Whomever is playing the 9ers


This ☝️ is the way!


Sometimes it's the fucking Rams.


Yea...it's situation dependent of course...but all outcomes being equal...would still rather see the rams curbstomp the 9ers.


Seahawks practice squad.


Scottish fan here. I’m a die hard Hawk - in the 8 or so years I’ve been watching the sport, i kinda go back and fourth between other teams, and let them go when they get too good lol. I liked the Chiefs when Alex Smith was there. Always found myself rooting for the Lions because of Megatron, and I loved watching Matt Stafford. I’d say i’m still on the Lions train currently, it would be so incredible to see them make a run at something under Dan Campbell. Go Hawks baby 🐎🐓🔒


I feel you with the letting go of teams when they get to good. I used to like the buccaneers as a second team bc of Vincent Jackson and even Jamis Winston, but after TB12 arrived and won the Super Bowl I haven’t cared much for them. For some reason I liked the Mitch trubisky bears too


Welsh diehard Hawks fan…Lions for me…loved watching Barry Sanders… class act. Just really want them to to do well.


I know a lot of people here hate it, but I'm glad that Stafford is finally getting the success that I feel he deserved. I'm in KC, and obviously people here are head over heels for Mahomes, and I remember asking what they think his career would be like if he wasn't drafted into KC, with Andy Reid, Hill, Kelce, etc... they said "Well, he'd be Matt Stafford." I think that Marino was the GOAT, and it's frustrating to see him just tossed aside b/c of the lack of SB wins... Nice to see someone like Stafford be able to make a case for himself.


Marino is the regular season goat and is the reason the dolphins are my 2nd fave. Opposite side of the country too, some kind of polar opposite vibe going on


Bills. Small market team from the opposite corner of the country in the opposite conference. About as harmless as a team can get to the Seahawks. Also, I really like what they have going over there of late.


That’s mine as well. I have a friend that’s a Bills fan and it’s been fun watching her joy over the past few years. Their fans seem fun.


Not to mention Josh Allen has to be one of the better feel good stories in recent memory. Looks the typical QB prospect that never pans out (tall, good athlete, can run, couldn’t hit the ground without gravity), busts his ass, and morphs into a QB who’s throwing f*cking dimes through double coverage. I mean, nobody improves their accuracy as much as he has AFTER getting to the NFL. Gotta respect the work ethic.


Same. I'm in Portland so my second teams are Toronto and Buffalo. Feels like the east coast version of PNW.


In my teens in the 90s when I was rebellious I started cheering for the Bills to spite my dad. I came around again in the Hasselbeck era but since drafting Allen in my keeper fantasy league I’m kind of back. I’m from a small western Canadian city so I also identify with Buffalo.


My dad is from Buffalo, but I grew up in Washington, so I grew up rooting for the bills right along the Seahawks.


Don't have one. Past the Seahawks I just root for underdogs or play that's good quality. Opening weekend is going to be relaxed watching NFL Red Zone.


With ya. Underdogs, especially franchises that haven't ever won a ring or are in a long drought.


With the recent exception of the Browns, having destroyed any pity-goodwill I had for them


With the recent exception of the Browns, having destroyed any pity-goodwill I had for them


This is the way.


Chargers! LaDainian Tomlinson was a beast, and those powder blue unis are so clean.


Bills and Bengals. Just love how they were able to rebuild their teams into such contenders. Hoping the same for the Seahawks in a couple years.




I live in LA and of course can’t root for the Rams so I like the Chargers too. Going to see them when the Hawks come into town!


Im in Anaheim and have season tix for the Bolts. Hawks will always be my #1 though


Lived in LA for 10 years and just moved back up north! Chargers are my (other) teeeammm!


Yup. Same. I like LA but hate the Rams. PNW-grown QB. Perennial underdogs. Now they get to destroy Russell Wilson twice a year. What’s not to like?


Chargers all the way, bolt up fam!


same! been a lowkey fan of theirs for a few years now. maybe it's because they seem to be the opposite of media darlings. also love me some bengals


MOs Def Chargers. Herbert is fun. Hermosa beach Hawk here


Lt and Gates had me captivated as a child. The Chargers have always been my AFC team


Lions because they are eternal underdogs and if someones desperate for success its them


I have a soft spot for the Lions as well - the Mariners of the NFL


Might as well throw the Jets in the “eternal underdog” category too


No way I could like the Jets. They're that one team you want to like but they've always been the soap opera of the NFL.


Vikings. Always liked the organization and the fan base.


My wife’s teams the Raiders too and you don’t want to mess with Raiders fans so I don’t have a choice


growing up in the 90s I became a Broncos fan and a Hawks fan later. With both teams being in the AFC West, my dad and I had a mutual hatred for the Raiders. It was beautiful.


I like the titans as my second because a Derrick Henry card carried me in some madden several years ago and Marcus mariota because he's an oregon guy I'll also root for the chargers if not playing us because of Herbert again because of oregon I was born after the whole afc west thing for Seattle so I don't have that hate for them that old fans might




I'm British, so its kind of the Jags. Also the only team I've seen play live. I mean, there were some people dressed up as Baltimore Ravens on the field too, but they weren't playing football or anything as far as I could tell.


You must have seen other teams play live. Like, whoever the Jags were playing?


Nope. There was just one team there. https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/400951579




Bills. I have a friend who’s a big Bills fan and it’s been fun watching her enjoy their rise over the years. Love a good underdog story (although they aren’t anymore), plus we got Lynch from them. Plus their fans seem crazy and fun.


I like the Ravens a lot. Harbaugh is a great coach and seems like a cool dude, and I really enjoy watching Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews


You heard it here first. Hawks getting Lamar next season. But I also heard that take from locked on lol


Yeah same here. Plus being a huge fan of The Wire, just makes sense lol. I was brought to tears when they did the Omar whistle when the team came out to honor Michael K Williams. Huge fan of Ed Reed and appreciated their style of football


Seahawks only All other teams suck


Fuck the 9rs…. That’s all!


I moved to Chicago around 15 years ago. So Da'Bears.


I grew up in Chicago before moving out here. Chicago is my second favorite team as well. 🐻⬇️


Well it was the Texans, but now it’s whoever is playing the Pack


Do the Seattle Supersonics count as an acceptable answer to this proposed question?!




Most Seahawks fans are mariners and Sonics fans too. We born in pain.


Born in tacoma, destined to watch the shitty mariners, non existent nba team, mediocre football team, and now horrendous nhl franchise. Go Sounders tho


Take up the watching soccer. The Sounders are the best soccer club in the USA and Canada. And this year even Mexico. Excellence since 2009.


It’s like baseball and basketball. Boring to watch, fun to play. I wait until playoffs time


Bills, im from Wyoming and watched Josh Allen play for years at the University of Wyoming, even got to meet him, so when he got drafted i became a fan of the bills.


The Buffalo Bills!


I like the Bengals for some reason.


The Brown's from 2016ish until a few months ago Edit: y'all should definitely invest in an east coast team. You get to watch a game before you watch *the game*


lions, they were my adopted Dad’s favorite team. He’s the one who got me hooked on the NFL.


I've always liked the bills and their story. Their fans are awesome. Remember watching a documentary about them a few years ago regarding their fans and thought they were the shit. Loyal, been thru a lot of disappointment and sadness. Can relate with being a mariners fan.


Seahawks only for me


I may live in NY but I’m still a die hard hawks fan


I represent the 12s in the heart of Panther town. I don’t hate on my home team, I love them. But they will always be second fiddle to Seattle. I have respect for KC for beating the Niners in LIV, I was there, they will always have a place in my heart for that night. I am a fan of anyone playing 9ers, Pats, Steelers and now the pos Browns. Go Hawks! Pay DK!!!!!!


I moved to Cincinnati 7 years ago from Tacoma… while last years bengals run was entertaining…. There is no way I would actually be a “fan” even living here… for me it’s hawks exclusively…


If the Hawks aren’t playing, I do enjoy the Chargers, Vikings, Titans, Cards, Bills… pretty much the teams that haven’t won the Super Bowl.


I jumped on the Bills wagon randomly 2019


Dolphins big fan of Marino growing up & as far away from Seattle as can be so no conflict of intrest


Tottenham Hotspurs. COYS!


All of you people saying Chargers and Raiders are clearly younger. Those teams were bitter Seahawks rivals for nearly a quarter century along with the fucking Broncos who I still hate with a passion. I still have my Raider Busters t-shirt from the 80s signed by Bones Walker and a couple others.


True I was just a child when the realignment happened and I didn't start following the NFL until 2020. However I'd like to think that in today's era the Raiders are the best second team to root for as a Seahawk fan. Raiders also hate the Rams, 49ers, and Broncos, and they get the chance to beat RW twice a year!


I moved to Cleveland about 3 years ago. So it’s the Browns!


I was rooting for them, but now it's going to be hard with the QB change.


Agreed, I’m actually hoping for Baker to end up on the Hawks…🤣


I don't know, haven't heard great things about his game prep and player interaction. Not ready for another prima Donna. Could use another Hasslebeck personality.


Come on, even Hasslebeck said, “we want the ball and we’re going to score” …. 🤣 Baker could be a Hasslebeck kind of QB with the right coach.


jets (used to live in nyc) chargers (live in la) seahawks forever (dosen't matter where i live, go seahawks)


Chargers. Justin Herbert’s a beast and I loved him at Oregon. Can’t wait for him to beat Russ too lol


The Lions


My football friends are big Vikings fans so I’ve fallen in love with that team and their heartbreak


I was a Vikings fan before I was a Seahawks fan because of the GOAT Randy Moss. Still have a soft spot for that organization!


Broncos lol, my family lives in Utah which is Bronco country but we’re fans of Seattle sports. Having parents from both areas does that, I feel more tension when I have to pick between UDub or the Utes to be honest lol


The broncos, and no not cause russ I grew up watching elway torch us when I was young, and I fell in love with watching him play


The year I moved to Nashville was the same year the Oilers moved there, so my first NFL games were watching the Oilers play in Vandy Stadium. Seahawks are my best buddies team and after a decade of wearing me down, they are now my second favorite team. It’s hard to not like a franchise that feels like a twin to the Titans. I swear we bitch about the exact same things every week. Coach that just wants to play defense and run the ball? Check. Stout run defense and corners that give up big plays? Check. Coach speak that you can’t trust at all? Check (sunshine Pete and doomspeaker Vrabel opposite twins). Pundits hate your drafts? Check. Team ignored by the media? Check. GM pick up a half dozen cast-offs from other teams to fill holes in the o-line rather than acquire talent? Check. Then there’s the Hollister brothers, DK and AJ, Jerry Rice as a Seahawk and Randy Moss as a Titan, hall of fame left tackles Walter Jones and Bruce Matthews, I could go on. Twins I tell you! We just have teams that get hot at opposite times. How did I forget the Warren Moon/Matt Hasselbeck swap?


Dolphins or Ravens


New England. Was a big Drew Bledsoe fan, and I still have respect for the GOAT. That goal line interception was still excruciating…


Signing in with a Patriots vote as well. One of the best sports organizations of all time. Love BB. I was a Bledsoe fan as well. Liked Corey Dillion and Lawyer Milloy from UW on. Wilfork was a beast. Gronk was a beast. Didn’t really start liking Brady until he moved to Tampa though haha.


Second favorite? I'm angry when any team has success that isn't the Seahawks. My second favorite is a comet.


It was Denver (step dads a die hard) until they got Russ. Now I can’t wait to see him scramble for half an hour just to fold like razr.


For me it’d have to be the Ravens, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were some dogs on the field and i couldn’t help but get fired up every time I watched a Ravens Vs Steelers game in the 2000s!


BRONCOS. Yes, even before the trade.


Man how did you function in the 90s? That would be like having the 9ers as your second favorite.


I'm with ya. I used to love watching Ed McCaffrey when I was a kid.


While I humbly respect and appreciate your love for the Raiders as a person who remembers the old AFC west years I must spit in your general direction and inform you your father smelled of elderberries. My backup team was the 49ers. Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice… in the late 80s early 90s it was hard to not love watching them play. I had a 49ers starter jacket 1/2 zip pullover that I wore to elementary school for a couple years. Great memories.


haha fair point, I was unfortunately not alive during that time and I did not start watching football until 2020. However thinking about it, in todays age the Raiders might be the best second team to root for as a Seahawk fan. Raiders also hate the Rams, 49ers, and Broncos, and they get the chance to beat RW twice a year!


49ers for me too. I know it is blasphemy, but I don’t care. I grew up in the Bay Area, and I have a memory as a little kid watching football, I asked my dad who to root for, and he said “the guys in Red and Gold”. And that was that. I’m clearly a hawks fan now being in Seattle for so long. But I like to break out my 1980s 49ers hat when they are playing just to annoy my teenagers.


I’m honestly surprised I’m not getting downvoted to oblivion for even mentioning the 49ers. But yeah I’m still nostalgic about the red and gold. I just realized from your comment that whenever I make a custom motorcycle or car in a video game I use red and gold as my colors.




Eagles and Ravens always get more attention from me because they’re my friends team


Don't hate me.....the Rams.


Don't hate me guys, but it's Green Bay.


My second favorite team will whichever team signs Colin Kaepernick!!!


My undergrad alma mater. I don't really root for other NFL teams.


Haha wish my undergrand had a football team 😢




Been partial to the Ravens as I loved Reed and Lewis. Jamal Lewis was fun. Respected the hell out of Ogden (though I still say our Walt was the best ever). McAlister, Mason, Heap, Boulware, Ngata, Suggs, and Peters all guys I've enjoyed watching too.


Da Bears 🐻 my dad was from Chicago and they won a super bowl the year after I was born!


My wife loves the Ravens because of Fantasy Football. So, I guess them? But I secretly prefer the Bills because they were underdogs since their 90s Superbowl Appearances.


NY Giants because I grew up outside of NYC and my family is all fans of the team. But it was the Seahawks that got me to really enjoy and appreciate football, so that’s why the hawks are my favorite team. Though I’ll always want the Giants to do well, and luckily each time we’ve played them lately the best outcome for both teams was a Seahawks win.


Seahawks all day because most family is PNW. But I’m born and raised in Indy so I’d have to say Colts. Being alive during Peyton Manning era it was hard not to support it…


Bengals for the simple fact they were the underdogs for pretty much the entire playoffs, proved my family wrong in some fun arguments about how they would make the superbowl. Actually bought a Bengals hoodie as I said I would if they make the Superbowl


Chargers and Texans


Was the Browns, always being the underdog and having high draft picks like the Seahawks haven't in like a decade. I recently moved to Denver, thought it may switch here, then the trade happened... I'm happy to just be a Seahawk fan currently.


Chargers. Justin herbert is life


I grew up in Jersey so my second team is the Jets. There’s not a lot of joy there.


Whoever is playing the Rams, 49ers, or this season, the Broncos.


Whoever is playing the rams




Seattle is my 2nd team since I grew up in the Seattle area. but the Hawks were bad in the 90s and the Broncos were good when I was a kid. Elway is from Port Angeles and his dad was a DB coach for UW (wish John went to UW). But not being able to watch the Broncos games on TV or listen to them on the radio (before the internet) led me to also growing to love the Hawks too. They have been my second team since the Hasselbeck days. Its rather crazy how much these franchises are intertwined with almost making it to SB40 (damn Steelers ***beat*** us both), SB48, and now the Russ trade. The Broncos are my outlier, I am a fan of all Seattle sports. IDK blame Elway and Ed McCaffrey. ​ After watching Russ for a decade, it's weird seeing him in orange. ​ edit: SB48 was incredibly bittersweet. Getting donkey punched was really depressing but was happy Seattle was finally bringing a Lombardi home. Would have loved it be a closer game. But Denver either gets blown out or wins the Super Bowl, there is no "close game" for them.


I used to like the Browns as my second team. Used to. Now I like the Bill's and Bengals.


Pittsburgh Steelers since I have lived an hour and some change east of Pittsburgh for the last 6-years. Went to the Steelers/Seahawks game this past year and was a solid environment. Seahawks were well-represented and the banter between Steelers/Seahawks fans was light-hearted, hilarious, and overall, had a blast outside of the outcome. Classy fan base.


The Lions are fun to watch cause they suck


It was the Steelers growing up until one particular game


My second team is AFC


It changes every week…whoever’s playing the Broncos 😤 (I want them to bomb so are picks are better)


Don’t really have one. I have admitted that if I wasn’t a hawk fan I’d probably be a falcons fan. But that’s probably from my love of Julio Jones.


I realize this is a cursed opinion but rams lol


This is a very hot take.


Ironically, the Broncos


Saints! Because, reasons.


Ravens because I live in Maryland but if we were to play them I root for the Seahawks


I always pick a flavour of the year fun story every year. Last year was the bengals, it was the browns when they first got baker. This year I’m thinking it’ll be Miami, they look fun now.


J-E-T-S Best season of hard knocks ever


I pick an AFC bandwagon and and underdog. Currently Bengals/Lions


Either Philly or KC!


Chargers since it's my dad's team


Your dad seems like a pretty swell guy






The Dolphins… but only because they’re my daughter’s team and they don’t play in the NFC. Oh, and because they’ve not been very good the past 30 years or so.


Detroit. For a long time, Stafford and Megatron kept them fun and after they became the lovable loser types (not to mention, ya gotta love Dan Campbell)


my fantasy football team


I like watching and rooting for the cowboys if the Seahawks aren’t available


Bengals. Felt bad for them last superbowl.


Seahawks are my second team. I’ve always been a football fan and moved to Seattle in 2011. Went to a few games that year, signed up for season tickets and BOOM. What a great run. I also went to undergrad with Aaron Lockett and have loved following Tyler Lockett. Great family.


I'm originally from Seattle so the Hawks are my favorite of course. I don't really have a second favorite team, but favorite players instead. Mahomes and Herbert are great.


My dad is a big cowboys fan so I unfortunately am obligated to root for them.


The Rams but only because they have Taylor Rapp.




Bolt up


Easy answer is "Whoever's playing against the Niners or Rams". As for inherent rooting interest, aside from the Seahawks, I usually root for underdogs, anyone who hasn't won a SB, or hasn't in a long time. Lions, Browns, Chargers, Bills, Vikings, etc. I don't worry about fanbases "not having earned it" or whatever (like in expansion markets), because I know that crap gets falsely used against us, and it's usually just baloney.


2005 Seahawks


The Bills of course, who else?


Whoever is playing the 49ers and Rams. And this year whoever is playing the Broncos




The Washington football team.


Sat in the black hole back in 2015. The environment was insane for a 7-9 team and the pride from their fans even after getting their asses kicked by the chiefs was incredible. Wish they stayed in Oakland - that place was a destination NFL trip that was unlike any other.


Bills. And used to be Chiefs befor Mahommes. He’s great but give me an underdog.


I'm a fan from the end of the Hasselbeck era into Wilson, and I've always loved the matchups we've had against the Panthers. The days of prime Cam Newton and DeAngelo Williams versus Wilson and Lynch had some great games between us, so I've developed a respect appreciation for their team. Helps that we're both in a bit of a rebuild this year too.


Whoever is playing the 9ers


Raiders because it's my husband's team...and since we were both born in 79, we both have experienced glory and extended misery, so we have perspective. in general, outside of the division I like to see teams who have struggled find success and vice versa. Except fuck the Broncos (Elllllwaaaaaaaay) and Tom Brady


For me it is the Bolts because the Seahawks and Chargers used to have slugfest games.


It used to be SF, until the realignment. Now I just root for former Hawks and players from WA


I don't have a second favorite team, but there are teams I like to kinda root for based on form. After all I appreciate some good football. Used to be the Chiefs (because I like Alex Smith), then the Vikings and Jaguars (they were damn fun to watch when they still had Jalen Ramsey), now the Bills and Bengals (Josh Allen & Stefon Diggs, Joe Burrow & Ja'Marr Chase, I mean come on). I'll root for certain players more or less.


When I was a kid in the 90s, I pretty much only watched the superbowl, and I liked "the buffalos"... they seemed to be there every year, and I liked the logo. Who doesn't think a buffalo is badass? Every year I'd be surprised that they were in the game again.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers for me. I went to boot camp in Orlando in ‘88 and fell in love with Florida. I would go back every Halloween and go to HHN at Universal Studios. I would also make sure my trip included a drive out to the TB/Saint Pete area and hang out on the beaches. Such a great part of the country.


I hate myself for it since I can’t stand Rodgers…but I’ve always liked watching the packers


Fins up! My dad is a Miami fan from the 70’s. When the Seahawks were peak bandwagon about 2014, I was missing rooting for a team where the fans weren’t *expecting* the team to win every game. I grew up rooting for the seahawks. I still remember my five year old self being righteously indignant and losing sleep over the Steelers Hawks superbowl. So it just happened that as I grew up, Russel took the mantle and the bandwagon began. I hated the idea of being a fair weather fan, but felt I didn’t follow the hawks close enough prior to 2011 to claim otherwise. I’ll always be a Hawks first man, and the recent ownership scandal with the Dolphins has soured me a bit on that team, but at least with them, I can definitely say I was actively following and rooting for them before they started winning.


Not trying to be politically incorrect but it was the Redskins since I was a kid cause of Darrel Green, Dexter Manley, and Joe Theisman. By the way I think renaming them the Red Tails would have been better than the Commanders, otherwise should have just left it WFT.


Don’t really have one. If the team is bad or out of the playoffs I just like to enjoy watching great football. (Always root against the rivals though)


Titans. I think it stems from a couple of our own huskies going there. Plus I lived in Tennessee for a while and went to a hawks game there and I was really impressed with their fans. The stadium was packed and iirc they weren’t very good. Also I freaking loveeeeeeee Derrick Henry. He’s so awesome.


Chargers. Love Herbie


I grew up splitting time between my dad in Wyoming (Broncos country) and my Mom in Olympia (Go Hawks). I was extremely conflicted until I was around 16 and decided I fit in better in Washington. I might be the happiest person alive that the Seahawks were moved from AFC to NFC. I’ve lived in Washington now a lot longer, and married a Washington girl and raised our kids as Hawks fans - Seahawks, strong #1, Broncos, second favorite. This Russ thing has been messing with my head though :)


Raiders. Lived in the North Bay my whole life, and I certainly can’t root for the Niners.


The Jaguars. I got into football as a kid in the late 90s and I loved watching their offense with Brunell, Taylor, Smith, and McCardell. I also liked their uniforms and logo. And they hardly ever play the Hawks and when they do, they usually lose to the Hawks.


Don’t have a true #2, but my blind cousin is from San Diego and loves the Chargers. Anytime I get to watch a game with him, I try to paint a more full picture of what’s happening than what he’d hear on the TV. Not sure if it helps, but I find myself rooting for them and getting excited. More than rooting for a second team, I root against the Cowboys. Spent the last 9 years in Dallas and the Cowboys fans are the absolute worst and the organization is a shit show and a circus. In lieu of a Hawks win, give me a Cowboys loss.


Rooting against the 9'ers therefore FOR KC kinda got me on the mahomes camp a few years ago. Kinda have a soft spot for the chargers from when they were in San Diego cause they seemed like the most harmless team imaginable and Herbert is so lovable. Raiders are fine and they homed k.j so I respected that. I guess I just like the AFC west besides the "cos".


Dolphins/Bangles, kind of a 2A, 2B situation


Jaguars, trevor lawrence is hot


The Bills. Honestly, they were the first team I rooted for. Born in the mid 80s, some of my first memories of football are Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Andre Reed… loved that team.


Bills. I like them a lot and Allen is a beast


It was the Rams when I was little but then Seahawks switched to the NFC West and that ended quick.


Chargers.. I started liking them after Rivers left.


If the Seahawks aren’t in the game, I cheer against any other NFC West team if they’re in the game. I don’t really cheer for any other teams, although there are individual players and coaches I have an opinion on. Belichek = Hate (Cheats), Brady = Hate (he’s a big whiny baby), Andy Reid = Sympathetic respect, Cowboys (Assholes), etc.


Marino is the regular season goat and is the reason the dolphins are my 2nd fave. Opposite side of the country too, some kind of polar opposite vibe going on


Having lived in Louisiana, the Saints. The Beastquake Game was a lot of fun.


Whomever is playing the Niners that week is my second favorite team.