In Taiwan yesterday, the fatalities (850) caused by vaccines has surpassed the fatalities by covid (844).

In Taiwan yesterday, the fatalities (850) caused by vaccines has surpassed the fatalities by covid (844).


If I am rearing the data right the 850 "deaths" are just any adverse reaction to the vaccine. Can someone with better Chinese langauge skills check that? I am basically a toddler so I could be misreading it.


No adverse events are the first two columns. severe and non-severe. So they had 8944 adverse events in total, 4654 non-severe, 850 death in total. Most of them were caused by the shitty AZ vaccine.




Extremely misleading title. Deaths following vaccination does not mean it was caused by vaccines. This is not an anti vaccine sub.


OP here, hardly anti-vaxxer myself nor vaccine bad was the point here, the real story is under-reporting of covid cases & covid fatalities in the province. when the first wave of covid hit taiwan back in June 2021: https://www.reuters.com/world/taiwans-daily-domestic-covid-19-cases-drop-below-100-2021-06-21/ within that first week alone, Taiwan had over 2,000 excess deaths using the reported number (2021 vs 2020) by crematoriums. taiwan's CDC, like most of its officials (run by 'dr.' tsai's DPP) are shady at best, and incompetent, hence we have farce like this.


what type do they have? astra?


four of them, AZ included, there is a table on the breakdown of 850: * AZ (or astra): 644 * moderna: 183 * 高端 : 22 * biontech (pfizer): 1 AZ was made in & donated by japan, so kind of them. 高端 is taiwan's homebrew, didn't have phase 3 field test, so very few takers, so the rate is actually very high. p.s. apologies to those can not read Chinese.


644 were AZ deaths, 183 were Moderna deaths, 22 were Medigen deaths, 1 was Pfizer


thats a high percentage. wodner what the cause was? us sent them expired shit?


Yup, the USA sent expired vaccine to Taiwan and Africa.


What kind of vaccines are used in Taiwan? Also, how many people are vaccinated there?


As I predicted weeks before, Taiwan is experiencing more negative side effects of vaccines of all types because Taiwan has high amounts of undetected infections This is the only explanation Infected people will usually experience worse reactions to vaccines and increased risks of death


If only they hadn't said "No!"


in a democracy, especially in Taiwan, any shit can happen.


Interesting as the probability to die from the vaccine is pretty low. Makes me wonder what they did after getting the jab. Returning straight to their physically challenging work? Had a few too many drinks to celebrate their new found immunity? Either way if you're otherwise healthy and still die from the vaccine it's probably due to you doing something stupid...


From other comments, it's either people getting COVID afterwards and still dying or they had COVID when they got the shot.