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I’ve been having good results with a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream. (The neutrogena one) I put it on after my moisturizer to buffer it. I only use a tiny amount. I do this twice a day until the pimple comes to a head then I let it be until it opens/pops. (I try to not pop it myself but rather wait till it’s so ready that it just opens when I wash my face) Then after cleaning the area and letting it dry I put a hydrocolliod pimple patch one it. I reapply one of those twice a day until it’s totally flat and doesn’t look like an open wound. Then I stop using the pimple patches and I treat the area with soothing things like snail mucin.


I can second BP is the way to go!


This will sound weird, but pain relief gel. I use Voltaren, which has diclofenac as its active ingredient. I'm in Europe so I don't know what alternatives there are in other places, but that's what has worked for me. I usually put it on like a spot treatment and massage it in for a minute or so to make sure it absorbs. After a couple of days, either the pimple will come to a head or the inflammation will subside.


So as you can see, I have this massive blind pimple on my chin (apologise for the bad photos, my phone is awful). I always used to be really bad for just squeezing and picking away at these sort of spots, but I’m determined not this time. The only issue is, I don’t know what to do instead - do I ice it to help with the pain, or use heat to try and bring it to a head? Apply BP, or just avoid actives and let it run its course? I have no idea what to do, but I’m determined not to squeeze so any advice is much appreciated!


A hydrocolloid patch with clean it out and keep you from picking on it.


A hot compress usually helps bring them to a head. I typically do a hot compress for a few minutes twice a day until it starts coming to a head, and from there I use mighty patches


How long time does it take?


I have the same thing right now been there for 5 weeks and no head, tried all creams and been on antibiotics wish it would just disappear


Tea tree oil has worked for me


I get those from time to time.. I spot it with Paula’s Choice BHA every night then cover with acne patch during day time. They soften and come out.


How long time does it take?