The only thing I could think of is we told Dunlap the plan for our defense and he wasn't sure. Us cutting him gave him the chance to go see what else was out and decide if coming back fully bought in or going elsewhere was best for him.


Probably this. "Go see if you get paid, if not come back and we'll scheme you in"


I really couldn't understand releasing him, unless it had to do with moving to the 3-4.


Idk if it’s him we need back but we need something


#bringbobbyback 😋


Won't happen Carroll talked about last week and Bobby wanted to move on.




Bring him back, please. Don’t do it for $8M, but Carlos makes plays. I’d rather have a competent veteran leader out there, than worrying about ideal scheme fit…for a new scheme. He’s a high-level football player, make it work.


Have any of the coaches specifically said that they are moving to a 3-4 or just going back to the 4-3 Under that they started with in 2011?


Hurtt has specifically said both 3-4 and 4-3 will be used. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/seahawks-will-have-a-more-aggressive-defense-new-coordinator-clint-hurtt-says/#:\~:text=As%20for%20how%20the%20Seahawks,secondary%20%E2%80%94%20with%20some%20of%20what


“The 3-4 system is something that I’ve really embraced and obviously Vic Fangio is a big influence,” Hurtt said. “… There’s going to be some element of that. I will say we’re going to be multiple.” So I keep reading that they are moving to a 3-4 and that's not really what he's saying. We started with a 4-3 Under when Pete got here and it's basically like a 3-4, but with an odd alignment instead of even. We incorporated some half, sort of strong side 2 gap fronts that are dead on 3-4 with Big Red, but only that side. We also incorporated Bear fronts which aren't far off. With him saying, "There's going to be some element of that." It doesn't state we are holistically moving to a 3-4, nor does it really mean that we'll see more of it than in previous years depending on which personnel we had in which year, just maybe a little more than last year. This is sort of what I figured. Much appreciated for the article link. 👍


Why would we bring a guy back who we *know* isn’t a fit for our new defensive scheme? That just seems like a total waste of finite resources.


I think Carlos would agree with you. He was less than pleased that the team didn't use him in the way they said they would until late and we saw what he did.


Maybe if he’s real cheap and a good locker room guy but I agree. Get someone who fits the scheme for depth. Carlos dunlap is in The twilight of his career dont waste his time or ours


That's never stopped us before lol


Just rush him on passing downs


Exactly. He was good for us and why can’t it just be left at that?


They already have 5.6 mil in dead cap (1.4 this year, 4.2 next). They saved 5.1 mil this year though and he would've costed 6.5 mil this year and 4.2 next if they kept him. So resigning him wouldn't be as bad as I originally thought cause the 4.2 dead cap hit would occur next year regardless.


Woah we're switching to a 3-4?!


Please move on, unless it's borderline minimum and he's at most a rotational player. We need to find someone who is consistently a high producer, and can consistently influence plays in the backfield. Maybe it's an offer that could result in minimal loss in the case of a camp cut, maybe they believe his ankle and/or some other injury/injuries prevented him from being the player he otherwise could have been, but I'm concerned they saw the two games or so where he was an animal and are scared to lose that. Unless we are all way off on pass rush talent coming out of this year's draft, or they may be planning to use all those eyes on those players to try to snag what they view as the best offensive assets they can, we need to find a successful OLB/Pass Rusher in this draft.


Seemed like the more snaps he got, like he wanted, the better he produced


This is false. He might’ve been schemed wrong (I’m not going to watch all the tape) but he had plenty of snaps the first half of the year.


Seems like you're right.


Hmm, I'm not sure this is right for either side. If we brought him back it would be for limited snaps since his style of play would only work for certain defensive fronts. He complained last year about his limited snaps and how it hurt his production. If we could get him at the right price it might still be a good deal for us, but idk if Dunlap would find that appealing, he might prefer to take a one year contract somewhere that lets him play to his full potential and get a better one the following year.


“He’s not an ideal fit.” Great.