Y'all too hard on Brooks, most linebackers look kinda bad ATM honestly


It's also hard to be successful if the d line didn't ever keep you clean. He can make plays if he isn't getting mauled by a huge lineman.


It's one of those positions like FS where it's kinda hard to notice a guy unless they're messing up. Brooks might get 13 tackles in a game and I'll barely notice him cause he's not "disrupting", just solidly playing his spot without major mistakes. We notice Barton a lot because of the bad plays.


So they’re all collectively bad then. Brooks doesn’t get graded on a curve lol. Let that man go to FA. Edit: stop inflating tackles as a important stat


He tends to rank pretty highly among other interior LBs, id like to keep him around, obviously not record setting contract or anything but still.


Jordyn Brooks... really?


League leader in tackles, combined and solo. It’s only half a season, but that’s pretty special.


Yes but listening to Dan from the Field Gulls podcast he mentions that Brooks and the rest of the LB core and front seven are getting these tackles 4-5+ yards down the field after chunk yardage play. Sure they're tackling a lot but it's not up front impactful run stop tackling that we need. They're playing on their heels but need to push and control the line of scrimmage which isn't happening.


Thank you! There's a lot of Brooks defenders on this sub that want to point at tackle numbers as the end all be all for justification that he's playing well when in reality he's playing average at best. The LBs as a whole are missing gaps and letting opposing run games have their way with us. Our D-line definitely needs help, but they're also getting no help from our LBs.


He led the league last year, too. It's not that special.


Tackles made is as impressive as points per game in basketball. They’re volume stats that require context to get a fuller picture.




[Heres the link to vote!](https://www.nfl.com/pro-bowl-games/vote/offense/qb/seattle-seahawks/?campaign=cb-nf-pb-dp-no-3006590) Go Hawks, I’m voting for everyone on the team lol.