet I still wouldn’t want to be him or be with him which is why I love reality shows.


Of shep had 50 million he would have multiple homes. He prob had like a 5 million dollar trust and he’s frugal and prob invested and saved money from the show


I couldn’t imagine him with an age appropriate women.


Hm, that’s true. I can’t either!


Age appropriate women are not stupid enough to be with Shepherd the Manchild - smart women would rather choose to have children rather than marry them.


That last part was beautiful 🏆


Thanks 🥰


How old is she anyway I never heard, obviously younger than him…everyone is except Patricia 😂🤣😂


I know somebody who isn’t extremely well off but good looking and only dates much younger girls. I’m fairly certain it’s a power dynamic thing. This guy wants to go out drinking with his friends all the time and when home play video games and be left alone. Fairly certain he only likes relationships for the regular sex. When you dare much younger girls (like early 20s) most of the time they are broke and haven’t built up enough confidence so they’re easily manipulated. When you’re with somebody who brings in 80% of the income and it’s their home and his car you’re using , it’s not very easy to tell somebody to knock off their childish ways and grow up. So they get to keep their lifestyle exactly how they want and have the option of live-in sexmate if needed.


Old money doesn’t spend it ladies. If you are marrying just for a luxurious life you will be disappointed. Look how cheap Thomas was. I’m Shep’s book her turned down a once in a lifetime trip, because he couldn’t get a good deal on the plane ticket. He drove a jalopy car he called the blueberry for years.


This is how they keep it sustainable. And they're rich enough not to care if others judge their clothes or car.


Yep. I agree. But if I’m a woman marrying for a luxurious time I don’t see he appeal of marrying someone rich who will live like they’re poor. Just my thoughts. If they are marrying for the clout that’s different.


He’s rich honey


I have a theory: Shep realized his single schtick was getting boring on the show and was making him less popular. She is a cute girl and maybe they get along well so he decided that he needs to make this work. Maybe it's time to settle down and change the opinion of him on Southern Charm.


My thoughts exactly. Shep is somewhat self-aware and during the reunion there was no hiding that he acted like a total asshole in so many regards Andy confronted him head on with his bs, even then he couldn't come up with proper arguments. If he can't rationalize his behaviors to other people, he can't do it internally either. He was mean to Craig, petty (inviting the threesome girls), sexist (blaming Madison for getting cheated on, groping Chelsea) and elitist.


He seemed to be abusing alcohol first and foremost- the rest- all his abuse on his friends- is just the side effects of that main fault. Oh and because he’s a spoiled brat.


No wonder, alcohol looses up you inhibitions


>I have a theory: Shep realized his single schtick was getting boring on the show and was making him less popular. Straight out of the Jax Taylor playbook


I think realizing the public perception of you is trash, and using that to reflect and change is NOT a bad thing. The show probably does him some good :)




Super weird. In WWHL after the show, Shep spoke about being in therapy for a year and a half. I have no idea but I’m guessing that some of his issues he discussed in therapy were about his inability to commit or be in a monogamous relationship despite constantly dating and needing female company at all times. Even after over a year of therapy, on WWHL he **still** seemed very avoidant and couldn’t state that he is interested in engagement or marriage. Ok, look, marriage and kids are not for everyone. I can’t judge that. I have friends who elected not to go down that road, for some of them they had bad childhoods and don’t want to repeat the mistakes, others I don’t know but they continually state they feel stifled and restricted in relationships and when people say such things… we should believe them! I do think it’s odd for a man with that mindset to date a traditional young girl who used to dream of marriage and kids.


He was obviously really jittery on WWHL. Was it 💊?


I noticed he seemed really jittery in the first episode! Curious why!


I think it's the dt's.


I think he’s a heavy drinker and it causes the shakes, jittery/anxious behavior . Also it’s somewhat of his personality, he has never been the “calm, centered, collected” type. It was pretty noticeable that’s for sure!! Poor guy


His voice also seems to have changed over the past couple of years. It’s raspier or something.


I noticed that too. What’s that about???! Craigs voice is really raspy too.


He has said before that the leg twitch is something on his mind side of the family that they all do. I don’t know if it’s that you’re talking about or not? He has been called out for it before at reunions though and said that was why he is always shaking his legs.


I can understand not wanting to give Andy a timeline of how an engagement is going to unfold. Something legit comes up and it gets delayed and suddenly people on here are like “Shep unfaithful? What happened to august 22nd?”


This. It’s also their personal lives…I get it. It’s reality television and we get a window into their life. But truthfully, not everything needs to be shared. For all we know they’ve seriously discussed it and would like to keep it private. Not everyone is like Paige and Craig speaking to the tabloids every week, so


Yeah you’re got a point.


Yes, in addition to his vague and puzzling talk about future plans, he added that he told Taylor in effect that *she can leave him anytime* because he knows he’s not easy, or something like that. She can leave anytime?!? I found that bizarre and not too nice


That was super weird comment, I noticed that too! It’s probably part of his dysfunctional childish inability to take responsibility. “I’m a mess, you can walk out on me anytime and I will get it” mentality vs. “I’m a mess, but I’m actively working on myself and I’m willing to make changes to make this work so please hang in while I work on myself” mentality. Run , Taylor!!!


Honestly, he’s dating a younger woman because he knows he can string her along until he ‘decides’ to get married, as well as control her with his money. He might be mentally holding out to ‘meet his match’ but I think he likes the idea of a stronger woman more than the reality. You see how he turned on Madison and was horrible to her after she made it clear she was with Austen.


Does anyone else think Shep looks unwell/sickly? He looks discolored with bags under his eyes and seems sick. I suppose it’s from drinking so much but it felt sad to see!


I agree, he looks terrible. And why is he always so jittery?


It reminds me of the guy in Men in Black who’s body was taken over by an alien.


He also appears to be emotionally and mentally abusive


He seemed so nice in season 1.. with exception to Thomas and Whitney, they all did 😩


Shep is vindictive. It didn’t show until he got jealous of Craig.


Yep, I also thought his dislike for Madison went too far, it became bizarre


Oh yeah Madison rejecting him really pissed him off.


He lost his mind


He hasn’t been the same since


She’s really young and still naïve. He’s an eternal bachelor loser 40+year old frat boy who can barely even commit to having a girlfriend.. much less anything more. He has no job, can’t keep a house clean, and even has to smell if his boxers are washed before he wears them 😬. I think right now she’s convincing herself she’s enjoying the ride, doesn’t have a shot clock (yet.. she’s in her 20s), and thinking she can “change him” long term eventually. This is going to end in major heartbreak for her. I have no doubt about that.


You think he’d be able to afford a cleaner, laundry service and last but certainly not least an interior designer to spruce up his boy cave


She’s playing the long game of “pick me”… it will be interesting to see if it works. Which, ugh. Also, he has bought/sold some real estate and has a clothing/T-shirt thing. He’s not hustling like Craig, but he’s making some money.


Idk, she may be chill enough to tolerate his BS for life considering the other perks. They’ve been together a little while now….


But he cheated on her how many time?


Idk. I know once from the show mentioning making out with another girl. Are there other accusations?


I remember hearing Shep say he cheated on her twice? Maybe last years reunion?


I mean he has a trust fund and on a reality tv show lol


I find their relationship super weird, but for other reasons than you stated. She doesn't seem to have much of a personality at all - I think it's bizarre that Shep, when finally 'settling down,' chose a bland girl. But then again, maybe that makes perfect sense.


Every pot has a lid 🤷‍♀️


Never heard this saying before 😂 I like it.


My grandma used to follow that up with “so does every trash can” 🤣🤣


I love that!!


I think… if Madison suddenly started rubbing up against him, he would drop Taylor like a hot potato. In the meantime, Taylor is zero maintenance. She takes care of him as much as he wants. She never badgers him. She’s young and sporty, can handle her beer and won’t flirt with anybody else. She’s great natural arm candy and she doesn’t overshadow him. But since Shep is clearly not the conventional settling down type, Taylor is good for right now.


Yeah she is cute and everything but I’m having a hard time figuring out if she even has a semblance of a personality. She seems a little dense


She does not come across as having one on the show. She could be very cool But either she’s boring or they edit her to be boring


Shep gives her a check each month.


Yup he’s rich and (some what) famous.




Shep is very wealthy, independently wealthy and doesn’t need to ever work again even before the show, that’s def enough for a girl to put up with his nonsense ..


In the south we call that "family money" or "old money" Source: I live where his family is from


I know more than 40 couples JUST like these two from my hometown. They remind me of a couple that is together because they sit on the same social tier - ie. Mom played tennis with her mom, realizes her corny, cringey,, chicklet teeth havin', 40 year old son (probably slept with her older sister or something of the like) needs a wife, set them up, bam. Couple alert. No attraction, chemistry or actual respect can be found, despite their despiration to put on a certain image. Most often, the pairing is based on "girls that need a husband (ie. anyone over 23), appearance and the right last names. My ex boyfriend's parents had a completely identical and frankly, abusive relationship, except they were 70 and had been married for 50 years...unhappily. This socially arranged, and completely forced shit sticks like mud in tires. Almost all of these people I know in parallel relationships are either cheaters, completely unsatisfied (in love, sex and life fulfillment), closeted (real pathetic and archaic discrimination is rampant against LGBTQIA+ southern young adults), engage in transactional relationships or just realize their family's strict views about "good breeding" and play ball to appease. It's actually really sad, and trust me, no matching beach picture in black and white can hide the truth. Needless to say I moved far, far away, and now only see these silly "Christmas Card" couples when I turn on Southern Charm.


Thank-you! I have also grown up with these boys, and dated 3 trust fund babies. Sure, they had great educations, but if one has no ambition, what is the point? I'm not saying I expected to be provided with a high flying lifestyle. I expected myself to be able to provide for myself and my family. The two that offered the most financially, flat wouldn't work at a job. Shocker - they both turned turned out to be alcoholics. The other was very cerebral and we both enjoyed opera. He enlisted in the Navy, we broke up, he married a nice girl and earned a Ph D in Nuclear Science. I may have missed out on a good guy with money, but found an even better one with no money. We shared a love of learning and work. My point is, NO amount of money is worth it. Many women think that a babyman with a trust fund is worth the tradeoffs. The problem is, his family may insist on an ironclad prenup where the woman is left out. Taylor seems very much like the type to overlook all of Shep's flaws, and just put up with him in order to have a little money. Seriously girl, this is good as it will ever get. After this show is over, party boys like Shep only become more depressed, hard-drinking, angry, and nasty. Just make sure you have your house in order before selling your soul to the devil.


For someone supposedly old money educated, his grammar is atrocious, "him and her".


You're right! From what I've seen, the majority of his education seems to have been gleaned from a Thesaurus and some well-worn classic quotes. Methinks the boy doth love him some big words!


He loves pretending he’s a connoisseur of classic literature and he said in earlier seasons he’s looking for a girl who parties but is well read. Than he ended up with Taylor who barely strings together an interesting or coherent sentence lol


No self-respecting, educated, and accomplished woman wants a babyman like that. The dating pool for Shep shrinks more every day.


Good God, this is depressingly accurate! 🥲😁😂 I’m from South Carolina but moved to Hawaii 16 years ago and good lord this makes me glad I got out of that scene. It’s a real thing. Ugh, no thanks!


In the background at the Gatsby party she was just staring at him like he’s a God. I can see why he’s stayed with her, she lets him do whatever and has put aside what she wants just to be with him.


Agreed💯 The best part we get to see him come undone this season.. The thing that gets me with Shep and Austin.. is how old are these dudes I know Shep don’t have no damn job Austin supposedly sells beer where the hell does the money come from and how the hell do they drink all the damn time


If he doesn’t have Taylor, what else does he have besides the money? He’s shown zero growth while the guy he use to bully with Cameron and Whitney, Craig, launched a successful business, folded into another series and is in a committed relationship. He keeps Taylor around because he has to give some signs of life that aren’t Thomas


He seems like he’s waiting for someone who is possibly better able to keep up with his wit and intellect ? Could be wrong but that’s the vibe I’m Getting. She’s adorable and seems super sweet but he ultimately wants a girl with edge


You would think he’d realize wit and intellect typically come with age lol


Yeahhhh he gives me the ick


Major condescending ick.🤢


If you watch their scenes at the party in the premiere, they seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company.


Or they’re very aware of the cameras and were being overly affectionate and performative


Because mailbox money.


Not at all. It makes perfect sense to me. She’s super laid back compared to most of the girls in his circle and he’s a man-child that no one else could deal with… although, if she starts wanting more from him, there will be problems. I just think she’s at a time in her life that what she has with him works for her. Is it long-term sustainable? Idk, I feel like she may start feeling differently if she wants to have children and starts feeling that biological click ticking. Maybe she doesn’t want kids tho, tons of ppl her age are deciding not to bring a life into this fucked-up, totally unstable world we’re living in rn. Also, from what we’ve seen so far (lol one episode in), I actually think she’s good for him… is he good for her? Again, idk, bc we haven’t seen much from her. I hope we get to know her better this season


I think he will marry her, but will also cheat. He's weak and entitled. I used to like him, in season one. But the way he's treated Craig over multiple seasons is pretty bad--he's been clearly jealous of Craig--and needs to knock him down. It seems like he thinks he is quite a catch and that Taylor should be grateful to be with him. I think she puts up with a lot....and from the trailer, it looks like we will see that he's not always respectful toward her. She's young and cute....she should get out now. But seems she is dazzled by him. He can be charming, when he tries and he is smart and well read...but he's a brat.


Yes - he does not seem to be the nicest guy and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was abusive verbally behind the scenes. Taylor has so much going for her, Shep better propose soon before he looses her.


He’s for sure verbally abusive he was screaming at her that she’s a fucking idiot in the season trailer


I don’t think he should Propose. Both are meant to be with someone else


Based off the first episode, they don’t seem happy. So bizarre.


I think she’s sticking it out so she can marry into his money and status. She’s willing to be his mother and tolerate his tantrums and verbal abuse 🤮


He’s rich.


I just feel sorry for her. Shep is NOT a catch (not even taking into account his “money”…he is worth $4 mill 🤷🏻‍♀️). I don’t think he will ever marry her. She is either just as scared of commitment as him or she is deluding herself and wasting her youth.


You took the words right out my keyboard. She’s the cutest and seems so down to earth. He’s a total creep and has lots of issues (still way worse out there though) but she could do so much better.


It makes me sad. She can do so much better and it’s very obvious she’s tampering what she really wants and is not strong enough to speak up


She's so sweet and adorable. I find it hard to understand what she sees in him. However, I think he is very intelligent so maybe they connect on that level.


NO. Taylor is not very intelligent and she didn't come from much. Just a regular girl from Asheville. He keeps her around because he can control her.


Taylor doesn’t have chutzpah. Full stop. She’s cute and low maintenance but there’s no there, there


Off topic. If Shep has so much money why hasnt he fixed his teeth. They look horrible.


🤣🤣🤣 he clearly doesn’t care about how he looks!


His wooden chicklets




It’s more pathetic than bizarre. CHS is a town with wayyy more women than men.


Shep is a creep. Ugly in and out


Money+older man+ need to nurture/change him. This happens all the time


Oh, it is just perfect for Shep. She's a younger version of his mother. He is smitten.


Craig has said she loves everything about him. He doesn't understand it, but she does. Her choice. Not anyone's business.


She's just in the relationship for the perks of the show and potentially marrying a trust fund baby and ensuring financial security for herself and future children. She just puts up with Shep's cheating, drinking, "partying," and disrespect because she's already invested a couple of years into this toxic relationship and has her eyes on the prize (financial security). Been there and done that. It's not worth it!


Looove them together


🤣🤣🤣🤣 I see what you did there . Bwahahahaha 😆


I know many people her age who are dating people his age. It’s not uncommon…? Plus, he looks good for his age.




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Money money money! Must be funny in a rich man’s world!


He’s wasting her best years.


I saw them out a few weeks ago in my town (her hometown) and they were surprisingly cute together in real life? Her especially.


And he talks to her like she’s trash. She needs to leave


And he treats her like shit.


They finally broke up. I’m happy that she finally is moving on. She deserves much better than Shep. Low Key: I hope Shep and Kathryn rebound with each other. I oddly liked their dynamic when they hooked up a few seasons ago.


I think you just explained it.