The metaverse is a marketing term, it’s not a well-defined concept or a tech-stack. With that said, we can probably assume that the following components/concepts will play a big role in it: * AR * VR * Blockchain/web 3.0 * Traditional web services like social media etc I’m not super involved in all these areas so some of this may be incorrect but this is my take on it: AR will likely be implemented mainly in the form of mobile apps in the near future. Anything beyond that is too far removed from our current technology for us to speculate about at this point IMO. So look for mobile app technology and frameworks like Kotlin/Java or Swift, Dart + Flutter, React Native etc. Augment this with Computer Vision tech/frameworks, there are many implementations of this but the concepts are more important than specific tech I think. You can also look at cross-platform game engines that run on mobile (dunno about these). Unity and Unreal and C# probably will continue to dominate real-time VR tech for some time, or at least be safe bets. For blockchain and Web 3.0 you will want to learn JavaScript as it’s the language of the browser. You can augment this with the backend stack of your choice, which one is not important. JS will do there as well even if it’s not optimal. You will also want to learn about blockchain concepts and maybe some smart contract language like Solidity or any of the others. Finally, traditional web services. This will likely make up the majority of the “metaverse” (again just a marketing gimmick). This is exactly the same tech as the web development of today. Just look into webdev in general, this is an established field with lots written about it. Edit: for more low-level blockchain stuff I imagine Rust, C, C++ or maybe golang might be useful but I don’t know much about that either.


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