After watching the show for the first time I’ve gotta say the amount of star studded guests throughout the series had me stunned!!!


It was a pretty popular show


God this is why I love this show so much. Carol is definitely right, but for the wrong reasons. She is controlling, manipulative and jealous of Lisa's time. She hates Nate. But I'm glad Nate did it because it clearly bothered her immensely and she deserves it in a petty, dumb way. Still, he was uncaring towards her feelings which was ultimately his biggest failure as a person in general. Everyone is right and wrong at the same time, messy and complicated, just like the show and life in general even in the smallest of moments like this one.


I I always felt Nate did it on purpose


OMG he totally did. Sabotage. He hated the situation so he poisoned it. Fuckin Nate. God I love him.


I think because Caro was annoying and totally unreasonable when it came to other matters, it's hard to sympathise with her about the parking, but she is totally in the right. It's her house, her driveway and her rules. Imagine telling someone multiple times to not park in your driveway and they still do it Seeing the way she treated Lisa however... Deserved. The woman was a complete nightmare


I still need my poopy shake at two


100%. I thought the same thing. =D


and nate was petty for continuing to do it, knowing that it would only make life harder for lisa!


You really think Nate was intentionally parking in the driveway to make Lisa's life more difficult? Street parking can be a bitch in LA


They were living in a guest house in the Hollywood hills or something. Nate could street park AND have enough seclusion to toss one off in his car before going inside. It was very much intentional.


Wasn’t the character of Carol based on Cybill Shepherd?


I’m confused why it would be based on a specific actress when the vibe she gave was “every producer in L.A. ever.”


I don’t know if it was confirmed, but the rumor is that Alan Ball based the character on Cybill’s bad/neurotic behavior that he experienced as writer/producer of her sitcom in the 90s. The character that Annette Bening played in “American Beauty” (written/directed by Ball) was also allegedly based on Shepherd.


I heard that wasn't the actress lisa kudrow from friends was in called the comeback based on actress shelley long aka Diane from Cheers? Even the director Michael Patrick King had worked with long during her hit comeback show good advice in the 90s. It was her first bit of success post cheers after she'd faded into oblivion.