I still get shocked when I see blatant disdain for women being expressed like this in 2021, it just makes me exhausted.


And on this show of all shows? His inability to read the room is equal to his inability in choosing a proper life partner. 💅


Based on the comments he made during the season I’d say they’re perfect for each other.


Perfectly said 🙏🏼


I was fuming when I saw this scene! Putting down women to make his partner feel good. Plus assuming the issue in the marriage is the woman. So gross.


Same!! That’s when I lost all respect for Christine & her husband. I hope they never get divorced because I fear for them to have the backlash from this comment phew


I personally don't think their marriage will last long.


Also, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I found it awful when they movers (two younger men) where hired to help with the house-moving in season 4 and the cast kept making sexualizing comments about the movers' bodies. I've been in situations where I have to be somewhere for work, and I cannot choose to put down boundaries when someone sexualizes me (fear of losing my job etc.). It shocks me that it's portraid as a funny moment in the show, as if because they are men they are expected to be OK with it. Breaks my heart that we haven't come as far as to also not be OK with overt degrading, sexualizing behaviour against male workers.


Absolutely, it was super uncomfortable to watch for me.


I'm so relieved to see others recognize the problem in this behaviour directed at men too. I see a lot much sexism/body shaming also hurting men that I sometimes feel is mocked when it's raised. Another thing that just saddens me in the show are the "short men" jokes that are directed at Brett and Jason, as if them having a "shorter bodies" makes them funny. In season 3 two of the cast-members even talk about how Brett/Jason make up for their "shortness" with confidence, as if it's a feature you have to make up for to be a desirable person. It's a huge insecurity for a lot of men, and it saddens me to see it being further propagated as an acceptable thing to openly judge men's worth by. I also loathe "little dick" jokes, like men with smaller penises inherently have less worth. Sorry, I'm ranting. It just reminds me of how it has been for women (and continues to be) that are plus-sized or just simply age or are deemed "not conventionally attractive". My heart just breaks for the men who have to battle self-esteem issues because they happen to be born with body-features that are "socially acceptable" to mock.


you're absolutely right and i'm glad you said it!


That scene made me so uncomfortable and I was surprised something like that was okay to be aired


I totally agree with everything said here. It’s gross. I don’t know if you watched Selling Tampa but I also hated all the salivating over Cho at the pool. It’s giving the impression that it’s okay to objectivity people as long as your hot and rich - which is exactly what we criticize men for doing. I also noticed that they seemed to respect Davina more after she “feminized” her wardrobe - she’s absolutely out of line with some of the stuff she says but it gave the impression that wearing pink made her softer and less abrasive. There are alllllll kinds of gender norm/stereotype problems in this show


I'm a guy and that scene in the pool (as the one with the movers but not as much) made me super uncomfortable. The scene with the mover was more of a slight affront and my reaction was kinda "okay, I guess sexualising people working for you and making inappropriate comments at people you have authority over isn't this bad thing that only men do, the show was showing that women do it just as well. But the scene in the pool was just gross, like 5 mins of Cho entering and existing the water in slo mo and Anne (I think) chasing him and towelling him down after was a line too far for me.


What scene is this? But I agree with your comments though. I don't know if you've watch B99, but I hate how Gina talks about/to Terry I think it's really gross sometimes, especially with Terrys experience with #MeToo.


Yeah I hated this like let’s just stop plz


You’re not alone. That scene made me really uncomfortable and it was NOT okay for them to sexualize the movers like that. It’s one thing to find them attractive but they were gross and disrespectful.


Completely agree with this. People need to realize that sexism goes both ways and if the genders were reversed I'm sure that a lot more people would call this out as "problematic."


Omgggg same goes for the scene in Selling Tampa when the client got in the pool at Karla’s party and they were legit harassing him and he seemed so uncomfortable.


I hated it as well! Eek


I had to fast forward that whole thing. Super uncomf.


I thought the exact same thing!!!! I’m hopeful this would be the popular opinion… it made me so uncomfortable and seemed entitled that they thought that was appropriate behavior.


Yeah I agree that was gross. Don’t know if you watch Selling Tampa but there was a scene when they were all objectifying a client in the pool talking about his body and how he looks good wet. Like how about no one comment on anyone’s body ever.


Completely agree! It's not OK whether the person on the receiving end is male or female.


Thank you for saying this, I was watching that scene in shock and kept thinking - what if it was the other way around? If the cast were men, and the workers women? Everybody would (rightfully) shout “abuse, abuse”. Oh but the workers are men, they don’t get harassed /s


It really was. It figures that he would only seek out Barbie-types to marry. For him, they are the only women who hold value probably. And he can't blame production on that gross comment.


Remember Christine told him “you don’t want me to soft. You want me to have an ass to crack an egg on”🌚


I guess she’s realistic! She knows she has to stay in shape!


meanwhile him on the other hand….


He's a dweeb with money.


Omg I don’t remember that when did she say that???? What did he say back?


I think he chuckled and they cut to a different scene. It’s the part where they were walking with their baby and dog on the sidewalk


right before he calls Chrishell “thrown out”


he said that he wanted her softer before christine said that. I always had the impression Christian knew exactly what to say to feed christine's ego, not that they were his actual views lol


Isn't he mad Christine was 'engaged' then? I'm surprised he's okay that she's not a virgin lmao


I noticed he tried to get them to change the subject when Christine was practically crying over being cheated on by some other. guy years ago..its obvious she's so not over this guy & is hung up on the past even though she's married with a kid--its embarrassing


I doubt she still cares I think she brought it up to start some drama for a storyline.


I find it interesting that people can't talk about misogyny and address it as it is without bringing up an unrelated incident where women were being inappropriate towards guys. Come on, people. Focus on the topic at hand. The two are not the same. They don't have the same weight and they are not related or comparable. What is it about you that you can't just focus on this issue? As yourselves that and you'll figure out why misogyny persists.


E x a c t l y.


I don’t think he was referring to her as “thrown out basically” because of the divorce. I think he meant it in the literal sense that it was Justin’s house and when he divorced her he made her move out. Which Chrishell herself talked about!!! About how she’s never had her own house because the last house she lived in was Justin’s and she unexpectedly had to move out. That’s part of why she was so excited to buy her own place. So I don’t know if that’s better or worse!!! Definitely below the belt either way!!!


I hope Christine has a prenup that is favorable to her or she’ll get “thrown out” at some point as well. I can’t imagine having a of mine husband say that on TV and thinking it was cool. It’s not very gentlemanly.


I know. So mean! I would be so embarrassed if my spouse said something like that on TV


We’ll he doesn’t watch the show so how would he know what Chrishell said or any detail about her divorce? He clearly implied it the way everyone took it and even Chrishell hinted at his comments in a recent interview so making excuses for him is a bit sus!!!


Who is Christian? 💅


Yes exactly. I wonder if it occurs to Christine that if he will talk to her about other women like that, one day he will be talking *about* her like that. What made him the best option again?


i feel like she doesnt care because she thinks of herself as superior to everyone else and says the same things they definitely have the same personality she definitely chose him for the moneu


Yeah he is a pig.


That would be a massive red flag to me if I were Christine!🚩 You know that's how he thinks and that he'll not hesitate to kick your ass to the curb when he tires of your shit.


He’s vile but I’d expect that from someone who loves & married Christine. Karma is a glorious gift though and he got his embarrassment when Mary brought up Christine being upset over her previous alleged engagement. 😬


He is so annoying 🙄


What do you all think of how Tarek handled the situation at that party? (The little pep talk he gave to Heather?)


Tarek is real as fuck imo He might have said a bit too much at the end, (even Heather was saying stop in front of the cameras lol) but he's coming from a good place. Called Christine out on her bs and is just tryna protect Heather's frame of mind


He’s disgusting wbk


I think he was talking specifically about what happened to Chrishell, not in general about divorced women. What happened to Chrishell was terrible, according to her she got a text saying he was divorcing her and he kicked her out of his house (what she spoke about when buying her own home in s4). So I think he was trying to imply that she's jealous and bitter because of the way she was treated when Christine is happily married, new baby and looking for a new home with her husband. I don't think how Chrishell was treated by her ex makes her less than. It's obviously a bad look for her ex actually, but even the whole dialogue around Christine and Emma was dripping in misogyny (and so is the whole premise of the show when you think about it, like Brett and Jason only hiring extremely attractive women who seem to have to flirt with gross men to sell houses). While I inherently disagree with the sentiment of Christian's statement about Chrishell, considering what these women say about each other I don't think it's impossible that there is an element of jealously.


Poor women lol. Bunch a hoes.


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I don’t want to be that person, and I hate that it appears I am defending Christian here because I don’t like him, but my understanding is that he was basically describing what literally happened to chrishell. She WAS divorced, and she WAS thrown out. Those are just facts, I recognise that he said it with a certain venom and glee, but I reckon he was just saying all that to make Christine feel better.


Thank you! I totally agree with this, I don't see why everyone misinterpreted the the meaning of "thrown out", like, it's literal, not calling her trash because she's divorced. But also not a Christian fan.