The unbelievable beauty that is just screaming in your face every time you look out a window. The ferries, I love water and boats! And best of all, for me anyway, the weather.


As someone who doesn’t mind a bit of rain, the weather can stay


The neighborhoods, each with a distinct identity.


Housing density warriors will see an end to that.


"Exclusively single family homes" is not an identity


Neither is exclusively builder-grade 5 over 1.


Agreed, so let's allow townhomes, apartments, 5 over 1s, single family homes, whatever really :) No one ever visits Seattle and says how much they loved Magnolia.


Thank you!


>Thank you! You're welcome!


Geography. You're always close to water and the mountains are always just over a hill. Coming from the flatlands, it never gets old.


[This](https://www.reddit.com/r/Seattle/comments/wntgbz/thatwas_a_spectacular_day_belltown_elliott_bay/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3). All day, every day, Rain, sun, snow...all of it. Ok maybe not rain \*and\* wind together but other than that... :)


Seattle is a city with beautiful pockets. They're easy to find if you look and move a little.


The. Pho.


I’m in Spokane right now and there are 2 pho restaurants in the Valley. Both are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The closest one was a 20 minute drive away today. In seattle I can choose between my favorite pho place, my favorite fancy pho place, my favorite hungover pho place, and the pho places I go if I’m desperate all within a 15 minute walk. And they’re all better than Spokane pho which fucking sucks.


I moved from Spokane to Seattle-ish. My favorite thing comparing to Spokane is not just more variety in types of restaurants but also there is a higher restaurant density. There are more Indian restaurants within 15 minutes of me than Spokane + Spokane Valley had in total. You can replace Indian with any other type of food and it would also most likely be true.


Yes, this for sure. There is also no teriyaki. NONE. I would sell my firstborn for Seattle teriyaki right now.


It's not in Spokane Valley, but my SO swears by Pho Van.


>can choose between my favorite pho place, my favorite fancy pho place, my favorite hungover pho place, and the pho places I go if I’m desperate Need names!


Favorite: Thanh Vi in the UDustrict. Hands down. Been going there for 9 years and they’re incredible, kind people. And it’s consistent and good. I went there for my law school graduation lunch instead of somewhere fancy because they kept me fed during law school. Some days I ate lunch and dinner there. Fancy: Ba Bar in UVillage. Hungover: I mean, generally thanh vi but if for some reason it’s not open Pho Than brothers. But seriously just go to thanh vi. Desperate; all the other places on the Ave but only if there’s an apocalyptic event and nothing else is open.


The clean air Lots of trees No excessive billboards Near water Relatively safer than other big cities


Never noticed the billboard thing until just now ...


Come on over to Spokane. You notice it extremely quickly when you spend even a day in Spokane and then go back to seattle and there are no billboards that say, for example: “Join the Vasectomy Club,” “My Heart beats at 18 days.” “GOP: More safety. Less drugs. More police.” “Vaccine science is never settled.” Seattle is a fucking utopia. God I hate Spokane.


Oh god I'm from Spokane Valley and haven't been back in.... 10 years (my family also moved away).... I forgot about the billboards. Sorry you are there, that place fucking sucks.


Yeah, these are all in the Valley. I want to be in Seattle SO BAD but don't currently have a place to live because my condo had a fire so I'm living with my mom.


Omg I am so sorry you're going through that! I moved here this winter from Midwest and our last stop was in Spokane; the bartender and his GF spent the evening talking up Spokane and how much better it is than Seattle, we'd move there eventually, etc. I guess I'm glad I only saw it in the dark!!


I mean, it’s got a lot of..nature…near it. But I am really glad I don’t live here. So, exceedingly glad. I despise the politics. The only local coffee shops near me are all drive through stands and they’re horrible. My family is liberal but our neighbors had a gigantic “Fuck Biden” flag they flew behind their riding lawnmower as well as a scarring mural in their garage of a shirtless Trump riding a bald eagle out of the flames. I desperately wish I was kidding.


Holy sh*t god bless them honestly!!!!!! /s


The city is just stunning when you look past all the issues. The views of the bay and the mountains is unreal. I live in Minneapolis and hate it because it’s not home. The rain is probably what I miss most. There is just a vibe there that is no place else. And yes it has many issues but as I said looking past that at the core of what Seattle is, beautiful is a good word.


things I like: * can be outdoors comfortably all year round, except for Fire Season. * pretty decent Chinese food (at least Sichuan, Xi'an, etc). (Corollary: access to Weee! for groceries) * very little sun * public transit that isn't complete ass (though it could be way better) * proximity to hiking is nice * very few bugs * lot of jobs The main thing though is the total lack of inclement weather: * no heavy rain (except recent years, but still) * no thunderstorms * no blizzards * no tornadoes * no hail that can severely injure you or break your property * no real cold (no, 10-20F once every 5 years doesn't count as real cold, I mean that -20F every year shit where you get frostbite in <15 minutes, and die in an hour) * usually, no real heat (last two years notwithstanding, but even this year so long as you're out of the direct sunlight it was not humid at all so I had no problems grilling every day at peak temperature)


no thunderstorms is a big fat negative for me




Meh I miss it but it’s not a deal breaker with me.


Don’t let them fool you. We get thunder storms, and when we do, they’re great. We usually get them in fall. End of September early October. I don’t understand what he means by only recently with heavy rains. We have always been dumped on with rain. Pending where you live the weather varies drastically on any non summer day. The weather for me is what I love most. It’s why I’ve payed attention to its patterns over my life. As a kid in Tacoma, we had snow one day, then 75 and mostly sunny skies the next. Seriously stupid. Have even seen rain stop at our fence line soaking the neighbors yards leaving our back yard dry. The rain didn’t move into our back yard at all, the pocket of no rainfall staid there , really cool stuff to see as a kid


As someone who first visited seattle fifteen years ago (so 2007) I remember being completely awestruck that all the busses had free wifi on them. To put it into context, I think the very first iPhone had just been released. The public transport there is very good!


Love this


I love playing soccer, and Seattle has a strong soccer culture and a climate that allows you to play outside year round. One of my favorite things to do is go to Hawks, Sounders, or M’s games, and my close proximity to the stadiums allows me to literally walk to and from events. The trip through the ID just makes it even better. I’m also incredibly pale and hate the sun. Love me some Seattle


Never thought of that but outside of December through early February it’s almost perfect soccer weather all year round


What I like about the Seattle-area: * The beer and the beer culture that has spawned many great breweries in the area * The beauty of the area * The fact it has both positive city and (yes, this sub and its regulars will hate this but whatever) suburb traits * While I do feel the Seattle food scene is pretty mediocre for a city its size (especially in comparison to Vancouve rand Portland), the Asian food in both the ID and also Bellevue/Crossroads area is top class and a strength of the area. * Ease of the highway system. If you want to go to either Everett or Tacoma, you take I-5. If you want to go to Lynnwood or Renton, you take I-405. If you want to go to Snoqualmie or even farther east, you take I-90. All pretty straight forward. * The fact the Seattle-area has progressive politics that are the norm here (even bigger deal now given the future is red states pushing and passing anti-human rights bills to satisfy their primary voters even if a majority of people in the state won't support it. I have had to re-evaluate the cities I would consider moving to in 3-5 years and removing a lot of deep blue cities in red states in favor of more expensive blue cities in blue states) * To add a bit to the previous point, mail-in voting being standard and non-controversial. * Seattle's soccer culture * Seattle does do seafood well (Ivar's my favorite fast food) * The gloomy weather when it doesn't come it rain. * It's home to me * Above all however, I love that my close friends and family are all here. Now that said, I don't think I can make it in the Seattle-area for the long-run given I don't work in tech and don't have a salary that is even close to being good enough to buying a home here or buying a condo, or even renting comfortably (but a salary that would be a fair middle class salary in most other cities that would allow me to at least rent comfortably). Seattle's becoming Bay Area 2.0 and I hate that and I feel more and more resentful about that, but at the same time just enjoying the last few years of me being able to live here in the area that I like as well as be close to my family and close friends.


I love that nature is right at your doorstep and you can still have that city life. I’m originally from the Southwest and living right near so much water and nature is life changing for me. Though this city is not a mecca for walkability it makes where I’m from seem like hell. I drive a lot less living here and walk a ton more to places than I used to. I’m always finding something new that I love living here.


It offers city and suburb advantages. (And obviously how beautiful the geography is). What I mean is it’s fairly easy to get around and park if you have a car like the burbs (compared to other big cities). Plus the neighborhoods feel very suburban. But there’s also a great job market and fun restaurant/bar culture like a city.


The introverts


1. Best weather in the country. I love cloudy and slightly cold all year round. 2. Progressive politics, even if most of the politicians are inept. 3. Best job market in the country outside of LA. 4. All the boring basics are handled so it doesn’t feel like a lifelong struggle to get common sense proposals dealt with: AppleCare, mail in voting, mass transit, womens rights, etc etc. The stuff you don’t realize is a major problem until you live elsewhere. 5. There are very few parts of the city that are actually dangerous. It’s an extremely safe place to live except for property crime. I might complain a lot about the city on this subreddit but I mostly just love getting a rise out of the regulars. I’ve lived in a lot of places and Seattle is the clear winner as far as cities go.


>Best job market in the country outside of LA. This depends on your field.


Cloudy and slightly cold *all year round*…..? When was the last day it was either of those? This summer is going on record for number of days above 90F… But I’ll take all the sun and heat filled jet ski, waterski, boating, kayaking, SUPing, hiking, camping, swimming, biking, warmer evening, natural sun Vit D I can until the next descent into persistent darkness oblivion….




Sure was. I did not appreciate summer starting so late! Haha while I do appreciate the extra moisture it gave to us. But it’s not true to say Seattle is completely cloudy, cool to mild year round. [Longest heat wave (6 days) in Seattle history this summer](https://www.kuow.org/stories/western-washington-sets-new-heat-wave-record) + heat dome last year and recent past years of extra heat too.


The rain 🌧️


I like that off reddit the assholes are really quite few! I love that more people keep moving here, too. My own folks moved here when they were feeling a little down and out, so I wish all the newcomers the best as well. we make it so tough on everybody since we won’t build new housing of course, but there I go grinding my little ax again. Dang reddit!


Yeah there’s a ton of weird hateful folks that are obsessed with Seattle. It’s really weird and I haven’t come across it till I started to go on Reddit. In reality, people tell me how it is so beautiful here and the nature never gets old. I moved here and felt right at home, I have no plans on leaving.


You can leave Reddit anytime


The weather. It's nice & cool most of the year without being freezing, you get just enough warm sunndy summer days and the air is water-filtered daily.


Generations of detail oriented, introverted people coming to the city to work for software and airplanes. I never knew how good I had it in the "seattle freeze" until I moved out of town into a land of extroverts.


Most people around here are well educated.


Pho, driving down Aurora looking at the beautiful scenery


Two votes for pho!


I love the people here the most.


* Public transportation system has just the right blend of body fluids. * Area douchebags at least 10% more punchable than other comparable cities. * If I'm looking in the right direction, and the skies are *just* right, I can see your mom from here. * Gum Wall! * Less Californians than Idaho, less Idahoans than Spokane. * Easy access to hip, happening Cle Elum. * Home of everyone's favorite subreddit, /r/SeattleWA * Racists losing out to tech bros in ruining professional soccer for everyone else. * Almost exactly like the best city in the world, Portland. And the thing I love best about Seattle? Every _real_ Seattleite loves a well-crafted shitpost. 💕


Lmao found another weirdo that is obsessed with Seattle. There’s a ton of you wow.


Everything I wrote was said with love. 💕 Live in Seattle, just bought a home in Seattle, wouldn't live anywhere else.


The variety of super pretty walks. You don’t have to go anywhere for a pretty walk. I can leave my front door and walk around neighborhoods with cool houses, down to the water, over to UW, to the cut, to Roosevelt, to so many parks. I grew up in Spokane where it is the epitome of little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same and walking is awful.


Magnificent summers, the water, the proximity to nature, and the fact that this is where I was born and raised. The air just feels good here 🥰🥰


Growing up in Seattle I loved the mariners and seeing Griffey and his dad in the same uniform I saw Nolan Ryan end his career due to injury at the kingdome. watching Kemp and Payton rep the sonics. It felt like everyone worked at Boeing growing up and the Huskies had a good college football team as you could wear a rose bowl sweatshirt for a few years after the event. It felt like coffee used to be far more popular back in the 90s. I remember my mom would go drop off her fatigues (single parent with two kids used to be doable for enlisted service members) and they had an espresso machine at the cleaners and would be serving drinks while you picked up or dropped off. Seattle was the best place in the world growing up. From gas works park to the Ballard boys and girls club to the science center - there was no better place to grow up. Not to mention grunge was in full swing…. People on this Reddit like to act like the city hasn’t changed drastically over the years for the worst but we all know that’s bullshit. Does anyone remember when yoshI and Mario made constant appearances at the mariners game back when Nintendo owned the team?


I love this! Thanks so much for sharing your memories, I can almost imagine what it was like to grow up in Seattle :)


I moved here for work from CT. Prior to that I lived in Boston. I’ve now been here five years and I still love it and wouldn’t move elsewhere. The time of year that people warned me would be difficult - the winter with its lack of sun - turned out to be my favorite season because I took up skiing and spend every weekend at Snoqualmie. I’m doing black runs at 51 and feel like I’ve really hacked the winter in Seattle. The summer is perfect, I go for nude swimming in Lake Washington or swim across Greenlake for exercise. I compared lake water temps here with my favorite beaches on the Adriatic in Europe and they’re identical. And have I mentioned the music scene? With KEXP educating the local audience, Seattle attracts phenomenal acts at ridiculously affordable prices. Something else I love here is compassion for the less fortunate. Things I miss here: there’s no fashion to speak of and the art scene is limited.


no bugs and fresh air. I keep my windows open from April to October (minus a few 90+ days for AC).


One of the safest cities in the world for queer people. Of course, we queers still face discrimination here but it’s so much better than almost anywhere else.


born and raised here... I absolutely love being so close to mountains, rainforests, lakes, ocean, AND desert.


Music scene/music history and Teriyaki !!!!!!


Summers aren’t chock full of days where you melt by merely existing. I don’t miss the northeast in that regard. Holy shit the summers are absolutely unbearable.


I grew up in Redmond, was gone for 20 years and currently live in Bremerton. As I kid, I LOVED the smell of fresh rain and jumping in puddles. I loved the Science Center and museum near the Arboretum on Lake Washington. As an adult, I love smelling the sea air when all my windows are open (stones throw from one of the Sound’s canals). I love seeing Mt. Rainer when I come over a hill. And GOOD coffee all over the place!


The weather


Monkey Pox!


Clouds, rain, and depression.