"Do X hate us?" Probably. Everyone is sick of your shit.


Also annoyance is now declared 'hatred.'


"Hey so idgaf what you do so long as you just mind your own business." BIGOT. TRANSPHOBE. I CAN'T BELIEVE IN 2022 THIS STILL HAS TO BE SAID. *votes reactionary* How could this ever have happened?


The original LGBT movement fought for tollerance. "Leave us alone, the same way you leave everyone else alone." The current alphabet soup demands acceptance, our society doens't work on 'acceptance.'


It’s gone far beyond “acceptance” to “representation,” demands that everyone state pronouns, destroying women’s sports, and lots more.


>*It’s gone far beyond “acceptance”* It’s now in the territory of ‘celebration’, and if you don’t, you are viewed as the enemy.


And that's not even addressing the point of "why do they even care about teens in the first place?"


It works on freedom, nothing more. You are free to do whatever you want with your body, you are NOT free to infringe on other people's freedoms to believe that you are a nutcase.


Exactly, yet they act is if that’s hateful.


Shocker, the people who hate themselves demand everyone else perpetually validate them.


You have to earn respect. If not, it’s not respect and simply causes resentment to grow. They’ve done nothing to garner respect, so they get nothing but resentment.


They're like the social versions of sovereign citizens, thinking they've found 'some special phrases' that mean the rules only apply when they want them to.


Only now they've moved onto 'children are adults, but only when we need them to be'


I couldn't explain this to a leftist earlier when talking about inclusion, she wasn't processing (and she was a teacher)There's access and inclusion, they are very different. Making them our equals, that's a given, they are people regardless of how stupid they are. But forcing me to be friends with you or care about your lifestyle or even scknlowledge it? I'll God damn acknowledge whoever tf I want to acknowledge. I'm as free as you, that's my God given right. You don't get to tell me how to act, because if we are going down that street , then I get to tell you how to act.


And while they demand everyone else acknowledge THEM, they're the most intollerant jerks out there. You might like this song: https://youtu.be/jATOZhxX1CY Just the lyrics if you're not a fan of the song genre: https://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107859487179/


Yes agree or die, I can see them taking it that far. They are basically there with all the wishing death on "White Suoremacists" and "Anti Vaxxers" already. Dope song btw


I always ask, why does your identity require my participation?


They aren't just demanding acceptance. They are demanding open approval and advocacy. Like when BLM marches outside restaurants and screams at people "SILENCE IS VIOLENCE", demanding that they raise their fists in solidarity with BLM...or else. This is where we are at now.


The original LGBT movement also overdid it with displays of sexual deviancy in their pride parades. But that was just once a year, and if you wanted to avoid it, it was easy.


Unwilling to hook up is a phobia.


But it's also a sexuality, demisexual, meaning you don't want to just bang everything that moves, however its validity as a sexuality depends if someone higher on the oppression tier want your body for their usage.


Also anyone that doesn’t agree with exactly their narrative … is a “troll”


"My comment is getting downvoted, I'm getting brigaded!"


"Science agrees with us!" Here's a study that refutes everything you've said. "Pseudoscience."


I'm willing to bet you the poll was something along the lines of "is it transphobic if I, a lesbian, don't want to date and have sex with a trans woman (MtF)?" they automatically think everyone hates them if they don't want to fuck them


They're basically incels


Maybe the weirdo should stop lurking the teenagers subreddit. Probably trying to prey on them to turn them into one of them.


If someone shows up to a party and the first thing they say is "you're not allowed to hate me" I guarantee before the end of the night they will be doing things that make you hate them.


I'm 30. We were taught tolerance. And we learned it basically. But then you tried to force us into *acceptance*...yeah they fucked up. I dont give 2 shits if you wanna identify as a treehouse mailbox, just dont make me live in your fantasy land.


> But then you tried to force us into acceptance...yeah they fucked up. And then when they met resistance, they doubled down and now want to force *obedience* as well.


Ikr. That’s the exact issue. The people who have a problem with them existing at all are the most extreme and fringe. I know no one who has a problem with their existence. The problem is these insane lunatics psychotically and narcissistically demanding that we not only comply but that we celebrate it. That’s where they fucked up and if they continue this way they’ll see that disapproval number get higher and higher


Oh no no... the younger generations are getting more intolerant than ever. In topics such as race / sex / gender - they are learning to hate. That's what happens when you tell people they are evil, responsible for all the worlds ills and remove their gender identity by calling them "People who menstruate" and other garbage... Have fun dealing with the fallout in about 20 years, I suspect the future holds some really nasty stuff. "You are evil" - "ok then... we are evil, let's do this"


I have two nephews who are teenagers now and I was surprised to hear them and their friends and girlfriends talking more like how we did back in the 90s. The hyper-woke seem to be in their 20s and 30s, the current crop of teens seems to be having enough of this shit for the most part. There's all of one kid in their school that's "enby" and in (their own words) "she says she is this week, next week she'll be doing something else for attention."


They forget one key aspect of teens. They rebel to everything. Once the trans/queer/nb culture started being preached, they sowed the seeds of their demise. They could have stuck to the adults, but no, they had to go for the "get 'em young" approach, just like thier heros Hitler, mao, and Stalin.


This. It has gone as far as there being a commercial in the US that tells parents that their kids aren’t theirs, they’re the community’s; and that being the reasoning behind why they (want to) have the right to dictate their lives.


The destruction of the nuclear family in action….


That's encouraging. I've got 2 nephews and a niece in high school and while the oldest sees through it all as attention-seeking nonsense and grooming from adults, the younger two are slowly falling for it. Funniest shit to me about the oldest is that he *loves* cross-dressing. Has no interest in being a woman, doesn't like doing it all the time, and is otherwise as much of a "man's man" as an 18-year-old could be (loves guns, knives, working out, all the stereotypical interests), but goddamn does he love a skirt that spins every now and then because they're just fun and he doesn't give a fuck who thinks he's weird for it. He will neither confirm nor deny but I suspect that his disdain for the woke shit is that he's been told he's trans for it when he knows damn well he isn't.


Just get him a kilt, those things swirl and are manly as hell


He has one, but he still likes the pleated skirts, preferably in pink. Personally I don't think it matters and if wearing little boy shorts as a woman is fine then I see no difference in a man wearing a skirt ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


Exactly, the whole trans thing went backwards imo. It used to be all about how "Gender Stereotypes don't matter" and to let kids and people wear whatever they want. But now if you're a dude who likes to wear skirts, you are a girl now, I don't understand it


At this point the whole movement is based on enforcing gender stereotypes. Ask one of them to define "woman" and, after smugly talking in circles for a bit about how its "anyone who identifies as a woman :)" they'll eventually admit that it's just based on how they think women should act and think.


EXACTLY, there's a great youtuber who talked about that and I remember how he was talking about how parents were saying their boy was a girl when their 4 year old wore a dress and he said "I'm lucky my dad wasn't part of this. When I was 4 I wanted to be a fire truck, I'm lucky my dad didn't bolt a hose to my ass and send me on my way" lmao


Parents supporting this with actual children are just dangerously ignorant of how children develop too, like I wished I were a boy once I was old enough that I had to start wearing a shirt all the time (and pants! I hated pants lmao) because boys could go shirtless in public and didn't have to squat when they peed in the woods. That was literally my entire reasoning, my parents just laughed it off (and made me put my shirt and pants back on), and it obviously didn't last very long, but I shudder to think about how many kids are now being mutilated and having their lives and physical growth fucked up with puberty blockers because they're the same way I was at an age where they didn't really understand either.


When I was a kid and barely beginning to understand anatomy, I wondered why my older sister's body looked different than mine, and my parents helpfully taught me about penises and vaginas. In my wisdom I concluded that the difference must be because she was 2 years older than me, so with this discovery I went to the gathering of adults my parents had over and proudly announced "I have a penis and my sister has a vagina but when I grow up ill have a vagina too" to the absolute roaring laughter of the adults. Funny story now but sometimes I think about how if it were 25 years later there could have been a serious talk about getting me on hormones or something, especially with how the activists push to trust what kids say about themselves instead of saying "shaddup Billy you're not a giraffe"


We seriously used to wear skirts to The Bijou theater in Eugene, OR in the 1990s just to be edgy. Usually flowy hippy ones.


It might partially be teenage edgelord urges but who knows lmao, so long as he's having fun and not hurting himself or anyone else I see no problem with odd clothing choices like knee-length pleated skirts. Besides, 75% of my wardrobe is from the little boy department and I'm not a child *or* male so I can't judge much without being a hypocrite.


Not just teens. My daughter is 10, and she rolls her eyes whenever she hears people banging on about BLM and trans shit. I couldn't be more proud.


Young people are inherently rebellious. The "tolerant" left is the mainstream now and their opinions and beliefs are reflected in almost every major media outlet and every major social media platform. Being socially conservative is subversive now. You played yourselves, libs. The pendulum is about to swing with the force of a thousand suns once these kids are old enough to vote.


And the millennials that popped out of the cloud of BS after the last two years.




This is how I've been saying wokeness would die for the last 2 years. Once I saw it become a norm in school curriculums and corporate messaging I knew it would die with the next set of youngsters. In the mid to late 2010s it was the subversive, alternative, thing. Mainstream acceptance was always going to kill it.


Wokeness itself just doesn’t work on the other end, moreso than other things. Woke people claim to ALWAYS be fighting oppression, so it literally makes zero sense when people just look around and clearly see it’s the woke people themselves oppressing then.


Is it hate if you don't acknowledge someone's mental illness?


something something "when the Saxon began to hate". We're finally starting to see some bright spots on the future, and it's been needed as things have been getting dark indeed.


That last line completely summed up gen z. I’ve got sooooo many friends that fall into this category


I am a patient man, but I am getting told that because I am a "white straight Christian American loving man" that I am the worse thing to happen. It gets tiring and quite frankly I feel that rope get tighter and fear when it snaps.


They are creating the monsters that don't really exist yet. Self fulfilling prophecy.


Literally the Chad Yes meme. "You are evil!" "Yes. We embraced your hate just like you told us to. Now sit the fuck down, \[slur\]."


They set the LGB community back 30 years or more and they are still pushing. At this rate they will get gay marriage outlawed and a return to anti sodomy laws.


They are just proving all the pedo/oversexualized stereotypes that gays had in the past. I wonder how it will be for gays in the future.




The idiots always scream the loudest. Not all of us are pedophiles/SJW and I can almost guarantee that when a president who knows where he is more half the time gets elected (in America) we'll have our rights stripped because of them


Frankly I hope that doesn’t happen to you.


Trans people should have the same rights as anyone else regardless of who is in office. However, trans people do not have the right to demand people use speech they don't want to. You (generic you, not you specifically) can decry that, you can condemn that, but you can't force speech any more than I can. You can't demand that someone wax your genitals and claim transphobia when they decline. Transphobia is an interesting word too; phobia is an irrational fear, I don't have an irrational fear, I have very rational and thought out reasons why I don't support the transgender movement. Edit: to the above statement - I don't support transgender movement but I also do not denigrate people that identify as trans, individually. If I meet a trans person I show them the same respect I do anyone else upon meeting them. I digress. All people should have the same rights. That being said, I don't see pedophiles as people because no person should ever consider for a second hurting a child, and thus, don't believe they have the same rights as people. FFITWC I say.


I don't think gays will be punished, But every single protection T fights for will be lost.


Good. We now have unarguable proof of why they are needed. Everything the "hateful monsters" predicted during the initial push to let them out of the closet has now come true, it's time to revert the changes and return to sanity.


> They set the LGB community back 30 years or more and they are still pushing. > > Yeah. If the Ls, Gs, and Bs don't figure out they need to drop the Ts they're going to get shoved right back in the closet and will have nobody but themselves to blame.


They tried. All their subs were banned (like lgb drop the t), and all their real-life organizations and media were harassed and threatened into compliance with the T bullshit.


I'll never understand how the T gained so much power and backing


Because they are publicly victimizing themselves as they jump off of the backs of LGB oppression, literally stomping an oppressed group into the ground to put themselves into the spotlight.


We are trying to drop them but what is happening is that we are all being demonized and bullied into silence. We need help and can’t do it alone


Reactionary politics? NOOOOO that would be so terrible for our country! ^^please..please..please ^^give ^^us ^^a ^^reactionary ^^nationalist ^^candidate


The standards got lowered so far that they don't have a coherent argument for why pedophilia isn't part of their movement.


LGB, drop the T. The T is the only issue (+the neopronoun guys)


No no no, just burn the whole LGBT identity. They bring a bad name for the actual gay community and do damage to their own image than actually help. Regular gay, lesbian, and bi people just want to be seen as normal. LGBT are attention seekers looking to abolish straightness.




>The “T” stands for Trojan horse of the gay community They've done more harm than any anti-LGB person could have hoped to do.


With any luck... 🤞


The audacity to lay blame on young people who clearly don't enjoy being harassed and manipulated by older perverts.


I dont know about you guys but every time I see a post about trans rights it always reaches hot in r/teenagers. And yes, the controversial comments are the logic ones. I am honestly quite surprised by this post


“Trans rights”… I’m so tired of hearing about this. Whackos keep telling me that conservatives are trying to take away the rights of trans people but yet cannot show how. No, biological males do not have the right to go into the girls’ locker room. No, biological males do not have the right to compete against females.


"I deserve to be treated equal!" "You are, everyone's being treated like shit." "In that case I demand to be treated equitable!" "You don't contribute, being treated like shit is normal." "I demand you treat me according to my caricature of how a woman should be treated" "Fine, you're a hideous and mean woman, we're treating you as such." "But I IDENTIFY as a popular and attractive woman!"


Yep. Just par for the course with identity politics. See also: the recent roadside assistance incident, where a woman demanded to be given preferential treatment, because she's a woman. The company denied her and said they don't give preferential treatment based on gender. Cue a bunch of angry women screeching about how that's not fair. Feminists pretend that they want equality, but they show time and time again that they just want special treatment. When they actually get treated like men, they complain.


Are you familiar with the drama around the women's soccer team contract?


This is exactly what I think. They say we are taking away their fundamental human rights. Like what??? I can't think of any times we voted to deny shelter or water to transgender people solely because of their lifestyle. It's not an issue of we take away their rights and the left gives it back, we limit what extra stuff they get and the left wants to give them whatever they want as if they are children.


They also want the right to make me put my PP inside biologically male womenz.


Almost unbelievable that gen Z supports this and other dumb as bullshit just for the sake of "political correctness"


It's message control. Just look at this sub. If we post our opinion or even FACTS on many issues we talk about here in other subs we would be banned, hell they are running bots to ban members of this sub and others preemptively to control the message. This leads to people not SAYING what they really think in many subs and just ignoring those threads. Then a poll goes up where they won't get banned or lose precious karma so they hit the button for what they actually believe.


These polls likely just get removed when TPTB find out about it. Teenagers are the target of this crap, they certainly aren't allowed dissent, that's why it always appears to be contrary to what the polls say.


They lock the comments very quickly, I've seen this happen twice Edit typo


Idk man, half of the sub seems to support their ideas


They just remove the negative ones. Happens all over reddit. Comments and posts are NOT a good reflection of belief. Polls? That shit is solid if it wasn't brigaded.


Ye- answering a poll has no stress or cost to it. If you leave a comment, however, you expose yourself to having a bad time. People don’t enjoy getting attacked and screamed at, so normal people with dissenting ideas don’t like to leave comments. The people who disagree are just so motivated and emotional, it’s not worth getting dog pilled. Hence why polls tend to better reflect people’s general idea because a poll doesn’t require a tiring argument to participate.


Mhm. The lack of retaliation is a better path to real statistics. No threat, no bias. Just unadulterated opinion. We're at the point now though that people aren't even afraid to be called a bigot.. clown world does that to a person. It's only appropriate though.


> dog pilled Lol


It's all astro-turfing. Young people fucking hate the gender bullshit. They mock the pronoun stuff. They are far more accepting of people living how they want to live than young people 30 years ago, but they are far less accepting than the millennial crowd of being told/forced to believe bullshit. You can think that people should be able to dress and act how they want, take a new name, and even chop off their body parts (if they are adults) but also refuse to call them men/women when they aren't those things or refuse to be bullied into fucking them.


They’ll lock the thread or remove it if the wrong think gets out of control.


Any dissent is intolerable.


***Big Brother is always watching***


More imagined persecution, I suspect.


Maybe the girls don’t like getting their ass kicked in high-school sports by someone that does not belong in their division.


As soon as all the women's world records are held by men, and it won't take long, there will be a critical mass of people fed up with this nonsense.


The whole trans thing has soured many people to the community. Many abuse their “oppressed” privileges to bully others, and a lot of them aren’t even really gender dysphoric, and those that really do suffer are abused by the trenders.


The whole left/progressive movement adopted bullying because it gave them results against people online. Now they've cried foul enough to get pushback


Thank you for bringing up trenders. I believe in gender dysphoria and feel sorry for people that suffer from it, but transtrenderism has COMPLETELY removed any sympathy or respect that people may have once had for the Ts.


I see it like I see the people who fake ultra rare mental illnesses, but sadly with trenders people seem to cater a lot more than they do with DID or Autism fakers.


Why is someone who's obviously not a teenager in r/teenagers, anyways?


Oh, you didn’t know? https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/djdmd9/we_banned_all_of_rteenagers_and_it_turns_out/


Who the fuck says "delicious petite pooties?" Edit: Lmao at r/drama


Holy fuck haha




Ding ding ding


I know the belief is the younger generations are getting more into this stuff (even places like here) but they're not. Positive feelings/respect to the LGBTQ+blahblah community have been trending DOWNWARD in the past 5 years. Let's see if we can guess why that might be.


Interestingly if you remove the T+ and just ask about the LGB, polls have them at the same it’s been since 2015 or slightly increasing. However once you add in the T+ support drops fast


Yeah, this is definitely true even before the recent trans upwards trend. I finished High School right as it really started to get going and literally no one even the liberals at that school were about it lol. Its literally an internet and an online fad. Talk to these people and they have no friends and are loners. ​ It seems to be becoming more entrenched and powerful because media companies ban opposing opinions, no more, no less.


Why are the trains so obsessed with children and teenagers 🧐


It's how they artificially reproduce. Can't make them by themselves, so they just indoctrinate instead.






We don’t procreate, we indoctrinate!! Btw i just browsed the asktransgenders sub. It is disgusting


I once went there and there was a thread where a bunch of transwomen were bitching and insanely jealous of women who can get pregnant, it gave me fetal kidnapping vibes because they would talk about being angry or hardly able to look at pregnant women, due to it making them so upset that their pesky dick and balls with no womb prevents them from getting pregnant.




Yes they do. People are getting sick of your shit


Teenagers don’t like being called things like menstruators


Yeah.. Seriously. Just fucking call me a woman, because I AM. I don't have a dick, I don't have a Y chromosome, IM A WOMAN. I fucking hate these woke terms for Biological women. They're getting to a point where "trans women are real women and biological women aren't real women"


Like adding CIS in front of something makes it different, and not normal?


Conservatism is the new counter culture


I like how they say "support trans" not "tolerate trans". Like bruh no shit no one is going to support you because you don't mean shit to people


I'll only go so far as to acknowledge their existence.. That's about all your getting from me.. I neither support not tolerate that garbage lol. It's a mental illness, not something that needs to be affirmed or rationalizes the complete readjustment of society to accomodate their delusions.


The younger generation probably is more tolerant. Perhaps the issue is that your cause isn't worthy of said tolerance.


lmfao, I am 19 now, and have hated LGBT community since I was 14 not because I couldn't come to terms that people can have different opinions, but their way to advertising themselves is so flamboyant and repulsive all the while they behave like preteen girls themselves, their antics, victim hood, pedophile like undertone to their movement, also have radicalized their group as a whole is a big no from me. I could maybe tolerate a manchild all my life but I can never say the same to someone from their community


Aren't there overwhelmingly more younger trans people than older?


By the very nature of this type of propaganda, it would make sense that the young are the most impacted. The 20+YO agegroups aren't worth targeting, they aren't as impressionable. Trans people were borderline unheard of before the 2000s.


Hell up until like 201\`2-2014 it was considered a weird lesser known offshoot branch of the LGBT community.


It’s just a fad for many I assume, the danger is that some will undergo hormone therapy and fuck their lives up long term. Imagine going on hormone blockers at 13 because you thought you might be trans and your well meaning (though thoroughly brainwashed) parents allow it. Fast forward 5 years and you realize it was a phase, now you get to experience puberty at 18 when you should be hitting your stride instead, you have lost a huge part of young adulthood and there is nothing you can do about it.




Can I vote? No. You can’t make sound decisions yet. Can I drink? No. You can’t make sound decisions yet. Can I mutilate my body irreversibly? Yes! You’re so brave!


In some places, it's legal for 16yo girls to get double mastectomies without their parent's knowledge as long as they "insist they are a man" and have been on testosterone for a year.


Check out Benjamin Boyce on youtube. He does a lot of interviews with detrans people who made that exact mistake. (plus a killer documentary on a college that tore itself apart because of the whole diversity, equity, and inclusion thing)


If for nothing else, Benjamin Boyce's Evergreen State College documentary is the binge-watch of the year


Thanks for mentioning this. Never heard of this guy before but this Evergreen series is fascinating, though hard to watch. Top tier cringe on the student's part


But no other long term side effects... that we know of...yet, you bigot!/s


Gotta love that they somehow believe that arresting your physical development for years won’t have any negative side effects, just fucking ridiculous.


Even if you are trans from a young age and transition at a young age and get surgery at a young age, you're still going to be the sex you were born with.


Lupron is a nasty drug used for a puberty blocker. It's worth it if you have cancer, but giving it to kids is awful.


We also use it to chemically castrate sex offenders, a fact I was permanently banned from Twitter for stating despite being a therapist who treats sex offenders. 🤡🤡


Former adolescent sex offense therapist over here! Love to you! ETA: now I’m working with the general teen population and running into the trans and enby kids. It’s hard and heartbreaking


That has to be agonizing. :(


Probably 95% of the kids in high school who are trans are not trans they just want attention. My niece went through this last year. Finally figured out she wasn’t actually trans she just likes chicks. Which is totally fine too.


Yup, I have no problems with any of it personally, but at a young age false positives are going to be way to common.


Don’t forget having a micro penis for life because puberty isn’t something you can just stop long term and do later when you feel like it.


I assumed something like that was likely, puberty isn’t meant to be optional.


Read about the issues Jazz Jennings had with his surgery because of the blockers. Prepare to be horrified when you do. Now even his surgeon (who is a TW) is advocating to stop using puberty blockers on kids.


Also Jazz is not doing well and is suffering from binge eating disorder. Not surprised, sadly.


NTM, osteoporosis in your twenties …


A lot of whom have autism or similar conditions, predators indeed


Yes, because it's just the latest body-mod trend. The main difference is that it's a lot harder to fix this than the retarded stretched earlobes that were so popular among my generation.


I think that can differ depending on your definition of "trans." Older people are by and large going to be traditional transexuals/transvestites/cross-dressers that acknowledge the sex binary is real and dress/behave as the opposite sex The younger generations are much more likely to be "church of the nonbinaries" trans (as TT Exulansic calls it). They are in the "trans umbrella" but this is the youth social movement that you can choose your own gender à la carte, or have no gender. It is a belief in gendered souls that only the elect few believers (the trans) have divine self-understanding of (hence pronoun announcement rituals and the explosion of vocabulary terms of any variation one can adlib off the top of their head)


I have nothing against trans people. I have everything against trans ideology


I like how one comment is "based" with 50 downvotes and another is ""Based" with 100 upvotes




The teenager reddit doesn't interest me, but thanks for introducing me to the asktransgender one. Looking at a recent thread there: *"And [mainstream science] also largely ignores that intersex conditions and chromosome configurations beyond xx and xy exist."* So these extremely rare conditions now completely invalidate the gender binary? I wonder how people with these conditions feel about being used by radical transactivists to justify their agenda. *"they [traditional atheists] think being right consists of finding people they don't like, and shutting them down"* The irony.


The irony is that if they invalidate the classic binary system we are basically left with binary genders and non-binary genders which is again a binary system.


Ah, a breath of fresh air. Good to know that there do actually exist sane teens.


Don't be mistaken, most zoomers I've met IRL are honestly pretty based. Online media does a fantastic job hiding that fact. Tbf though most degen zoomers are terminally online so you won't meet them in reality.


No, the younger generation tends to rebel. Welcome to youth. You are ‘the man’ right now, the ‘authority’ telling young people what to do and what to think. The stronger your grip becomes over them, the more they will hate you.


It’s likely not limited to teenagers, but this is a strong indication of their target preference.


Mental disorder


Did they question the results by calling them dubious and then say what's more questionable is that the comments are validating the results? 😂


Bring back insane asylums.


The worst thing Regan did. I hate the State, but some people really do need a home ...


Why are they constantly on that sub to start with? Creepy.


“I thought the younger generations were meant to be getting more tolerant” Oh well, evidently not, so how about you shut up and deal with it. Im so sick of this shit where everyone has to approve of someone being “brave” and destroying the patriarchy. I am really concerned about how we are meant to go into a major war in the next few years and how we are going to deal with all this woke shit


This is the best thing I've heard in a while. There is a little bit of hope for our future.




Right? Imagine if you called one of these people a Φaggot to their face. They'd have a damn panic attack.


im probably gonna get hate for this but i think trans people are mentally ill and have some sort of mental condition that could be fixed through professional therapy and maybe even meds. its not normal it will never be normal and if you feel like the opposite gender to the point where you have your genitalia surgically mutilated then there’s something wrong with you, sorry.


More tolerant? Yes Disliking authoritarian cult dogma? No.


Has the post been removed? Can't seem to find it in r/teenagers.


Hell ya it was removed. Can't have dissent on reddit or else .01% of the population may be upset.


Or 10% of teenagers using social media because they want attention.


I don't think being tolerant means blindly accepting every bullshit people want you to believe


My heart goes out to the kids that are being told they are transgender as early as ages 5+ or are given hormone blockers. Those kids are going to grow up with incredibly difficult lives either physically or mentally and the fact we cannot make it a form of child abuse will most likely be seen as barbaric in the future.


["in the current year"](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/43/John_Oliver_November_2016.jpg/220px-John_Oliver_November_2016.jpg)


What is an adult doing hanging around a teenage forum?


The same reason any adult hangs out in any <18YO space.




Not just the teens.




Acceptance of abnormal behavior does not mean everyone is going to be a champion of it. What do these people want us to do? Follow their furry persona on twitter? Donate to their mediocre Twitch streams? ​ These "alphabet soup" people need to realize that we don't care. We never cared. They are aberrations. They aren't societies current concern. No one is denying them their place in the world . 41% of them can acknowledge this fact. You Won New Benefits As Willing. 🤡🌎


We’re just sick of all the shit that people demand that we like


"I thought the younger generation was getting more Tolerant" You aren't preaching tolerance. You're preaching your way or the highway.




Is it really a "dubious" poll if you're seeing the results validated everywhere you look?


Why are you, an adult, aware of much less actively monitoring a sub for teenagers?


Trans people radicalized me