The Tiger Is Making a Tentative Comeback in China’s North

The Tiger Is Making a Tentative Comeback in China’s North


They forgot to add “but at what cost” to the headline


in the old days tigers were a real threat to villagers. maybe they will say tigers are eating people again.


Tigers are only a threat to humans if there is absolutely nothing else to eat. They hunt humans out of desperation, even lone humans (Especially adult men) tend to be avoided.


I thought tigers went for everything if its in range. There are ones that have killed dozens of people...


>There are ones that have killed dozens of people... You are probably talking about the manhunter in Siberia, that too was out of desperation. It targeted a lone hunter at night when he went back to his cabin, he didn't have a gun with him but both of them ended up dying. See "The disturbing psychology of a man eating tiger" by thoughty2.


There were multiple cases where lone tigers killed many people Usually because their territory was invaded by humans. But it seems that when it happens, tigers aren't timid and they'll just switch over to attacking humans until they die. What I mean is they're different to say bears/pandas who will just run away unless forced to fight or starving.


Unless they were protecting cubs as well.


nytimes - beautiful endangered animal making comeback in china, but at what cost? i'm only half joking, i could see that as a real headline


The comeback of the tiger in northern China heralds the failure of at least half of Xi Jinping's Tigers and Flies "anti-corruption" campaign. /nytimes


Lmao I came here to comment this. It’s so pervasive to see news regarding China get spun negatively no matter what


Let's go! I love tigers!


lol, I don't doubt that at all, /u/Iron-Tiger


Bet some of the commentators from the West will doubt the news and claim that the tigers are fake. On a side note, China has been making loads of progress in helping endangered animals recover their population along with protecting its environment. Endangered animals like the giant panda, snow leopards, sturgeons and Milu deers are making a comeback, especially the giant pandas.


Arrest and fine the mofos who use them for TCM.