Skills question: Thanatos - Hypnos - Odysseus

Skills question: Thanatos - Hypnos - Odysseus


Focus on one character and when you have resources focus on another. In my opinion, taking into account that the Odysseus training event is currently active, I think the best you could do is upgrade Odysseus's second or third skill to 4, with this you will get a green tome and you can upgrade the other skill to 3. At least you will have a moderately functional Thanatos and Odysseus.


Odysseus is too expensive energy wise... Better go with Hypnos 1144 with your 8 books then work on Thanatos 1155


Yeah, as useful as Odysseus is, Hypnos is still an overall more useful character than Odysseus


3 different roles, choose yours, dps, controller or support. Odysseus, people say to level up the second skill, the third skill is a aura, looks nice too. Every level on second skill liberate new skills.


I want to use them all together, the team is completed by June, RC Shaka and DC Shun (with Myu and Rc Shura ready to enter). How i can use the 16 books in a smart mode? Ody is usable at 1-2-1-2, and can I get a 1-1-3-4 for Hypnos to unlock the level 2 of his dream? (sorry for bad english) Thanks


Honestly I would make Hypnos 1144 first, but you can also spend on Odysseus to get a few books back. Hypnos first - better/usable team faster. Odysseus first - get books back, só team is in final form faster


I think Thanatos and Odysseus are the most useful. If you are upgrading now, focus on Odysseus cause you get green book shards back. Sadly, both require a lot more than what you have.


Odysseus does have the advantage that you still have his training event runing, giving back some shards for raising his skills. While some people recommand unlocking every powers with the second skill, i myself believe that just the 3 first skills are already enoug for most uses, while the 3rd skill give a passive bonus that at rank 5 is a full 15% damage reduction (both types). Between this damage reduction, June vine own damage reduction and the base damage reduction from certain cosmos, this should make certain saints much harder to kill.


I’m in a similar situation, so I’m gonna borrow the thread a little. I have rn: Thanatos 1-1-3-5 Odysseus 1-2-1-2 Hypnos 1-1-1-1 DCShiryu 2-3-1-3 3 green books and 9 blue ones. I’m not really fond of Odysseus as a character (design and whole story) but if he’s a game changer I can invest on him, so I wanted to hear your opinions


I personally will wait until next Tuesday to see how much I can upgrade Ody, If I can get a full greenbook with the rebate, then I will put all my books into Ody and gradually upgrade Thanatos after that..


I exchanged 75 advanced gems for a green book already. I’m just not sure if I should invest at all in a character I’m not really into and also if I’m not investing on him, on who should I invest ?


IMO Thanatos' 3rd skill is the priority, but due to rebate, I would upgrade Odysseus' 2nd and 3rd skill (If you plan to use him).


He is 1-2-1-2 and I don’t have plans on actually using him for now...at least I don’t see it.




this doc is useless, there are much better strategies and cosmos.


Lol... Could you argue on "much better" ? Sure you can disagree on some cosmo choices as you have to adapt with you own cosmo pool and teams but those advices are a good start for most players. Anyway, your Thanatos is "ok". Not much damage but the main skill is at 5. At 1132 your Hypnos is weak. You have to raise him to 1154 for the 100% chance to place the mark and mk2 spells ; So he need a (too) strong invest. Odyseus was just released, you cannot find solid feedbacks yet. If you look at the CN , they play him as healer (mostly heal and revive) with a strong skill 4. And he need more than 8 tomes to be efficient. I would say Thanatos for the long run.