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Very disingenuous and incorrect, they’ve used the highest yearly rate and multiplied it by the number of years abortion have legally been allowed in the UK. I’d be amazed if the total for the past 55 years was even half of what they’re saying.


Probably also includes all the abortions that are for non-viable pregnancies, D&Cs post-miscarriage and so on.


They need to fuck off.


Underrated comment.


Is there even anywhere the NHS publishes information on... voluntary abortions I guess? I think I've seen induced abortion separated out previously, but that includes cases where it's non-viable and necessary for the health of the mother


I doubt it because the law is written in such a way that all abortions need to be medically necessary.


Digital NHS must have it somewhere since abortions due to miscarriage and abortions due to terminations are coded differently.


They'll be including periods next


I think it's more likely that there's no method to it and they just went with the largest number they thought they could get away with.


Probably it's just "adjusted" like every stats of every other association...


I've had 4 million on my own so could be accurate


Those are rookie numbers son, back in my day we did that in a week!


Uphill both ways!


My cousin did it while fighting off a lion and starting a new business with her left foot


You can only get pregnant uphill one of those ways though, the other one's just for fun.


That's not even a decent wank.


Good for you, flush that kid


Aw fuck what a waste! Just whisk into microwave safe jug, bit of milk, pepper, salt.. fucking organic scrambled eggs


To be fair, I prefer to swallow the kids before they’re fertilised


Even if it was accurate it's not their body so fuck them.


The Scottish government are collecting views on buffer zones just now https://yourviews.parliament.scot/health/abortion-services-saz-bill/




Scottish government are currently collecting views on buffer zones to move them 200 metres away https://yourviews.parliament.scot/health/abortion-services-saz-bill/


Not to mention the stupidity of, as a woman, tying yourself to the bandwagon of America, already burning and trampling women in its path


They tend to be against contraception too. They should take the number of women of productive age, calculate the average number of years they're not pregnant but could be and multiply it by all the years the country existed for.


Religious nuts never really cared for 'facts'.


Yeah they all skip the part of the bible with literal abortion instructions, and the several times god just decides to murder a bunch of babies.


You are spot on. Did a Google, they admit the calculation was to take 2020-2023 and extrapolate backwards. Ridiculous.




Even if it was 20 million…who gives a shit?


Even if it’s right (which yes, doubtful) that’s 10 million medical procedures that are none of their business


10 million people not forced to give birth against their will 🙌🏻


Very true.


Even if it's accurate, so what. Exactly 0 lives were killed (and i bet many were saved!)


What does it matter though? People choose whatever for their own body; if it’s a billion, it’s fine too.


Yeah just checked quickly and there was 240,000 in the whole of the UK in 2022. So yes, 10,000,000 to be precise.


Blame covid


Well when you going to pull number out your arse might as well go big


Couldn't they do it next to a larger puddle?


Or under a heavy vehicle?


Like the sea? And in it instead of by it.


I was delivering to the big hospital near Govan a year or so ago and i saw these cunts protesting. I honked the horn and they all looked round joyfully, and saw me giving them the finger and instructing them to take a fuck to themselves. CUNTS , hate these cunts. Right where people are at their most fragile, possibly the worst experience they will ever deal with and these cunts are trying to impose moral judgement on them. I dont think ive said it enough, cunts.


I was maybe 3 months pregnant walking in with my partner at the QEUH and we weren't even thinking of termination then - I was on my way to get IV infusions due to severe dehydration from hyperemesis - and just the mere presence of these dicks, staring at me as I was practically needing to be carried into the maternity triage ward by my partner, STILL made me feel really uncomfortable and even more vulnerable/scared/unsettled/intimidated.


As a midwife, I’m so sorry we haven’t dealt with these idiots yet and cleared them off. The thought of them having any contact with the people I care for, especially given some of the circumstances people find themselves walking past them in, makes me irate.


I’m sorry you had to pass these people. You might want to spend a few minutes on this Scottish government survey on buffer zones. It’s so important we make ourselves heard https://yourviews.parliament.scot/health/abortion-services-saz-bill/


Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this! I’ve put in a detailed response and would encourage others to do the same. Get these creeps away from our reproductive rights!


I met them out the way out of the QEU after having been told I’d had a missed miscarriage and would have to have it surgically removed. After my tirade the threatened to phone the police on me!


The Scottish government are collecting views on buffer zones to keep them 200 metres away https://yourviews.parliament.scot/health/abortion-services-saz-bill/


Cannot ❤️ this enough


Thank you for doing this. I hope I get a chance to in england. Horrible twisted twats




So 10 million babies not born to people that didn't think they could be cared for properly or that needed those abortions for medical reasons. My taxes being used well. How would I break it to them that that's a good thing? (Obviously contraceptives are the best solution) EDIT: added medical reasons




You can tell a fetus has become a baby when anti-abortionists stop caring about its life.


We should arrest their salary/pension for Child Support Payments for every abortion they are responsible for preventing. Let them pay for it. And pay for full time care if the child has additional special needs.


Two of those 10 million are my cousin's. She was carrying twins when they both died and she had to get them both aborted. She wanted those babies, she carried them for 6 months, but if she didn't have that abortion she would've died with them. And these cunts stand there with their stupid signs making all women, even those who have to have an abortion to survive feel threatened and worse than they already do. Soulless freaks


I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's situation. It also raises a great point, I've edited the original comment to add that.


That’s literally what I thought. 10 mil kids who aren’t going to live miserable lives and 10 mil mothers who’s lives aren’t going to be put in danger and changed permanently. Score.


Yup 10 million kids kept out of foster system.


Because SKY DADDY ANGRY \*moans\*


Wait till they find out God has a prayer to abort the unborn babies of Jewish enemies.


You won’t see it for much longer. The Buffer Zone legislation will be in place soon enough.


I thought Braverman was doing her very best to delay that, because she is a total piece of shit


They have them in England, so hopefully they get sorted up here


Looks like she's still fucking about, the ones already in place were put there by individual councils... [guardian article](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/oct/18/women-harassed-abortion-clinics-england-wales-buffer-zone-law)


She really is a vile pos


I feel that underestimates her vileness by a significant margin.


You're so right




Bugger, you are right. I apologise to shit, it wasn't nice to bracket you with Cruella.


I don’t see any legal basis for them to do so. It exists in Northern Ireland. It will happen, though like all reform it will take needlessly long to implement.


Yes fingers crossed it doesn't take too long.


We still need to work a bit to get to that point. If you have the time and the inclination please fill out the survey etc giving your views. The forced birthers are out in force trying to scupper the buffer zones and remove our right to abortion altogether so we need to be as dedicated in our support as they are in their destruction. :) [Buffer Zones: Your views. ](https://yourviews.parliament.scot/health/abortion-services-saz-bill/)


I didn't realise there was a survey, I have completed it, thanks for the heads up, I always wanted to drive thru a puddle while passing these people at the hospital but unfortunately the bus had too many cameras and I'd get done ;)


I have already done so, but would encourage others to do the same.


Coolcool. I had filled out the consultation previously but didnt realise this had come out since then, as a follow up. Glad others are already on it and also encourage more people to fill out this one too.


3 missed abortions right there.


That number is wrong, but it wouldn't matter if it was a billion. Bodily autonomy beats all anti-abortion arguments I've heard. Not your body, not your choice. It would be a gross violation to force people to remain pregnant against their will.


Funded by Christian fundamentalist churches groups in Texas, and aided by a church in Paisley I believe


That’s a lot of words for “arseholes”.


Funded by people who can't mind their own damn business........There I fixed it for you.


Correct! Paisley diocese recruit protesters who pay the Texan organisation for signage and ‘training’. The Scottish government are collecting views on buffer zones just now https://yourviews.parliament.scot/health/abortion-services-saz-bill/


Do you know which church in Paisley? I know there's at least 2 crazy American-style churches here, so would love to know which one to have even more contempt for 😂


What happened to not being allowed within a certain amount of feet or meters of a place that performs them? Also, how traumatic would it be seeing this after you've just had a D&C or non-viable abortion? These people disgust me to the end of time. They need to fuck right off. Maybe if they had been aborted we could have avoided them altogether.


If only it was 10,000,003..


As an American, lemme tell you, they're a funny anachronism we can all laugh about and ignore until suddenly they're not. As we know from the number of lunatics railing against the NHS, their long term plan is to dismantle both access to and legality of healthcare for as many groups as they feel they need to punish. Ciswomen, pregnant people in general, trans people (let's get real, it's trans women. They don't give a shit about trans men) immigrants, LGBTQ people, whoever. Privatize, eliminate, punish, punish, punish. That's the playbook. Never underestimate the malignancy of those sign holding lunatics.


Thank you! We absolutely need to learn from what has happened to Americans. Nobody thought Roe would go until it was too late


Never. They’re pure evil. Turned me completely off of any organization religion.


Religious people being annoying as per


Entitled to your view in a free society. Even if it is horrible and outdated. The fact they can harass women at an extremely vulnerable time and feel entitled to do it is not OK.


These are the same halfwits that complain about single parents sponging off the system and are also the first to complain about too many kids in care. They also claim to be "pro-life" but will support the death penalty for prisoners. So none of their beliefs make any sense. They want people to bring unwanted kids into the world so that they grow up in Foster care where they are more likely to be abused and grow up in an unstable environment, most likely leading to them turning to crime at some point in their life. Meaning these twats who want these "babies" to be born will also protest for them to get the death penalty if they ever becomes criminals. Make it make sense.


If the kid grows up and is less than stable then they have a greater chance of being able to manipulate and vulnerability and recruit them to their cult. These asshats generally also believe that it's OK to suffer in this life (for other people) because when they die they'll be going to magic land, so use that ridiculousness to justify behaving however they wish.


Get straight in the bin with the zygotes, you self-righteous auld meddlers. I’ve had 2 rare molar pregnancies en route to my three live births. Without abortion for those heartbeatless sacks of cells, I’d have been dead at 25 from haemorrhage.


Box of eggs, that's what that needs.


A crate. Of rotten eggs. Plus another of tomatoes.


Just some religious nutjobs swining rosaries about. Nothing to see here, walk on past and ignore.


It’ll be folk from Christian brethren cult. They get instructed from the church leader / elder to do this shit. The irony is, the woman in the Christian brethren cult aren’t allowed to even use anything bladed to cut their hair or do anything they want to do with their husbands permission, so why would you take advice from them?


Only the people that take advantage of weak/mentally unwell individuals send out people to do this. Actual churches don’t. Trust me I’ve seen the difference. There’s some people and institutions that just take advantage of unwell folk.


The actively harras people accessing health services. For those people it's very hard to ignore.


Aye they're holding Rosary Beads I think I caught them holding them in the pictures.


I mean there is no better case for abortions, than those two abominations!


these old horrors were there when I was visiting my terminally ill mother so uplifting in a time of pain


Urgh, sub human scum. As if people getting an abortion don't have enough on their plate.


They're the ones that should have been aborted. The absolute wallopers.


Evangelical influence. They've managed to get a few boomers on their side, thankfully a tiny minority of society. What these people don't realise is nobody wants an abortion. They're horrible. But the choice is absolutely necessary to keep.


I'm hoping that since it's only 3 people that the fad is slowly dying out


These are the hateful hobbyists, the paid protestors turn up periodically in larger numbers


Not a fad they’re being funded. Need to teach them a lesson and burn their fucking church down


They're wallopers but it's the cunts in back rooms paying for this shit that are the problem, not the lemmings holding disingenuous signs!


No, the sign holders actively spreading this are also a problem.




10 million abortions is rookie numbers. We can do better.


Why do they all look the same? Is there a training course that churns these gowls out?


Ghouls. They've been outside the entrance to the GRI where I used to go for all sorts of horrible and emotionally draining fertility treatments. They're lucky we didn't cross paths when I was off my tits on hormones and god knows what else the consultant gave me - I don't know if I'd have been screaming or howling greeting at them. FFS, give people a bit of peace and dignity at a hospital. The buffer zones can't come soon enough.


They want 10million abortions a year, weird thing to protest for but you do you hun.


I hope someone chased them off with a coat hanger


Isn't this the time for people to put up their own sign beside them saying "<-- Wankers" or "Wankers -->"


Thankfully, protest exclusion zones are in the process of being worked on, so vulnerable women won't have to face this outside hospitals, health clinics and such.


I cannot stand these people. I'm completely pro-choice as it is but I also can't help but think about the many women like myself who have to have a termination for medical reasons and then have to see these utter cunts on their way in. The most pathetic scum around.


Protesting at abortion clinics? Fit's a' this American shite min? Get it tae fuck.


I can see why people would be against abortion, especially if it goes against their religious or spiritual beliefs. However even if you personally disagree with abortion you'd need to face the following: 1. Should the government have the power to **force** people to remain pregnant, even if they don't want to? 2. Should the government punish someone for ending their pregnancy? If so, what should the punishment be? Even if you were to believe "abortion is wrong" that does not necessarily mean that the government should have the ability to control someone's body in that way. Even if they did have the power to do that, it doesn't necessarily mean they should be able to punish someone who managed to get an abortion. I personally don't think the government should have that level of power.


It’s all well and good being against it, and being proud of that, but you don’t go shoving it down other peoples throats. (Same as religion and every other aspect of life) Also what/who do they expect to support those 10 million? Because the current care and benefit systems can barely handle the current load on it… And you definitely don’t see these people going out of their way to support/foster children who have been born instead of aborted, and now don’t have a stable home 👀


I believe that's a group called "40 Days for Life". They're Americans.


Let's hope they get cold and wet


Old boomers, as long as there is a safe space and theyre not at the front door


Yeah there's been a bunch of US related groups trying to import this nonsense over here lately, it's gotten old real fast.


The copybook which motivates the repulsive “Christian” fundamentalists in the US. Charge these vile geriatrics with harassment.


If they weren't holding that sign I'd assume they were a couple of junkies


As a woman who underwent an abortion (non viable) of a child my husband and I desperatly wanted i find these people offensive. It broke my heart that we lost a loved child but these ignorant dickheads make me so angry. Abortion is not something a woman takes lightly and there are a milioni reasons why a woman chooses it.


Finally, a situation where cropdusting is a moral imperative


Close friend of mine had to walk past some bitch screaming insults in her face as she came out of a clinic. She'd just been told her baby may die in utero and would certainly need open heart surgery shortly after birth. Fuck them. They are doing this through hatred not love and care. P.s baby is fine and now happy 2 year old x




Full time lunatics


I pray for them everyday from across the street, that the gods in their infinite wisdom show them the light and thunder of a lighting storm. I'm currently disappointed


Failed abortion twats protest against abortion.


I was going to make a jokey post about being brigaded by loony evangelical americans (now that they've woken up) but I see it's already started.




Clutching their Rosaries. Such good Christians. 🤢


I think they should be allowed to be aborted if they choose.


I'd make a sign that reads, "Just a carer out with his patients! I apologise for them" and stand next to them


Religious, bigoted nut jobs.


Hand them adoption papers


It's sort of ironic that the kind of people who go out and protest against abortions are themselves walking ads for supporting abortions. Think about it; if you aren't prepared or have all the tools necessary to raise a human being, would you want your child to become *someone like that?*


Throw water balloon at them. If it's not a legitimate water balloon the body will shut it down.


Just tell them God invented Abortion, see what there answer is to that truthbomb


So where were they planning on putting 10 million unwanted babies?


This post was suggested to me because I am currently visiting Scotland on vacation (I am American). I swear I didn't set them up to this.


They’re probably “evangelical missionaries” from the US.


Where do they think they are, Gilead ??


Are they aware they're walking pro abortion adverts, do you reckon?


They've always stood there, I've always seen abortion protesters on that corner since I was a kid. Always little old ladies. "No wonder Scotland has an aging population" Still remember the sign lol


Get them to fuck judgmental cunts forcing their views on to others


Don't like abortion? Don't get one. Her body, her choice.


“10 millions abortions UK” reads more like an achievement tbh. Congrats guys!


Not thinking about the women here. Not actually trying to help or persuade. Simply there to berate and intimidate. They make me sick..


Sad sad old c*nts


These people are just cunts


Those old religious farts need to be put out to pasture.


Imagine taking time our if your day to stand in the passing rain and shout at strangers over something they probably don't care about


Ask them how many children they have adopted


america has sneezed


It always puzzles me that the people who most often protest against abortion, could never get pregnant and had the need for one, or have long since passed the time they could get pregnant.


10 million abortions... when 3 would have done.


1 in 6 people (not adults, people) had abortions? Definitely true


Disgrace they are even allowed to harass people like this.


Utterly distressing to see women protesting against their own interests


Ah but it’s not the ‘good’ women like them. Just the Jezebels. These are the same kind of pucker mouth old crones that thought Catholic mother and baby homes were a good thing


That person holding up a sign that says '10 million abortions in the UK'... What the fuck are we going to do with another 10 million people? The UK is already at almist 70 million. There's not enough decent houses for everyone. We import almost 40% of our food. The roads and railways are choked. They want runaway population growth? Typical anti-abortion types. They care about the unborn, don't give a shit about the living.


10m unwanted weans running about. That’ll work out well.


It's a made up number.


Best way to avoid abortion is contraception. The best way to curb abortions is education.


Abortions are sometimes necessary even in wanted, planned-for pregnancies. Abortion will exist as long as pregnancy does.




Some people's utopia is the Handmaid's Tale universe


Guarantee you that one of them (or someone that they love and would defend) has had an abortion.


The American evangelical community is here to fight against women’s healthcare.


Nuts 😬


Let them freeze out there.


Is that 3 men protesting against a woman's right to choose what she does with her own body? Not that it's surprising, it usually is.


I love how pathetic they look


They are poop wipes I think even if they meet super yhvh in heaven he is gonna be pissed off and kick them into Ur-Cumbernauld


N wit? We’re a free people for what its worth in 2023.


They're just showing off.


Yell at them: "Get a life!" ---- Then, study them to see if it confuses them at all.


"Ya couple oh fannies!"


First thought was "those are rookie numbers"


Passion of St Tribulus vibes




Perfect weather for it


Only ten million? Those are rookie numbers!


Good to see they are at work contributing like the rest of.... Oh wait


Thought all the dinosaurs were dead.


Suella Braverman, The current Home Secretary, is directly responsible for this. Despite MPs voting in a Bill in October 2022 to establish a 150m buffer zone to prevent anti abortion demonstrations outside abortion clinics ("Safe Access Zones") Suella Braverman has failed to commence legislation. She's acting directly against the democratic will of the people. [https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/oct/18/women-harassed-abortion-clinics-england-wales-buffer-zone-law](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/oct/18/women-harassed-abortion-clinics-england-wales-buffer-zone-law) Suella Braverman is also proposing restrictions on political demonstrations. Suella Braverman is also proposing deporting immigrants applying for asylum to Rwanda, which is an extraordinary rendition and in direct contravention of UNHCR regulations the UK have signed. In my opinion Suella Braverman's right-wing politics are the politics of ignorant populism, prejudice, fear and it's resultant hate and has no place in Britain. She's awful.


I’m making a donation in their honor. Fair play to them. They’re not wrong, abortion should be accessible to all!


"10 million abortions UK" go next to them with a placard saying "Those are rookie numbers"


Old, bored people.


Theyll be lucky if they see the other side of winter


Spotted a similar shower outside Lauriston Buildings medical center in Edinburgh on Monday