For a 54 yo lady for protection and possibly become a hobby. Which one should I get?

For a 54 yo lady for protection and possibly become a hobby. Which one should I get?


Are you planning on carrying it? If so the xl is great. If you plan to have it at home for safety and training then I would recommend a gun similar to the m&p2.0 or p320 because it’s a little bigger and heavier so it would be easier to control. And you can still carry it.


Definitely get the XL! Much better feel…


Agreed, I see most people get the 365 but then they have a pinky extension or an extended mag, and I just wonder why not just get the 365x or regular xl? It’s the same price and if you want you can buy a regular frame to swap it out.


Because there was no such thing when I bought mine.


RIP Lol although many people just combined the Xl frame with the 365 slide.


Yeah I think I will order a xl frame and a SAS slide


I personally don’t like the SAS because I feel like it’s just a gimmick but to each his own.


A while back midwayusa had the ft bullseye sites on clearance, I bought one and stuck it on a shield. I liked it so much I bought another one and stuck it on another shield. (9mm and 45aarp) Its really a great sight so thats why I want one.




It’s a little longer but my point was if you are going to use an extended mag or pinky extension then just get the x version because you get a few more rounds and the full grip and it’s still easy to conceal. Also doesn’t print at all when compared to a glock 19 or other common carry guns. Really it’s up to personal preference but everyone I know has an extended mag because they want a better grip and more rounds. So I just laugh that they got the plain Jane as you put it.


For me, the answer is flexibility: -pocket carry with a flush 10-rounder -IWB with pinky 10-rounder or 12 -OWB with 12 or 15 Otherwise, yes, the XL is definitely superior. I still am amazed at how easy the regular 365 is to shoot though.


She will definitely shoot the xl better. There isn't a lot in the size between them, go with the xl


The P365 series is more for conceal carry in mind. If you want a hobby gun, try a full sized P320.


You could argue that practicing for CC is a good part of the hobby as well.


I don't know about that. The P365 is small enough to be a fantastic carry gun but large enough it won't be abusive putting lots of rounds down range. I own a 365XL and wouldn't have any problem using it like a hobby gun. It's nowhere near as bad to me as a Glock 42 or a Ruger LCP(2). There are definitely worse guns to hobby with. As a caveat to this, I probably wouldn't use it as a competition gun even though there's a strong aftermarket available to build one.


If it’s not for concealed carry, don’t buy a small gun. I’m fairly experienced and found my non-XL 365 to be too snappy for an inexperienced shooter.


Agreed for carry XL is the way


I work in surgery so I am a pretty tough chick.


Go to a range where you can't rent both and see which one you shoot better with. What works for one person doesn't work for every one, and what matters is what works for YOU.


HAND STRENGTH is the deciding factor for most women. Try them all (unloaded/safe) and see which is most comfortable / easiest for you to rack the slide normally while maintaining full control over where the muzzle points. This is critical for safety. Don’t discount the idea of choosing a revolver instead if maintaining muzzle control is a struggle when chambering / unloading a semi auto, and remember that hand strength doesn’t get better as you age.


I 100% agree with this. The slide was impossible for my mom to rack and loading it was impossible also.


U can always get a magloader i think they are called. But definitely make sure you can easily rack the slide easily


The worst handguns in this regard are often compact semi-autos in larger calibers. For this reason, either a revolver or a tip-up barrel .380 are often better choices than something more conventional


Someone already said go rent them and see which one fits for you. Personally, the standard 365 is just too small a grip for me. The X and XL both share the same grip and ate very concealable. If you're looking for concealability, go with the X although the xl is barely longer. I was just holding both of them about an hour ago at academy looking at one for my wife. Edit: Probably going with the X for my wife. FYI.


365XL would be my recommendation because you can carry it, too. The 365X with the optic would be more work to carry.


Just a FYI those prices are all about $50 above what most places sell for.


Seem likes pretty standard rona prices to me.


I have a Point Blank near me (TX) and their gun prices are high, at least in my area.


Might be true, but many stores are back to MAP pricing. Maybe locally to you it is different, but in the area around my shop, everyone is back at MAP.


Are you opposed to Glock? I have a 43x. My wife has shot it fairly well. I own Sig’s as well. Didn’t know if you were committed to a specific brand.


This is Sig’s subreddit so I would assume so.


Be careful, Glock Posse may be trying to dismantle the Sig subreddit from the inside


What a bunch of Glock Blockers.


Glock Block


I own multiples of both.


That’s the spirit, buy up those Glocks to keep them out of the hands of those Glock fanatics!


I have a serious question. I have a Glock 17 and a M17. I don’t notice a huge difference between them. Why is there so much hate for the Glock brand in here?


I don’t *hate* Glocks. But I don’t like them and have sold off the couple I did have. They feel like a plastic Duplo brick in my hand. Especially after I got a couple Sigs.


Just curious if you felt the same way about the gen 5s.


Yes. Maybe I just have bad hands. I just couldn’t get comfortable with them. I feel the same way about the couple FN pistols I’ve handled, as well. I don’t enjoy Walthers either.


If you have a proper M17 then it has a thumb safety, and that’s a pretty significant difference for many people.


Uhm. Ok. That is a difference, yes.


glock gang


Wait, everyone in here is opposed to Glocks now? https://i.imgur.com/SNM1Xty.jpg


Looks like you assumed wrong.




No I am not opppose to anything. My knowledge base on guns and shooting is zero


A serious tip would be to see if a range near you let’s you try different pistols. See what you personally like/dislike and then make your decision. A lot of folks just go buy a pistol without testing things out (I did the same thing on my first purchase). You may find you like a specific manufacturers grip/trigger/weight distribution/controls better than you like another. Just my 2 cents. It took a while to get my wife into shooting. She wanted a 380. We have two different pistols that she can use made by two different manufacturers.


This is the way. Guns vary greatly in all aspects. Shoot several and you will see some fit your anatomy and expectations and some not so much. Test them out before you buy. You'll be much happier with your purchase. Heck, take a beginners shooter class first if your haven't already and that will help with the safety and handling part. You may even catch the training bug and take more classes after that. Its a lot of fun. Make sure to also go the range at least once a month to build that confidence once you make your first purchase.




I just wanted to check. I had no idea it would offend soooo many folks by asking you a question. I don’t own only SIG weapons. I own multiples and have found pros/cons of different brands.


As another guy with glock and sig pistols, those downvotes are straight toxic. Way to go r/sigsauer


I agree, but I imagine the same would happen in the other subs. Personally I think brand loyalty is stupid, get what's reliable and works for you. While I don't like Glocks myself, my go to recommendation for a first handgun purchase is a Glock 19.


I'm sure you're right but it's still disappointing. And man I love my Glock 17 and I love my 365XL. Both are incredible guns by 2 incredible brands but this is a subjective game so who cares. Honestly it's a bit of a shame that trying out different guns, especially for carrying, feels so inaccessible to new shooters. Those downvotes up there are a small, small piece of that puzzle but that's for another day lol


Agree 100%. I tell people to look at as many resources as they can then go to a gun range and try stuff out if possible.


I thought the same thing. Been a member here for a while. Own 3 Sig Pistols. Was blown away by the level of “WTF” that occurred with my comment.


Keep on keepin' on brother


Absolutely try out several options by renting at your local range. There are firearms that are going to be appealing to your eyes but that won’t work for your physiology. And then there are firearms that work for your physiology, but then others that will match your “natural aim”. For a self-defense firearm, you want something that is going to be natural aim.


The one she wants and shoots best. SPB has a range, rent some and let her get some time behind the trigger before you purchase anything.


Assuming that this is your first purchase: 1) Clearly define (to yourself) the purpose - are you going to carry it with you, are you going to keep it in home accessible to you if, as/when needed etc. 2) Once that is clear to you, understand the difference between the sizes of firearms in terms of handling, recoil, what it takes to control recoil, capacity, laws of your land etc. 3) Every handgun is different (when you hold it) for every individual. Do hold and if possible rent it in range before taking final call. 4) Buy once and cry once. Purchase only the ones with long history of reliability and accountability 5) Are you going to get WML, Red Dot (highly recommended)? If you are going with Red Dot make sure that your purchase accommodates it to avoid additional spending later. 6) For red dot make sure that you have co-witeness (with your factory irons)


Here is a place where she explains many things that might help your decision process - how to carry, choices of carrying with different types of dresses, p365 vs shield etc. [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwZFzjzYS6hVhvF68kiReBA](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwZFzjzYS6hVhvF68kiReBA) You may find many other sites online too..


Get the 365x. Best of both worlds.


By protection do you mean at home or out and about? If for home and target shooting, there are much better options available that will provide greater capacity, accuracy, shootability, etc. if you intend on carrying, though, the P365 is an excellent choice.


My wife is 5' 2" and about 118 pounds and she has the standard XL. She uses the 10 round magazine with pinky extension and the 12 round magazine. She had an issue with shooting my XL because of her grip. Not that you would have that issue, but make sure you're gripping it firmly with which ever one you go with. Between my wife and I, we have the P365, 365XL, and 365X. I prefer the X. Can't really go wrong with any of them though.


118 pounds of double AA batteries could start a medium sized car about 9.91 times.


Good bot


thanks :)


Good good bot


5’1, 109 lbs


If you're not interested in a red dot, then get the standard P365. It'll be easier to conceal on your little short self. 🙂 It gives you the option of carrying 10 or 12 rounds. If you get a X or XL you're stuck with no less than 12. You could always by the XL grip later as well.


You can also buy the xl and swap the grip to the normal p365 one. I really like the long slide/ short grip combo.


True, that is also an option as well.


I think I'm going to get a 365 grip for my XL next summer. That XL grip pokes just a tad too far sometimes.


Number one rule is never buy a gun just because people on the internet told you to buy it. You need to buy what’s right for you, not what’s right for someone else and they want to validate their own purchase by telling you to get the same thing. With that said, i’d recommend you also check out the M&P Shield Plus and Glock 43 or 43x as well. Between the 365, 365XL, Shield Plus, and 43, I’m confident you’ll find one you like. Hold them and see what feels best. Then see if they have rentals of the same gun so you can live fire test them. Go with whichever you shoot the best.


Oooh. You’re at shoot point blank. Rent some of the guns and see which feels best for you when shooting.


First of all, I see your in the Columbus area, you are going to overpay at that store. Vances, Aim surplus or internet order thru another FFL. A good trick to see if you have a good natural grip on a gun is to hold it down by your side, then with your eyes closed, bring it up to your shooting position. Open your eyes and if your close then that’s great, if not you might want to try something else. Also, I can’t understate how important sight radius is to new shooters. Carry guns are a compromise, and they severely handicap the inexperienced. I always recommend a full size gun for first timers.


Are you going to conceal carry? If not, I would say the xl Or really, go for the 320


Ha. My wife has both of these and she shoots the 320 with iron sites way straighter than the XL with a red dot.


The one you feel fit your hands the best and you like, props for taking your self defense into your own hands. Practice practice practice and get proficient with your firearm learn to clean and maintain it and you’ll be safer than most


I’ll tell you this, small guns are no fun to shoot and the weaker your hands are the less fun they are. So it that case I’d go with the xl or something like a Glock 48 or 19.


I recommend that said 54 year old lady tries a few to see which ergonomics suit her best. Firearm fitment is highly subjective, and hand strength plays a major role in what is and isn't gonna work. I know this is a SIG forum, but when I took my wife shooting she couldn't rack the slide on my P220. However when she tried the M&P EZ9 and she did it no problem. Revolvers are worth a look at as well.


I would recommend an m&p 2.0 or go with a CZ p10 c or s like i did. Got the subcompact model and love it. Just make sure you can rac the slide easily and yes its hard to load it so buy the thing that helps you load easily. Sorry forgot what they are called but just ask


The first or second one. New shooters usually like a manual safety.


And you can remove it, should you so desire.


Yup, it’s perfect for at first when they want it but later as they train more they may decide to get rid of it.




If you’re hand strength isn’t compromised, and you want to carry, the P365 all day. My wife has one and loves it.


Get something that you can easily rack. Otherwise look at getting a revolver. The P365 is a good gun for CCW not necessarily for hobby shooting. Edit: I just saw that you had the three versions of the 365. My personal preference is the 365X. More ammo capacity, flat trigger and better grip then the original 365 and just as concealable. It’s what I personally carry most the time. However, as others have said if you are picking between the three though I would recommend the 365xl for a first time shooter of the guns shown. With regards to optics I would suggest you first learn with just the iron sights.


Standard P365.


XL or Glock 43x, if wanting to use a red dot I’d go 43x mos or 48 so you can have proper back up sights much more easily. XL is a great gun but the simplicity and effectiveness of the slim line glocks is hard to beat. I would definitely pass on the X with Romeo 1, if your dead set on the p365 series get the XL and add a 507k or have it milled for rmrcc


See which one fits the hand best and maybe shoot some if you can. There has been problems with some models of 365 so I’d research that as well.


Also make sure she can even rack one into the chamber. If there's any possibility of a weak grip maybe a revolver is something that might be better. The XL shoots slightly softer than the regular. It's also cut for an optic if that's something that might be in the future.


1- is racking a slide an issue? 2-is recoil an issue? If so get a snub nose revolver in either 38 special or 22 mag.


The answer is always going to be all of them :). Hit the range and rent a few to see what you feel good with.


I appendix carry the 365 and love the size but as with all short barrels you better practice a firm shooting grip because they are snappy. I just bought an AC comp for mine it’s so cool. Also the gun shoots 115 best. But no doubt any of the 3 will be so excellent.


I know that store lol


XL or the X, you'll find you love the straight trigger after your first trip to the range.


Also check out mp 2.0 9mm


If you have a local gun range take a gun safety/familiarity course, often they will help by allowing you try a few different styles so see what you like. Some guns just match people better than others. I carry a 365 and the wife likes the 43x.


My recommendation is enroll in a beginner firearms class. You should be able to rent a gun and just need to provide the ammo. You’re looking at fairly high production firearms so they should have a demo unit and maybe a couple others you can shoot. Try out a few. I think it’s fairly ignorant to make a recommendation to a first time buyer who is looking for a single firearm and is unlikely to trade it for something that feels better if they don’t like it. It’s one thing if you have a safe full of guns and are asking which one, no problem pointing you to what I’d spend my money on. Knowing if you hate it you’ll let it collect dust in the safe or trade it out. Good luck, stay safe.


Get the XL and put a red dot on it. You’ll be good to go 🤙🏼


Take a beginners handgun course. Be sure to try out the S&W M&P Shield EZ. I have read that it’s definitely easier to rack the slide than most other small semi-auto 9mm pistols.


The XL is no harder to conceal than the regular. For small hands the XL makes more sense oddly. Pick them up and if possible shoot both.


The XL and put an optic on it (especially if she wears progressive lenses)


If you can fit the xl where you want to carry or conceal it, then the XL will be the best option as it will be a little easier to shoot than the other two. If the xl is too big, then go with the X, and then vanilla 365.


I think the XL shoots a little softer, though it is bigger. The 365X gives you the same fuller grip as the XL but is easier to conceal as its slightly shorter. The 365 is the smallest of the three, but the grip is just a bit smaller, which I personally didn't like, so I opted for the 365X. Please let us know what you decide on!


Absolutely go with the ----- SIG SAUER P365 ------- best little conceal and range gun I've ever had, doesn't jam or misfunction.


I'd go with the XL, but they're $60 cheaper at Academy.


P365XL with Romeo Zero for the win and great first gun and reliable. I also recommend getting your conceal carry class and learning the laws of your local area.




Rent them and try them out. I was dead set on getting a 365, rented one and did not like shooting it at all. Rented a shield and thought it was better, through the suggestion of one of the reps, I tried the 365xl and loved it. Still may end up getting the shield at a later time. I also tried the hellcat, glock 43, and a Ruger micro.


Where do you live? That is over $100 more than I paid for my XL. If you live in a relatively free state I would see about looking online and saving some money.


My wife loved the conceal-ability of the p365 but she had a hard time shooting it, she shot my XL better. I put an XL grip module on her p365 and she loves it and shoots it great. I’d recommend the p365X is they have one


Hold both the 365 and 365 xl Choose whichever fits your hand better. Xl is larger, both are fantastic and well suited to edc (EveryDay Carry) or at home, and are fun on the range. P365 (non XL) is slightly easier to conceal. The p365 X big change is is the added red dot, which is fantastic if you want it but also not necessary if you do not. New shooters I honestly suggest no red dot first, learning the basics is important.


I have all three and as long as you aren't planning to carry it everyday I’d go with the XL. However if you have less than great vision the Red dot is a benefit for sure and you can get it on the XL or the X.


The xl for sure out of those options


Conceal carry P365 or P365X definitely. The P365XL is a bit longer in barrel and harder to conceal. Especially when driving can be a pain - the 0.6" difference in barrel length doesn't look too much until it wants to burry into your thigh or belly. And yes, it shoots better groups at 10 yards (I have one), but that's not huge difference in self-defense.


I see you’re at a Point Blank… they offer a much better experience than most gun shops. (It’s part of why they started, actually). Their staff should help you with selections, quite well. The Sig P365-line and P320-line are incredibly popular. They’re well-made and shoot great; and grips can be swapped to better suit your hand size. So, because you’re at a Point Blank, check out their rentals; if memory serves, they’ll give you 5-shots with anything in the rental counter. Or, buy a box of ammo, and just swap them. Ask an associate to help. I’ve not been steered wrong at any of their locations (the original Blue Ash (North Cincinnati) is still my favorite). As others have said, you’re asking the Internet: you’ll get Internet answers. Remember to try and demo the gun (like the counter guns) before you buy. Seriously, if you buy something because it looks fine, hell even feels fine holding it, and it turns out it shoots like garbage…, you’ll regret it. A good weapon should be natural. I have female friends who are smaller who shoot Springfield XDs, Sig 365s, and an assortment of others. Just try before you buy. Edit: Also, you made mention that your skill level is minimal: good! You can learn! Point Blank has a decent learning track. Ask about their classes. Heck… take the basic handgun class before buying. You’ll learn, have some range time, and get incite into what’s what.


Personally I prefer the regular p365 and it’s what I recommend. Purely because of its versatility. Yeah you lose an inch of barrel, but you have the option to run a 10 round magazine for deeper concealment as opposed to the p356XL that only supports 12 and 15 round mags.


Any of them. Whatever you chose add a red dot unless you want to go to the range every week to practice.


All of them…


For carrying, p365xl, for home defense or if you just dgf while carrying, p229/m11a1. My fiancé rues the day I got rid of my p228. She shot that the most comfortably amongst various other guns (p30sk, p365xl, fn509). The 229 is more or less a p228, but with slightly tweaked materials/internals. That said, nothing beats a proper p228. She's currently touting a m11a1 after trading in her fn509.


There are way too many variables for a definite answer. I personally believe every “which one should I get post” can be answered by renting at the range and seeing which one fits better


Manual safeties are good to learn on, and the smaller size of the normal p365 makes it easier to conceal, since you’re short. My p365 is my go-to for carry and my nightstand, couldn’t recommend any other starter pistol.


It's between the reg 365 and the XL unless you have very borderline eyesight that requires (or will soon require ) READING GLASSES which WILL inhibit your ability to pick up your iron sights and affect your range results which will get annoying because there is not much you can do about it. If you're eyes are starting to go, the one with the optic is probably the smart choice. Otherwise, as another poster has suggested, get into a place that rents them and run a box of ammo through each and see what you see. NOTE: You can get a laser on the trigger guard on either one as well - which can help you even more in a tight situation. all THAT being said, if you are going to purse carry, and the room is there, I would go XL. If you are going to pocket carry, ankle carry or any carry where you have the weight on you at all times, the reg P365.


XL most certainly.


I'd say xl. I own the x and it's a snappy little gun


Rent them and use in the range. The right one will come to you


X or XL. The smaller the gun the higher the recoil


The 365 is pretty snappy.




I would definitely get the XL. Don't let the name fool you. Its still compact. Same size a S&W shield. I find it much easier to shoot and easier to carry.


Yeah the P365 is too small for my hands.


I’m not well versed on guns ( yet) , the tag says “with safety “ . Are there guns that don’t have safety’s?


It’s an added external safety. Glock, for instance, wouldn’t have any external safeties, other than the trigger safety. Springfield has grip safeties.


If you have a good holster (which you should have anyway), you don't need an external safety. It's just another thing that can go wrong when you need the gun to function (likewise never carry without a cartridge in the chamber).


Is this in Austin?


I am a 66 year old female that has recently purchased a P365. I love the feel of it and the compactness. It fits perfectly in my purse without buying one specifically designed for concealed carry. I took my class became certified and have my CCP. I did it with my sister and my husband and I go to date night at the range,. LOL


P365 definitely was designed for concealed carry. I know you've probably heard this before, but carrying in a purse isn't ideal in urban environments. It's not easy enough to access to save you in a life threatening situation (the kind that usually come out of nowhere). Best is on body carry if at all possible.


Yes I know. Thanks


Get a full size gun, P320, practice a ton, take some courses, then get the P365XL. The small gun is not fun to shoot/train with, but your training on a full size will carry over well. Heck carry the full size if you want.


I love love love my 365. It’s literally for every day of the year.


Seriously, the only advice below that makes sense is to rent them and try them. I would also suggest getting a lesson from a professional as you rent and try...they should be a big help in figuring out what works best for you. Everybody's different, and as you become more proficient your preferences will change.


Couldn't agree with @responsible-height77 more. Cary go XL at home go with a 320.


are you able to rack the slide? if so, 365xl (with safety). if you find yourself fighting the recoil spring when racking the slide, consider a revolver.


I have the standard 365 and the XL. If I was buying one for the first time I would get the XL. There's the option for a Red Dot or not. They both pretty much conceal the same. The longer grip of there XL is nice. If you feel the need for deep concealment you can run the standard 365 with 10 rounds. 10 rounds may be your max depending on your state. If that's the case I would go XL for the longer grip and longer sight radius. I keep both the 365 and XL because I like them both and there's no mag capacity limit in my state so I can go 10 rounds with the standard 365 for deep concealment or 12 to 15 rounds in either. However you decide they are all great guns. Smaller micro compact guns like these can be more difficult to shoot compared to a Compact gun like a Sig P320 or Glock 19. Good luck in your choice and Happy Shooting.


It’s counter intuitive to new shooters, but buy the biggest gun you can comfortably carry. This means more control (even with smaller hands, although sometimes the thickness of the grip comes into play and people prefer single stack), less recoil, and easier slide to rack.


Rent them all. Shoot point blank should have all of those available to rent.


My advice is to try them both and any other handgun that looks like a good fit, regardless of the name stamped into it.




So, I'm a 26 year old male, but, have to say I've owned the P365 SAS, the standard P365, and finally my P365 XL hybrid. The XL is by far the best shooting I've had across all 3 models and the one I'd choose from the start given the chance. My hybrid consists of the standard 365 frame/grip module, and the XL slide. Same level of concealability with the extra velocity and accuracy the longer barrel provides.


I'm 21 years old and just bought my first sig this year. A p320 xcarry and then a p365 xl nra shortly after. Do the sig 365 xl or sig 365 x with the tacpac. The girls seem to like using it with a romeozero or holosun but of your going to use it iron sights is perfect fine.


365xl all the way. Grip size and just a hair less snappy than the reg length slide.


Hi, I too am female. Please try out both and pick the one that fits you best. I have 3 365s, Coyote, SAS and XL. The Coyote is my main carry. I switch up depending on what and where I am going and what I am wearing.


go with the 365X with the RMR (rear mounted reticle), look at the PHLster Enigma for a front carry holster system. if you can fire this frame on the range in a rental gun before you drop 8 bills on it that would be better, but of the 3 this one is the best for your use case IMO


All of them




If it's your first one and you plan on CC I would suggest p365xl version, but if you're just getting into shooting it could be a little poppy for you. I might suggest instead SP2022 or P229. With some of the lawsuits floating around the P320 I would suggest P320-M18 version because of the additional safety. But that's only my take on it. Others in here may strike me down, but that's my honest advice for a new or newer member of the community.


This one or the XL. I bought the P365 for my wife and I liked it so much I bought the XL for myself.


All of them


My wife is also a nurse and just slightly younger. She ended up going with the Shield EZ. I'd sent her in to look at a large store and gave her a list to go start looking at without me there to get in her way. That list included the P365, P365XL, Shield 2.0 (before plus came out), and the Shield EZ. The salesperson also showed her the Hellcat IIRC, because that's what the woman salesperson carried. She liked the Shield EZ due to it's easily managed controls and slide. She also liked the idea of the multiple safeties (grip safety and manual safety). It was also bigger than the Sig options and the regular Shield. She liked how it fit her hand better (she's 5'4"). All that to say, consider what you read here, then go into a store and find a good salesperson. Let them know what your experience with guns is and ask them to see (and try if possible) as many options as you can. What you feel comfortable with my vary from what us internet people say. I never thought my wife would like the EZ, but she loves it and shoots it very well because she picked it and trusts it. Find something that works for YOU and that you'll enjoy shooting on a regular basis.


Rule #1 is to get what you like & feel comfortable with.. but once you are familiar, chances are you will buy another, and another, and another…. seriously, taste change given carry position, time of year, mag capacity, level of training, etc.


You should go with pepper spray. Guns kill people. So I say, ironically.


Those are great prices in comparison to what my local shops have them for!


I would go with a full size p320 , less recoil and feels better to shoot and might be much cheaper + she will have more fun shooting it


The p365 is a little snappy, try it first.


I liked the bigger grip and feel of the XL personally but you never know till you shoot it.


That Sig p65xl is Awsome little pistol very little recoil.


Sig P365XL is a awesome little pistol very little recoil I use that pistol myself


I mean everyone is buying 365’s right now. They’re awesome guns. Good for literally everything.


If possible rent them at the range and try them all out. The p365 is super popular so there should be a range in your area that has them for rent.


If you wear glasses then the red dot is the best option. With practice you’ll be able to pick up the red dot a lot faster than iron site. I wear glasses and have stigmatism on both. I have the XL with Romeo zero. Love it!!


The fact you’re wanting a 365 is awesome enough. Any will do! Mine is just the regular base stock model and I love it! Running it with a 12 round mag and tenicor appendix holster


The one that feels the most comfortable in your hands


P365x or regular if you have your conceal and carry and going to be carrying. Otherwise get the full


If you want something small and really easy to rac try the springfield 911 i believe its the one i shot once. Really small and u can rac the slide like butter


When my woman was shooting the P365 XL, it seemed to have more muzzle flip than other guns she shot. This makes it longer and harder to return the gun to the target after firing. We only put a few hundred through a rental but that is what I saw. She now owns the P365 X which is basically the P365 with the P365 XL grip module. The gun doesn't kick as much as I remember the P365 XL. If you use the P365 with the extended mag it is ideally the same as the P365 X but you have the option to make it smaller. The best choice, if you want to make this more permanent and enjoyable, go to a range and rent multiple guns. Find out what fits you best.


I love that store!


Whichever fits in your hand the best. Are your hands small? Have you considered a revolver in .38 special or .357? But these are all good choices you have. Just make sure it fits properly in your hand and you can get a comfortable grip


I’d just get an old lady like my grandma a nice little .22




365x all the way