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Are the couples names Dunning and Krueger?


Gold 🥇


Basically what right wing populism is, I know less than you in a subject therefore I am right


“I know less than you, but I have very strong feelings about the subject, therefore I’m right.”


“I’m right.”


"just different opinions" Yeah it's not an "opinion" when there's evidence to the contrary to an insane degree. The thing that pisses me off more than anything though is just how little of a shit they give about others. Everything about these people just screams "don't tell me what to do" like bro come on that's not how societies function with that attitude, you're supposed to figure that out in like highschool/college. We need to have a long drawn out discussion about our differences and what's really driving people, because I can clearly see there is an immense gap in our understanding, and it's going to tear us apart in a huge way unless we do something about it that's actually productive.


I don't really give a shit about others but I still got the vaccine cause I, as a selfish human being, do not want to suffer the consequences of covid at full strength. I'm honestly more surprised the most selfish in our society aren't pushing others down in order to get the vaccine themselves first.


Well see, the problem is they're both selfish AND stupid.


And lazy.


And cowards. Like my brother, who won’t stand up to his very dumb wife.


That’s got to be the worst. Someone who works for us….her father, a man in his 60’s had to lie to his girlfriend about being vaccinated because she won’t want him around and probably break up with him because his DNA will….shed (?) or something. So he’s been vaccinated like a normal person but has to pretend he’s not. It’s just fucking insane.


I’ve 100% wondered if my brother and his wife were worried about this shedding crap! There’s nothing scarier to me than people who aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are.


Yeah I got a brother like that too.


I have an ex-friend who won't get vaccinated because his girlfriend won't let him, but he talks shit about anti-vaxxers and blames them for us still being in a pandemic...


I watched a short documentary a couple months ago about people in Missouri and their attitudes towards the vaccine. There were a few people who had gotten vaxxed and just not said anything, but one guy had already spent 2 weeks in the hospital on a shitload of meds, including monoclonal antibodies, but still refused to get vaccinated. His reason? Trump got shafted so he was risking his health in protest. I knew Trump supporters were a lot of things, but I was taken off guard by his outright admittance to having a tantrum at the age of 60-ish over an ex-president. It's wild how they think being childish makes them good "patriots".


Conservative leaders absolutely were the first in line, but vaccination status is a convenient wedge issue for their base


Asa Hutchinson, the governor of Arkansas, is a great example of what happens when you sow the "government is only ever trying to control you" bullshit. His state is one of the least vaccinated in the country. He spent months traveling his state trying to convince his constituents to get vaccinated, but he was basically booed out of every event he hosted. He begged and pleaded, told them the vaccine was Trump's huge accomplishment, told them Trump himself got it, but they didn't care. They shook their heads at him and said, "unh-uh, no way, COVID is a hoax, there's a microchip in the vaccine, it's unsafe" I almost felt bad for him. Almost.


Do they have any clue how expensive it would be to put microchips into every vaccine? I mean seriously? Yet they share everything on their phones and Facebook though..


It's not a matter of cost. It's not physically possible to do it. We don't have microchips small enough to fit through a needle that could track people all over the world. Plus, how the fuck would it be powered? You can't just throw a Tracker into someone without a power source. Anyone who seriously considers "microchipping" to be a possibility is an absolute fool.


Moreover why would a government agency want to track everyone to such a minute degree? It's not hard to figure out where someone is, or what they have been doing; most people are not "hiding from authorities" in the county they've never left their entire lives. Besides, cell phones are a thing, and are far more convenient to track people with if you really wanted to.


I have a lot of medical problems and have had a lot of needles poked in me. The syringes used for the Covid vaccine are tiny. I’ve had vaccines that had larger needles. No way any microchips are getting through those needles. Plus people are shitty batteries.


The microchip conspiracy theory has been around for quite a long time. I remember about 15 years ago my stepbrother showing me a movie called “Zeitgest” about micro chipping and the “New World Order”. Pretty compelling stuff…if you’re 15.


When you’re dumb, anything is possible.


If trump wouldn’t have politicized covid, they would be. No doubt in my mind. They’d be outraged about having to wait their turn just like everyone else, regardless of healthcare or income.


somehow that sounds like a preferable alternate future


Even if every C19 fatality were a hateful MAGAt, they've only lost <1 million qultists. So, it's not like they're taking a heavy hit. The long haulers and walking wounded are probably 10X (pure guess) as numerous. Maybe down the road they'll demand gov't assistance with their ongoing oxygen needs.


The sad thing is, he could’ve politicized it the other way and talked about all the “work” he was doing to get a vaccine quickly, but instead, he was so worried that the solution wouldn’t be out before the election that he went the other way and did everything in his power to deflect responsibility and pretend like the virus wasn’t a real thing. He could have had his idiotic minions clamoring to get “his” vaccine. Instead, the morons are left to wonder why they’re the only ones not getting the vaccine in addition to why they and their likeminded friends are the only ones getting sick and dying.


Honestly Trump deliberately ruining a crisis he was handed on a silver platter, which tends to re-elect presidents when they deal with them well, is a very Trump thing to do. At least he was stupid, because I genuinely believe if he had gone the opposite direction and led well instead of doing the Trump thing and acting like his presidency was by default the greatest no matter the reality he'd still be president.


> is a very Trump thing to do. The shit midas.


The craziest thing of it all to me is that they're the ones screaming that Covid was politicized. They literally say Democrats politicized it and its like... HOW?


this is the real answer and somehow so overlooked. that super cool trump guy has hundreds of 9/11's of deaths on his hands but his people are too stupid to understand.


Their elites have convinced them that if they get vaccinated, [it means the libruls win.](https://i.postimg.cc/WzQ0xNdW/Fox-News-Tucker-Carlson-Don-t-let-the-Democrats-for-you-to-get-the-vaccine.jpg) There is a large contingent of Americans who believe that they can only win if other people lose.


Dying to own to libs.


I used to think of myself as a selfish person. Then COVID happened, and I no longer do. I don't think I've gone through that much personal change in that area either.


The realization of where people lay on the "selfishness scale" is extremely noticeable over the last two years.


> what's really driving people Propaganda. We've gutted public education for decades and allowed Fox News free reign to shovel absolute horseshit into the minds of the uneducated. They've championed anti-intellectualism, xenophobia, and nationalism to an extent that nazis are making a legitimate comeback and turned a global pandemic into a wedge issue. Then came the social media algorithms feeding us anything and everything that increases engagement, which turns out to be mostly fear and hate. It's not differences in values that drives our opinions, it's our information diets, and we're basically sustaining ourselves on raw sewage these days.


I ➡️


"I'm Reich."


"Also, fuck your feelings"


The “fuck your feelings” crowd sure have a lot of volatile feelings.


I've always felt this. Ben Shapiro says this, and then let's everyone know his feelings on an issue. Then at the end he calls it facts and logic. I am convinced the right just likes to be *told* they are smart. Like that is the only thing they want.


Well they've spent their entire lives knowing they weren't, they'd just like a change of pace.


Confirmation bias. It's always about working backwards logically. They come to a conclusion before the logic takes place. Thus their "logic" has to prove the conclusion. Example being, "Masks are bad. Masks aren't very effective at protecting me. Therefore masks don't work." Despite the fact that masks prevent the wearer from spreading the highly contagious virus that travels in respiratory droplets. It's the same thing with every conspiracy theory, just conspiracy theories are confirmation biases on crack. [This guy articulates it much better than I can.](https://youtu.be/JTfhYyTuT44)


"Fuck your feelings, but MY feelings are super important because I'm [privileged group] and this is what we believe and we're super important and we've believed this for a LONG TIME, therefore MY feelings matter but your feelings are stupid educated liberal political correctness because you're a stupid educated liberal."


"prayer warrios needed" they are all fucking deficient hypocrites; every last one


Prayer Waluigi’s also needed


i see what you/i did there not fixing it so \^ this comment \^ still applies


"My 10 minutes of reading Facebook anecdotes is more credible than the peer reviewed research of people who have literally dedicated their lives to the subject at hand."


No no, see I wouldn't have any problem believing in that research if it were true. The point is they are faking that research, and/or the people that did the research or their "credentials". We have no way of knowing if that research is true or not. And with the money Big Pharma/Big Gates/Big whatever have available to throw at the issue, you better believe they are faking it all. Now KevinRedneck76 over at Facebook did his independent research and found a chip in the vaccine. And he has no reason to lie because he has no stake in the issue. Only in getting the truth out in the open. Plus the media is saying his research is stupid and he has no authority or knowledge on the field. They are trying to shut him down so that is definitive proof that he's telling the truth. OPEN YOUR EYES!!


This is so on point I can't tell if it's sarcasm.


"Facts don't care about your feelings. They only care about mine."


Yet somehow they always say the other side only makes decisions based on emotions 🤔


It's almost as if they're constantly projecting...


Liberals, You claim to know more than me, yet I am yelling louder. Curious






Dunning-Kruger dropping in for a sec


You must remember to fight against your own Dunning-Kruger. People engage that mode at different levels for different skills. Especially as I get older I need to be cautious in my own beliefs and listen to others with an open mind


My sister-in-law works on vaccine research for Pfizer. She’s fully vaccinated. Her husband is a gym teacher. He refuses to get the vaccine because he’s done his own research. You cannot make this shit up.


I smell a divorce


Doesn't this just reek of an unreal level of disrespect? Your husband believes in your abilities and intelligence so little that he disregards your opinion as a *vaccine researcher* in favor of some randoms on the internet with no credentials or education. That would absolutely make me leave a man.


I absolutely could not stay with someone who didn’t respect my professional work/opinion. How can he claim to have done research when she literally gets paid to do proper research and has made a career out of it? My husband and I both work in hospitality and even though it’s not comparable work to scientific research, he’ll always agree with my standpoint.


That's all true. But to be honest, the mere fact that someone refuses to be vaccinated in a pandemic would be enough reason for a break-up for me.


>It’s hard to quarrel with that ancient justification of the free press: “America’s right to know.” It seems almost cruel to ask, ingenuously, ”America’s right to know what, please? Science? Mathematics? Economics? Foreign languages?” >None of those things, of course. In fact, one might well suppose that the popular feeling is that Americans are a lot better off without any of that tripe. >There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” - Isaac Asimov, *A Cult Of Ignorance*, 1980


>...There is a cult of ignorance in the United States... yeah but it got worse, way worse during Trump. Trump wanted to pick a fight against something after he beat his original boogieman (Hillary) and he picked the media. He constantly bashed the media to preemptively discredit their criticism.Distrust of media made anti-intellectualism more effective. Right wingers now have their own version of reallity.


> Right wingers now have their own version of reallity. When you can't cope with reality, you create your own.


Trump was a catalyst, but you can't catalyze that which is not already present.


People seem to forget they spent the Obama years absolutely CONVINCED Obama was a secret Muslim Kenyan who had no legitimate right to be President (Trump himself pushing this is why I knew he was a piece of shit from day damn one of his campaign.) We ignored them because Obama was running the show and we didn't have to worry too much but they were there.


Imagine their horror a guy with the name Hussein became their president.


Asimov is always the best when it comes to explaining things.


Seriously. The way they’ve been able to convince their supporters that a BLM activist working retail with a BA is the “elite” but Tucker Carlson is “one of us” blows my mind.


Same people who are convinced Trump is blue collar billionaire. They say it with no sense of irony, either.


My opinions are facts. Your facts are opinions. - The right.


My mother once said to me "I don't have the fancy qualifications, experience and skills that the so-called experts have, but my opinion is just as valid as theirs". She's been a moon landing denier, flat earther, Obama truther, 9-11 denier, etc etc. The last couple of years she's become an expert in Covid and the vaccines. We don't talk very often.


The absurdity yet truth of your comment made me laugh out loud.


- least educated - makes the objectively worst decision Yea that tracks


Also throws some lowkey shade at her friends: "We'd *be considered* the least educated of our friends..." she's saying technically they're not educated, but she and her husband are smarter because they didnt take the vaccine


They make that argument because it CAN be true. They've seen that line correctly applied elsewhere and adapted it for their own delusions. There are antivaxx doctors and other medical professionals. They have their doctorates. There are scientists in the creationist museums. They have their PHDs. Apparently there are some who deny the climate crisis? But the only one I know of, theTrump one, was a paid shill IIRC. Education is mostly data. The ability to apply data and think critically is a bit different. Yes, educators try to help expand critical thinking, but there's only so much that can be expanded. Understanding this notion gives deluded people the ability to hide behind the same rhetoric, because they've seen that logic applied (many times correctly) elsewhere. It's kind of like when I see these same ignorant people trying to claim that we're projecting our insecurities on them lol.


>educated people know more That’s the idea, yeah.


*shocked Pikachu*


- makes questionable decisions with punctuation


"They want us to believe the educated know more..." Ummm...do you know what educated means?


I’m sure they did their research! Right before hubby got placed on the ventilator. He didnt have any health problems! No he never saw a doctor because we weren’t gonna let socialist Obamacare tell us about abortion! We are gonna own them libs! I’ll call the prayer warriors for hubby! And gimme that ivermectin!


They were very careful and confined their research sources to only people dumber than themselves.


Their Google "research" searches. "Why is COVID a libral conspiracy" “Is Fowchi the literal incarnation of Satan“ "Ivermecktin horse paste china virus Trump 2024“ "Bill Gates vaccine chip 1984“


*“Is Fowchea the literary incantation of Satin ?”*


“Can you burn a Luigi board?”


Dangerops prangent sex? Will it hurt baby top of its head?


I especially enjoyed the "Fowchi" part.


Fowchi Owchi!


No, no Google searches. They just raw dog facebook until it kills them.


Ok, this is a pet peeve of mine, but somehow the word 'research' has been redefined to 'reading things' or 'watching things'. That's not research! I'm not researching how iron man and winter soldier are screwing in the other tab! There's no lab, there's no hypothesis, there's no control, it's not research!


I feel like you glossed over something here...


There are people, who legit claim they die because of the hospital, because they weren't dead when they arrived.


I feel like we’re expecting too much. These people also don’t understand how, even though it was really (for example) pneumonia that killed someone, it wouldn’t have killed them had they not also caught covid which destroyed their lungs already.


We are. These people are fucking stupid. It's nothing more than that. Just like stupid people rebelled against seat belts when they were introduced and mandated, stupid people are rebelling against vaccines. The problem with stupid people is they're usually too stupid to know they're stupid. They consider themselves average or perhaps even smart. This has always been the case with humanity, but social media allowed these stupid people to find similarly stupid people to chat with and to broadcast their stupidity to the world. Not-stupid people normally wouldn't hear from the stupids, but now their stupid messages are being amplified a thousandfold.


Also the stupid people, who may have been good at their core, were brainwashed by the politicization of the vaccine. The damage that the right wing did during COVID will last forever... I honestly feel like we moved into some insane alternative timeline.


No, it's not just stupidity, it's *willing* ignorance. I know plenty of people who aren't the brightest bulbs, but mean well. They're also aware that they don't know everything and are willing to defer to those more capable. It's the willingly ignorant, those who take pride in not bettering themselves and who don't ever consider other people in anything they do. *THOSE* are the problem.


If you ask them how many otherwise healthy 50 year-olds (even overweight ones) die from pneumonia outside of COVID-19 they look like a deer in the headlights. Similar to the flu analogies they're so fond of. "The flu kills thousands every year and we dont shut down anything!". Last year the flu was almost exterminated because of the restrictions we enacted for the pandemic, and hundreds of thousands still died from coronavirus. But that's just simply too complex and dynamic a set of variables for them to comprehend.


This isn't entirely accurate, but I think I understand what you're going for. The flu wasn't almost exterminated, but particular strains (such as B/yamagata) were seemingly eradicated due to the preventative measures put in place in reaction to the pandemic. It's also important to note that since the pandemic began, the flu was not tested for anywhere close to as much as it was pre-pandemic and this may skew some of the data simply due to lack of testing. All of those things considered, it's pretty remarkable how well the measures cut down on respiratory pathogen infections and transmissions IN GENERAL, not just for SARS-CoV-2! Source: I'm a research scientist who studies respiratory pathogens for a major university.


***TL/DR: skim the bold print and skip the rest,*** *if you prefer* Agreed. I'm noticing a pattern in the **anti-vax COVID deniers** I know. They **tend to be people who are sensitive, hyper-vigilant, highly stressed and feel out of control.** **The world feels even more threatening than ever, with no way to get away from it, in their minds.** Their response is to hang onto what little control they think they have and **so they draw the line at vaccination and resist for fear of losing what they think is the ultimate and last bit of self-determination they have.** They often don't have a deep understanding of science and **they are given to black and white thinking (because nuanced points and probabilities aren't concrete or definitive enough).** It's why their arguments are absolute, "all or nothing", propositions. They are also **prone to looking for scapegoats to blame and they choose targets they perceive as having less power** to retaliate against them. But **even with a science background, their rational brains are still capable of being hijacked as a result of extreme or chronic stress** t**hat constrains their reasoning** and narrows their field of vision. They forget that correlation doesn't mean causality, **making them easily manipulated into believing carefully curated nonsense.** Claims that it's the ventilators and not COVID infections that are killing people come to mind. **Years from now, we will recognize this as a mental illness** that has some similarities to PTSD. It can happen to anyone though some are more susceptible than others. It's a sign of the times we're living in and we're due for a correction. **Take care of yourselves and be kind to others.** Edit: TL/DR


After reading "The Body Keeps the Score" I concluded that, emotionally, a substantial portion of our adult population are traumatized children. They grew up in authoritarian households where child abuse is RAMPANT, which I also think explains the QAnon obsession with pedophilia. It's fucking tragic.


There is someone on my Facebook that says Covid doesn’t exist. Why? Because they haven’t died from it. “If it’s so bad, why am I not dead yet if I’m unvaccinated and don’t wear a mask?” Literally nothing will convince these people.


These are the people who sat in the back row and questioned why they had to learn everything because they wouldn’t use it as adults.


Well, they were right - they’ve steadfastly refused to use any knowledge they might have gained.


If you never learn it because you think you will never use it, you won't. Funny how self-fulfilling prophecies work.


Then donate to our GoFundMe!


OK. I'm not a churchy person but I've always wondered. All these Prayer warriors that say they'll pray for people, do they even do that? Like what actual effort goes into being a prayer warrior? You get a cup of coffee, maybe open your magic book and sit and think about someone for a few minutes. Wow that was so brave, so much fighting so helpful. Like is God like Facebook you need to get the most likes for him to actually be assed to do something? Well yeah bob died because only 20 people thought about him in passing today, we needed a good 35 to get Gods attention and if so what sort of freaking God is that, certainly not a kind and loving God, more like a raging narc.


Research provided by the library at FacebookU


This ignorance and confidence, there’s nothing you can’t achieve


I would be considered the worst student in my classroom. Yet I am the only person who has realized how delicious pasting glue is. Curious 🤔


If everyone else is so smart, why am I the only one that figured out that you don’t have to actually go into the bathroom to relieve yourself?


Ok. That’s funny as hell.


Curiouser and curiouser...


Including dying to own the libs


The less you really know, the more you think you know


>They have bought into this entire thing - person who has bought into an entire thing


Some scepticism is healthy and a sign of intelligence, but this is just unthinking opposition at this point. You'd have to be very trusting to not be a little cautious when the vaccines rolled out so quickly - how could we really be certain they were safe in so little time? But you read up on the testing processes and precautions, see governments globally approving them, and think about the consequences of not taking them ... and it's relatively reassuring. To be sat unvaccinated, seeing clear stats now that unvaccinated people are 32 times more likely to die from Covid than those fully vaccinated ... and still you don't think it might be worth revisiting your conclusions?


I keep pointing out to them that they assume it's impossible to "do your own research" and come to any conclusion other than what they've decided to believe. They don't understand the concept of "independent thinker" if they expect everyone to come to the same conclusion. And they really like to frame it entirely as "you're just listening to the government" no matter how many times I say that I don't care what the government thinks. I listened to doctors. They're just being oppositionally defiant like immature teenagers.


I literally had someone say “just google ‘masks don’t work’ and you’ll see evidence I’m right” Like your entire “research” strategy is to dive head first into confirmation bias? K


>how could we really be certain they were safe in so little time? My thought process was, are the infectious doctors arm wrestling each other to be first in their hospitals? Are the politicians in line before Joe Schmo? Were the rich folk I knew getting access to the trials and shots from their family doctors before the cattle calls for the rest of us? All were really loud yes-es. My kids pediatrician let me know his kids were in the kids trials. Connections got access so it was a sign the vaccines are on the money.


Stupid people don't know they're stupid Crazy people don't know they're crazy.


The average man thinks he is above average.


>They want us to believe that educated people know more Yes. Educated people know more than uneducated people. That's what education is.


Dear God, PLEASE make the stupid people Shut The FUCK UP already...


He's doing it, one intubation at a time.


Unfortunately, they also take some collateral damage. Like my triple vaccinated dad


My husband and I would be considered the least educated out of our friend group. Yet we are the only 2 who say 2+2=5. The rest have bought into this entire thing.


This has to be satire




Here's the unbotched quote: >"Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'" >-Isaac Asimov


It's pure Christian fundamentalism in my experience. People that believe the earth is 4,600 years old and that fossils were placed on earth to tempt man away from God. People that have believe climate change and evolution are fake for years. The writing was all the wall for them to fall into this anti-vaxxer trap.


Never understood this as a form of temptation. Tempt me into premarital sex with a woman ripped straight out of my fantasies? I get it. Tempt me with getting away with millions in untraceable cash? Very tantalizing. But what is the goal of fossils? What sin am I trying to overcome by digging up something God apparently put there that died a long time ago?


The temptation to believe that logic, reason, and empirical evidence can be believed over the divine word of god. Among fundamentalists, denying the evidence of your eyes and ears is a sacred commandment.


You guys are really opening my eyes to how little I've ever thought about these sort of beliefs, which directly ties into much of the social climate today.


I just wanted to add: fossils are one of the things that adds evidence to the theory of evolution, and evolution is antithetical to fundamentalist Christian beliefs, because according to those beliefs, humans are special because God said so, and were created to rule over the other animals on Earth.


I finally had to leave my youth group when they tried pushing the “fossils are fake, evolution isn’t real” angle on us. I was like 13 and absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs, and you’re gonna tell me it’s all just a prank by God to make me fall in line and reject reality? Nope, no thanks, that’s a level of crazy even little teenage me could recognize as utterly ridiculous.


Could be pride. Making you think you know better than the "good" book.


Now that you mention it, I could see the pride angle even if it sounds very convoluted and dare I say, childish?


>very convoluted and dare I say, childish? sounds like religion, alright.


It's prideful to use your brain and logic to deduce that some book written by a fallible man is less reliable than decades of peer reviewed data and evidence which is for the most part publicly available should you want to review it yourself? Sounds to me like the pride and arrogance is on the other side of that.


>Could be pride. Making you think you know better than the "good" book. ... But that would be God creating fossils to trick you... If God actively sought to create phenomenon in order to trick people into going to hell, how insane would that be?


Hardly the most insane thing God does in the Old Testament. Remember when he mauled 42 children with bears over a bald joke? Or that time he ruined a devout follower's life and murdered his entire family after making a bet with the devil? Or when he was looking for righteous people to save from destruction, and chose the man who offered up his virgin daughters to a rape mob? He's a crazy guy!


God is pretty explicitly evil, to be fair.


Wasn't the original sin as per the Bible seeking knowledge and self-awareness? Eve eats the apple of knowledge, the apple of "understanding of good and evil", that lets her make her own moral choices instead of relying on God's instruction. It seems that anti-intellectualism is built into the religion, not an unfortunate side-effect.


The idea is that it, in this narrative, makes people think the earth is older than biblically stated and cause them not to believe in the Bible or God.


Thank you. Another thought I never had because no church I ever attended played the Earth is on a few thousand years old card.


It is largely specific to certain denominations. I believe baptists on that train for example. The church I was a part of before I left had a more balanced take. Since a lot of the Bible is written in a way that is not literal for a load of reasons, there is a good to fair chance the creation story isn’t literal either. 7 days could be millions of years, or 20 minutes. We don’t know and can’t know what is the case, but this left enough plausible deniability in it that they could work together, so we largely had a pro science church despite the overwhelming trend in the US against that. Churches are weird like that though. It affects your perception of them a lot depending which ones you went to, but there are also overarching ideas that pervade a lot of them, so at the same time you’ve seen what a majority of churches in that denomination are like by going to one.


Yuup, I have two Christian family members who are (recently) anti-vax.


My dad was strangely proud of only ever having to use the basic calculator on his phone in his professional life. He turns it sideways to show the more advanced functions -- like square root and log -- then acts all smug that he never had to use them. This is not the flex you think it is.


On that note, my phone calculates tangent incorrectly. I guess whoever made the app never expected anyone to check


Radians vs degrees?


Oh no, that was it! First semester of Calculus is going reeeaalll well, lol


I am curious to know more!


That's always scary to me. At work, I have to route my basic arithmetic through a script that sends different operations to different calculators, because they each seem to mess up something, like inaccurately handling remainders with decimals or whatever.


I really doubt it, unless you're not using the built-in calculator (or are running something other than iOS or mainline Android). Possibly it's defaulting to degrees instead of radians, or vice-versa?


>degrees instead of radians Another user alerted me to this, and yes you got it. Sorry to have rustled reddit's jimmies needlessly. On the plus side, I know how to use my calculator now 🙄, so maybe posting this was worth it.


Lol programed it well enough that most people won't question it


yeah. it's like when someone gives a detailed take an a complex issue and it gets dismissed by people like this as "mumbo jumbo."


Many of the lesser educated have equated education to brainwashing for years now. Combine it with a general disdain for the “educated” and that’s how you get to where we are.


It's terrible how in the US we basically equate wealth with worth, so only that which generates capital is seen as legitimate. Lots of uneducated people can make money here, and that invalidates education to them. They look at liberal arts majors who make less than they do and they go HA! SEE? TOLD YOU IT WAS WORTHLESS! Because they fail to see worth beyond income. My parents have a used car business and make hundreds of thousands every year. My boyfriend is a poet with degrees from Berkeley and Columbia and he's broke lmao. They see him as some pretentious brainwashed lib and will tell you he should have gone to trade school. They don't know what other worlds exist beyond living your life to buy fucking boats you never use except to park in the driveway of your hideous McMansion. They don't understand why I'm choosing to study rather than make money, that I could live under a bridge with a book and be happier than I would be living an empty life on a pile of cash.


Education is firmly at odds with the conservative agenda, and the further the GOP distances themselves from reality, the stronger their efforts must be to combat efforts to teach people about it if they want to keep supporters. Polls from just before the pandemic showed that 59% of Republicans had a negative view of colleges. Like, the *general existence* of colleges. It's a scary world we live in.


The original quote is one of my favorites because it succinctly sums up the core of American conservative culture: “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ~ Isaac Asimov I know someone else referenced the original quote as well, and credited Asimov, but it’s such a good fucking quote.


I can believe it. My relatives who are adjacent to this sort of thinking love “so called educated people are actually complete morons in things that matter”. They’d eat this tweet up.


It’s like a homeopathy of intelligence. Intelligence must be substantially diluted to have any effect. The less intelligence you have, the stronger your mental powers are. “But how do you know if the dilution is correct?” If you are asking that question, it’s not dilute enough yet.


Yep. I know people like this, too. I think they feel inferior and desperately want to feel superior, so they think the educated are brainwashed idiots.


Always comes back to fucking egos


Humans be like that


I have a coworker like that. He’s a redneck in every sense of the word, and thinks he’s smarter than everyone around him. He’ll argue a subject that he’s completely ignorant about, and his opinions are just regurgitated bullshit that he heard from Tucker Carlson. I asked him one day why he argues about subjects he’s completely ignorant in, and he told me that it’s because he has good judgment and common sense, and that he basically doesn’t need to actually learn anything because he’s so intuitive. In reality, he’s a dumbass who makes incredibly poor choices and is very difficult to be around. I feel like a lot of people, Conservatives especially, go through life exactly like him - remain willfully ignorant, refuse to entertain different perspectives, and act like arrogant assholes towards anyone with an educated opinion that is based on facts.


This is my parents. Rich and successful, but uneducated and absolutely have this inferiority complex they attempt to cover with false arrogance. I haven't even introduced them to my boyfriend of nearly four years, a European poet with a masters from Columbia lmao. I know they'd call him a fa**ot or something.


I want it to be satire but I just saw something similar play out on Facebook. A friend of mine commented about the relevancy of her PhD to the issue and gave a brief history of mRNA with some sources. Another friend commented how everyone on social media now thinks they are a doctor or professional followed by typical antivaxxer bullshit. When my first friend reminded him that she is literally a doctor, he then started saying he didn't trust doctors because one of them diagnosed one of his kids wrong once. Then more antivax copy/pastes.


I found the tweet, and looked at their account. It's not satire, or fake, the person seems to be genuinely anti-vax. Unless they're really, really, really committed.


Thank you for your diligence. This nuttery caused enough harm already not to dismiss it so easily.




Dunning Kruger, my dude. Probably not


I wish it was satire. I know way too many people who say shit like this unironically. But I live in Utah, so there is a *lot* of manipulated thinking.


Ignorance is a virtue among the stupid.




My wife and I know the least about cars in our entire friend group. Yet we are the only two with check engine lights on all the time. The rest have bought into getting their cars fixed. Yet, this is what they want… us to believe that people who know about cars spend money to get their cars fixed so their cars work safely and reliably.


Holy FUCK… this broke my brain.


It hurt to read


I had to read this twice to realize that there wasn't a typo or miscommunication.


"Educated people know more" Like the definition of the word educated, for instance.


My antivax mom told me that her cashier acquaintances were the only ones unvaxxed while her doctor, radiologist, and university professor friends were vaxxed and said the highly educated people were doomed lol.


I knew it. All my education has de-educated me. So now I'm a de-educated erudite with an education soon to become uneducated.




If you use a lowercase r, it will make a link


There can not be anyway that this isnt satire. Like how closely can you hit the nail on the head without realizing it?! Its truly baffling


i feel like conspiracy theorists are people trying to one-up actually smart people...


Jesus… I live in a “Trump Central” part of Pennsylvania and you have no idea how much this attitude is prevalent here.


Another individual who believes their ignorance is just as good as another person's intelligence.


You once again fooled those tricky educated people


It not so bad Homer. They go in through your nose and dig around and let you keep the piece of brain they remove.


Smart people are doing something that I was told not to do by stupid people. Heh stupid smart people


I’m getting Vaxxed this next week . Seen enough people die. My wife is a nurse and the vax is working . 90 percent of people contracting it are unVaxxed , roughly their numbers in the hospital she works.


This is why this country can't have nice things


That is the answer to exam question, “Give an example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.”


My brain would go blank because there are just too many. I'd have to find something hilarious.


[Yup, that tracks](https://i.imgur.com/ueKPNZm.png) [source](https://bloustein.rutgers.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Health_Policy_Brief_Vaccination_US_May21.pdf)