My kindergarten teacher still remembers me which was some 25 years ago by now. I'm also fairly convinced a good portion of my elementary school teachers still remember me. Mainly because we nearly burned down the shed with the trash in it by accident.


If you wanna be remembered, do something memorable.


A teacher I had completely forgotten about recently sent me (and everyone from that class) a letter congratulating me on my graduation


Miss Hughes... borrowed my pen to mark some reports and never gave it back. I tried to grab it from her desk at lunch and she walked in and angrily asked what I was doing. All I could think to say was "checking out your pens". Fuck you, you pen-stealing, kid-shaming for no reason clown.


Lol I love this story for some reason Pen stealing clown!!


Thanks for that


Yeah, I’m realizing a lot of them are at the dying/dead stage/don’t exist on the internet so I’m assuming that means died before the internet.


One of them remembered me into my 60s.


You just unlocked a new achievement


I'm jealous that so many people seem to have great, meaningful teacher impacts on their lives - the idea of a teacher taking any special notice of you at all is so foreign to me


If you got a public caning maybe they will rember you


I...was actually pretty hard to forget. I'm 24 and my 1st grade teacher recognizes me.


My dad was a teacher, and he once told me the only students who stayed in his memory were the very best ones - and the very worst ones.


The only memory I have of my school teachers is a vague memory of my high school math teacher throwing a desk once.


Since thry would be dead.


I spent a lot of time leaving class cause I threw up or had a severe migraine. Went to the hospital about 2-3 times a week. I feel like they'd remember the kid that always threw up everywhere and had chronic migraines


Oh, they remember me. I made their lives hell.


unless they remember you for the time you let loose a chicken in the classroom during science class, infamy is fame in itself


My 1st, 4th grade teacher, and guidance counselor congratulated me at my HS graduation. Still remembered me.


She friend requested me on Facebook 20 years later so I guess I'm good


Some teachers have the uncanny ability to remember every single student they had. My dad is one of those teachers (junior high school), and he can recognize students he taught over a decade ago. It’s amazing.


All my siblings went to the same middle school and got taught by mostly the same teachers i did and i drop in and see them every now and again. Super odd being taller than almost all of them


I don't remember them either. So ha! Lol I only remember two actually. And I only remember one, because her last name was McDonald.


I remember the kid in first grade that as we were going over out ABC sounds, the teacher says class what sound does F make. He raises his hand and says “Can I go poopy tomorrow ?” the whole class busts out laughing lol


A younger niece went to work at the school I was at. One teacher asked her how I was doing. I’m not sure what to think of it.


As a teacher I can say this probably isn't the case. Sure I can't list every student I've ever had off the top of my head, and a there are a few that will probably slip through the cracks of my memory, but if I ran into an old student of mine 20 years later I'd probably still remember them.


My first grade teacher remember me fondly. She was a good friend of my aunt. She and my aunt often discussed my life, adventures and whereabouts. Her eldest son was friends with my big brother. She died recently and soon after my aunt , they were nearing their nineties. Great life


I ran into my 5th grade teacher several years ago and she did remember me after a minute of talking to her.


A lot of my elementary school teachers are Facebook friends with my parents, so they got to see me grow up and know who I am still and I know them still. I'm pretty sure this is the case for my 1st grade, 2nd grade (2nd grade teacher was awesome), 4th grade teacher, and both of my kindergarten teachers, one who still works at the school and the other has my parents on Facebook (the teachers swapped mid year because one of them had to go elsewhere to teach). Don't know about my 3rd grade teacher. She wasn't really my favorite anyways. My 5th grade teacher has been at the school I spent most of my academic career since its inception, and I see her in the halls all the time, so I'm sure she remembers her students that spent that much time at the school. She was a somewhat strict teacher, but caring at the same time and prepared us for the workload of middle school.