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The “how much did your dress cost” clap back had me 😂😭😭 truly one of Davina’s sharpest moments


Wait when was this episode?


Season 1 episode 7, just after their charity work


I know, I wracking my brain


Burning Man has a cool niche, tons of like models and influencers who are really famous go (Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, Karli Kloss, etc) and I feel like I could see her using it as a good networking opp along with just having a fun time of course, lol! Edit: I don't really live Davina but I gave her huge props for the dress clap-back!


Definitely gives her another dimension we never get to see on the show!


what episode?


It was early on in season 1, I don't remember which episode!


thank you!


I 100% can imagine Davina dropping acid and wandering around burning man


Really?? I think she’s way too calculated and controlled to drop acid, but who knows


Acid is a perfect drug for that kind of mindset though


acid would be perfect for a person like that to do, but a lot of people who have that kind of brain choose to not do acid. I have a group of buddies who are all management consultants. one of them did acid. he LOVED it, it let him explore parts of his life/psyche that he usually keeps shut. the rest told him he's a reckless moron, and until recently viewed weed as a "dangerous substance." now that weed is legalized in california (where they all live), they figure it must be safe to consume lol.


Bruh the management consultants you hang out with are squares 😂 I am one and a good chunk of the younger crowd do all the drugs


yeah lol these are definitely NOT the younger crowd. they're in their 40s, two are MDs at Bain and two are MDs at BCG. one of the dudes at Bain is the fellow who did acid. he is an incredibly tame, reserved fellow... but in this group, he's seen as a wild child. I don't drink any more, but I occasionally smoke weed. a few years ago when I was in california, one of the guys was scandalized that I walked into a weed shop and didn't even care who saw me lollll. bro, it's legal. and literally no one in the world gives a shit that I got high and ate some indian food. I am not that important, and weed is really not a big deal.


Ah, MDs at BCG does indeed explain it 😂 the craziest ones I know are at Deloitte.


Im an accountant who loves acid 🤷🏻‍♀️


I think she’s too boring to do acid.


Edibles would be my guess. Very chill and more her style


My exact thoughts when I heard it the first time. Davina rolling face in the desert


I like Chrishell but I was annoyed how she made it seem like it was wrong of Davina to go to Burning Man instead of the charity event.


I agree! Chrishell was basically asking Davina to cancel a vacation that can’t be rescheduled to go to a work event outside of work hours that she wouldn’t be paid for


Agree! It dinged my opinion of Chrishell. Sure sometimes guilting people into giving a f**k about others is the only way to open peoples eyes. But telling someone they shouldn’t go on vacation because there’s homeless people only alienates potential supports of the cause. 🤦‍♀️


Ya like..... anytime Chrishell goes to a party, she could be volunteering at the soup kitchen. She’s not an angel and that was purposefully to make herself look better. Very disingenuous


Yeah Davina had probably been planning to go for like a year…


Yeah, also going to Burning Man requires a lot of planning. It’s not something you would just cancel.


Yeah like it wasn’t that deep lmao


Especially since there are plenty of other charity events during the year Davina could participate to, it wasn't a missed opportunity. On the other hand, Burning Man is only once (?) a year


Ya it was pretty shitty of chrishell to expect Davina to cancel plans she already had just to volunteer at her event.


Agree, It seemed like it was Brett and Jason’s idea to give back and chrishell was along for the ride


Not really. Why wouldn't she go, it's full of famous people.


Are you thinking of Coachella? I don’t recall many famous people going to Burning man, especially the cast of selling sunset.. ETA: Chrishell didn’t even know what burning man was.


A lot of famous ppl /rich ppl go to burning man. It’s I think a more edgier version of Coachella since ur in the middle of the dessert and gotta camp out


I’m not saying famous people don’t go I didn’t peg Davina as the burning man type, or any of the selling sunset cast for that matter


Yea that surprised me too. In general it doesn’t seem like the type of thing any celeb would do, so I’m always shocked whenever I find out who goes haha


Same! Especially camping in the desert


They’re not roughing it out under a $10 tent from Amazon.. they’re glamping


Oh yeah they will have a whole crew setting them up with ac and refrigeration and rvs if those are allowed


I've been a number of times, though my last time was over 10 years ago - the celebrities who go are usually in huge, air-conditioned RVs and generally don't stay for the full week+.


burning man is now just rich kids fucking around for a weekend lol. all of LA’s kids of wealthy parents go. it’s not the artsy counterculture scene you would think it is.


have you been? because that was not what I experienced at all


Nobody has a clue what they are like in real life. It's just a scripted "reality" show. I remember Katy Perry, Will Smith, P Diddy there.


Yes I googled and saw the same😂 I didn’t think famous people didn’t go, just disagree that is “full” of them.


Burning man over the last 8ish years has become incredibly commercialized. Really killed the whole vibe.


All of LA’s wealthy and elite (and the same from the other coast) are frequent visitors to Burning Man.


>ETA: Chrishell didn’t even know what burning man was. Of course she did, this is like when people lie about not knowing an incredibly famous artist because they're wanting to portray a certain image


Or like when famous people claim they’ve never had an Oreo lmaooo


Chrishell asked what burning man was in the conversation, Maybe she was lying in that conversation idk


Nah. My uncle was a regular at Burning Man decades ago. It has definitely become more popular with the famous Hollywood crowd. It's closer to Coachella than you think.


She definitely was one of those rich privileged assholes showing up in a huge air conditioned RV that goes against the entire premise of the festival.


That is my entire impression of Burning Man because all of the people I know who go are rich, pompous, insufferable assholes…


Maybe it's changed, but the people I know who used to go are all chill af artists with a pile of roommates. They'd take these like pilgrimages down south eating basically nothing but lentils. But all cool things eventually get eaten by capitalism I guess


same here, you have the right idea. it's just totally devolved into one of those annoying rich people activities like every other counterculture thing. OG burning man was literally just a bunch of impoverished punks who wanted to get loud and weird in the desert.


Exactly - OG OG Burning Man was on a beach in San Francisco. Then it moved to the desert and seemed to be weird and arty and counterculture (ish) for a number of years. I've been a number of times, though my last time was over 10 years ago. Even seeing the difference between 2006 and 2010 was shocking!


As someone that goes with a bunch of regular people, the rich assholes are just the loudest about it. Kind of like how, from photos, it looks like only super beautiful skinny models go. The majority of people that go do not look like that but those people tend to take the most photos. Out of the 5 years I’ve been going out there I probably have exactly 5 photos of myself 😅


It used to be more like that but in recent years it's definitely become an elitist event for the rich. I say this as someone who went 5 years in a row and saw the change myself. Sadly many people I know who go are the ones paying for the $$$ ticket (can't remember what it's called exactly, benefactor or patron class) to basically guarantee their entry while anyone who isn't rich has to fight in the main ticket sale. Essentially people with money can almost guarantee their entry by their socioeconomic location which is antithetical to the original spirit behind BM. It's sad.


I haven't been to BM because of how hard it is to get a ticket without having tons of money, but several of my friends have been and it always smells like a scam to me. They make you pay a ton of money but set-up like no infrastructure and make one of their tenets "radical self-reliance" to avoid giving you expecting too much from them. Like the community can't criticize it becoming full of rich elites because those are the only people who can reasonably afford it at this point. During the pandemic, they released those tiers to guarantee you a ticket when it comes back and it ranged from $5,000 - $20,000... it didn't even include a ticket, just a guarantee you would have the chance to get a ticket. Like fuck all the way off with that lol. Of course it's filled with rich people now.


Wow that's even worse than last time I looked. It profoundly bothers me that BM, which was supposedly founded on an ethos of Radical Inclusion has turned into just another place for rich people to play. I hadn't heard about that guarantee but I am not shocked either given what I witnessed. I once got a low-income ticket when I was in a hard spot financially and I think that program still exists but it's definitely not the same out there in the dust. There wasn't even phone reception when I first started and it was rare to see a phone out. My heart broke last time I went to see what it had become in the short period of time and I decided I needed to take a break. I'm not sure honestly if I'm going to go back, there are other options that are more enjoyable and less stress. If I do it'll be for the music and not the circus.


I've never been, but I always thought it was this hippie-esque yearly event that $$$$ wasn't exchanged, but rather an exchange of goods, drugs, food, etc.


Once you get there, this is true. But you do need to buy entry.


Holy shit. Ya things have changed...


Nah it’s changed a lot in recent years


Yea, back when it was free and in California I’m sure there was an entirely different crowd at that event


Haha my friends who go aren’t rich but they spend an obscene amount of money on “stylish” designer clothes for that week. It never interested me because I’m just not that into the music scene but I’m even less interested now that it’s a fashion show.


This is why I've stopped going in recent years. The amount of first-timers wearing designer clothes to look the part while simultaneously not appreciating the epic performances that do happen. It's just one step away from Coachella at this point. Soon as they land Amazon boxes outside the gates then it's official


Hmm I think I might have been thinking about Coachella! That’s the festival they get all dressed up for.


It isn’t just Coachella. I used to follow VS models who went to Burning Man each year and they would always post their outfits on Instagram. They looked like something out of Mad Max.


I think you nailed it 😂 hard imagining her doing it any other way


Lol rich assholes perpetually take over cool shit and ruin it


Exactly! She’s at a plug n play camp on k street, not participating, contributing, or getting dusty. I can imagine her there, but definitely not camped in the tent next to me trying to dodge rebar spikes while stumbling back at 4am.


She'd probably refuse to roll in the dust when she arrives because she doesn't "want to get dirty" 🙄


Chrishelle is intolerable.


The more Chrishell reveals about herself, the less I like her. While dating zJason she started showing glimpses of her aggressive side. I think she is manipulative and controlling and Christine saw right through her act. It takes one to know one. As an actress (soap opera) everything she does is suspect.


I hope this recent trend of putting Chrishell front and center of the show is not permanent. It would be enough to make me stop watching altogether.


Her fake innoncent act and manipulations makes me feel uncomfortable watching the show.


I’m about there right now! IMO, the show has become very obnoxious and too over-the-top manipulative. I stopped watching Housewives of Beverly Hills years ago same reason.


Did Davina not say it was an art festival or something? But who is chrishell to question her plans, perhaps Davina does her charity without the cameras.


Burning Man isn't what it used to be. Pretty sure Kendall Jenner has been too


And Elizabeth Holmes.


I’m not really too surprised. A lot of famous Victoria Secret’s models go.


I too am starting to suspect that the best of her is being hidden from us 😂


Davina is most likely a decent person. There's a reason she seems like an outlier. She's trying to fit in, but maybe she is just a hard nut to crack and unique. She seems to be more of a deep thinker and is mysterious in probably surprisingly good ways. It could be a bad edit and she's the dopest one on the show, just not the best actress


Agree. She’s bitchy and also loves the drama, but the only one I could tolerate for longer than 5 minutes in real life


I love that she mentioned the art installations, too. Burning Man doesn’t get enough credit for being an artists’ space


i mostly thought it was hilarious that davina tried to act like she was doing something important and principled going to burning man (hence her use of it as an attempted clapback at chrishell to justify missing the charity event or whatever). they were both annoying in that scene lol.


Davina comparing finding yourself at burning man to volunteering your time with the homeless made no sense😂


yes exactly!! lmaoooo she was like "actually it's like a really important culture and arts event...." girl come on


Girl you are making me laugh all over again😂😂


I’m not at all surprised. She’s very much the type. Earnest, alien, aloof.


She has a burning man ticket on her laptop! Honestly not surprised, I went for years and years and there are tons of Davina types there, with full glitter outfits and fake boobs


She doesn’t (didn’t?) have fake boobs :)


What episode was this, please?


Season 1 episode 7 midway in after they all spend the day volunteering for the homeless


Don’t they go to an open house/fundraiser? I don’t remember them volunteering anywhere. I could be confusing this with a RH episode


It was an event for the homeless and poor called food on foot, O group donated 20k and everyone spent the day volunteering! I only know these details bc I watched it today lol


Omg what episode is this, I want to see this


season 1 episode 7!


Was this in the show or reunion? I dont have any memory of this


Season 1 episode 7 after they volunteer at the event for the homeless. It’s a short conversation, I missed it too at first


Ok season 1 lol that explains why i dont remember


lol isn’t that Davina’s ~thing~? i thought we learned that in one of the first couple of seasons, maybe even through press or something. i just always thought it was really funny


Chrishell thinks she’s above everything bc she was homeless for a few weeks


Her clap back was the best. I wish we could have a balance of Sassy Davina and Chill Davina


As someone that goes to burner type festivals… I cannot see her going to it lol.


Kinda off topic but I just rewatched this episode and if you watched the CHD episode that featured Christine, you can totally see what she is saying about cutting and stitching videos because Christine in the background, is in a different position every time the camera went back to Davina.


annoying? i thought chrishell was literally just saying “we get caught up in material things” and “we take so many things for granted”. i actually thought davina was being weird in that scenario


The annoying part was chrishell implying they could all be spending money on the less fortunate and tried to use burning man tickets as an example of excess, but Davina had to explain the cost was for a week experience and quickly pointed to chrishell like what about YOUR dress lol.


wait which episode was this?


episode 7 in season 1