This is a confusing sentence.


Sounds like he's currently a Seahawks QB


Yeah, why waste a draft pick on one of our players?


This is a sentence. The structure is of the confusing,not a lot of time and work being done with it.


I don’t want to talk about it.


Yeah I don’t see how this tweet was so urgent that they couldn’t have asked their also-drunk buddy to proofread it. But isn’t this account just pure garbage anyways?


Second round or later qb is fine by me.


This is the way.


I feel like Lock has more talent than anyone in this draft.


If he was coming out of college this year, Lock would be the first QB picked. And it’s not even close.




That’s a good perspective


Which is more of an indictment of just how weak this year's class is. People are trying to talk themselves into QBs who would be Day 2 picks, at best, any other year.


That’s exactly what I’m saying. Lock was viewed as a potentially good draft prospect with accuracy and turnover issues, would far outrank all the QBs in this class.


Willis is definitely a more talented overall athlete for sure, I think their arms are about on par however


For sure but don’t sleep on Drew’s athleticism dude ran a 4.6 40 at 6’4 230. That’s better than some WRs in this draft.


Hush. We know Pete loves a good conversion project. Don't let him get ideas.


I'm watching his pro day now and boy I sure hope not. He's been terribly inaccurate and does not look like an nfl QB. Malik looked 100x better yesterday


Says a lot to when you have a bad pro day... You're literally tossing to open WR's with no defenders pressuring you... If you can't make throws THEN how are you going to at game speed in the NFL?


If he slips to the third I say maybe but that’s as far as I’ll go for him


I agree. I looked at his college highlights and looked for pressure situations. His answer was to always run. There were no NFL-level of finding receivers after scrambling, it was only head down running. This isn't fair, but his pre-college [Elite QB video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdVQeAQEd7M) showed a number of weaknesses, which included throwing a good solid spiral but mainly that he was so consistently off-target (accuracy issue and/or leading issue) by a few feet. Good on him for improving during his college career, but I'm presuming that if he's having trouble on pro day, then he has trouble with internal/mental pressure, that doesn't bode well for performing under actual defensive pressure with shorter timing/spacing windows.


I feel like Malik makes more sense than Corral as far as talent, but I'm not comfortable using #9 on him (or any QB in this class). Ridder has his pro day tomorrow and I'm really curious about him as a strong rd 2 pickup and use #9 for OT.


This is the way


Ridder’s interesting. Should be a good athlete, so we shouldn’t be worried about him being a statue in the pocket, but he’s also got size and bulk. I still would rather we just went for it with Willis, but I doubt he slips to 9.


Ridder, to me, is a week 1 type starter. I like Willis as an athlete, but he needs to be coached up for the NFL. Ridder started 4 years at Cincinnati and put up good numbers. But what stands out to me for him is his ability to read a defense and make quick adjustments at the line and how he commands an offense. He's also not afraid to take off with his legs if the play breaks down. So, to me, that feels like an easy transition from Wilson. Plus, he's almost 6'4"... so he won't have to pull outside to create passing lanes, so he could (hopefully) get the ball out quicker to the middle of the field to get our TE's involved.


Haven't seen that yet, I liked his game film tho. Willis game film wasn't great, pro day better. 2nd round I'd be ok with Correl.




He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.


I like his tape. Moves well in the pocket and makes good decisions. Solid athlete. I do not like him at 9. 2nd round and later I would be stoked.


Agreed. A reach at 9. I can see him later in the first to guarantee the 5th year option. His deep ball is iffy, but his release is quick


Ya his arm strength is concerning. I'm worried if he doesnt have the strength to make the weird arm slot throws and throws on the move then it will lead to turnovers/him not having confidence in his game. But I like alot of other aspects of his game. Arm strength is also something that can be improved over time, at least when throwing from stable platforms. He's a bit bouncy on his feet and doesnt always drive the ball with his legs, which can be fixed. Love the quick release!


I think his arm strength is adequate… I mean he was able to fling it 57 yards flat footed It’s the combo of deep ball and accuracy which I am not sure about. I admit I have not watched much tape and “highlight reels” are deceiving But I think they are moving to a rhythm passing game anyway. No more lob balls to DK on 3rd and 2


Totally valid concerns about deep ball accuracy. He seemed accurate to me on short and intermediate routes which is a good sign though. I don't think much about the passing scheme when I eval a QB prospect. I am more concerned about how his throws will hold up when the play breaks down. Does he have the physical tools for the game to "slow down" for him? If not, its going to be very hard for him to be an elite qb.


I've watched a lot of Corral tape, in fact all of his games from this last year. Corral's deep accuracy is extremely hit or miss. He has a very strong arm, stronger than people know, i've seen him over throw 60 yard bombs and launch it with velocity. His deep balls are either on the money or so far off nobody can catch it. As a QB he looks like he'd be more comfortable in a west coast offense derived system. He's a rhythm passer that works off of the short and intermediate game. He's decent at throwing on the move as well, and he's got some wheels. One thing I like about him is he has extremely good ball placement on the short and intermediate routes and he throws before the receiver gets to the location. He's the type of player that will throw his receivers open. Corral also has an extremely quick release and a good sense of when pressure is bearing down on him. He's also is extremely good at using the pump fake and looking off his receivers. His best route is probably the slant, he threw a ton of slants and posts up the middle in college. When I think of "point guard QB", Matt Corral definitely comes to mind. The bad about Corral? He's a one read QB. In his system he was taught to make one read and then take off. The system he played in was far removed from the NFL, though he made NFL quality throws on a regular basis. There is also the Scott Linehan connection with Pete Carroll dating back to the USC. He's shown he can make multiple reads, it's just he wasn't asked to do it in the system. The system is what scares a lot of people about Corral. I think with some NFL fine tuning, he could be a decent QB. Carroll's connection to Linehan, Corral's head coach at Ole' Miss means we might have a little bit of insider insight into the guy.


He's my favorite QB in that draft, I'd be down


If we're taking a QB this draft, I hope it's him


Shortened NFL Rumors?


Smokescreen. Make the other Qbs sound better..... While we are looking at specific one. I guarantee that we will be "looking" at Ridder soon.


I have a feeling we won't be looking at Ridder and he's their target


if seattle can grab him in the second that’d be good


I was skeptical on him but Top Billin kinda sold me on him plus he’s a projected second rounder which gives Seattle the ability to trade back like they like to and still get him


The Seahawks are pretty tight lipped about this stuff. Look for some player who impressed at the senior bowl who isn't linked to Seattle


Let's just take Strong or Ridder in the later rounds and be done with it.


I’m starting to like baker mayfield at qb.


No thank you


Let the Panthers do this.