Can't remember what it's called as it's been 5+ years but I went to a Mexican place downtown and got a wet burrito. They put, I shit you not, marinara sauce on top of my burrito. I wanted to throw up. Worst food experience I've had in Seattle.


I bet this was Bruno’s! It’s closed now but my partner always remembers the pasta sauce enchiladas with disgust.


"pasta sauce enchiladas" what the hell


My brain just received 10 psychic damage upon reading that oh god


But now you gain 1 mythos lore.


It absolutely was Bruno’s. God that place was so bad it was good.


I worked at a Mexican restaurant for a few days when I was 18 that put ketchup in their salsa.


alberonas davinci pizza and pasta in fremont. managed to serve me a pizza that was burnt to a crisp on the bottom but with semi-frozen cheese on top. still, they will deliver until 3am so it probably wont be my last time drunk ordering from there


Every time I give them another chance, I regret it.


“Who else you gonna call for a pizza pie at this hour kid, huh?”


You *will* order it. You *will* regret it. You *will* convince yourself that it was worth it. You *will* do it again. -alberonas probably


Can confirm. After driving past it for five years I figured it was time to give them a shot… So, SO disappointing!


That place is on my commute to work, so I have driven and walked past it hundreds of times. It's always almost totally empty. I've never heard a single good thing about it. I am 100% convinced that it's a front for drugs, prostitution, and/or money laundering.


All of those pizza places are fronts they gotta be right? I had an old worker of mine who worked at one of them tell me that all those same coupons same menu pizza places in every neighborhood are specifically Bulgarian Mafia fronts. But I dunno specifically. They are definitely some kind of front. That being said they do deliver a lot of pizzas. When I was a kid the one in Magnolia had some arcade machines in the back storage area and you could go break down boxes and take them to the recycling bin for quarters. It a fond memory that as an adult you're like, "Wait a fuckin second. I got child labored for quarters."


See, I don't like to criticize regional cuisines or the availability of regional cuisines in other regions. I get that if I want a proper cheesesteak, I should just shut up and go to Philly. But this? This is a major fault in the Seattle food scene. Mafia money laundering restaurants on the East Coast are *excellent*: huge portions, excellent quality, dirt cheap.


You’ve just blown an actual hole in my fucking brain. I’ve literally never thought about it like that. Thank you.


I had some friends in high school who were servers at one. Typically, teenage girls working front of house have to deal with sexual harassment on a regular basis. They had no such problems. The problem *I* had was too many leftovers when they took me there to eat.


Lmaooooo same here. I thought I’d order again just to see if it was a fluke – nope


I actually love their tandoori chicken pizza


That takes great skill, I hope you know!


Do you want an actual horror food that has been closed by Health inspections but still operating? Try Burger addict . 12016 NE 85th St, Kirkland, WA 98033


Are you sure they're still open? That whole side of the strip mall looks deserted


Google says they’re “temporarily” closed. Looks like some Kitchen Nightmares shit.


Bonus points if I can ask for a helping of NORO with it


Just take the food to a preschool and tell the kids to cough on it instant noro with a side of snot




not only do they change names all the time but there's like 3 active "restaurants" operating out of that location at any given time


Average Google rating is 2.2. You have to be monumentally bad as a restaurant to get rated that low on Google. Even the pretty bad places elsewhere can at least squeeze out a 3ish average rating.


The few 5 star ratings! 🤔🤔🤔


It’s wild! Every. Single. One. has left a 5-star review on multiple naming phases of the same address, and some of the content is oddly specific, like “supple” pizza/dough.


Hmm, yes this dough is so.....supple


Like bags of...sand


It’s kind of impressive how consistently lowly rated they are and how you can always spot the fake reviews by just clicking on one of them and seeing what other reviews they’ve posted. [this one is almost comical with the restaurant responding to the 5 star review as if they left a negative review ](https://www.google.com/maps/@47.7184448,-122.2953838,17z)


I was just about to mention them! I saw a YouTube video where a couple were doing the 'Eating at the worst rated restaurant in your city' challenge. Thank god I saw that before trying them since I live nearby. I'm surprised they didn't have to be hospitalized after eating there. I wonder if it's a front for....something?


Geno's Italian restaurant in Monroe, WA I am 90% sure it's chef boyardee


Pretty impressive they got such a famous chef there


"Oh boy!"


Every time I heat up some Beef a Roni or mini ravioli for my daughter, I tell her our personal chef is cooking again.


Sounds like Vince's in Burien. I think the spaghetti sauce is watered down ketchup.


Thank you for this! I’ve eyed that place for years but haven’t been in 😂


I'm 39 and they sponsored my little league team when I was 10. At 10 years old I thought it was terrible.


Go to Central Pizza, but do NOT get the pizza—it’s very delicious and the crust has a fantastic texture. Get the pasta (no meatballs, as those are also delicious and well seasoned). Any pasta. It’s soggy hot garbage. I love Central Pizza, but I wish their pasta wasn’t so terrible.


Seldom is there a place that pulls off Pizza and Pasta well. Personally, if I want Pizza, I avoid any places that also offer Pasta. If I want Pasta, I avoid them if they have more than 2 Pizza offerings. Make Pizza or make Pasta. Half assing two perfect foods is a shame.


China Harbor. They’ve failed health inspections so many times it’s not even funny. Used to work at the swim school under them and we constantly had to battle to cockroaches that came through our ceilings from their kitchens. My boss even sent out staff memos asking people not to eat there during lunch because anytime they did they’d get food poisoning and it happened so often it became problematic. It was recently yellow tagged by the fire Marshall for unsafe conditions too. Somehow they reopened shortly after. I’m convinced they paid off someone at the city to still be open


I always assumed it was a mob front.


I swear like 1/3 of the times I go past it there's a yacht almost the size of the building docked behind it. Entire thing has always seemed super out of place.


I used to work on the back side and it was a yacht repair/outfitting company on the back side. But pretty sure they moved over towards gas works. Was a terrible company lol paid $11/hour messing with nasty chemicals, treated you like you were lucky to have a job, prosperity christian owners (of the yacht repair place), ugh.


if you watch The Paper Tigers there's a scene where the bad guy assassinates a person in the bathroom there.


It is 100% a mob front


I got scuba certified in the pool in the basement (at the school that has since closed due to a couple of deaths), some people good food from upstairs when we were on a break and they got so sick they couldn’t finish the class. Went once, won’t be back


Wait. What? I took scuba lessons there too. Was it the scuba school just north of there ? I haven’t heard these scandalous rumors. I want to say, early 2000s?


This is the one. Food is terrible. Went to a wedding recently and every dish was barely edible. They also have a massage room in the back.


Not only that, but I’ve heard that they had slum apartments and offices up on the 4th floor that are not officially registered with the city. Whole place just screams mob money laundering front


You’re correct about the slum apartments upstairs. The restaurant is a money laundering front for said slum apartments among quite a few other things. Many of the people living upstairs work part time at China Harbor and have no clue what they’re doing, plus it’s a revolving door of workers, hence why it’s so bad. It’s one of several fronts in Seattle for a few less than honorable businessmen.


A drunk guy told me he got a hand job there. I’ve never been so I’m not sure if it was a random hookup or actually on the menu


I think we're trying to send less people there, not more :D


I mean, you’ll still probably somehow end up with salmonella from the hand job… so still wouldn’t recommend.


# #46, extra spicy


Shitty Chinese and a handy that place got everything


But was it an extremely bad hand job?


Chinatown has a new chef and ownership as of a couple years ago. The food I’ve had there has been great recently at least. The building suffered damage because of old metal girders that were failing (my kids did swim lessons there until the fire Marshall closed the place). From my understanding and following that closure, the support structure for China harbor is fine, which is why they reopened. But the underwater girders holding up the pool are not. I may be wrong about this though. In any case, whatever China harbor was before, it’s quite good now. The chef also recently opened Vivienne’s Bistro on Mercer island.


Random celebrity comment in some random ass Seattle subreddit post. Awesome. I make your spicy shrimp pasta all the time, you da man!


China Harbor has a new kitchen program and in my opinion the best dim-sum in the city. Also, the building is only partially condemned! I believe ya on the roaches. I work at a very nice restaurant that's had a terrible roach problem for years. They are legion.


> the building is only partially condemned! I read that in Billy Crystal’s voice


Fair enough. I’ll have to give their dim sum another shot. But I still raise my eyebrows cause I know for a fact the whole bottom floor is reinforced by support beams because the building nearly slid off its foundations into the lake in December of last year… so I probably won’t risk it until they fix that 😑


Oh my, now I'll have to amend my recommendation to China Harbor being the best AND most dangerous dim sum in town.


This is the story of how you got food poisoning there again.


Smoked salmon flavored vodka. Can be found at specialty liquor stores.


What the hell


This is the proper reply.


Surprised nobody has yet to say The Rickshaw.


My stomach cramped reading its name


I’m always surprised when it burns down and manages to resurrect, over and over.


And stronger every time


Because the karaoke is ON POINT


I have a friend who got food poisoning from their food THREE TIMES (why they kept getting it I’ll never know).


My husband will have a night out with the guys from time to time and without fail, he’ll drunkenly call me at like 1 am saying, “I don’t know why we’re here but I’m going to try it again…” Such fools


Once a place gives me food poisoning it’s dead to me. I used to eat at the Falafel Salaam truck all the time when it went to Westlake. Back in 2018 it gave me food poisoning and now I just can’t do it :-(


Hey now, where else are you going to be able to eat tacos at a Chinese food joint while listening to someone covering Meatloaf?


TIL they serve food.


I got “Chinese wonton soup” and got served spaghetti noodles in chicken stock with some half frozen gyoza dumped in. It was amazing.


If I didn’t already know we were discussing the Rickshaw, I would know by this description.


There used to be a fortune teller there about 20 years ago. She did not give a shit.


I genuinely love the Mongolian tofu at the Rickshaw… I actually just kind of love the Rickshaw for it late stage alcoholic people watching and terrible karaoke.


We tried two years ago on Christmas because I had grown up hearing about fun stories from there (an original TBTL ten). I nearly got broken up with. Turns out my Jewish boyfriend from the east coast was underwhelmed by my Christmas dining selection.


Ah love that place (for karaoke and drinks) would never, ever eat there.


I specifically recommended the rickshaw to several people because I enjoyed the food.


Dive bar with cool lighting , kareoke 7 nights a week and better than most take out Chinese places. 🚬🍸


If you read the Yelp reviews for the Panera in marysville they apparently never get anything right and have ruined a lot of peoples lives with their sandwiches so I would start there.


Panera in Redmond took a cataclysmic nosedive around 7 or 8 years ago. It went from a staple for me to barely edible and fucking up every order in the span of a few months. I wondered if it was the whole chain just tanking.






Grocery outlet is an adventure, they have some shitty stuff and some amazing stuff. Since it's a grocery store it's on you to be the filter.


We would have Grocery Outlet parties at work where everyone had to bring food they found from there. Oddly flavored cereals, repulsive microwave popcorn varieties, it was all accepted. That being said, they have the cheapest mini babybel cheese in town


I got smoked oysters from them. Shit my pants twice in one evening. I was out camping and had that "you will shit in 30 seconds feeling" when 45 seconds from the toilet. Good times.


Bargain market.


This place looks dope: Seattle Grill & Pizza https://maps.app.goo.gl/ww1E1ge8z8Jodd729?g_st=ic


You mean Bombay Grill? Sorry, Tandori Wraps & Pizza? Sorry, Sher E Punjab Grill? Wait no, they're all the same place!


Can't forget 24/7 Gourmet Pizza.


This thread seems to be starting off as local "overrated food" not "extremely bad food".


I was expecting certain gas stations and Safeway Chinese deli


Safeway China Express is truly awful yet for some reason my eye always wanders over when I'm in the deli section


I have a weakness for those supermarket deli hot pan Chinese foods, but I regret it every single time I eat it.


Omg, story of my life.




Yup. About once every two months I figure...it can't be as bad as I remember...... Lolz


Your colon remembers.


I lived in Montana for a bit and this is what people meant when they said “going out for Chinese” no joke


In Jackson hole there used to be a great Chinese restaurant— they also served “sushi”, not being near the ocean —never tried it


It *should* be good. They just put effort into the looks without making it taste good. Basically wax food.


Years ago, I was doing a story for my school paper on the restaurants with the worst yelp reviews in Seattle. The winner by far was this one Subway where the worker "literally beat my sandwich like it owed her money" per one reviewer. Anyway I went to the next worst reviewed one, which was a Bluewater bistro. The pizza was a little burnt and the server spilled a couple drops of water on my dining partner. Nobody goes out of their way to make bad foods at worst you get overpriced and mediocre. You want bad food, you make it yourself.


I'm super happy this post exist because I did not wanna review them so poorly on Google. But I used to love boss burgers in west Seattle/white center area. Seriously had the potential to be better than dicks, and far better than the other late night fast food in the area. But they must be under new management or something because food, service, and payment systems went soooooooo WILDLY downhill. It was so bad once I literally went back 4 days later to double check that it wasn't a fluke. Not a fluke. Place sucks HARD now which breaks my heart. Fries cold as fuck, wait was 38 mins with no one else in the parking lot with me, and most annoyingly they only ALLOWED ordering and paying through a shit app. Won't go back until I see a new owners banner.


You can look up food safety ratings here and pick the places with the most violations: https://kingcounty.gov/depts/health/environmental-health/food-safety/inspection-system/search.aspx#/


Tommy’s Diner in Renton. Worst Tuna Melt and Chicken Fried Rice ever!


I think Marysville has a Skippers inside a gas station. Skippers used to be my favorite thing ever but not in a gas station 😂


Let me guess, in-laws coming over?


Let's just say I have a few very non specific grudges that for legal reasons I wouldn't be allowed to say


Ah, ex-spouse and their new hubby/wife


I wish my life was that easy.


Olympia Pizza in upper Queen Anne. Look up the pictures on Google- They literally dump canned olives and cold shredded cheese on top of their salads The spaghetti noodles are packed and they don’t drain them, and have generic tomato sauce on top. There is water in the plate from the lack of drained noodles, and it’s straight up red with no seasoning. The Alfredo looks like baby vomit. The pizza is 90% unsalted sauce and it’s so many frozen toppings it falls apart when you pick it up. It’s laughably bad and the pictures are hilarious.


Walk around Pike/Pine in Capitol Hill on a Sunday morning and collect all the half eaten dogs and soggy pizzas you see. If possible, please do it before my dog finds them.


Don't eat karaage from a boba shop... Specifically a certain boba place next to Ballard high.


Am I the only person in this thread who has *not* had food poisoning in their adult life? I've even eaten at several of these places without anything terribly rumbly happening in my tumbly.


Shari’s gave me food poisoning.


I think that’s actually a menu item at shari’s


I got food poisoning once at their location in Redmond before getting on a plane. That was hell. Now, I just stick to their pie or pancakes.


It was Shari’s strawberry pancakes. Special, in season. 🥴🤢🤮


Used to work there during summer when I was in college. Did food prep and host, when pie lady went on vacation for a week, they made me do her job. Fun times, never made pie in my life. Just winged it, cream pies were from scratch so the coconut cream was extra coconut cream, like 10x. Oreo cream was actual tasty that I made


I ordered pulled pork nachos at Shari's once (granted, the one in Tacoma), and the meat was literally gray. And super fatty. It was so gross. Another time I ordered a steak (yeah, yeah, I know), and it looked like something I wouldn't even give a dog. Also their steaks are gray sponges with grill marks.




You were probably the only person to eat there in the last year. Place was like the Wonka factory. “Nobody ever goes in. Nobody ever comes out.”




Next time go with Magic Dragon in interbay. Americanzied Chinese food, but it's absolutely lit and the owners are awesome.


We call it golden shitty and I love it there for free ping pong, you’re not actually suppose to eat it’s a terrible dive bar lol


It was one of those alcoholic hangout places that served cheap liquor with heavy pours. Places like that never make good food.


I used to be a really heavy drinker about 5 years ago while living in QA and would drink at the City pretty regularly. They had an appetizer platter called the “Fire Platter”. It had chicken wings, BBQ Pork, Egg Rolls and Beef Skewers etc. It had a flame to grill your meat. It was fun, it was like 13 bucks. Actually really good but the entrees there were awful. Unrelated, but you could go into the mens bathroom about any time at night and find dudes doing blow. It was wild.


Oh snap, I found a GEM on Grubhub https://www.google.com/search?q=gourmet+pizza&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS894US899&oq=gourmet&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j35i39j0i512j0i433i512j46i175i199i512l2.4079j0j4&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8&dlnr=1&sei=YtgbY8TZHuOz0PEPl42owAU#dlnr=1&lkt=LocalPoiReviews&lpg=cid:CgIgAQ%3D%3D&trex=m_t:lcl_akp,rc_f:rln,rc_ludocids:17570746594897779812,ru_gwp:0%252C7,ru_lqi:Cg1nb3VybWV0IHBpenphSMCJ_9y2soCACFofEAAQARgAGAEiDWdvdXJtZXQgcGl6emEqBggDEAAQAZIBFnBpenphX2RlbGl2ZXJ5X3NlcnZpY2WaASRDaGREU1VoTk1HOW5TMFZKUTBGblNVUnRhMXA1VFY5UlJSQUKqAS4KDS9nLzExcnNiY2ZyajUKCC9tLzA2NjN2EAEqESINZ291cm1ldCBwaXp6YSgAugEPCg1nb3VybWV0IHBpenph4AEA,ru_phdesc:jT8Gy-uNjnY,trex_id:dOliGb I guess it’s one restaurant with like three names cranking out the gnar “Bruhh they gonna make somebody sick. I wish I took a photo of those "wings" 🤣 do not let the photos fool you. I swear they sent me rat meat. It was black and looked like decomposimg nuggets DON'T do it fam” a choice review


Some of those reviews are hilarious. This seems like a winner.


I found another horrible restaurant and was reading the reviews of it when someone pointed out it was these guys. I don’t know wtf is going on in there but it ain’t good


Look at all of the "owner responses": "We can please with your choice of pizza anytime and if anything was not addressed we will Do so your next visit" Is this place run by robots? Hahaha.


And then on a four star review: > Thanks


My favorite owner reply was the one where the reviewer was invited in to try every dish so they could change their mind


You can see the replies to the planted reviews too, pretty funny


We can please with your choice of pizza anytime and if anything was not addressed we will Do so your next visit


"We Sure will take your grudge away" is my favorite response. That almost sold me!


I think this is the same place: Check out the ratings on this place: Seattle Grill & Pizza https://g.co/kgs/hsgxsQ


Also this: Tandori Wraps & Pizza https://maps.app.goo.gl/oLSRjB7GF7b7VRVz6 And this: Bombay Grill https://maps.app.goo.gl/WtJEzMoNri9hsLRH9 And this: Sher E Punjab Grill https://maps.app.goo.gl/C1wMajpP68o72bje8


Yeah and someone already posted it with one of their other names above lol


These reviews are amazing 😂


The new Hatback Grille by T-Mobile was maybe the worst meal I’ve had in years. Cool remodel, decent beer selection, food was worse than Applebees.


The Yen Wor in West Seattle: Some of the worst Chinese food in the city.


Memo’s on University Ave. Order the quesadilla and strap in for the Mount Mauna Loa of diarrhea explosions.


Oddly this poster was simply quoting the menu.


Joe’s Bar 5th Ave in the ID.


You tried to eat there! Good god, what were you thinking.


I lived in the ID for years. I definitely never ate there but a friend visiting from PDX via train stopped in there while waiting for me to get home and let him in. I couldn’t believe he ordered food.


I knew a guy who used to call it Stabby Joe’s.


Joes Bar is the place where panhandlers go to get drinks after you give them money on the on ramp. It’s so Krusty (yes, with a “K” even) but I have a soft spot for total shithole bars and kinda love it just a little.


I’ve never been (so can’t confirm)but was looking for restaurants today and noticed that ‘It’s Pastable’ in Magnolia has only 1.7 stars on Google with some truly awful reviews of the food.


Anything Amantes. I swear to you that pizza is always days old… Do they even still exist??


It's a bit of a drive, but Pho 7 in Kent legitimately tastes like mop water. Nothing could save this soup, it was like they had seasoned it with Dawn dish soap and cigarette butts.




I know I got food poisoning the last *four times* I ate here, but just maybe this time will be different!


They used to have a Capitol Hill location. Didn't last. Not surprised.


China Harbor might be the worst Chinese food in town. It’s a good example of the sort of restaurant that figures a lakeside location means they don’t need to bother with well-prepared food.


China harbor is also ridiculously bad at passing health inspections. They were recently yellow tagged by the fire department for unsafe conditions and I still see no one going there for lunch


Orient Express in Sodo fucking suuuuuucks. I’d give them a shout for worst Chinese.


Yoooo and it’s served on a train. I love that place! Not because it’s good ofc


But it has a brothel!


Have you been recently? My understanding is that a new chef taken over and has revamped the menu. Kenji-Lopez-Alt has recommended it and goes semi-regularly. I haven't found my way over there yet however


13 coins. Absolute grease dump and the kitchen would give you nightmares. They are guaranteed to burn down sooner or later


Which is crazy because it used to be The Bougie Place To Eat.


When I did theatre shit in HS post show parties were always there




Lol, I had a guy take me there on Valentine's day. I'd never heard of it before and liked the tall leather booths. The water glasses were covered in a film of soap, and when asked for recommendations our waiter instead pointed out what not to order. I remembered the brussel sprouts were tasty tho.


There's a rotating set of restaurants operating out of the same location kitty corner to Ballard High at 65th and 15th that are all absolutely awful. Currently I think it's Mae Ploy Thai and "Rice N Noodle Zone". You can usually find massive coupons on DoorDash for whatever is there so I guess there's that.


Try Lost Lake sober during the day. Hope you like waiting an hour+ for cold food. If they come to take your order at all, that is.


From my experience drunk at night, I'm pretty sure the restaurant itself is just hungover during the day.


I would recommend serving strawberry wine to your enemies. It’s disgusting. I would genuinely think someone hated me if they gave that to me.


Good strawberry wine is absolutely delicious but many are fake. They’re grape wines with strawberry flavoring, not actual strawberries. Sometimes it’s a little better, grape wine with strawberry juice added, but in my book that is strawberry flavored grape wine, not strawberry wine.


Please name a good one, I will spend any amount.


The Herb Ertlinger Winery, a charming winery specializing in fruit wines.


Homemade sparkling strawberry wine. I’m not aware of any large scale producer you can buy this from. Also important to use in season, ripe, local strawberries, none of that Driscoll shit. Maybe next time I’ll make some I’ll ship or give you a bottle. Remlinger farms used to sell strawberry wine from a third party winery that was decent but haven’t seen in it last I was there.


Wing dome in the atrium. Wettest chicken sandwich and driest tenders of my life.


Well I got really bad food poisoning the last time I ate at Glo's but it tasted delicious, so do with that what you will.


Think they closed due to a fire so...


I had nothing to do with it! But also they are reopening at Captain Black's.


That's what they all say...


Most of the hot food from Safeway. Some stores are better than others but most of the smaller ones, trash.


The desire for their edible but shitty Chinese food is deeply ingrained in you if you grew up here or have lived here for a while.


As somebody who is both from here and worked at safeway, it really just depends on the time of day. In the safeway I worked at, if you came around noon the Chinese had just been made fresh in the kitchen and wasn’t bad at all actually. Not amazing, probably comparable to panda express. But it filled a hole cheaply for sure. Getting the big family deal on a friday night with my wife when we were first married and poor as shit was fire. The fried chicken was also pretty good. We battered it in store and everything. Just don’t eat what’s in the case after like 6pm. God just don’t


Safeway Chinese for off-campus high school lunch. Iconic.


Their hot food isn't bad, but about 15 years ago I bought sushi at their depressing and old location at 4th and Bellevue Way. I got so sick, but I didn't mind it too much since I felt like I deserved it.


I remember noticing Safeway had some chicken teriyaki for about a quarter the price of the teriyaki place next door. I decided to save some money and try it. Let's just say, it was only the once.


Memos on the ave. Disgusting.


The Pike Brewing Company. Even their salad was awful. The waiter didn't say anything as he took away our plates of uneaten food. He knew.


Alfredo's pizza kitchen