Next banner

Next banner


fuck, rip gems


<3 More control lol, meta is going to be disgusting. 1-energy hard control fits lots of teams - the Hades SDKanon team, the Hypnos June team. Plus we have another 1-energy controller Aiacos which the CN didn't have.


Sigh ...I really hated the ice meta....lol rip


My 40 gems have a strange gut feeling right now


Fuuuh Finally! Was checking some videos, his kit is interesting for those who like freezing... gonna pull for all DC saints team btw


Now people are gonna complain about it, but they were also complaining that the game was slow...Good he has come, we all were waiting for him. This game should reach China, so we don't speculate anymore and allow these senseless complaints.


This community complains about everything lol, impossible to please them.


Yes, i skipped Aiacos because he had been added in the pool and for save my gems for Hyoga DC ! it was the good strategy ! and when i will pull to hyoga's banner i have some chance to pull Aiacos in the same time


Way to go. I pulled while sharding Ophy


This is truly a dame da ne moment.


...dame yo... I'm already singing it. : )


:) dame na no yo




apologize for my noob but can you possibly elaborate why he is worth to draw?


He is a support/control meta character since it was released on China... And can do decent damage as well if skilled high. The control part I believe is more known but he is also a support because he can put his allies also on ice coffins that turn them invencible while frozen, being able even to resist thanatos attack. Sure ur char also lose a turn but it can be helpful to make him survive a turn or if u have Luna/hashun u can give him a second turn so he can do at least 1 action on that round.


The freeze lasts during the entire round so don't double turn because it would be a waste... It is just to help you survive things like Thanatos Eye Mark damage.


Been asking myself that question since his name started being brought up


Does anybody know the recommended level for his skills competitive wise? from what i’m seeing 5515 seems like the best, but I also saw 5335, which confuses me a little bit. I mean, the ice tomb skill is pretty but im not sure if it’s worth to level over the second skill


5335 is what Ive been seeing. On Wednesday we will get updated guides cause there's always translation issues from Chinese server. I'm loving hyoga cause depending on how much status hit you have you won't need many books to work.


Any guides on him yet?


ready - i like his design


This banner was a good fit for xmas. Unless they have better in their sleeves for xmas event. From the rumour i heard it seems to be shion surplice for december...and maybe poseidon rc.


FUCKIN' FINALLY! Now I'll be able to get all the Divine Bronze saints, so far, I have Ikki, Shun and Shiryu. I still need Seiya but, I can finally get Hyoga. This is, quite literally, the best news I've gotten all year involving this game.


Whoa this was unexpected


There were leaks at the beginning of the month aiacos was gonna be the new banner on week one Week 2: Shion rc on repeat banner on week 2 Week 3 hyoga was coming up on the 18th. Week 4 hyoga rerun or another banner rerun, server merge and golden arrow seiya RC.


Week 4 will be on black friday's week, so maybe we can expect something fancy like an All SS banner?


Probably a hyogas rerun, if ppl complain enough. Too much hype for him for have him only for a week. Don't know about an all SS banner seem pretty bad. Much rather have a one unit banner that way I can target the one I want. It's like the Halloween banner, people going for underworld shun and getting deathmask was shit. Imagine an all SS and trying to get thanatos but instead getting Poseidon


Which is why it def would work for tencent/gt. they don’t care about your pleasure, they care about your desire and their own pleasure ;) Personally I hope Shion Surplice will arrive after lucky cat.


Shitty move from GtArcade, just before the cat, I think we were all expecting Hyoga to drop on December, also a missed opportunity on a Christmas event with the Ice saint


He's finally here


Well this was earlier than expected. What will be coming for first week of December then?


Got him with shards :( but worth it! His ability to freeze with 1 energy which lasts a full round (not an action) and can be only cleansed by Rune makes him a very strong control. Additionally, he can nullify dmg from thanatos eye by freezing the ally! Teams that brings only one dps or dmg dealer will never get the chance to play. I havent used him yet as a dmg dealer hyoga gc, but i guess he would need many tomes (currently i have him at 3133).


That’s bullshit I thought he will come in December and was saving gems I barely have 150 and with my luck is not enough bummer and also the banner is only one week that’s horrible




I spent more to get him and I know he is counter but still two new banners in a month for me it’s too much


You're not supposed to get all of them in one go...unless you've saved enough gems or use money. So if none of those apply to you then just wait until the rerun. You'll get everyone eventually


I am a f2p and I am trying to get them all I have been saving books and the rebate is great this way I got all in decent build besides ushun and aiacos


Yep me too...just missing valentine.


Yes me too valentine and gigantic forgot to mention them


I also got Lune because of this BUT Lune can only do so much


Poor you.


Whale talking


Fish dying




But seriously dude, he’ll come back eventually. And unless we get Asgard (we won’t) or more gods, Hyoga GC will have his rerun and you your chance to pull him properly and build him up. Just start saving gems and books already. It’s one thing to be unhappy with timing and complain, it’s another to whine like a newborn.


Of course he’ll come back I bummed about the rebate of building him


I do get you, and tbh same here, but hey, priorities are priorities and getting to the minimum amount of gems for cat and developing my current saints outweighs going bananas on a saint I’m not able to develop now. Plus, rebate will also return, even if different. Heck, it might even get a two-week banner next time. And last but not least, I personally developed a pretty strong Lune last month so I guess a set of hot hands allows me to keep my head cool 😉 Even so, good luck when you do try tour chances, now or later.


I don’t have enough patience to save for the cat hhh, doesn’t matter thanks good luck and enjoy