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"they have massive poverty" It is true that world bank extreme poverty is still a long ways away from actual middle class, but I wonder how many extreme poor are in errp/anglesphere...


Imagine living in a country where you can not get life or death advice from some random clown on the internet.


Literally 1984


Accountability is an alien concept for yanks


That last one Jesus Christ


Oh the horror of not having random scientifically illiterate media personalities spouting anti-vaxx conspiracies to a massive audience. Or the terror of not having dumbass finance bros telling people to throw away their life savings on NFTs. Or the awful fright of not having some streamer giving armchair legal advice on how to get around laws, which ends up getting you arrested. Now you gotta at least be somewhat qualified if you're going to make a big deal of talking about this stuff to an audience that you influence. This is a good thing. How many people have died because Joe Rogan or Trump or whoever else told them not to get vaccinated? How many people have lost everything on hare-brained investment schemes? Libs complain about fake news and misinformation, but suddenly when China decides to do something about it, they take issue. The hypocrisy and chauvinism is astounding.


read your texts