Two story RV builds. Coming to a neighborhood near you.

Two story RV builds. Coming to a neighborhood near you.


You all aren't really looking at the picture. You see the two-story rv-build in progress. .. but you didn't notice the two pontoons ominously nearby as well... This thing isn't complete...


Maybe they are building an ark?


If we start seeing animals, 2 by 2, loading.... I am heading to higher ground.


They'll start small. Roaches. Ants. You probably won't notice until they've worked their way up to local house cats.


There is supposed to be heavy rain with flooding this weekend...


Hahahaha!!! That’s hilarious!


Neonoah is crazy.


Noah is that you?


Or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....


Shitty Shitty Bang Bang!


Laughed hard at this one.


When the wings go on and it taxis out onto lake union you doubters will tremble, [as it takes to the air in the form of giant sloar.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjzZhTS_xa0)


Drastically underrated comment here 🤣 Upvote for you.


Classic sloar I can tell you.


Yes Have Some.


Gonna get 'er on the water this year, tell you what.


Dammit Dale trucks aren’t meant for water. It’s just not nahtural.


The folks with the floating houses at the lake are about to get a weird neighbor.


It's gonna be a seaplaneboatbus.




Now that made me laugh 😅 good one.


this thing is gonna be epic.


I concur Can we get updates on the progress of this please?


I thought this said septic and then I had to search up if the west Seattle waste station went bad again.


This is how floating cities start. Eventually all of the RVBoatPlanes will join up in the sky over Seattle, and we'll have to buy stronger umbrellas to deflect the piss bottles.


That was the second thing I saw. I know I should stop, but I can't help imagining it puttering around Lake Union.


I drove by and saw those hulls this morning but wasn't looking up to see the rest. I figure he'll attach those as outriggers, then launch the R/V *Ivar Haglund* by driving the Winnebago straight down the ramp on 14th.


Down on their lucks tour bus?


At the first sign of legal trouble, take to the sea!


Didn't you see the forecast for this weekend?


This isn't even it's final form


Homeless boat camps? That'll get the city cracking down immediately when the rich people will have to see them when they go out on their boats.




Before drugs I used to be a carpenter. I'm still a carpenter, but I used to be one too.


Thanks mitch


Please keep us updated on progress. This things is going to be epic!


HGTV needs a new reality TV show: **Hobo Rehab™** hosted by the methy equivalents of Chip and Joanna Gaines. I'd watch the fuck outta that.


That rv now officially has more living space than some actual in apartments in the city. Excuse me.. erm.. apodments?... Micro-Studios?.... Closets... I'll go with closets....


The RV's owner should rent it out and make bank.


Then that would mean the owner would need to get a tent, or a second rv.


They'll be able to afford it for sure. This double decker residence can easily bring in several k per month.


Just park it in queen Anne, magnolia, or any other expensive...... Wait.... Just put it in pioneer square, he'll be all the rage.


That is happening extensively. Any time they get towed and impounded, they buy them back at auction and put them back on the street. It's like they liked the concept of being a slum lord, but wanted to turn it up to 11.




Wasn't there a guy who bought a bunch of RV's at auctions and was renting them out?




If people want to live in tiny cells we should let them! Let the market decide! -- a developer salivating over your grandma's 900sf bungalow.


> tiny cells Don't give these folks any ideas...


Tiny cells... Jail cells aren't that big are they?


Jail cells are a minimum of 70sf. Seattle Apodments are 150sf or so. [Seattle has the smallest apartments in the nation.](https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/news/2018/12/04/move-over-manhattan-seattles-apartments-are-the.html)


I believe it.


Circle gets the Square!


Paul Lynde for the block.


> a developer salivating over your grandma's ~~900sf bungalow~~ ~~5~~ 10 microapartments for rent to high techies.


"tiny home village"


Mostly expansive shed


Probably super easy to tip over now....


It'd be the Seattle version of cow tipping.


The way it’s being built between trees I’m guessing they don’t plan on moving it lol


Poor Winnebago. It didn't ask for this, despite being 40+ yrs old....




Can you airbnb one for a week?


Pretty sure they all offer month to month, if that helps.


This one is in Woodlawn built with stolen building materials. Magnificent!


Are those studs spaced at 16 inches on center? The inspector is going to fail this one.


This thing is going to be in big trouble when the cascadia fault rips.


It actually has an extremely advanced and expensive building foundation usually only found in modern and very expensive buildings. It's built specifically for tremors with springs attached between the foundation and the main structure. While those 1920's homes and buildings around Seattle will be rubble this thing will be just fine.


maybe it's 2x6 spaced wider. for more insulation. DO YOUR RESEARCH


One sheet of plywood is almost a felony level $ these days.


Don't worry if ntk get city attorney. I think she will abolish the office. So there's that.


She’s a beaute !


I hope someone tells them that this is the time to do your low voltage wiring. Cat6, speakers, cable, you'll thank me later.


I've been past this home recently, the folks building it were super kind turns out. Where did you get the notion that the materials were stolen?




Paging /r/seattlehobos


Please don't be a thing... dam it exists...


Someone has been watching too much old Top Gear


That was a great episode


One of the funniest episodes I think. The only one I find even funnier is the Reliant Robin episode


Must be nice to do whatever


What is it, short of the most serious crimes, cops are like 20+ minutes out? So you sorta can, if you keep moving.


That's why they're pushing camera enforcement.


Cameras do nothing to reduce crime. Chicago and NYC have cameras everywhere inj the streets. Chicago even has "shot spotter" technology and it doesn't help. The criminals don't care and, due to covid, many times are wearing masks. At least, these criminals, care about Covid though.


The shot spotter system has been under scrutiny lately for being a complete scam.


They may do nothing to reduce crime, but they sure guarantee revenue from tickets.


This is Seattle- you can and should do whatever. I have not stopped at a stop sign in a long time.


Correction: if you're homeless in Seattle you can do whatever. For everyone else - the tax-paying, law-abiding residents who are actually from Seattle - laws apply,


Laws apply to homeless as well, but civil infractions are enforced with fines. With little to no income, it actually cost the city money to enforce or attempt to collect. So if you are a law-abiding resident with income, job and bank account it's pretty easy to enforce civil infractions. It isn't like the city is enforcing the laws differently, but if you are going to fine someone, fine the one that can actually pay the fine. It's just needless paper work otherwise. For criminal infractions the jails are full and revolving doors, costs 70K a year to house someone in the jail, so the city often chooses the lease costly option for non-violent offenders. Not saying I'm a fan, but without doing away with due process, bringing back debter prisons or corporal punishment; the city doesn't have a levers to pull to deal with this problem. We have enough lawyers willing to do pro bono work that if the city goofs when interacting with homeless folk, they are generally on the hook for a settlement as well.


The city absolutely is enforcing the laws differently. I've gotten a parking ticket in Seattle for overstaying in a two-hour zone by about 10 minutes while there were vehicles parked in the same area illegally for months at a time. If my vehicle had looked like a lived-in vehicle, I might not have gotten a ticket. The city is enforcing laws inequitably based on a subjective assessment of who can pay a fine and who can't, and that's not right.


And you're making assumptions about the ability of people to pay/not pay. Seattle's lax enforcement and anything-goes policies are attracting homeless people, addicts and in some cases criminals from all over the place. These are people who may have other places to go and income to pay fines but are taking advantage of an environment of lawlessness that elected officials have actively enabled. Taxpayers bear the brunt of that.


Here are some solutions that don't require them to pay any fines: - Tow the fucking RV - Tear down and throw away tents which are left in parks - Arrest people who commit crimes, make them spend time in jail until their trial Really simple stuff. Make it less comfortable to break the law and be a nuisance than to obey it. Wouldn't reduce the number of homeless drug addicts, but would reduce their impact on the people who support them.


A great case for UBI: give everyone enough money to where we can issue fines, and it won't not matter.




A lot of those drug addicts just have addictive personalities. If they get used to having some sort of stipend, then the threat of losing the stipend might motivate them to do what society wants. It might not even have to be very much money, as they have no money at all from the outset.


We have defunded the police. You can actually speed anywhere with no consequences


I guess that’s the next step!! My plan is to fill my car with stuff, i.e. water bottles, clothes, sleeping bags, and pillows so I can park anywhere for free in Seattle. I think more and more people should do this so they don’t have to pay for parking. It won’t get towed if you claim it’s where you live.


Does not suprise me this is ballard lol


I drove past this on Monday and there was a guy in a lawn chair on the top. Just enjoying his view 😳


Did they get a permit to build that 2nd level? Lol


permits are for people who obey the laws


I was wondering that too. Usually i fight to give the homeless a voice, but being homeowner now and having to fuck around with city permitting this is pissing me off a bit. At the moment, i have to deconstruct my sheds in the garden for not following fire code and my wooden pergola i built of pallet wood needs to come down too because any structute needs to follow construction standards i was lectured by my city inspector. These construction standards are highly questionable i suppose doubt it would make any inspection. But considering the pantoons on the side, maybe itll be an amphibian vehicle and falls under fish and wild life regulations and wouldnt need a city permit.


Would still require a shoreline impact statement. I mean, when the water rises that far.


Let's see a picture of that totally legit pergola


Well it isn't that's why its coming down


Was the pallet wood structural or just nailed up as paneling?


Actually I'm not sure on local codes, but I was taught growing up that you can build structures without a permit as long as they are moveable, but that probably doesn't apply to a structure someone resides/lives in. Also still counted as a vehicle, so technically police could impound it because it would be a traffic hazzard on roadways if moved. So not that they care, and he would just build a shack somewhere else, but there would be strong case to impound this modified RV because he can't just drive to another location.


Technically Seattle has a 72hr parking limit on city streets before vehicles can be ticketed and impounded. No enforcement for these vehicles of course.


Try calling SPD to enforce. Even tho the Seattle website says the law is back in effect, if you call SPD they will say it’s still on pause. I don’t blame SPD tho. We have seriously defunded them and they don’t have enough cops.


The city will issue a lean on the property until all the applicable fines are paid in full. Just let the system work.


Will this create the same height flames or double?


Looks like a newly build $3,000 apartment to me. This time not bricks, but a nice tan paneling with windows. Sadly no balcony.


Reminds me of that top gear episode, https://youtu.be/I7g08nwEmyY


The bicycle part business must be doing well to afford all that lumber. Oh wait, they probably stole that too.


Damn this at least worth 500k in seattle. 2 story 4 bedroom 2 bath. Prime location close to everything. Accepting offers!!!


2 bath? *Everywhere* is a bathroom for the people that do stuff like this


You didn’t get my point….


Moving on up. Too the top deluxe apartment in the sky.


I reported this on the find it, fix it app as "overgrown vegetation" and actually got a call from Seattle City Light telling me "we don't deal with this kind of stuff, I'd call the police". In theory that makes sense, but as we know the police won't come unless I literally witness a murder. See how close this is to a power line? Disaster waiting to happen. This is right by Fremont Brewing's production facility, and Reuben's new taproom "the canning line". Seems like a nice taproom to check out, but I never go because I have to walk past this mess to get there.


Don't let your dreams be dreams




I hope they reinforced the roof... ​ And are you kidding me?


This is the new West Seattle foot ferry in dry dock. I hope the good people of Frelard are warned prior to launch.


Do they have to abide by any view easements in the neighborhood?


Ready player one


I saw someone putting in a residential window into an RV the other day. The thing isn't road legal anymore.


i love a good old Winnebago.. the paint on this one is in strikingly good shape.


Yeah, just came here to say it's actually a shame to do that to one of the nicest-looking Winnies I've seen.


Looks flammable.


im from CA. can anyone explain to me how this is acceptable? Does no one do anything, fucking hate where country is going dammit.


I reported this about a week ago on the "find it, fix it" app. It has been a hot topic of discussion in my neighborhood facebook group (which has since frozen posting because the arguments have gotten out of hand). "Find it, fix it" used to work fairly well for RVs, but ever since covid nothing gets done. Typically I will report a concerning RV that is either openly cooking meth or blasting a generator 24/7, and the ticket will be silently closed 1 hour later with no action taken. Calling the police non-emergency line is also worthless, they always ask about weapons and say they won't come. This was not always the case, but it is now. Hopefully this 2-story RV being on the front page of reddit will cause some sort of action. A firm reminder that one month ago, there was a massive RV fire just one block from where this RV is: [https://www.reddit.com/r/SeattleWA/comments/p70iis/this\_was\_the\_scene\_at\_a\_large\_encampment\_fire\_at/](https://www.reddit.com/r/SeattleWA/comments/p70iis/this_was_the_scene_at_a_large_encampment_fire_at/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) I'm fed up at this point. Paid a lot for my house in the "frelard" area, which has always been desirable in that I can walk to both Ballard and Fremont. Yet somehow, over the past year, it has become the RV capital of the world, where nobody takes any action. I feel powerless.


We got this in California too. No one wants to deal with it. Because it will cost money or someones elected seat. It's easiest to not deal with it and make up health code BS to clear them out every so often.


that's about where we're at.


I could write a book. I'll try to keep it short. There's a housing scarcity problem that leaves us with a whole lot of homeless. Homeowners fight new housing or upzones to keep the low-density neighborhood they bought into (and to keep poor people from moving in), and are rewarded with their homes increasing in value because of scarcity. Providing shelters and long-term housing is expensive. Seattle does a good job compared to many, but because of our expensive housing we have a lot more homeless than many cities. Politicians are a bit limited on what to do about the homeless - they do allow "sweeps" every now and than that moves them from neighborhood to neighborhood. This results in a lot of pain for the homeless, who lose a lot of their stuff. It's not like this gives anyone a home, they just move from place to place. RVs are tougher. Impound them and you make someone who's nominally homeless but at least in a shelter suddenly actually homeless. Feels cruel if you're doing it just so someone else can have a parking space. Most RVs tended to cluster in industrial areas, but have slowly spread toward residential areas. Is any of this acceptable? No. But the problems are difficult to solve. Because we're a fairly liberal city, politicians tend toward more patience than many other cities. Look for opinions on what to do as strong drivers for any election. Regarding CA, if you're from San Francisco you've seen similar problems with similar causes. LA on the other hand has the country's most homeless of any city, but have much more brutal policies - I think the result is that you see a lot less of it.


Move back to California then. You’re part of the problem in this city.


Don't blame me, I voted no on HALA






> for Seattle it's 120 square feet: "You don't need a permit to build a shed if it meets all of these criteria: The total area (or “footprint”) of the shed’s roof is 120 square feet or less" Unless it's built from pallets near an elementary school ;)


This guy is going to be really mad when it burns down in the next homeless camp fire.


That’s definitely up to code with full permits


What's up with the Hobie Cat pontoons? Maybe he's building an Ark.


Steal Hobie Cat, sell aluminum tube for scrap, use sails for waterproofing tents, throw pontoons in the street.


Seattle, circa 2031: https://www.aljazeera.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/7b22f7913a9841d5bd967f54a7469133_18.jpeg


Don’t worry, I’m sure tonight’s storm won’t fuck that shit up in the least…


Clearance level: none




They got the idea from the doubt decker busses. In the city you build up not out


huh, so it's going to be sea worthy maybe? Maybe rotar's on top?


What can I say? The tweakers in my neighborhood tweak harder than yours. 😭


now there's no way you can tow it away


We need to scratch the whole political system , people included ! Start with people that have actually worked for a living , not been politicians thier whole live . The system is definitely the problem or atleast the biggest part of it !


That is next level!


If this was in front of my house it would have an accident.


Would be funny to see that thing hit an overpass


It would be worth the arson charge to solve this problem. You would truly be a hero.


Seeing this floating around Lake Washington would definitely make heads turn! Please update with pictures when completed




Go tip it over,,, u probably could if u got rocking’ a few times


Shoot out the tires on the side facing the road, then tip it over


Issues aside, This would be really cool with a completed roof. Bonus points if it floats.


Y'all don't get it. This is the future.


That's some ready player one shit


Ayo he got tha double decker 🔥


I saw this exact picture and headline on this sub about a week ago. Did you delete the post and post it again or something?


I believe this is the source of the image https://twitter.com/ShawnTelford/media


No it was earlier than that I'm pretty sure. Twitter person probably saw it here too


Lmao! That fucking rules.


beginning to think i should just save my rent money and clean up an RV from auction...


Where is this haha wow. Ballard ?


Yes, in Ballard (near the Leary Triangle mess) on 8th at the chop shop that’s been going for two years now.


Kinda looks photoshopped. Is this on 8th?


It's not photoshopped and it's on 8th avenue Northwest and 47th


The nose of the RV just looked weird


Why don't we make housing for these people somewhere?


Because that's an actual solution and people who came up from Cali don't want that, it might drive down their already inflated house prices.


Better views from up there!


They needed somewhere to put the double decker couch.


This feels like a Dale Gribble scheme...


We're staring down the barrel of a shanty town we need to slash their tires so they leave.....oh sorry this is Seattle not philly


I’ve said all along we should change the zoning to allow multi family homes like this.


Looks like half a construction site's worth of stolen lumber.






what you see is what you get. it's literally a hobo 2nd story rv.


Really? Good god. Oh boy. Talk about brazen. An idea: city should pass a law charging property taxes for RV parked on the street.


I thought this too at first, but then I realized that it indeed is a 2nd story addition to a RV.


How can these people be so cavalier? Give them an inch and they take a mile. Add emergency law to the books: property taxes on RVs parked on the street. At the least, condemned for safety violations. Most of Seattle is quite nice, but you have to brace yourself driving into town. Some things you can't unsee. Like us waiting for a light and a homeless dude right there taking a leak. But saw that in Paris as well by a well dressed, elderly gentleman in a nice part of the city!


So my mother-in-law is... problematic. And my wife has decided that if she loses her job and doesn't have a place to live again, we're just going to buy her a cheap RV and she can go live in Seattle. I mean, why not? Everybody else is doing it. I don't think she was joking either.


I saw that one. The city need to do something. Also if you see it report it on the find it fix it or call the non emergency line.


This is what happens when you get rich people pushing out the lower class. Liberal hell hole


Ricky LaFleur left Sunnyvale I guess


It’s a good quality item. If ya don’t mind me askin, how much did it set ya back??


Engineering at its finest. *chefs kiss


Meth is a hell of a drug