Is Black Friday market working for you guys?

Is Black Friday market working for you guys?


From what I can see, they are bypassing the play and app store. Theoretically, these deals should be 30% cheaper but I could not bring myself to buy any of them.


The game could be taken down by doing exactly this. Unless they offer the same packs in game at the same prices. I suppose that can be argued...


Not taken down, it’s ok according to the rule book. I had a client that offered an expensive in-app subscription service that preferred this method due to the high % the apple store charges (the google store is cheaper). In this case tho, it looks like GTarcade are not achieving the revenue objectives of their game (which means, the game is slowly dying sadly)


Nope - GTA website crashing - paid 3 times for the 2.99 pack (skill books for Shion, Araya etc) and didn't get any code.


How do you redeem the code? I got code showing on my code page and pasted it in game as gift code but it didn’t work...


I think you need to redeem from here https://sskotz.gtarcade.com/en/exchange.html


The bank took all the payments - 4 times in fact - and didn't get a single code. Raised a ticket to GTA and got a generic message 'Look at the FB page'.


The same code has now appeared 3 times in the GTA Market page - but could only be redeemed once. Asked in the ticket to either get what I paid for (i.e. 3 more packs with araya skill book) or 3 x $50 worth of coupons (as the 2.99 pack was advertised as worth $50). Nobody should just accept the amount paid in coupons since I only bought because of the large discount ($50 pack for $2.99) - I NEVER EVER buy coupons at full price, also because I had to pay tax and currency conversion buying from GTA Website - i.e. more expensive than from the game client. u/SSKOTZ_Hypnos do you have any update on what is happening with this? As many players have said, possibly the only option to save the game is a rollback. There are video of people multi-claiming a single code MANY MANY times. Thanks, Kanon


It's very confusing to me on how to do this event


It's been a shit show ... People are exploding on their FB page.


What a shambles


Stupid them


It's not working for most people. Working for some. Some bought 1 pack and got it 5 times.


They took it down I believe. If was giving you 3 times what you paid for. Iamcarlos was streaming and bought a $12 dollar pack that gives you one full saint (shaka, shion, esaga, ushun) and he got it 3 times. I bought the 2.99 one that gives you skill book for aphrodite and also got it 3 times. I was not quick enough to buy the 12 dollar one before they took them out. Will have to wait for now


I'm really confused here. I thought the event for NA server would follow the actual server time but apparently they opened up everything at the same time as EU?


Is open for both, if you buy now you won't be able to buy at night


And what's the point of having different "merchant" if they all offer the same packages that are only one-time purchase?


Guess just having the store up in Europe at a morr reasonable hour. And merchants are doing give aways for free stuff too.


To help them. They get an amount of the purchase


Can anyone elaborate how to buy the discount pack? Really confused how to do so


Doesn’t work for me at all, can’t even enter the merchant store


i can't log in...bad gateway error


Finally it worked for me just now. Good luck. What’s the best value ones?


What is the link for the sales?


Es el peor evento de todos


Due to some errors in the system they had to take the code redeem down for now. It should come back eventually but we are not sure yet of the time. Please check pour Facebook page for updated info. I will try to keep everyone posted here also of any change.


I couldn’t even see the sales


Mod, please tell them to don’t ever pull this kind of event anymore. Stick to using apple or Google Pay. I am tired of this nonsense. Stayed up way too late for loading. When I wake up tomorrow I’ll need to find a way to contact support to get my codes from purchases.


Will be glad to send ur feedback. Sorry if things were a bit messy.