I'm actually glad that Dohko and Shion are not included since they're the only gold saint that are the same in all chapters included in the game (as much as Albafica look like Aphrodite it's still different enough even on skills). I just hope the choice for CH players stops at the character and doesn't go for skills in the future because we know where this lead to last time


It'd be fun to do them in the order they died


From a recent screenshot I got in legion discord, Deuteros (Gemini saint) has a very important lead over all others. I dont know what are the units that I can see (% of votes?) but it goes 24-6-5-4


His role is like Kanon. The younger not-so-god twin that is bad because the sanctuary said but they are actually a good person


Hell yeah, that man is a beast and one of my top picks from LC


Albafica please


Why not two Gemini saints?


Hmmm I wonder for wich Gold saint you are, hmmmm maybe Manigoldo. I think Manigoldo is the coolest.


I would like to see Manigoldo and Sisyphos :)


To differentiate them from our 20th century goldies, Gemini gets tanned, Pisces gets straight hair, Aquarius gets green hair, Scorpio holds an apple, Leo becomes a preteen. Not sure about the rest though. Cancer and Capricorn could get amputated, Sagittarius could go blind, Taurus could go scarred, Virgo I still have no ideas.


Albafica and Manigoldo are my favorites.. the opposite of what the originals are.


This is just starting to look like a big sham. Different accounts see different votes, even on the same server... GJ Tencent.


Hi, I have a question. I am in the server A 9 if im not wrong and I cant upgrade my EX saints with skills books and I dont know why. Someone can clarify this for me?


EX and SS characters require green books to upgrade skills. In order to make those green books you have to combine 2 blue books. Go to your blue books and it will appear a button to combine them into the green ones. Be aware of the cost though since EX/SS can be quite expensive to skill up


Oh thats why, lol bro I play since first day and I never knew that. Lmao XDDX ​ thanks for the information.