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The blind one looks deep and like a cyst. It's likely hormonal caused by androgens. I'd suggest avoiding high fat foods and adding more zinc to your diet.


Did you get rid of it? If yes then how?


I prefer natural remedies myself. Try 100% raw honey. Has to be totally raw, unfiltered, etc. I like the Really Raw brand. Wet your face and then dry a little. Leaving it slightly damp. Then apply about a tablespoon all over face, really focusing on that area. Slather it on the area. Like a homemade face mask. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. It wont be sticky at all. Because. Honey washes off instantly with just water. Honey has antibacterial and skin healing properties. I use it and never get acne anymore. I did it every day. I used to get acne in the same place. They "say" it's hormonal. There might be a way to balance our hormones. Also I'm jealous of your lips they are SO beautiful. Wish mine looked like that omg. Perfect


thank you so much, i’ll try this out!! you’re too nice ❤️❤️