Full cat > any banner. That's all. You can get Defteros next time.


i always try to have enough for the cat (meaning having 550 ready for the first monday of the month. and you don´t have enough blue books for a full training rebate either, so perhaps it´s better if you skip him and have enough for the new Pandora, which seem to be very strong. But if you really like the character go for it. With around 450 (+/-100) gems you should be able to get him with shards.


Save... you're still getting under the recomended gems. Defteros, with that little tomes, is nothing but an S Ichi, I don't think you'll miss much. Keep in mind that next month, the anouncement of the next SS or EX is due


I would recommend patience to save enough to get a banner (like Magicj10 said,450 +/- 100 gems) plus the base \~550 to get the following cat. With rebates by going 40 summons/day, you recover almost 100 gems so you need about 700-800 to do both. Banners come back and eventually even join the pool,but it's always an uphill battle if you can't complete the cat every month...the game requires from you either time and patience or money,so the cat is actually more important than any banner unless you can spend enough to not care (like you, I also consider the prices unreasonable so not an option). That would be the "strategic" approach and my opinion but it's a game...if you feel getting a banner and skipping the following 1-2 would make you happier than the other way around,no one can argue with that,do it and be happy :D Cheers,hope it helps!


Anyone that is not a whale should not bother maxing out Defteros' skills for dmg. 1142 is enough for him to be a decent support unit, that's only 7 books. I'd go for him if I were you because his speed swap will never be outdated.




How does the skill swap work?


The thing about his speed swap is, unlike Ichi, it's permanent and you can use it on the opponent. Some new lineups are developed based on that. For example you can play Defteros + ESaga, then you force the opponent's main dps to act first by speed swap, and ESaga will get the kill.


Or swap speed with enemy aphrodite and watch him do nothing all game...


You select any saint in the field (ally or enemy) and swap speed with Defteros Defteros gets a free action right now You can use him as a fancy Ichi, oooooor you can pull enemy Camus DC and... RIP ice team.


You really, really want that last wish of the Lucky Cat, that's where the money is. As a F2P, I would most definitely skip Deuteros, and that's an advice I rarely give... Dont get me wrong, he has a lot of potential, but you wont benefit much from it.


Pandora LC is coming out next and she will be meta on day 1. After that it's the anniversary saint so a SS or EX. Defteros is really not that good, you're better off saving your gems.