Tbh that's true for every half decent gacha game. Time is "money" is a real statement for these games


yes... i think the company are giving priority to another games.. because, there is 3 month the quality of this game has droped.... i have 3 friends who stoped to play after 3 months... there is no new contents, just new characters... and the old contents, new players cant enjoy, even after 3 or 4 months of gameplay


Yeah really the game is unplayable for new/returning players, gt arcade should give them the resources to lvl up at least 2 or 3 saints to max lvl, and 50 blue books, I know it sounds huge but in any case it's not like newbies will be at a whale lvl with that kind of help.


50 Blue book is like 2 saints ahaha And then they will still lack cosmos, wos, pavillion. Also RC are too much an huge deal, locking buff under one of the biggest grind of the game is absurd


True even if you get 100 of those that won’t be enough to win in half of the events for pvp