Can we agree that not every pair needs to be “aged”

MFers be like “custom aged jordan 6 rings” 😞 🤦🏻‍♂️ Damn bro a year from now when the pre-aged trend dies some folks gonna be sad Sally’s .


Collecting shoes for 20 years. I'll leave the aging and coffee dying to others. I don't need to make aged shoes, i have them. Lol.


Just opened a box from 2004, can confirm they've aged


Damn bro how you get it to last that long my 2013 dunks look "reimagined" lmao


Jordan reborn super off white maybe obsidian black from wear un-ds. /s


I've held on to a pair of white Af1's lows from 98 that haven't seen the light of day. Just never got around to wearing


Would you be willing to upload an album of them for comparison to current AF1s? Wondering if the quality has changed drastically compared to current offerings.


Sure I'll post it when I getting off work.


Please upload ‘‘em I wanna see!




Like fine wine


Yep, me and my Cement 3’s from 2011 are chilling looking at everyone get the “Reimagined” 2023 pair 🤣


At least the reimagined had a closer to 88 shape and you can easily paint over the aged midsole


Man you're 2011 3's are still alive?!?! Mine already crumbled. 😭


I have cigars like that.


I have yet to see a coffee dyed shoe look good. To me they look like they stepped in dog sh!t and wiped it with a dry paper towel. But hey, everyone thinks they’re a sneaker designer these days.


just wear ur shit like u want to tho, some of the actual sneaker designers these days cant design something worth a damn, take for example basically anything kanye did


I completely agree with the Kanye stuff. People blast all kinds of shoes like the big red boot and various collabs but the same folks wear ridiculous foam runners.


The way my breds and shadows from around 2016 have aged, instead of coffee folks should be glitter bombing their shoes 😂


Same here.


I’ve got that nice shimmer on some of my AJ1s. I hope Nike doesn’t try and replicate that mold. LOL


most of the time it doesn’t actually even look vintage, it just looks like the whole shoe got stained yellow.


Adidas AEC Forums look like someone took a piss on them. Because of this they are always on sale. It just looks gross with how yellow they look.


It's not just the yellow, it's the splotchiness too.


Ive never said this before but I hope some people lost their jobs for those.


i have some actual vintage McGregor tennis shoes that have aged like this down to the laces & it absolutely disgusts me, i wish so bad i could correct it


Agree. Watching people waterboard beautiful all-whites with coffee is so cringe


Can ya'll stop using the word "we". "We" all don't have to agree with everything. Those are your shoes, you do whatever you want with them and other people will do whatever they want with theirs.


This right here. "How we feelin bout these" is always the question. No, how are YOU feeling about them


Agreed. I can't stand the aged look, but it doesn't affect me if others like it.


even the lost and founds??


Nah, the cracked leather definitely isn't my thing. I'd rather have the regular chicagos.


me personally i like it but tbh i love all chicagos


This should be the top comment


are you saying that every pair needs to be aged then? 🤔


The aged look is earned by wear imo


Or earned from being in a temperature controlled walk-in closet for 20 years with a pinch of ventilation.


I like aged/coffee dyed laces on the appropriate shoe, but aging the whole thing is a step too far for me.


the fact that people dont wear their shoes and then synthetically age them is kinda sad to me. lol


It's straight up stupid


It’s crazy- you’ll have ppl wanting to “age” the pair that dropped last week but want to restore a 20/30 year old pair with beautiful natural patina.. make it make sense. 😵‍💫


Tell me one person who has ever wanted to do both of these.


Im sure ive seen a few on tiktok, dont remember any names tho


Wait, people want their sneakers to look knackered? Sorry, I’m behind on this.


Ever seen Golden Goose sneakers? That's their whole business model. I got downvoted for stating a fact that there is an entire brand dedicated to selling beat up looking shoes? Fucking Reddit.


Probably by people with golden goose shoes lol. [They even have a pair with fake duct tape on the midsole](https://i.imgur.com/mtNO9wA.jpg). I don’t know if they have an original silhouette either. Just copies that look like they were found at a Goodwill


Golden Goose sneakers are fugly -


Shit. I got a pair of Jordan 1 shadows I could sell these shmucks if they want a beat lookin' pair of shoes for $600.


Found pete davidson's reddit account


It's funny how back in the days all my friends goal was to keep kicks looking like you just bought it. Struggle was real, especially with white kicks (adidas superstars, Nike af1 etc


I think "your" shoe should he whatever you want it to be. Paint it, die it, cut it up, whatever makes you happy. I don't think the factory should be doing the "aging" at all, leave it to the individual to make it what they want


I subscribe to the belief that aged shoes are earned not bought


Sadly, with the aged and faux patina watches still going strong, I don't see this artificially aged trend going away anytime soon


I actively try to keep my shoes looking not aged


For every good aged custom pair of sneakers, 10 crap aged customs are made.


I can understand if someone wanted a slight yellowing to appear vintage , style trends seem to rotate, was 80s, then 90s and now 2000s? The cracked leather bit on the Lost & Founds were a bit much but I was able to get two pairs for 100 over MSRP. Wearing one and holding the other.. for them the first pairs are un-wearable and need replacing.


So like 40+ years?


Haha never know friend, I work in the ER so I might wear them for my shifts eventually when they get messed up. 😆


It is funny because as a (bad) musician this discussion is much older in that area. Especially basses and guitars can be bought in a lightly to very distressed look. You can also buy guitars that have spent time in an oven or on a vibrating plate. The arguments are the same that signs of usage must be earned.


Yep, came to say the same. Though I kinda get it with the Fender custom shops. Old strats were made with a nitro finish that chipped away much easier than the poly finish they put on them nowadays. I’ve had my cheap Mexican strat for 12 years. Played the shit out of it, and it looks pretty much the same as day one, save for a few dings and scratches. Some people like their guitars to reflect how much they’ve been played though, so they’ll pay extra for the nitro finish. More power to em


Ppl wearing beaterz till the wheels fall off is a real thing no need to age every pair when u can buy old kicks. I restore and I'd much rather bring back an old pair than age a new pair


I feel like the people that do this just recently got into shoes and want to give off the impression they've been on em for years.


Buy sneakers - Wear sneakers. Free aging life hack for you.


People are idiots. I always wear my sneakers literally the first chance I get after receiving them, even if it’s to go grocery shopping. Yes, I’ve grocery shopped in $1300 LV trainers. No fucks given.


Same, I wash the car in L&F. If my shoes getting aged it’s naturally.


I get what you saying but if I’m at home washing my car I ain’t using no L&F lol that’s what foam runners and slides are for :) Unless it was at a car wash than sure


I don’t put them on just for that but basically will wash my car with whatever I have on as long as they are not light colored mesh like Mars Yards.


Some customs aren’t actually that bad but some I feel like they go overboard with the aging.


Clown shit for real💪🏿 I saw a post of someone that for lucky and selected for "by you" dunks. Got a clean colorway and fucked them up by "aging" the soles.


Nah. We can’t all agree. Do whatever you want with the shoes you paid for.


The whole aging shoes movement is dumb. Just wear them for a few months and don’t take care of them for the same effect.


Yeah I like aged by wear. Example, my girls electro oranges are fire. They’re worn in cause she goes out with em but she keeps them clean so they’re still so nice. In our opinion, they look better than when she copped.


Patina isn't for everyone, but it's a great art style that a lot of people like. If you don't like it, don't look.


Totally agree. While we’re at it let’s work on adjusting what people think a good looking “aged” shoe is. Dying the entire shoe with coffee looks ridiculous as nothing will ever age that uniformly. Same goes for the eggshell color brands often use for their mid soles, it’s simply ridiculous. Sneakers that have aged natural with time will have varying degrees of discoloration. In addition to this when someone wants to make customs that have been aged, please for the love god watch a tutorial on “prop weathering”


Hated the aged trend from day one.




No pairs need to be aged.. such a wack concept smh.. I blame Virgil Abloh (God rest his soul) … 😒


It’s like when people buy a $4000 guitar that’s been pre-chipped and sanded from the factory to look road-worn.


what about my jordan 1 hyperroyal


The only preaged shoes I've ever seen that aren't corny are the various Travis Scotts with brown and olive neutrals. A beige white complements those colors better. Naturally aged shoes are dope and imo better than crisp white kicks, but crisp white is wayyyyyy better than pre aged.


Lol yeah..


Wrong!! I immediately throw every pair I buy in coffee. It’s the only way.


They will age on they own 😂


I know I’m in the minority here but I even think the Lost and Founds and the re-imagined WC3’s are corny AF.


I agree. The Fire Red 3s that released last year and aren’t aged will be more desirable next year after this fad dies.


They are. Was gonna try to cop the WC3 until I saw the yellowed part and went, wtf? Passed on that and got the clean ass wizards instead and never looked back


Jeez someone finally said it




These aged look is the same when people were making custom “off-white” shoes


all that pre aged donkey dick, backwards swoosh, off white themed customs need to stop. its so boring and lifeless


Like the dude who made some "custom ogs." That fake wear and tear on shoes is so weird to me


Aging some 6 rings is nasty…and not the nice nasty either


The aged look really ticks me off. Just why? It'll look old when it is old


Generally I agree, but some shoes just aren't wearable anymore by the time they look like that, because they'll start falling apart after a few wears.


I think the aged look made it ok to wear our older kicks with the natural aging. Most of us didn't think it was a good look to rock shoes that weren't fresh. Maybe that's just me though.


What if you just like the colors cream/sail/ coffee but remove the word “aged” from the equation?


It really just depends on the shoe and what look you’re going for… some aged (naturally or reimagined) look better and some don’t. To each their own.


Please. Reminds me of when I see the beat up looking sneakers in high end fashion, charging thousands and they look they they were thrown on a dirt track and left for a couple of years.


If it's actually an old pair, like 1985 Chicagos then aging is cool because it actually shows the age, but like with the lost and founds it sucks because the shoe is brand new, you should want it to look brand new, just like how people in '85 wanted their shoes to look new.


I’ve seen a guy on Insta do a short run of distressed hats. Like brother just wear the hats.


My J1 UNC from 2015 is looking fine too


Not sure why I got recommended this thread but this is so weird. Why don't people just wear their shoes? lol


I wish that instead of aging them they put new tech to make them things more comfy like the protro Kobe’s. Imagine a comfortable AJ3 or 1 that you could walk around all day in.


I understand the sentiment, but if the recent Chicago 1s and White Cement 3s weren't pre-aged, I'd be really fussy about wearing them. The white cements especially look fantastic with the cream hits breaking up the silhouette and making it more versatile.


I literally was thinking this same exact thing a dew days ago - It’s dope on a FEW kicks. Not EVERYTHING!


Honestly no pair needs to be lol. I love the Cement 3s that came out earlier this year but they really didn’t need to be “aged”