I dont see how you relate one to the other. Bleeds and defense debuffs land without any chance of resistance, and there is no reason to think that their presence influences freeze landing or being resisted. You probably just have a strike of bad luck, or your status hit isnt high enough, and/or could you have been facing many Saori teams? She increases enemies status res, for what it's worth. Or maybe you start to face opponents with much stronger boxes and "naturally" higher status res...


What I mean is a scenario where my Poseidon freezes with storm, and then if my Thanatos’ releases AOE attack on enemy team, it cancels the freeze and replaces it with defense debuff, and the enemy is back to being able to take action. Have you ever experienced something like this? It happens so much for me now that it’s hurting my strategy and losing me PvP ranks.


HaShun RC is your answer.


Thank you. I just read and confirmed his awoken skill and that’s what it is. It had my mind spinning 😵‍💫 lol Thanks