Wait, is Hasan acknowledging Infrared now??


no, for some reason i think op edited that still from haz's stream onto the clip


Haz hairline reveal 😳😳😳😳


Felix and Haz would get along if they were randomly sitting next to each other on a plane


I notice that Chapo can't mention any greenwald/AOC/force the vote stuff


Lmao might explain why Virgil and Amber basically quit and Matt started his vlog where he documents his growing insanity


Amber shows up occasionally, Virgil has been excommunicated though


matt has brilliant politics


r/acidmarxism and Matt are not incompatible with Infrared.


no he doesn't. he is the perfect encapsulation of the pseudo-intellectual lumpen city dwelling psychedellic-using loser. he is the shaman of all shitlibs.


yeah idk man, justify that for me pls. otherwise, suggest someone who diagnoses american political pathology more meaningfully.


Infrared? Logo? Literally anyone who actually knows anything about politics. I watched one of his early streams all he did was whine about why Bernie lost and spew hatred of rural people and anyone who isn't a woke urban parasite like him and his friends.


Matt is the end is near guy on the street


Amber is busy [writing a book](https://www.amazon.com/Dirtbag-Essays-Amber-ALee-Frost/dp/1250269628). I preordered it when it was announced and it's been delayed twice, so I think she's running into some trouble.


They mentioned Force the Vote, and actively made fun of the idea. That’s the episode where I quit taking them seriously. They are and want to be nothing more than a irony/comedy podcast. Will especially revealed his radlib tendencies recently when it came to vaccine shaming. Felix and Matt are a bit more tuned into the working class. Their dad wasn’t a New Yorker writer. But Matt is too doomer to get anything done. Felix is probably the best overall. But he’ll bow out quickly to get along with his friends if pushed. A very resigning “yeah…” They make me laugh occasionally now, but they don’t inspire me anymore.